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  2. Negative: 3 out of 21
  1. 82
    An extensive multiplayer mode, a track editor and the ability to trade vehicles online ensure almost infinite longevity and top off a title which is a micro masterpiece in its own right.
  2. When alone, there are plenty of races and time trial competitions to play but having to replay challenges over and over in order to progress is frustrating.
  3. Micro Machines V4’s only genuine problem is its overbearing similarity to "Mashed," a game that can be bought for a third of the price. [Aug 2006, p.120]
  4. I’m not embarrassed to say that I really liked Micro Machines V4, but I liked it more on the PS2. After playing all of the more serious games that come my way, this was a pleasantly mindless, yet challenging diversion that showed some real ingenuity, especially in the visionary track designs and great use of scale.
  5. While offering tough, sometimes entertaining miniature races, it fails to match its own past. [Aug 2006, p.94]
  6. It comes across like fireworks, in that it's a lot of intense fun for a short period of time but when it's over, it's over. Don't expect much replay value unless you're one of those compulsive types that has to "collect-‘em-all.
  7. If you're willing to ignore Star Force, willing to ignore the dull single player mode, the complete lack of charm and character and the difficulty of unlocking all vehicles then there is fun to be had here if you’ll make good use of the multiplayer modes.
  8. The game’s AI seems determined to make a race out of it, even if that means slowing down cars for no apparent reason, thereby undermining the inherent challenge.
  9. The novelty of racing teeny tiny cars is more than a little bit stale, and so is Micro Machines v4.
  10. If it's multiplayer automotive giggles you're after, "FlatOut 2's" party mode is far superior. [Sept 2006, p.78]
  11. MM4 is what a game about toy cars shouldn't be--boring. [Oct. 2006, p.108]
  12. You wouldn’t even know the game was from the Micro Machines franchise if it weren’t for the title. It could be called “Tiny Racers” and no one would know the difference.
  13. All our fond memories shattered in a heartbreaking instant. [Aug 2006, p.97]
  14. As a harmless game for kids to play together, Micro Machines V4 serves its purpose, but a bit of flair and a larger scope could have made it the ultimate party racing game.
  15. Online trading is a neat idea that brings back memories of swapping doubles of the real toys but aside from that, V4 is a desperately shallow, repetitive game. Very much a sleeping dog, and you know how that little phrase goes.
  16. If you want an inept and hurriedly put together version of an old classic, this is where it’s at. We suspect that’s one quote they won’t be sticking on the box.
  17. On PC, though, it falls completely flat.
  18. Extras like a free, waypoint-based track editor add charm. The same thing goes for online car-swapping features. But between a Super Nintendo-era audio-library, limp-wristed vehicular duels, and snooze-inducing stages, it's too little, too late.
  19. It’s infected with ‘consolitis’, it carries the malignancy that is the Starforce copy-restriction system, the code is unstable and slaps Windows with an illegal operation every time you exit the program, and has even gone so far as to render my system incapable of a standard shut down/restart.
  20. Playing with toy cars should be a lot more entertaining than this. [Oct. 2006, p.77]
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  1. RedM@
    May 28, 2008
    This game is a blast to play in multiplayer, and can be very competitive. Especially fun are the trecherous train levels, although theThis game is a blast to play in multiplayer, and can be very competitive. Especially fun are the trecherous train levels, although the massive variety of tracks means you can play for hours without getting bored.

    As a console-to-pc game, you'll want to play with a gamepad and 3 of your friends. It does look very nice on a 22" widescreen monitor. (yes it supports widescreen!)

    A patch fixes rendering issues that plagued the original release on some video cards. It is unfortunately shipped with a driver-based CD detection scheme.
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  2. BenC.
    Oct 24, 2007
    Great fun and not too serious. Not sure why it's getting such abysmal reviews, perhaps people have forgotten that gaming was about having fun.
  3. BenM.
    Sep 22, 2006
    I love this game! Even though you do have to play over and over again to get anywhere, I reckon you can't go wrong if you want a game I love this game! Even though you do have to play over and over again to get anywhere, I reckon you can't go wrong if you want a game with fast paced explosive racing action. What I love is how different all the cars are - you really get to know which ones are the best. Oh yes - if you are worried by having to progress sooo slowly through the levels, get the cheats! For $5 you get to unlock everything the game has to offer. Go to and find your way from there. Please, enjoy! Full Review »