• Publisher: Ubisoft
  • Release Date: Oct 13, 2011
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  1. Oct 31, 2011
    While This game has a lot of potential, particularly for long standing fans of the series, it is absolutely ruined by the staggering number of bugs. From graphical errors to non-working unit abilities to random game crashes, the live release actually seems to somehow contain MORE bugs than the beta did. An absolute shame and horrible decision bu Ubisoft/Black Hole Entertainment to allow this game to go live in the current state. Expand
  2. Oct 16, 2011
    Playing through the game it doesn't come close to Heroes of Might and Magic in the beginning days. Just 4 resources to manage and then Gold counts as a resource as well. I can't understand how people would give this game that compares a lot to Heroes V such a high score. Thinking hard of reinstalling Heroes 3 again. Another big disappointment is the battle screen. Made out of squares instead of hexes. That would have been the first thing to change from heroes five to six but they chose to just 'copy paste' the battle field routine instead. The heroes skills I find very uninteresting, and no town screen made the game even go into a deeper negative score. I had much more fun with Disciples 3 then this clone of Heroes V. Expand
  3. Nov 29, 2011
    Yet another disappointment,. Heroes V was budget gaming at its worse and this one does nothing to change things in positive direction. There are virtually no brave new design ideas, just usual copy/paste from H3 sweetened by some fancy graphics and dull RPG-like hero leveling system. Strategy is completely absent. Battles are repetitive and simple. Once more, Hero does not has its own turn to play (one of H V very few good improvements). No choices between creatures, nothing new in adventure set of heroes abilities, lots of simplifications overall, pure might is useless as usual and so on. Budget game trying to sell itself to old and still remaining fans of the series. Expand
  4. Oct 13, 2011
    This game is a disaster. A lof of technical issues (blinking cursor, no AA, no SLI support, very bad framerate considering how ugly it is, etc), very confusing menus (I have to create a new hero to play that team, etc), strange design decisions (NO TOWNSCREENS, free to pick skills from a huge selection but not skilltrees (so many that my GF actually asked me to just do it for her, and she is a Heroes veteran), global recruiting, only 4 resources, etc) and VERY imbalanced (a skill that gives 25% more XP vs a skill that gives your troops 2% more HP, etc). This is from someone who LOVED all other Heroes games. They also promised to fix many of these things from the beta but it still unplayable. AVOID AT ALL COST! Expand
  5. Oct 13, 2011
    Lots of technical issues (couldnt' run it at a decent framerate, on lowest settings on a intel quadcore and gt 440). The game itself has dumb AI and fails to innovate or bring anything new to the table at all. The UI is also very confusing, and there is no skilltree for spells. I suggest you pass on this game.
  6. Oct 14, 2011
    If you can make it to work, game is full of bugs, only good thing is environments but again to a lot of people it has texture flickering bugs. Story is Spanish soap-opera. It has one faction less than HOMM V, plus a lot of things that made HOMM successful are excluded. I wouldn't recommend this game to anyone its a shame to publish something like this after HOMM V - Tribes of the East. And town screens... wait what town screens? Expand
  7. Oct 27, 2011
    Where to start?

    With the sixth installment of this long running series, Ubi seems to have gone out of their way to utterly frustrate and alienate the people whom have kept this franchise alive for so long. Instead of developing a robust AI, they just have it cheat. Not just cheat, but cheat on a grand scale. Even on easy you get out-classed by the AI so fast it leaves only one strategy as
    a viable option. One viable strategy does not a strategy game make. Secondly, they tied a lot of the games better features to being able to connect to ubi online. Then they failed to have sufficient redundancy in their servers. Three times now in the first week of the games availability I have been unable to connect to Ubi's servers. The first time I did not know this hobbled the game and had to re-do the first two necro missions as as result. Also we seem to be heading backwards. The 3D rotatable camera is gone, the town screens are static and unimaginative, and having to waste skills gained by leveling up on spells is just plain wrong! We are down to one rare resource from four and then they have weeks with bonuses to resources that aren't there. As to this being more like HOMM III, if I want to play HOMM III I will play HOMM III. I do not want to shell out $50+ for a game I already have. New versions should be improvements on the last, not rehashes of whats been done already. And very poor re-hashes at that.

    There is at least one area where Ubi has been consistent, and that is the utter lack of proper documentation. Given the fact the games release was delayed so MANY times the fact that the game is still this unfinished is inexcusable. If I thought for a second I could get my money back for this steaming pile of S**T I would. As i won't be able to the only thing I can do is not buy any Ubisoft games anymore. They have utterly ruined this fine series and the only thing we can hope for at this point is that this game falls so flat on its face that they sell it to another developer who will hopefully put it back on track!
  8. Nov 12, 2011
    Not worth buying. I don't know why but this game bore me so much. Removed town screen was a bad move in my opinion. I think they really need to make patch fast. Sometimes if my internet conection go down the game is ends and that piss me off too
  9. Oct 13, 2011
    I have played and followed Heroes since number 2, unfortunately all games after number 3 is a downhill. This installation is not an exception, the major flaws is the lack of town building graphics and the lack of placement of troops in the tactical/battle situation. And I dont like the eastern european names they use on the heroes, like Svalka, Svetalna and so on. I think the story about Heroes shows the dark side of the gaming industry, get a label and milk it by using mediocre studios to develop it. Collapse
  10. Oct 15, 2011
    Two feedbacks
    - game remains true to its HOMM core, which is a plus
    - having to install Uplay and have, again to cope with UbiSoft features outside of the game is a real pain in the a*s...

    As a result: don't buy and enjoy the previous versions until ubi drops this stupid strategy...
  11. Oct 16, 2011
    I was hoping heroes 6 would at least slightly approach heroes 3, but sadly it does not. While the graphics and sound is nice, the gameplay is shallow. A large part of your is spent with tactical combat, which sadly has allows almost no tactics. You can time your first attack, and choose which enemy stack to focus on, but that's mostly it. You can't even control your initial setup in any meaningful way - units will start out in a sorta- line no matter what. Last one in the series for me! Expand
  12. Oct 16, 2011
    It's just dreadful. 1. It's full of bugs and graphical glitches. 2. The company isn't responding to serious bugs raised by their customers 3. u-play stops you playing: trying to synchronise all the time; lagging the game; spamming you with pointless intrusive junk and marketing when you want to play. Give this one a miss.
  13. Oct 16, 2011
    Always online DRM is buggy, disconnects when you are clearly connected to the internet. Game also rolled back single player saved game. DRM servers go down for maintenance regularly rendering the game unplayable. Avoid.
  14. Oct 21, 2011
    As a fan of the series from the very first game, I was excited to see that the latest incarnation was available and upon installing the game I was impressed by the quality of the graphics which was a massive improvement on the last game. However, less than 10minutes into the game I crashed for the first time, but instead of crashing to desktop the screen went blank, music carried on playing and only thing I could do was to switch pc off/on. Now as a veteran of a game called Runes of Magic which is a massive crash fest I've developed a tolerance for crashing so undeterred I tried again. Same thing happened 2 more times before I thought I'd update my drivers just in case, which has resulted me crashing to desktop instead of locking up my pc around 75% of the time and still blank screening the rest of the time. This morning was the last straw, CTD once and blank screening once within 15minutes - due to the amount of crashes I cannot even play long enough to complete the 2nd tutorial campaign so I cannot provide any information on how the game plays further into the game. I will admit minus the crashes I like what I see so far, however I am absolutely disgusted that in this day and age a PC game has been released in such a state. It shows a lack of quality control, or maybe the developers/publisher simply do not care and think they can just fix it later. I have managed to play all the latest games on highest resolution without any problem, I liaised with Ubisoft's support team and followed their instructions to the letter and still can't play a brand new game that I spent good money on. Maybe when the game is finally 'finished' and no longer in beta I will be able to give a better score, but until then my recommendation is to stay well clear of this buggy game, DO NOT waste your money on this as it is not ready to play. Expand
  15. Nov 16, 2011
    I am extremely disappointed. Played every version and liked each better than the previous. 1) 4 pages of tech issues 2) 100s and 100s of Bug posts
    3) No communication from the Publisher who has also disallowed the Devs to communicate on the forums and go through one proxy
    4) Imbalanced game play (certain race/class builds clearly OP to others)
    5) Lacking imaginative spell trees
    (elemental, light, dark) as well as with the Might side (although I did not play Might)
    6) DRM Issues when playing the game and then losing connections and saves
    7) Very bad AI

    and I could go on.

    The only reason I gave it a 4 instead of a 1 is because this game CAN be a winner over time. Think of it as a scotch that needs to sit for 12 years. This game has the potential but needs a lot of work. Luckily with Skyrim, Batman, and SWToR out and soon to be out, I can wait out the game and not ruin my first time through experience. I like to play on hard, which is enhances my game play, was ruined by the imbalanced, repetitive builds, neutral battles and the AI is atrocious. The only folks that like this game is a small group of folks that probably have time invested in Beta and like doing the same thing over and over again.

    I do hope that this game gets fixed. I believe they released an early beta version because the beta version right before release had less bugs. Its been over a month since release and not one word from Publisher speaks volumes. Are they working on the game? I dunno... i think they got their money and cut bait with a skeleton crew to fix a few bugs and string us a long. This is how I few a long with many other folks on the forums which is loaded with hate and discontent with a smattering of catering reviews. I just can see how someone can look a friend in the face and tell them to plop down $60 for a beta copy of this game. I would tell anyone listening that this game has potential... give it a few months when it will only cost $20 if not less, and read the forums. If they havent fixed the tech issues or loads of bugs, dont buy it unless your a long time fan of the series.

    Very very disappointing that this prestigious title has been ravaged by shoddy work. The title, and more importantly the customers, deserve better treatment. If you dont think you can do the job, dont take it on. I find one aspect very telling... only one month after release, the first page of the forum is already showing signs of not turning over. Bad sign. I honestly cant wait to play the game when it is patched and maybe after an expansion.
  16. Nov 22, 2011
    This game sucks big times! Intentions were good but uunfortunately the result is a disaster! They removed useful features from HOMMV and replaced them with a bugged disaster. The graphics are very nice but I rather have a game that is playable but ugly than the opposite!
    My advise: Stay away!! BUT IF YOU must have the game, wait for the patches (and wait for at least 5, so you are sure
    that all the bugs are are gone - there are plenty of them!)
    There is no way this game has been pre-lease tested !
  17. Oct 21, 2011
    I really want to like this game...but the combat is so tedious. There's virtually no strategy. The fact that there's an auto-battle option says it all: the developers understand combat is rote and dull. Add to that the same world map exploration that's been used for years and years and you get a boring game. There's nothing new here. Granted, the graphics are ok, but Disciples III bests it graphically. This isn't a horrid game...just not a good one at all. I cannot recommend it. Sigh... Expand
  18. Feb 20, 2012
    I would have though it a challenge to make a bad heroes game. I have enjoyed all the series, until now.
    Somehow they have made the game so linear that it is no longer enjoyable for me. They may as well have made it a rolling demo. The graphics etc are ok but it is the gameplay itself that seems to have been sorely overlooked. Absolutely terrible.
  19. Nov 7, 2011
    This game has a great opening, and the characters and story is both good (especially the undead one). However, the gameplay is linear and repetitive, and quickly you realize that you are forced to do the same things over and over and over again for hours. Even hard difficulty provides little challenge once you see true the retarded AI intellect, then you overtake armies twice your size without much difficulty. In our day and age we expect more flexibility and freedom from a strategy game, and when you find yourself steamrolling on easy difficulty just for story, then you realize the only thing keeping you is the role playing factor of the game, and even that has it limits when it can go hours between each story driven encounter. Expand
  20. Dec 17, 2011
    The only improvement I can see is graphic. For the game play it's only fun for a few first hours, after that the repetition of the battle will bore you.
  21. Nov 2, 2011
    Never gonna buy another MM game for under 10 dollars. Felt the game the wayyyyyyy stripped down compared to 5. Had to log into the archaic Uplay system in order to play, if uplay was down I couldn't access any of the extra material. Big fan of the series and I really do not like this game. The balance of the game is also horrible and the difficulty curve doesn't make any sense. Also buggy.... The worst thing they did was get rid of the dark elf class and had that retarded lotus group used instead. There aren't half the playable classes there would usually be. Ubisoft really really really disappointed me here.

    This game is lammmmme.
  22. Apr 2, 2012
    About good reviewers: I've just checked all that 4 positive reviews made in 2012, and guess what is the same in all of them? The fact that all the users making them made only one review so far, the one that gives good score to heroes VI. That smells like a cheap trick of the makers of the game to me...
  23. Oct 19, 2011
    Although quite lovely to look at and easy to control, HOMM6 is a complete disaster as a challenging and intelligent strategy game. Its all glitz and no guts.

    The artificial intelligence is generally effective in the tactical combat phase, which features an excellent array of troop skills and synergies that make combat complex and fun. But the AI is extremely weak in the strategy game. It
    does stupid things like flee from its own city when facing an attack, aimlessly running back and forth across the map, and not even trying to capture a city with its strong army before running out of time (when it has no city). This stupidity essentially kills the game for anyone interested in solo play on skirmish maps against a computer opponent which, in my view, is more or less the heart and soul of the HOMM franchise.

    But even if you do have another human being to play against, a few strange game design decisions completely obliterate all the strategic value of the game. For instance, every city can now build a cheap teleporter than instantly allows heroes and their armies to jump around. This makes defending an entire empire a breeze, especially since there is no "fog of war" to obscure the movements of the enemy as they approach to attack. Similarly, captured enemy cities can be converted to your own faction for a cheap one-time cost. And all troop units are recruited from a global pool, meaning the production from all cities can be instantly recruited in a single location. Again, this makes it far too easy to manage an empire and sucks all the strategy out of the game. There are far better ways to streamline city management and troop movement without completely killing all strategic balance.

    HOMM6 may have some value for people who really enjoy playing the scripted campaign mode, but even here HOMM6 is inferior to recent and similar adventure RPGs like King's Bounty. Unless the AI gets fixed, fog of war implemented (as an option, if nothing else) and players start making custom maps that turn off cheap buildings like the teleporters, HOMM6 isn't worth your money as a strategy title.
  24. Dec 4, 2011
    Started Playing but unfortunately it did not catch my attention what so ever.
    not interesting and same tedious gameplay as heroes 5, actually heroes 5 were much better in terms of controlls
    many bugs too, and in general is a waste of money, i uninstalled it and sold it
  25. Nov 8, 2011
    This game suffers from a large number of flaws, first arising with the game design, and then moving onto the atrocious DRM requirements, and finishing with the massive amount of game-breaking bugs. Design flaws:
    - Factions are noticeably imbalanced
    - Game centers around stacking a massive number of creatures on one hero and "Zerging" around the map.
    - Game is repetitive and predictable,
    with minimal strategic and tactical though necessary. You spend most of the game running around killing neutral creep camps, and then teleporting back to a base to quickly destroy the enemy hero, and then resume killing neutral camps.
    - The AI is laughable.
    - "Role-playing aspects" are poorly implemented, though the concept was promising. Several hero abilities (e.g. Reinforcements) are absolutely necessary regardless of your build, most hero abilities are more or less negligible in impact, and basically "useless"
    - Game centers around ensuring that you take 0 losses per battle. There are multiple different version of the "heal" spell, all of which do the same thing - minimize losses. Again, this makes the game repetitive, predictable, boring, and ultimately, frustrating to play.

    - Imperial griffon dive ability has no effect
    - Luck / Critical hits don't actually augment damage.
    - Dynasty weapons disappear
    - Loading a game makes it impossible to scroll your map using the mouse
    - Creature growth can become negative after the "Week of the Plague". It becomes impossible to add to your army after this point. If you lack a saved game, you must restart the entire level.
    - I'm a long time fan of the HMM franchise, and a game industry professional. This game should not have been released in this state - in fact, looking at the state of the game alone, this game could have, *should have* stayed in development for another 6 months to a year. The number of non-Sev 1 Pri 1-type bugs is staggering (Severity 1, Priority 1, any bug that is a "showstopper"). Sure, Ubisoft's dev house has likely cleared up their most glaring bugs, but the number of severely noticeable extraneous bugs makes it impossible to enjoy this game in more than the manner in which people watch a trainwreck as it occurs.

    However, I'm a resilient person, a die hard fan of the series, and someone whose true passion in life is gaming. I could live with some of these bugs. The hero skills that don't work, the creature abilities that do nothing, being unable to scroll the map using the mouse after loading, even the campaign map triggers that fire improperly and make the entire level impossible to complete. But this Conflux connectivity requirement is the most poorly implemented online-single play functionality I've seen. Look at Starcraft 2 as an example, in the future, of how you should design your PC campaigns to work with online functionality. All saved games should still be accessable without a net connection - especially if your own cloud servers are unreliable. This alone makes it clear to me, seeing as how Ubisoft only bothered to push Black Hole to do the minimum amount of work necesary to push this game out onto market, that this publisher really only cares about getting as much return from their investment as possible, even if they have to essentially scam their customers into buying a ****-poor excuse of a half-finished game. Rather than doing the honorable thing of taking at least a few months to polish up your product to please your customer base, you've alienated long-time fans of this series.

    As things stand, I am never going to purchase another Ubisoft title again. I know people make threats like this and fail to follow through, but I promise that you will never see me buying another title with an Ubisoft logo anywhere near it. Furthermore, I am going to encourage my close friends and acquaintances to avoid purchasing Ubisoft products. Lastly, I am going to do my part to make sure that the Metacritic Score for this title truly reflects the quality and overall experience of this game. A score of 7/10 is simply too high.

    UBISOFT: Hopefully, you will learn from your mistakes. Hopefully, you will learn to treat legacy franchises like HMM with the same sense of devotion and respect that your customers hold for them. Your customers deserve nothing less than developers and publishers who have a passion for each and every title they release. And, in the event that such passion and devotion is lacking, you should learn to opt out. You have no business working to release a title where your only interest is to take a respected name, to sully it, to release a poor mockery of what it should be, and then jump ship with as money as you can grab before the boat sinks.
  26. Nov 9, 2011
    I will not talk about the bugs, i simply will try to review the game!
    I made a big mistake in buying this game and should have known better. In the aspect of game play and strategy nothing has changed since HOMM V. It comes out to be a boring routine: You eliminate all of the neutral armies on the map, defend against the AI heroes who come along now and then and from time to time conquer
    an opponent town. Sound like many other round based strategy games, but:

    1) there are hundreds of neutral armies on the map and instead of making the game more interesting it gets more boring because all the battles are the same and repeating. So its more "working off the map" instead.
    2) the ai is absolutely predictable and non-challenging
    3) the role-playing part has been implemented very poor. No matter if you choose "blood" or "tears" u still can choose the same skills
    4) at the end you will always choose the same spells, because battling comes down to one goal: minimize losses (if at all). So you choose healing spells, spells that raise your armies (reinforcements or summon spells) and spells that will paralyze your foes (so u can heal)
    5) not even the story line is very deep nor interesting. It looks like some small stories were tried to be hammered together to one big story. Also the german voices are sometimes a little bit childish.

    Very annoying is the fact, that when you accelerate the battle, the sound is accelerated as well: at maximum speed you hear only beeping and cheeping. I read it in a review and i thought "well, it will not be so annoying" but after playing some hours it does!

    I am absolutely disappointed by this game and i regret having it bought! I have no clue, why it got so many good reviews by professional magazines and e-zines, i cannot recommend it at all!
  27. Nov 25, 2011
    The game looks good, there are many new features compared to the older games of the series and I think it has great potential... BUT it has the worst problem of all.... Bugs Bugs Bugs... The game freezes with no reason... It is completely unplayable... A good game wasted....
  28. Dec 25, 2011
    I am enjoying this game, but the complaints do have merit. Fun but dumb. There's not a lot of depth to the strategy... Even simple stuff like flanking bonuses are absent. The designers should play some table top minis. Serious glitches exist. Example: Level 2 went unsolvable because of a rigid cut scene schedule. Music is mediocre, graphics are fine but not ideal. EDIT: I am taking this down a point after the latest patch did not fix a host of serious problems. Expand
  29. Oct 14, 2011
    While fifth installment had dubious design decisions just like this one, it still had a spirit of the series. This one feels like something entirely different, even though most of mechanics remained. This should've been named as Heroes : Something, because its content is too small to be considered full sequel. Overall, it may be a nice timekiller to wait for Skyrim, still it nowhere near the magic of HOMM3 masterpiece and it also lacks the technical edge and innovations of HOMM5. Expand
  30. Dec 3, 2011
    Might & Magic Heroes VI, what is there to say about it other than terrible? Nothing much in my opinion. This game is a complete let down just like the IV and V.
    I found myself playing this game for around 2 hours until I realised for a moment - hey what is a game which is similar to this game but only more compelling than this and has a ton of game play enhancements more than this one? I
    know, III. I will not move from III until Ubisoft can actually think about what made number 3 so great and create a game at the same tier - or higher - than this one. Heroes of Might and Magic III all the way! Expand
  31. Dec 19, 2011
    I've been playing HOMM game since the original and this game simply goes from bad to worse over the last few iterations. Why are developers releasing games that looks like they are still in BETA? Graphics are better, but I don't see any improvement in either the story or gameplay. Most importantly, go resolve all the bug issues before you release this ****
  32. Dec 26, 2011
    Dreadful, dreadful game. The end of a fantastic series. I officially consider Heroes dead.

    This game has changed everything great about the series, and has done nothing right. Even if we ignore the number of bugs that should, quite frankly, not even be present in the BETA of any game, the gameplay and design choices made here are dreadful.

    The beloved town screens are gone. There are an
    unveliavable 5 races to choose from, the lowest number in the history of the series. The skill tree for the hero is nice, but giving every hero the same skills? That just leads to every hero always having the same ones, and others never being chosen.

    The game punishes exploration and patience, and only one play-style will get you through against the cheating AI: Rushing. For those that play that way, that's great. Personally, I prefer to take it easy, build up my armies, and make sure I've uncovered the land properly. my playstyle has always worked, getting me through every campaign and map I've played since Heroes 3.

    Somehow, the balance is completely off. You never have enough resources, building in your towns about half the time from the very first day, and then unable to recruit everything even in the second week. While the cheating AI opponent, of course, is already recruiting it's highest level creatures on day one, somehow.

    Maybe for newbies to the series, this game can be fun, but for any veteran (and especially if you've played Heroes 3) I would recommend avoiding this game like the plague. It is dreadful.

    Neither Ubisoft nor Black Hole are, quite simply, ever getting any of my money again.
  33. Jan 2, 2012
    I've been a supporter of the heroes of might and magic franchise since it's inception, and this installment has been the biggest disappointment of the series.

    It seems, like so many other companies making games these days, that all the development money was spent on nice looking trailers and PR to hype the game, and the actual game was ignored. It plays like an alpha stage game. The
    animations are choppy/blocky, the amount of bugs is ridiculous. The voice acting and cutscenes are awful, and the storyline un-engaging. The camera control is also horrendous. I have a hard time understanding how some people claim this game is more like the original classics Heroes II and III, as in my opinion it is far from them.

    If all the problems were fixed, this would be an ok game with nice visuals but a poor campaign, fans of the original heroes series should be dissapointed with the new races as they are not keeping with the originals at all however.

    As it is now, this game is a CHORE to play, the bugs, bad animation, poor acting/cutscenes make it thoroughly unenjoyable. What a dissapointment, and shame on UBI, who is perfectly capable of backing some great games and this should have been no exception.
  34. Jan 3, 2012
    Well I believe that all the positive reviews were written by company employees or some test group guys? most positive reviews state nothing and look like advertisement: "buy it buy it buy it!" Now about the game, IMHO part 3,4,5 were much better. There is no more fairy tail in this one, I just don't know how to describe it. Full 3-d game is cool, but the castles look really awful now, more like a shack. I d recommend to play HoMM 3 or 5 once more, you ll get more fun. Expand
  35. Jan 5, 2012
    I have been playing the Heroes series since Heroes 2; I consider it to be one of my favorite games. However, Heroes VI is pathetic. It seems like a slapped together version of the games I know and love. No town screens? The story is awful, and even awkward at times. The leveling system is odd.. it is just missing all those things that I love about the old games. Don't waste your money. Hope that the next heroes is better.... Or, if you want to play a game from the Heroes series, try Heroes V, it came much closer to hitting the mark. Expand
  36. Oct 17, 2011
    I start up the game and see Bluebyte is involved. Which sounds promising, since they made settlers 2 etc. which I love. However tho, I feel like this heroes version has sponged up a few "finesses" from their new producers and developers from previous titels. I'm gonna go into the negative first, since as a life-long fan of the heroes series so to say, I know how I like mye heroes of might and magic to be. (unrelated, the 4th installment of the series blowed worse than civ2; tide of time or what ever the frugg it was called compared to civ2)

    ok, what I sense about this game is that it has picked up elements from settlers, not beeing too much a fan of the later releases, I can atleast say with certainty it's gained something from Settlers 7, namely... ZONES! Yes, the lamest thing you can add to this otherwise dynamic game, as it has always been. You now control zones which hold different resources and troop boosting structures. This takes completely away the element of harassing and capturing mines, BUT WAIT!!!! !!! !!! ...! there's more!(!!) you can now waste your entire levelup skillup thingy, and get plunder mine skill, which lets you do what you could always do before, more or less. Also, now apparently it's irrelevant what type of town you capture, you can just convert it.. it's convenient, but I liked how you had to play around that earlier and be smart. I play this game on hard, and sit there wondering... WHERE THE F### IS THE CHALLENGE!??!?! Finally some new units tho, I must say I was getting awfully tired of the repetativeness there.. quite repetative now aswell, but there's a certain new-feel to it atleast. SERIOUSLY!? YOU F###ING REMOVED MAGE GUILDS!? F### YOU! the whole spellpart of the game is now just ubersucky. You have to use your LEVELUP skillpoint to learn ONE single spell. Yep. Spellbooks? Apparently no heroes were issued that back 450 years before heroes 5, which is where heroes 6 is set. You can nolonger get different spells available at different mages guilds, or find them at shrines etc. You can find single use scrolls, and you can level up and learn a spell... Seriously retarted, and NOT a good new way of thinking. they should have kept the old skillsystem, maybe tweaked it a bit, and added some new stuff, this is laughable, and it feels like a downgrade, a serious one, of what was. aaand, here's something positive; you nolonger waste a whole freaking turn boarding or exiting a ship. hooray! One REALLY moronic thing to counter that with tho, is that they have completely removed resources. Special ones that is. There is wood, ore, crystals, just making the game 10 times too simplified and more boring right there. The fights for land and mines is now centered to easily defendable forts, and harassing opponents is much less effective than before. OOOOHH!!! CAPTURED MY MINE DID YOU!? Well, that's too bad, cuz I control this zone, so I'mma just get it right back without lifting a fingah bi""h! ALSO what is terrible; is that when you level your hero up, all heroes prior to your first one will be bought at 5 levels lower than your main hero. Regardless of his level. Cool? no, it sux, u can have 25 level 25 heroes by leveling one to 30 :) and that is lame. You can even MENTOR other heroes, that is, sharing your experience with them, so they gain 75% of the experience you have. neath hah? Not at all in my opinion. sure, it's cool that you're a n00b and you can do it, but what happens when everyone can do it? Isn't that cool anymore. Resource system was raped in this version, leveling and skillsystem, also they removed the pan-over and view of the city, making it a little less interesting interactive sight.
  37. Feb 24, 2012
    Well, i was in mind this game will revive old HoMM 3 style in series.
    But i failed, they just removed classic town, completely destroyed old mechanic and added new graphics.
    No, that's not a game i was waiting for a long time.
  38. Sep 26, 2013
    Great game but i give it a 0 for the fact that i have to log on to steam then i have to log on to uplay then i have to launch the game an its quite buggy so yeah sick of companies thinking that it is cool to bundle useless online account software (DRM) with there product just make the game an let me play it quit asking for all my info!!!!!
  39. Apr 17, 2012
    If you love repeatedly being kicked off in the middle of a battle and starting over and over again as Ubisoft's DRM server repeatedly goes down for days on end, this is the game for you. If instead you like games that you can actually play -- go ahead and skip this one and any Ubisoft title that uses their astoundingly bad DRM server -- which is never online, and quits your game when it can no longer talk to you. I have nothing to say about the gameplay -- because I cannot actually play the game as long as the 'Conflux' server is down.

    Good job losing another customer, Ubisoft.
  40. Jun 19, 2013
    Might & Magic Heroes VI does everything wrong that Might & Magic Heroes V had right. As a fan of HoMM 2,3 and 5 this game left me crying. The graphics are great, I admit, but then the problems begin. HoMM VI has only few factions and only one creature choice against 5's two upgrade choices, cityview is bad even though improved after initial release, game demands a lot from your computer and I don't think the minimum specs are correct (I had recommended specs and there was awful lot of stuttering even with minimum graphical quality), HoMM 6 uses Uplay(or Udon't) which is the biggest demon alive, only added in order to control piracy and fails in that too. If you're a old HoMM fan coming back to the series, skip this title and buy 5 or play the good old ones. If you're new to the series, this leaves a foul taste in your mouth. Problem isn't that this game should've been a remake of Homm 3, the problem is that this game just doesn't do justice for the series. Expand
  41. Jun 9, 2013
    The gameplay is incredibly repetetive, and the "no DRM" DRM means you can technically play the game without being connected to the Ubisoft servers, but so much content is disabled if you attempt to do so that it remains effectively unplayable. This is deceptive marketing and a shady business practice.
  42. Jul 20, 2013

    UBISOFT is a terrible publisher. I bought this game through STEAM... expecting I could just launch the game. Then I was asked to install something called "Uplay". OK. then I was asked to create and account and sign in. OK. Then Finally after 30mins I go to launch the game and I get a black screen with an hour glass. I leave the room for
    15min, come back... nothing. Then I try to restart my computer. Same problems. Finally I check out a forum on steam for this game and there are like148 pages of people who want their money back. Expand
  43. Mar 19, 2013
    I can no longer play this game because the DRM forces you to play online and register your cd-key to a specific account. I've lost that account, and so, I'd have to rebuy this game to play it again.
    Uplay sucks.
  44. Apr 13, 2012
    I bought the deluxe edition of this game Friday night on Steam. Too bad for me: the product key didn't work; while I wait for Ubisoft to respond to my issue (Monday at the earliest), I'm stuck being unable to play the game I already purchased. I've never experienced an issue activating a product through Steam, so I blame Ubisoft's launcher. What's worse: I was even "temporarily banned" due to "excessive requests" (I tried the key with and without hyphens). I just wanted to warn fellow gamers that you may be in for some frustration if you plan to buy the game and play it right away! I also felt that this issue was directly related to the game's playability, hence appropriate to include in a review.

    That being said, I've played the game's demo for a decent amount of time, and I have (mostly) positive things to say about it. If Ubisoft responds appropriately to my issue, I will come back to edit this post and give a proper review of the full game.
  45. Jul 11, 2012
    HEROES of M&M 5 was better in every aspect.

    If you're new to the series, go with 5, as 6, while it has some neat features, is garbage in comparison.
  46. Dec 18, 2013
    As a HOMAM veteran, I find absolutely unacceptable that I can't even finish first mission (after tutorial) in this abomination! All is well, until you find AI castle with around three times bigger army. Then I went to cry on forums only to found out that you apparently have to play this in very specific fashion, which removes all fun and variation.

    And it's a damn shame, because I
    really liked the game, even story was decent! But sometimes I guess you create game only for hardcore experts. Expand
  47. Mar 30, 2013
    Just installed the game tonight, and it's asking me to download a 1.2 Gig patch, No, now it tells me in order to play the game I have to create a Uplay account and download that game launcher. No. Maybe I'm new to PC gaming but that's a f***ing joke. Sorry, that's too much BS to go through.
  48. Jan 25, 2013
    Played single player campaign for 30 minutes, and then game disconnected for no reason (internet was fine). It booted me from my game to the main menu without the option to save my progress. Un-installing and wishing I had my $15 back. Pros: +Graphics look great from the 30 minutes I got to play +Looks like another solid installment of the HOMM series Cons: -Always on DRM that randomly disconnects you won't let you play the game you paid for without kicking you out to the main menu without saving progress.
  49. Jan 3, 2013
    Got this game on sale. I love tactical rpg's, action rpgs, advancing characters, leveling up, finding loot etc
    This game offered no customization to me whatsoever, couldn't even pick my hero, every choice was virtually chosen for me from what I played. there was no depth really (to the point I played) in customization such as skills weapons, load-outs etc. Got so sick of it I uninstalled
    it, Some may argue that the "depth and customization" come later in the game. frankly I'm not grinding hours in a boring game to find out if that's true. extremely dissapointed, actually so disappointing I created a metacritic account just to share how much I hated the experience. Expand
  50. May 4, 2013
    Talk about destroying a good franchise. Ever since the release of HOMM IV, this game has been progressively dumbed down, as is the case with so many strategy/rpg games these days.

    There is no challenge in this game. It feels like a boring routine, or a lame grind.
    I feel like I am wasting my time while playing. I'd rather do the dishes to be perfectly honest.
    Doing the dishes will
    actually give me something in return. Very unlike this game, which leaves you
    with absolutely NOTHING!! No reward or feeling of achievement.
  51. Apr 9, 2013
    They actually killed the series for its simplifications for youngsters and stupid idiots. Want to play in Heroes? Play 3 or 5 of the series, and this YOBA-imperfection to remove the dogs.
  52. Feb 22, 2013
    I loved HoMM V, but this game is just a pile of c**p, not entertaining AT ALL. Talking about strategy? Lol, this game has NONE. On Hard difficulty, the A.I. "cheats" constantly during the campaign, ignoring mines, resource collecting and such. No matter how fast you catch them, they will always have a stronger army, enough money to convert your cities or to buy full stacks of units, even if you conquered 5 of out 6 of their cities. This happens on normal difficulty also. --So, no matter how carefully you plan your "strategy", it means absolutely nothing, since the game is about being smashed, outnumbered or simply ambushed by the A.I.. THEN, you reload the map and start again to win, by learning from your "errors". Rinse and repeat. --Most of the campaign maps force you to rush to your enemies with your main hero, before they outnumber you. Meanwhile, with a second hero and/or third hero(often with no army at all), you wander on the map collecting resources and hoping not to be ambushed in your main cities before you can buy portals. No mistakes allowed: you fail a single move and you're f***ed: the A.I. is now marked as "lethal" and you have no way to catch up, because resources don't mean a f**k to them. Again, you have to reload the map and learn from even your smallest mistakes. --This has nothing to do with "strategy", it's all about EXPLOITING the game when you know every place on the map already, like a FPS on rails. If i am a good "strategist", I expect myself to be able to overcome the enemy on my first try or to have a chance to survive a small mistake or an ambush, even if I don't know anything about the map. To be honest, when facing a new campaign map, the path you choose and your general strategy don't mean a flying s**t, since it's mostly about rushing through the shortest way (that you can't see) and having the right skills to overcome the huge enemy armies, that will be huge no matter what you do. HoMM6 leaves no space for exploring or for creative moves. There is one way and way only to win, that you will learn game after game on the same map and you have to be quick moving that way because rhe clock is tickling. The only workaround is setting custom options to lower the A.I. unit generation, aka: lower the difficulty just to enjoy a videogame. --"Hardcore" gamers will love this and tell you this game is easy as pie: they're lying, it's not. And it's not entertaining also, it's like being at school with a nasty teacher, giving you bad grades until you "learn" to play A.I. style, like a trained monkey. --If you like this kind of game, buy it, it's your money. To me is just a loss of time, I play games to be entertained, i have a job already. --As if all that was not enough, they managed somehow to worsen the graphic from HoMM5 and the game is full of bugs, both graphical (when you fight along a high ground, you often stumble in a messy terrain that overlays grid and units) and about units, like units that are unable to use their special ability or that miss it at all. Lucky me I buyed this game on a Steam sale. Expand
  53. Oct 22, 2013
    It's staggering to see another attempt to improve a game from 1995 end in tears and vomit.

    If you can see past the sea of bugs, you'll find a desert of gameplay, graphics, audio and whatever else might endear you to a game. Not a dessert, a desert. Do not eat it.
  54. Jan 5, 2014
    I will start saying that this game is not bad. Not bad, for what it aims, good graphics, nice combat, cute stories. I will continue saying, that for a Might and Magic game, for what ideea stands at the basis of this game, it is catastrophic. I actually managed to kill Kirins with my Chakram Dancer in melee attack. When you achieve such thing in this type of game, well, it makes you quit. Why? Because there is no fun in it. I played Heroes for having the thrill of killing a mighty dragon with my hero and his army. Now, the only thing I have to do, is amass huge numbers of core creatures and its done. Lame. No story, no fantasy, no beauty of being a hero and saving your kingdom. If I wanted to play something like this, I would go for Age of Empires, they aim for that, and they do it good. Since Ubisoft has taken over the game, its decline is inevitable... Expand
  55. Sep 26, 2014
    Do NOT buy this game! It has been THREE years and there is still a bug which apparently has been there from the beginning and which causes the screen to just go black. You can still see the mouse cursor and hear music but you can't progress and at least I wasn't able to Alt+Tab out of the game, also unable to launch the task manager. I had to start the log off process and interrupt it in order to kill the game! Such severe issues are questionable even right at release. But three years afterwards?! Completely unacceptable! Expand
  56. Nov 5, 2013
    A decent improvement on the previous game in the series but with 2 major problems. The DRM system is terrible. Basically you have to be logged on in order to play properly. When the server is down (as while I write) you can't play at all. If the connection drops (which happens mysteriously frequently considering I have a very good broadband), you immediately get kicked, losing your progress. The next problem is the bugs. It has taken more than 2 years to correct a bug so fundamental it beggars belief where mana costs rise to ridiculous levels making the game unplayable. (You can play, you just can't use a lot of your skills, and you can't reassign them either). This happens in the first chapter of the main campaign. How did they not spot it? Even though it has finally been fixed, they didn't bother to include a utility that would have taken half an hour to write, to correct your savegames, which are now corrupted. To ruin a good game like this is lunacy. Expand
  57. Dec 2, 2013
    After buying this game on Steam I have only been able to play it around 30% of the time thanks to the obtrusive UPlay and Conflux DRM. When they're not glitching out the game, the Conflux servers are down and I'm completely unable to save.

    Meanwhile, pirates are able to download the Skidrow version and play the game and save whenever they want! Screw you, Ubisoft. Lesson learned.
  58. Jan 9, 2014
    This game could be great, but broken gameplay (thanks to unwanted expansions) and the horrible Uplay experience have left me more than certain that I won't be buying any more ubisoft titles.

    The only saving grace is that I only paid $9 on steam at boxing day. I played the demo, and it was super fun, seemed a reasonable difficulty, and was well done. Well, after purchasing the gold
    edition (only $2 more than regular, why not right?) the game did a 180. Starting with the absolutely attrocious Uplay interface. The game will launch successfully less than 50% of the time, usually it will just freeze and I have to End Task, and restart. Then, assuming the Uplay network is actually up, I get to play.

    If the Uplay system IS down, which happens quite regularly so far and from what I've read you do have the ability to play, but most of your features won't be available (dynasty traits for eg.).

    Once I started playing the full version I noticed 1 HUGE change from that of the trial version, and it's a real game changer YOU CAN'T HEAL..............

    So basically you're trying to bum-rush the NPC to cap it's forts/towns before it gets too strong. Never mind trying to do any side quests at your leisure, there is no leisure. The longer you wait, the stronger the npc's get, and since you can't heal every small "winnable" battle just whittles down your army and piddles them away. You cannot MAINTAIN your army, all you can do is basically buy all the heroes and transfer their units to your main hero, or hope that friendly NPCs choose to join your cause.

    There are ways to win, but when you first start out you have to feel your way around the map and find out what to do and where to go, so basically you're going to be reloading and trying to replay the same maps over and over again until you figure out the magic formula that makes it click. Using the right skills, the right timing, and the right path. Yay.....said no one.

    In it's current state (Jan 2014) this game is extremely broken and dissappointing and I don't recommend it to anyone. A real shame because just a few small mechanics wreck the entire game and it could have been so good.
  59. Jul 22, 2014
    I would like to say I could enjoy this game, but before I could play I was required to create and account in a stupid platform called Uplay. After patiently providing personal information and creating and account the Uplay "service", it crashed and I was completely unable to enjoy the game.

    I contacted support and was not very lucky. I think the company has excellent game creators but
    very bad marketing people. I encourage everyone who has had problems with Uplay and had problems playing Ubisoft games to complain here. They might listen and make their games accessible to the people who actually buys them. Expand
  60. Oct 13, 2011
    I have played and followed Heroes since number 2, unfortunately all games after number 3 is a downhill. This installation is not an exception, the major flaws is the lack of town building graphics and the lack of placement of troops in the tactical/battle situation. And I dont like the eastern european names they use on the heroes, like Svalka, Svetalna and so on. I think the story about Heroes shows the dark side of the gaming industry, get a label and milk it by using mediocre studios to develop it. Collapse

Generally favorable reviews - based on 48 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 37 out of 48
  2. Negative: 0 out of 48
  1. Dec 12, 2011
    This is definitely not the high point of the series. Someone may need to return to the old drawing board.
  2. Dec 4, 2011
    A damn fine - if at times somewhat unforgiving - turn-based game with strategic depth and hours upon hours of play. [Christmas 2011, p.52]
  3. Nov 30, 2011
    Engrossing exploration, diverse development, and challenging combat return in Might & Magic Heroes VI.