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  • Summary: Marine and her friends have six days to find the four remaining warriors and make it to the showdown!
    With such tight schedule and dramatic events piling up, Marine's nerves are all over the place.
    But Jeanne the tiny fairy is back! And this alone helps even the balance!

    Millennium 4 is
    the most suspenseful, thrilling and emotional Millennium installment so far!

    - 15+ character
    - 25+ secret rooms!
    - 25+ quests!
    - 20+ hours of gameplay!
    - Battle superb monsters including 9 Animal Kings!
    - Awesome production values
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  1. Mar 19, 2013
    Alais is correct: Millennium 4: Beyond Sunset is NOT the game to play first in the series. For so many reasons, it's worth it to start at Millennium 1 and play through. That said, the first time I played this installment, I did something I never do: I skipped most of the side quests so I could find out what happens next. Marine and her friends are up against the clock and running out of time, and the plot takes one nail-biting turn after another. Then I went back and played it again because if you do play all the chapters, and do you plan to play Millennium 5 when it's released, then you've got a LOT of work that really needs to be done before you complete the main quest. Without spoiling anything, the characters need to be leveled up two different ways, and one of those ways can be frustrating initially, but is well worth the effort. Speaking of the characters, Millennium 4 has the largest cast of playable characters you'll find in any similar RPG, and their banter is absolutely hilarious in places. The game has the beautiful scenery and soundtrack we've come to expect in the series, and does a fantastic job of setting the stage for the final showdown yet to come. Expand
  2. Dec 29, 2012
    This review contains spoilers. Excellent game and easily the best in the series so far. Marine and her friends need to find the last warriors and go after a mysterious one named the Bear (a well deserved name). It's not easy to find him but even harder to convince him to join. And then they even have to come back and register everyone.
    While I do not recommend to start with number 4th (playing the rest of the series gives some necessary background and additional depth to the characters), this episode is a must-have for the kind of suspense it delivers.