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  1. Aug 4, 2014
    I normally enjoy Indie games, I like stealth games and I like puzzle games. I even like heist games! So it's rather depressing that I don't enjoy Monaco. It's not a terrible game, but I just don't find it fun.

    It's far too easy for someone you're playing with to blunder into a trap and ruin the stealth you're going for, and once you trip an alarm the game devolves into a stupid farce of
    running around like idiots trying to hide from guards so that they conveniently reset and let you walk around again.

    The graphics are stylistic but also not particularly charming IMO. I'd say graphics like FTL give a good example of memorable Indie graphics. In Monaco everything is basically either neon or pixelated and blocky. The characters are just poorly textured blocky lumps, ugly more than anything.

    While I quite liked the little bits of story exposition between missions (which can be quite amusing), I'd say the game is highly overrated in general and really doesn't do the stealth or action sides of things particularly well.
  2. Jul 25, 2014
    May be better, but in general: Great 2D-Pixel-Grafik

    Awesome Soundtrack

    Nice Gameplay in Single- and Multiplayer.

    The Map-Builder is very difficult to manage, so it takes very long to create an own map.

    Great Pixel-Retro-Stil. A spezial look at the nice PvP-Maps.
  3. Jun 29, 2014
    Just OK. After several hours co-op multiplay me and my friends remain underwhelmed by this overrated game. It's OK, it's certainly not great. I suspect many have rated this highly as it exceeded their expectations. It's quite frustrating, difficult, and unrewarding. It probably represents good value for money at $3 but that doesn't mean it's awesome. Meh.
  4. Jun 24, 2014
    I notices this game really long time ago, but i don't liked the graphics and the movement looks terrible...
    Then there was a free-weekend and i gave it a try, i will not regret!
    This game is a really nice indie game, i had many hours of fun on public.
    You have diffrent classes, with diffrent skills, like the mole, who can dig into the most walls, or the other classes who can disgus as
    an enemy, the guy who can knock enemys down from behind and many other classes.
    Later you unlock more classes, there tons of missions and there not so easy.
    You get very fast used to the controls and the graphics, you can only see what your character see (except the one class, who can see enemys through wall), you also can pick up items during a mission, revive dead teammates (also the enemys can revive their teammates).
    I had a lot of fun i can totaly recommend this game!
  5. Mar 29, 2014
    Monaco is an odd little gem of a game. Essentially, is a multiplayer, top down, class-based stealth game, in which you play as a group of ragtag thieves trying to hightail it out of Monaco while the gettings good.

    The part about Monaco that just gets me is the fact that the game seems designed around the fact that you're going to be seen. If a guard catches you, ragtime music plays as
    you are chased around the level Benny Hill style, which puts a smile on my face even a year after the game has been released.

    The unfortunate thing though, is that the game is nigh unplayable without friends. You CAN play the entire game single player, but the odds on you succeeding past the first act are slim to none. If you want a tough game that will challenge friendships, but always leave someone laughing, get some buddies together and pick this guy up off of Steam. If you like your games brown, serious, and fast paced, you might want to look somewhere else.
  6. Mar 23, 2014
    Good all-around action. Good hours of entertainment with friends and replaybility.
    Remembers old games with updated graphics. Funny enough when co-op'ing.
    Waiting for sequel!
  7. Feb 27, 2014
    I spent 180 hours on this game: this speaks for me. Very good game, in my opinion as good in solo than in multiplayer (new PVP maps are terrific). Wonderful team of developers, very active and attentive. The level editor is amazing, so the quality of the workshop maps is excellent. New contents are also added regularly (a fourth campaign is coming). My favorite game of 2013, definitely. And 2014?
  8. Feb 24, 2014
    The co-op on this game was like sucking 5 willys at once. The spank the monkey flash game had better graphics than this piece of bird poop. Before I play this game I am going to chop off my feet with a DJ deck. This game should be called "Ride the rhino whilst sucking its toe nails".
  9. Aug 18, 2013
    Don't fall on the hype-bomb! This one isn't worth the purchase. The graphics are fine, animations fine, music fine, story fine...but fun? The fun just isn't there. Solo play is actually incredibly boring, which finally made me realize why the game tries to railroad you into forced online play. Well I guess nobody is playing this anymore because i couldn't get sync'd up with anyone. Out of desperation I purchased a copy for a solid gamer buddy of mine because i was convinced it was an outstanding co-op game, per reviews. Well....we just couldn't make it more than 90 minutes, despite us clearing many levels. It just became tedious too quickly.
    I feel bad for the devs because I can tell some love and good ideas were put into this, but there's nothing about this game that was truly fun or begs me to return to it. And the internet love affair just doesn't make sense for this title.
  10. Aug 7, 2013
    Engaging experience reminds back in the good old days of gaming it nice we get a game like this once in a while I recommend to anyone who are interested in co op games its very fun to play with someone
  11. Aug 2, 2013
    Fajny pomysł na skradankę. Nie dosyć że od góry, to nawet umożliwia coopa. Nie jest za łatwa, ale też nie za trudna. Ważne że spędzi się trochę z nią czasu, żeby zrobić bardziej wymagające etapy. Styl graficzny też zaskakuje, wygląda przyjemnie i może momentami śmieszyć. Nie mamy tu co prawda, fabuły jednak klimat powiązany z głównymi bohaterami czy oprawą graficzną daje nam wspaniałe uczucie. Nie ma co o tej grze dużo pisać, jeżeli lubisz skradanki, to odejdź na chwile od Splinter Cella czy Hitmana i zagraj w Monaco. Moja ocena 7/10 Expand
  12. Jul 26, 2013
    Great game!, I've played this game for hours on end, incredible game if you're into multiplayer puzzle games. This game will keep you engaged, planning heists with your mates and executing plans.
  13. Jul 26, 2013
    It's sad that that hot mess of a game Shadowrun Returns is rated equally to this gem of polished gameplay. Monaco is one of the best PC games to release ever; it has more depth in a baby toe than the entire cash grab shadowrun returns.
  14. Jul 21, 2013
    Great game. Fun to play with friends. Co-op is where it is at. Make sure you play with a controller (xbox 360) for the best overall experience. It really trumps playing with a keyboard and mouse.

    Fun for everyone!
  15. Jul 20, 2013
    Overrated silly game. I agree it has cool looks and remembers good games of old times but this one is not. The multiplayer is bad, usability is bad, I didn't like the classes either.
  16. Jun 30, 2013
    My initial impression of this game was that it tried to be some sort of crazy Pac-Man game for the 21st century. The similarities are initially somewhat striking, but that proved not to be the case. Instead it's like a crazy bomberman like game.. only not.. It's a weird one.

    It's also a quite over hyped game. Not sure if it's because so many people had high hopes and really wanted to
    play this, or the fact that all the game reviewers always have access to players who are willing to join for some coop. I'm fairly certain it's the latter. This game seems like it would be absolutely amazing when played on a couch with some friends, making up strategies as you go along and really getting into it.
    Single player, on the other hand, is freakishly dull. I really REALLY wish all the reviews didn't say something equal to "this game is a blast! And with co-op it's even more fun!" when what they should have written was "Single player is somewhat dull and dreary. Co-op is where it is ALL at." I suspect most reviewers did either very little solo play or got their solo experiences coloured by the fact that coop was awesome.

    If you have friends to play with, this game is probably one of the best coop experiences out there. If you don't have friends (to play with) this game is most likely not going to grab you as much. There's no real stealth gameplay to speak of, other than "don't get seen!" You can hide in plants.. That's pretty much the extent of stealth play in this game. Each character has their own ability, but aside from the Mole, none of them really have an ability that lends itself to solo play to any degree.

    Coop seems to be the way to play it, and the ONLY way to play it. Solo has none of the crazy hilarious chaos that you see in videos from the game, cause none of the videos are ever solo. Makes you think, huh?

    Again, my review is based on a game I bought after reviewers gave a false idea of how amazeballs the game is, both in solo and mp and my score therefor represents solo play (which is about a 6 or so) plus a 1 so as to not skew the overall score in an unfair direction. Should never have trusted reviewers. That's on me.
  17. May 27, 2013
    Run around, grab loot, and finish the level as quick as possible. It's not quite a stealth game, because you invariably end up getting spotted. It's pretty easy to do something accidentally that helps your buddy on the other side of the map, which is always a rewarding feeling. Until they trip an alarm, and all hell breaks loose. That's probably the best part of the game though.

    This game is a pure gem, though you will want a couple buddies to play with to truly get the best value out of it.
  18. May 22, 2013
    The game seems pretty cool, but I could never connect to a multiplayer game. Company blames Steam for the problem, yet I have DOZENS of games that play just fine within the Steam cloud.

    What little I played before I found multiplayer was hosed and I couldn't play with my friends seemed pretty good. So if you're lucky and MP works for you, it's probably a good game. Only reason I'm
    not giving it a 1. Expand
  19. May 18, 2013
    I've been waiting for this game to come out for a long time now, and I must say, it did not disappoint me. Even though most of my friends don't play video games, I was still able to enjoy this piece of art. It's pretty hard to keep track of everything that's going on at first, but once you do understand how the game works, it's just plain awesome. The last few levels might be a little TOO hard though, but not impossible. The story is surprisingly interesting, too. I didn't really expect much from a story about 8 abstract characters with no names. But you really get sucked into the story, and the ending is so rewarding. Expand
  20. May 17, 2013
    The early levels are great, especially with friends manic, tricky and fun to negotiate. Unfortunately, it's one of those games where the developers didn't know how to ramp up the difficulty level without sapping the fun completely. In a multi-player, once one of you dies in the middle of one of the frequently occurring laser net death-traps, you essentially can't finish the level, since anyone attempting to restore the dead player is themselves killed. Absurdly, enemy guards can walk right through these laser fields without activating them, meaning that on occasions your entire team is forced to move excruciatingly slowly from safe square to safe square while enemies blithely converge on them from all sides.

    I know some people love challenges and rage against games being dumbed down, but for me, in the case of this game, the fun factor really comes down to dealing with the unexpected and surviving tremendous by the skin of your teeth. Once minor mistakes start getting your entire team wiped out, and once I'm having to repeat levels so often that I know every square inch off by heart, it loses much of its appeal. And that started happening for me and the people I play with at around the tenth mission.
  21. May 16, 2013
    I don't give away 10s left and right like some users do,and i also doesn't expect a game to be perfect in all aspects thats impossible.After finishing the game with my 2 friends i have to say Monaco is a best coop experience i can imagine.These days games rarely require player to think and plan,and Monaco early missions can be beaten by just running around collecting coins but late missions is where this game shows it's teeth planning ahead,thinking and cooperation between players is a key to success here and thats amazing.Game may have a simple graphic but i can't imagine it having crisis-like visuals because it would broke gameplay mechanics completely.Missions are balanced mostly for coop experience and for multiplayer i give this game a strong 10 it's simply a best coop experience to date,however for singleplayer game is just so so and it can become boring after few first missions. Expand
  22. May 14, 2013
    Monaco is chaos, beautiful and organised chaos. I originally played it co-op with a friend and we had a great time trying to pick the perfect combination of characters to crack the missions. We thought with four of us it would be even easier, we were wrong. While four players gave us a wealth of skill it turned the whole thing into hilariously crazy and usually fatal attempts at the missions.
  23. May 11, 2013
    Monaco starts easy, gives you a vague tutorial just enough to get you going and then gets you addicted.

    The game really starts with multiplayer co-op; I tried this in single player to begin with for a warmup and it's easy to get confused initially. Working as a team with a helper or 3, using headsets, is absolutely the way to remain in the game and co-ordinated. The game does
    strangely teach you to run around like headless chooks to grab all the coins and objectives, and later you need to un-learn that and use stealth to survive.

    The matchmaking is near-flawless and I can't work out how so many other games get it wrong when Monaco raises the standard to this level. Join Game/Invite Game from steam works. Finding and setting up games is easy and intuitive.

    Single player is great to come back to after you've learnt the game. The mechanics really set it up for advanced players only though, unfortunately you don't have your helper friends on hand to get you through, and you get 3 lives where you can change character classes (but can't use a dead character). It's tough, and I'm not sure if the designers intended it that way or not. As long as you play it that way and expect a bit of hard mode, you're set.

    When you first play the game, some visual elements can be hard to tell what's what, but after a short while of playing, you do get used to it and you're able to tell what everything is. The idea behind the game is that you're supposed to learn as you go, and this is actually one of the beauties of the game. It's a similar story with the guards AI. The game has rules that don't mirror reality, and you need to learn what those rules are to get better at the game. Anyone who takes a passing glance at the game won't understand.

    I really have to nitpick to find any other flaws. There's no way to kick a player from your game, though there is a way to make it private. The locksmith is an incredibly weak character that even well into the game seems to have no real use (as far as I can tell, at least), so he's often left by the wayside.

    The background piano music is hilarious, and I never get sick of it. I can sit in the matchmaking lobby for ages just enjoying it. When it changes from regular background music to escape music which picks up the tempo, you feel both the urgency and the joy of it at the same time. It almost makes you want to get near-caught by the guards.

    Do yourself a favour, get a 4-pack, and get into it with your friends. I doubt we'll see any DLC, but I feel like it'll be a long time before I get sick of this game.
  24. May 10, 2013
    Monaco: What's Yours is Mine is, quite simply put, one of the most intelligent games released this year. The tightly structured gameplay is fast and fluid, and the colorful cast (quite literally) of playable characters are great. Everything about the game, from its mechanics to its presentation, to its music and its sound, feels original and fresh. Monaco is a game with a strong sense of self, a game that is acutely aware of its own eccentric identity and not afraid to show it, which is precisely what makes it such a strong title.

    In much the same fashion as Hotline Miami and Fez, the incredible art design shows just how much detail there can be in blocky, pixellated graphics. The music is nothing short of masterful, wearing its ragtime, silent-movie inspiration on its sleeve and being all the better for it. The sound design is phenomenal as well, with the typing of keys on a computer, to the whine and sharp snap of a breaker box, to the strange rumbling murmurs of a revive all contributing to the game's singular and unique personality.

    The game proves how millions of dollars aren't necessary in creating something fun and original; on the contrary, Monaco is important because it shows how so much can be done with so little. It shows the world that what a game really needs in order to stand out is an identity, something that many mainstream contemporary titles sorely lack. Thanks to the uniqueness and originality that pervades through every aspect of its construction, Monaco: What's Yours is Mine is one of the best, and one of the most important, games released in recent memory. Buy it now if you haven't already.
  25. May 5, 2013
    This game is a ton of fun. My friends and I picked it up on a whim and have been addicted to it since. At first the levels seem easy and straight forward but as you progress into the deeper stages of the game they become much more of a challenge. It's surprising how much content is loaded into this cheap fun little game. I haven't played solo but mp is a definite must. It is a ton of fun to play with friends. I don't love pixel art games but you honestly stop noticing about 10 minutes into the game. Expand
  26. May 3, 2013
    I basically bought this game because it is hyped so much. And once again I stepped into the hype trap.

    Though it is not a bad game (it runs smooth, it's kinda funny and has an interesting theme), personally I dislike the graphic design a lot. It is new and trendy but in my opinion completely unsuitable for this kind of a game in which it is important for graphics to be easily read.
    often have a hard time to see what is what. Especially where I can walk and what is a wall or obstacle.

    So it is an ok game but in my opinion it is not living up to the hype.
  27. May 2, 2013
    Fantastic 80's movie style heist game. Wonderfully simple story following 4 (grows to 8) characters who are trying to escape from Monaco, but must complete increasingly complex heists to accomplish this. From stealing passports to cleaning out a bank vault, and even robbing a prince of his prized jewels, the game never fails to present a challenge.
    Maps become increasingly more difficult,
    with new concepts gradually being introduced until the later levels are insanely challenging tests of skill. Singleplayer the game is a methodical thief game, where you must plan out moves carefully while switching between characters, but multiplayer is where it shines. With more players is a higher potential for everything to go wrong, and it does. A lot. Whether it be a laser grid, alarmed door, or simply alerting a guard, chaos always ensues until a blind panic is the only option and it's absolutely hilarious.
    Each characters (there are 8) has their own specialty and can perform some tasks better than others. They all have distinct roles, but that doesn't stop you from playing how you want. Graphically the game is very pretty, undiscovered areas are black, mapped areas are grey with white details and areas in sight have a lavish colour scheme. Rooms like offices or faults will have a bluey-green colour to them while areas like balcony's and luxury interiors have vibrant reds and oranges, with splashes of other bright colours.
    The soundwork is very good. A simple combination of intruments that matches how the current mission is going. Staying stealthy and unseen? You have a calm piano plinking away in the background. If you are alerting all the guards, you're treated to fast, manic and catchy tunes as you try to escape.
    Overall a very enjoyable game, one of the best multiplayer experiences I've had in a long time.
  28. May 2, 2013
    I really like Monaco and it's way better to play it on Co-Op rather than in single player. It's fun very easy to get into and thrilling to play.

    But also the game has some flaws that seem to be overlooked in all those glorious reviews and I'm talking about the art style and music. For me the art style is very confusing and it's hard to tell sometimes what's what. Weapon/item icons are
    confusing at start, and it's hard to see some characters or other details while playing. I think those things should stand out more.

    My problem with music is it's getting annoying after a while and me, and my friends had to turn it off. There is nothing bad about it it's just way too loud and way too repetitive so it get's frustrating. It doesn't work as the background for the game, but it's too noticeable.

    If you can get through it I fully recommend it.

    Also it would be great if you could plan your mission beforehand and then try to execute it old Rainbow Six style.
  29. May 1, 2013
    One of the best Indie games I've played so far, and probably the best game to deliver the thrill of a successful robbery (or an unsuccessful one) in video game format since Sly Cooper and his friends. Kudos to the developers for taking the time and effort to bring us such a fun co-op experience, without losing any of it's heart when played by yourself.
  30. Apr 28, 2013
    its great to play with a friend in person online it gets too chaotic and dumb and by your self its fun but gets old after a couple hours... so my advice if you have a roommate /bro/ gf totally get this game!
  31. Apr 28, 2013
    I'm liking Monaco quite a lot, but it's not perfect game by any chance. There are couple of gripes I have with this. First of all enemy AI. It's just ridiculously stupid and scripted. Guards patrol the area in semi predictable ways, I like their pattern and figuring them is a bit of a challenge which I like, but when they eventually see you, you just need to break the line of sight with them and then they just quit, they don't search the area where you went missing, or even look behind a door where I'm hiding even though I obviously went there but they just barely saw me in front of the door so they can't, it all feels just too scripted and it sucks out a lot of tension that a stealth game should have. Also, Monaco feels a bit too much coop heavy and in single player some of the classes are just way too underpowered to face many of the situations. There's nothing wrong with making coop game, it's perfect here actually, the best coop experience I've ever had, but if putting in a single player with no means to get any traits of other classes some of them just become a bit pointless, of course you can survive with all of them, I've tried but you can't do it really sneaky and stealthy like you should be able to in a sneaking game. Overall I really like this game, it's a great game but in terms of tension, AI and balance it falters a bit too much for a stealth game, it just feels like a 7 to me. This isn't the definitive stealth game some may have been expecting, but definitely pick it up if you have couple of friends you can play on your couch, you can play this locally with 4 players, even on PC and even on the same keyboard which is really rare these days. Expand
  32. Apr 26, 2013
    To read my full review in a nicer format with images, please visit my blog:

    Just out of prison, check. Crew consisting of surveillance, tech, muscle, a fast-talker and femme fatale, check. Insurmountable odds, check. What happens when you couple a formula for the perfect heist thriller with gameplay found in staple arcade games? You get Monaco:
    What's Your Is Mine, by games.

    The game plays out as a group of stereotypical criminals commit a series of heists across the city of Monaco. It's narrative is comparable to classic films such as Ocean's Eleven and The Usual Suspects. First events will transpire from the Locksmith's point of view, eventually an alternate path is revealed which tells the story from another criminal's perspective. Without spoiling anything, there is a nice payoff for those that stick around to see the conclusion.

    As mentioned before, all of the key players are here. Monaco can be played as one of eight character classes. The Locksmith is a master of, well… unlocking things. The Lookout can see enemies that are outside of her field-of-view, The Pickpocket has a monkey companion (named Hector) that will help collect loot, The Cleaner can take out guards from behind, The Mole can plow through certain obstacles, The Gentleman is a master of disguise, The Hacker can disrupt electronics from anywhere there is a socket and The Redhead is a charmer, able to coerce anyone that is on to her.

    Controlling your plunderer of choice is simple. You can move, and moving against certain things will allow you to interact with them, such as picking a lock or slinking through a window. There is a sneak button and a button that will use whatever gear you are carrying. There are 8 types of gear in Monaco and each is fairly different from the others. These controls appear to be fairly simple, but the variety of ways you can interact with objects in the environment is anything but.

    The multiple stages in Monaco, which cover everything from caverns to casinos, are riddled with security features and guards looking to keep you from reaching your goal. Fortunately for the player, there are several methodologies that can be applied to reaching the objective. Stealth is clearly important, but would the best method be to move through the shadows and never be seen? Maybe distracting the guards and using a smoke bomb here and there to bait-and-switch is the best course of action. Wearing a disguise and walking around incognito could be fun. Between character specialties, gear and the task at hand, there is a lot of variety.

    Monaco's presentation is another shining aspect. The aforementioned heist story is part of that, as well as the game's excellent visual and audio design, which I'll go into further soon, but the star of the show is the line-of-sight, "fog of war" mechanic. Players are only able to see what their character sees, and only parts of the map that have been explored are revealed. Think StarCraft and Mark of the Ninja. Also, If something is moving off screen, and it's close enough to hear, there will be a graphic representation of that sound, i.e. footprints for someone walking. This visual design works really well and sets the stage for the game's stealthy moments. Austin Wintory's soundtrack also deserves a mention as it adds another layer to Monaco's charm.

    The visuals in Monaco are pleasing. Bright colors fill in detailed reproductions of landmarks across the city in the French Riviera. The contrast between the luminous environment and the greyed out unseen areas of the map create a stunning effect. There are also a lot of nice graphical cues. Players can hack computer terminals to disrupt security. This disturbance is represented by a green square that bounces around the screen taking control of cameras, disabling tripwires and allowing access to doors normally requiring security clearance.

    Players will get a lot of mileage out of Monaco. The game can be played alone, which provides a more strategic playground. It can also be played with up to three other people. This is couch co-op at its best (though it can also be played online). The multiplayer in Monaco is part co-operative strategy, part chaotic competition. At the end of each stage a top player is crowned for things like collecting the most loot. Then there are optional objectives, such as playing through a level without losing a single character, collecting every bit of loot (a requirement to unlock the entire story), and finishing a level as quickly as possible. Fans of speed runs will be left grinning ear-to-ear. There is a daily leader board as well as a board that displays all-time best scores.

    Monaco pulls off a wonderful feat. It provides a mixed bag of approaches to the game's puzzles, while at the same time making it all easily accessible to players of any experience level. The controls are simple, the presentation is beautiful and the mechanics are easy to learn while...
  33. Apr 26, 2013
    First, the negatives. Setting up a friends-only game on Steam is a little harder than it needs to be, but once you're in, it's golden. And when running in windowed mode at work, it's slightly difficult to shift mouse focus outside of the game to hide it from your boss. Other than that, the game is awesome. It's both complex and simple at the same time. You only need to complete the base objectives, and you can do that pretty easily. But to clean out a level? That takes a lot more skill and craziness. And to do both in a speed run requires mastery. The aesthetic design is excellent, and the gameplay is sublime. I highly recommend it. Expand
  34. Apr 26, 2013
    For an old school gamer like me, this game is an amazing reminder of what game's were like at the dawn of video games, and how far they have come as well. The single-player game is good, but the game truly shines in coop play.

    Up to 4 friends running around laughing and shouting in vent (I'd love to play this like we used to play Goldeneye on the SNES, but alas, employment options have
    us all over now), running around in panic from a missed alarm or some angry guards while trying to grab all the cash you can is amazingly fun.

    I haven't gotten far in the campaign or tried all the classes yet, but even the early missions are hilarious and chaotic with friends, and buying it via Steam was a snap. The game screams for custom levels in the future, giving it even more appeal and longevity.

    A heartfelt thumbs up!
  35. Apr 26, 2013
    Challenging, charming, and the most fun you will have playing a co-op game on the xbox. And by co-op I mean with your friends sitting on the couch next to you for once. I would even recommend plugging your laptop into the big screen or projector and grabbing some controllers rather than just networking 4 computers... it should be more social than that. In general I am not a fan of retro pixilated art styles... but man does it work here when combined with the beautiful lighting and blueprint style fog of war. Play a couple of hours of the campaign and then invite your friends over, make a beer run, order pizza... yah it's that kind of game, and it's glorious! Expand
  36. Apr 26, 2013
    Incredible. Solid gameplay with strong replay value, entertaining visual aesthetic, and amazing co-op support.

    I'll admit, although the visuals are gorgeous, they take about a half hour to get used to--it might be that long before you really learn what a Minecraft-ian world looks like from the top-down. But they are so strong and vibrant, and the primary color/monochrome scheme for
    vision works beautifully.

    The gameplay is obviously the best part--it is so fluid and dynamic. You never feel like you're doing busywork just to get to exciting set pieces. Every second of every level is part of your ever-evolving dramatic heist.

    And the co-op! Made my day when I booted up the game and discovered this game supports 4-PLAYER SAME-SCREEN ON THE PC. I didn't know games did that anymore! I cannot stress how amazing that is.

    So yeah, I just knocked off a point for the initially befuddling graphics, and for the complete lack of a tutorial. But overall, this is instantly one of my top games for the year so far.
  37. Apr 25, 2013
    Monaco is a very engaging experience and is one of the best co-op games available. The story offers plenty of play time and will keep you entertained solo but really shines when with friends.
  38. Apr 25, 2013
    Monaco is a very engaging experience and is one of the best co-op games available. The story offers plenty of play time and will keep you entertained solo but really shines when with friends.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 47 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 39 out of 47
  2. Negative: 0 out of 47
  1. Jun 19, 2013
    Monaco fails at balancing fun and cold math; the first levels are so easy that you’ll run through them without even thinking, but by the end the awkward arcade shenanigans will become the downfall of your carefully laid plans.
  2. Jun 13, 2013
    Monaco: What's Yours is Mine is fine as single player but great with friends. [June 2013]
  3. Jun 10, 2013
    Despite the small budget, this is an interesting indie title with a few nice ideas.