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  • Summary: Moscow to Berlin follows in the footsteps Desert Rats vs Afrika Korps, D-Day, and 1944: Battle of the Bulge, bringing World War II action to your fingertips. Players will jump in the seat of both German and Russian tanks as they try their strategic skills on the Eastern Front. Engage in actual historic battles on painstakingly recreated battlefields. There is no resource management, so it's all action with your troops and tanks battling new and deadly challenges on every campaign. Collapse
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  1. The missions are all well made and have really good objectives with a truly unique cut scene system. I really enjoyed how the cut scenes play from the movies to the game and back while you’re playing.
  2. Moscow to Berlin regains some of its quality with its dramatic cut scenes that set up the plot and objectives for the mission extremely well and its encyclopedia of all units and vehicles allows you to examine unit’s strengths, weaknesses, and purpose.
  3. The game is rather standard for the RTS genre, not offering much in terms of innovation, but rather trading off what already exists.
  4. What can I say, with so many other WWII RTS games out there, and with this one having some serious drawbacks I cannot recommend this title to anyone.
  5. Moscow to Berlin is almost slavish in the way it sticks to the formula and gives no sign of wanting to be anything more. [Oct. 2006, p.76]
  6. There's no shortage of World War II strategy games on the market, and Moscow to Berlin does nothing good to stand out from the pack.
  7. Why degrade the virtual Eastern Front of WW II into less than a mediocre experience?

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  1. PeterP.
    May 12, 2007
    Almost the same game as battle of the Bulge, only new missions and some new (Russian) models... that's it! Oh, and a few bugs unfortunately! But I love these Monte Christo RTS-games! A shame that the game never came out overhere! Had a lot of problems getting it! Expand