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  • Summary: New Pitcher/Batter Interface: Players must be strategic with their pitches. Throw a nasty curve to a batter's "cold zone" or risk a possible home run by throwing some heat to their "hot zone." Each pitcher will have more effective pitches depending on how accurate those pitches are in real life. Batting: Quality of the hit will depend on each batter's real life "hot and cold zones," hitter ratings, swing timing and swing type. New AI and Gameplay System: Real-time scouting reports provide accurate player ratings and attributes. CPU opponents react like their real-life counterparts, incorporating strategy and decision-making based on outs, score, inning, pitch count, etc. First Ever Picture-in-Picture Baserunning. Robust Franchise Mode includes rookie drafts, player development, career-ending injuries, contracts and hirings/firings. All-New Throw Meter. Major League Baseball Player Council: Expert advice and design input from leading MLB players Torii Hunter, Trot Nixon, Todd Pratt, Eric Chavez and Tim Hudson. [EA Sports] Expand
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  1. Without question, EA's latest baseball title is our choice for best baseball game for 2003. [Apr 2003, p.70]
  2. A terrific, joyful game that is amazing to look at, a delight to listen to and exceptionally fun to play.
  3. With a perfect balance of realism and entertainment, EA Sports has really hit the mark with MVP Baseball.
  4. 72
    MVP Baseball 2003 has several obvious flaws and missing features -- such as the lack of an in-game player editor or a fantasy draft option -- but the prospect of what future versions of the series could be should make any baseball gamer extremely happy and anxious.
  5. A totally new game. Unfortunately, it lacks the depth of the other games here, and therefore won't satisfy hardcore baseball fans. [Apr 2003, p.64]
  6. In its maiden campaign, there are glimmers of hope for future greatness, but this rookie offering is sufficiently weak in enough areas to keep it lagging behind 3DO's "High Heat" series. [July 2003, p.74]
  7. MVP Baseball 2003 is a superlative pitching interface in search of a better showcase. [July 2003, p.75]

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