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  • Summary: Somewhere beyond the bright piazzas and open markets of the Venice Carnevale lurks a masked thief. Despite months of investigations, the Italian police remain helpless as stolen treasures vanish in the night. That's why the authorities asked you, as detective Nancy Drew, to join the case, to infiltrate a dangerous crime syndicate and catch this phantom thief before he or she destroys the heart of Venice! [Her Interactive] Expand
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  2. Negative: 1 out of 7
  1. It's clear that the people at Her Interactive love making these games - and as a result, it's hard for the player not to love them, too.
  2. This Nancy Drew game ranks among the better games in the series. An engrossing story, mixed with a good variety of puzzles and mini-games, makes for a good game.
  3. Compared to the other games in the series, Nancy Drew: The Phantom of Venice is a step in the right direction with the mini-games and disguises that are available.
  4. All in all, while still providing a dependable Nancy Drew adventure that fans have come to expect, I just couldn’t help but feel that The Phantom of Venice seems tired, or more specifically, that it’s the latest entry in a series that itself is getting tired.
  5. 70
    While Nancy Drew: The Phantom of Venice oscillates quite a bit more on the fun meter than the last installment, it does have the exact same graphic and audio quality -- you might even say, “run of the mill,” considering we’re on #18.
  6. 65
    It's about as middle of the road as gaming gets and suffers from a few lazy design flaws, but is still oddly enjoyable.
  7. 18th time and not for the last time for sure. Some games we are better off not knowing they even exist because of... well everything. Pixel hunting, outdated graphics, boring dialogs (un-skippable), sluggish controls – we skip next 15 episodes of Nancy Drew adventures then we try again. [Sept 2008]
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  1. Oct 24, 2011
    This is the worst game of the series so far,It's really boring and uninteresting if you want to play this game,try another game in this series like Legend of the Crystal Skull and White Wolf of Icicle Creek!!!!!! Collapse