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  1. Jul 24, 2014
    The last basketball game for me to play was NBA Live '03, and the last one before that was NBA Live '98. I have very fond memories of them, particularly '98. I heard that the NBA Live series suck nowadays, so i decided to check out the 2K series.

    While it doesn't have the magic of the old games, it's still pretty good. It's challenging without being frustrating, the commentary and
    soundtrack and game modes are all good as well.

    However, being that we're in 2014, i did expect better graphics than this. They're not awful; still, something quite better could've been accomplished.

    It's entertaining enough. And it will be more so with a gamepad. Playing this with a mouse and keyboard will be limiting.
  2. Jul 15, 2014
    Terrible AI. Like, high school programmers could do better terrible. The people doing the programming also have a ridiculously poor concept of how basketball works. There are too many problems to list with this game. I love basketball, I hate EA, but I really, REALLY wish EA was in the basketball simulation business again. At least I can usually count on their programmers understanding the game they're designing... Expand
  3. PLG
    Jun 15, 2014
    This game is so full of cheese it's dumb. CPU will always win rebounds, make 3 pts right after you make them, somehow go from a field goal percentage of 40% to 85%, and will somehow come back 40 points if subbed out. Garbage. Just garbage. Don't pay a dime for this piece of **** just pirate it.
  4. Jun 13, 2014
    For all of you playing on PC... Stop being Cheap and get the ps4 and the nba 2k14 to go along with it lol! Nba 2k14 is a GREAT! game! .................................................................
  5. May 27, 2014
    If you really want to enjoy this game, use controllers not keyboard. Graphic is good, physx same, players seems realistic , crowd of fans still sucks and my player career is hard. I discovered some glitches but nothing terrible. This game (and games like nhl, fifa etc.) are so much better on consoles. In one sentence: If you like nba you will like this game, but do not expect it will be as good on pc as good on consoles. Expand
  6. May 7, 2014
    Horrible horrible horrible game, built for frustration and not much fun to be had. The controls are abysmal, they are on the level of the worst play controls for any game I've ever played. Trying to control your players is like trying to control someone with a 2 second reaction time on the slickest of ice. Nothing makes intuitive sense in this game AT ALL. From the times you will press the pass button and instead of passing to the most obvious wide open player in front of you, it throws it across the court to a guy in double coverage, to the times when your guy is tripping over his own feet for 3+ seconds while you are unable to pass it to the painfully wide open guy - this game is just awful.

    Running a play from the play book is comical, good luck trying to execute any of that in a timely fashion. The game doesn't even feel finished - and it's like the 10th incarnation of this trash so there's absolutely zero excuse.

    The MyCareer mode is a complete joke. Playing offense is atrocious enough with your completely gimped player, but defense is just beyond believable. How do people put up with this **** I guess I forget the demographic that typically gets sold on this game hasn't necessarily seen a good game before to know how comparitively awful of an experience this game provides compared to even the most mediocre of games out there. I played perfect defense (which is hard enough to do in a game that provides no good way to defend a ball handler) and was up in a guys face the whole time, all the way until the point where I'm directly on him and jumping up to block his shot, perfectly right in front of his face. Shot cock violation. Do I get "team points" for forcing the violation? Nah. But what do I see as the screen refreshes and the ball is being inbounded? Yep - I lost team points for "Bad shot block attempt" ARE YOU KIDDING ME??

    If you have any self respect at all, don't throw your money at this sorry excuse for a game. Even getting it on sale for 7 bucks was not worth it in the slightest. These game devs must be laughing all the way to the bank with this trash, it's even worse than Madden if you could believe it.
  7. Apr 27, 2014
    They didn't release ONE update for PC on 2k13 and it was full of glitches, cheese, and bugs. 2K14 is still under the "current-gen" title on PC and nothing is different from the console counterparts. There has still been no patch for 2k14. Supporting developers that abandon the PC platform and that don't listen to their paying customers is not the way to go. 2K was constantly being told by fans to bring back crew. What did they do? They renamed the online NBA blacktop to Crew and made it 3 v 3 on the blacktop... The computer defense in this game is beyond stupid. Your CPU teammate will literally walk away from a great shooter to help double one of the worst centers in the NBA or the CPU will slide over magically and block your shot. Speaking of blocking shots, half the time you perform a layup your ball goes towards the rim and magically slides over mid-air to which looks like a block but it doesn't even record it. We still have the same generic player-create faces too. There are several more things wrong with this copy and paste game, but you can see all the people complaining through the comments.


    This game is a buggy, unfinished, half-@rsed game meant for only the dedicated basketball player who doesn't have console. Do not purchase this game. Even on the Android platform, 2k14 STILL has the OLD rosters and plenty of bugs.
  8. Apr 5, 2014
    This is the first basketball game I've played since probably NBA Shootout on the PS1, so I'm not gonna complain about the lack of updates from last season. I really enjoyed 2K14, for the most part. The gameplay is pretty smooth once you get the hang of it, and MyCareer mode is a lot of fun. Here's the thing, though. I pretty much had to hack my stats using a cheat program to get any enjoyment out of this. If I didn't, my player would start off his rookie season unable to dunk and regularly missing wide open layups. I understand that they want to make this kinda RPG-like in that you level up your character as you play, but in the NBA, a guard who was regularly clanking layups and couldn't shoot from past 10 feet wouldn't even get past training camp. Once I rigged my stats, though, things were a lot beter. The other thing is that your coach's AI is absolute crap. You could be singlehandedly bringing your team back in the 4th quarter, and all of the sudden you'll get pulled from the game for the final four minutes. WTF is that? Well, those are all somewhat significant annoyances, but to me, they really don't outweigh what this game does right, which is making it feel a heck of a lot like you're leading an NBA team. I give it 8 out of 10. Expand
  9. Feb 24, 2014
    Okay, so I have to do a review because never has PC been treated so poorly. The PC version of this game is horrible. And I'm pretty sure that it was intentional, simply because they want people to think the next-gen consoles are more powerful than they are, as well as cause they want people to have to buy the next gen consoles. This game not only is ugly as hell compared to the next gen versions, but it's not even as good in gameplay or game mods. It's horrible, and I honestly am ashamed that this could even happen. PC is the most powerful platform and they made the game with one, but some how try and say that "Most people wouldn't be able to run it" I mean I think that was EA's excuse for not having ignite on FIFA 14, but it probably apply's here too. The my career mode is horrible. It felt like playing Smackdown vs Raw back in 2006 or something cause the dialog is the same every time, and it has no consequences. It's **** and I hope that no one buys it. This is one game I hope you torrent first, cause it's not worth the money, they don't deserve it AT ALL. Expand
  10. Feb 11, 2014
    Stop sabotaging you f**king maggots. this game is not that bad for "individual" game.
    I'm mad about "not so different with 2K13" things too, but zero? That's stupid or paid sabotage.
  11. Jan 29, 2014
    Major letdown. You hope for an improvement with each passing year, but this year's 2K is a huge step back. AI is ridiculous, you cannot make your RS be only for isomotion, you will occasionally commit fouls when you aren't even pressing any buttons, and you will miss a large, large amount of your shots despite the Shot Feedback saying "Timing: Perfect, Shot Quality: A+," regardless of the rating of your shooting skill.

    Also, the removal of "Creating a Legend" mode is mind boggling. It allowed you to play a career as any player (current or historical) that you wished, is no more. I love the previous NBA2K games, but this one is sadly a major letdown.
  12. Jan 18, 2014
    Same game as 2k13. Just added some new logos and some design changes, and updated roster. Yet another time does game companies not recognise PC-gamers as sports gamers. Just get 2k13 instead. Or get 2k14 on a next gen console.
  13. Jan 9, 2014
    The only thing 2k improved is the gameplay. You can block layups/dunks now (that this even has to be a feature...that's basic stuff!) and the whole gameplay feels smoother than 2k13. But gameplay feels really random to me. There are this momentum swings again, where one team hits every shot, gets every loose ball and so in in one half, just to see the momentum swing to the opponent and get crushed in the 2nd half. EVERY. GAME! Also it seems like some ratings doesn't matter. A Ronnie Brewer with a 62 3pt rating is a better shooter than Steve Novak or Paul George (I have these 3 players in an online association, and brewer hits by far more 3s than the other two with mostly perfect release timings on open shots). It also seems like everyone can block every shot/layup now. Some Point Guards showcase chasedown blocks even against players like LeBron James.
    Besides that, 2k14 is just a roster update from 2k13. They even removed working things from the game. For example you cannot practice plays in Online Association mode anymore.
    Furthermore they didn't fix any bugs and just created more. The settings in Online Associations do not save any more and you have to change shot feedback and everything else you change from default settings all the time you log into the OA.

    Most annoying thing with this game: I only buy it to play in my 3 different online leagues, I play for several years now. It has never been hard to enjoy like this year before (okay maybe 2k12 was very hard, too). The servers are down nearly 1/3 of the time since release. They are up some days and down again over the weekend. And this happens nearly every week. Now over the holidays they have eben been down for 2 straight weeks, then up for 4 days and now down again since 3 days....

    All in all, I have fun playing this game. When I actually can play it, which is not that often due to server downtimes.
  14. Dec 30, 2013
    Not the greatest port over for surfing the menu's, and creating an account (one which I already had, and wouldn't let me log into from 2k13), but that said it is a good game. The updated physics and AI really put a nice touch on it. The player ratings are suspect in some cases as 2k sports seems to only focus on big market winning teams (Darren Collison is an 80, but Teague is a 77? not buying that). Love the upgrades to paint defense (Hibbert rotates and dominates the paint now) but hating how you get called for blocking fouls just for blocking the path to the hoop. Overall would rate it 8.5 easily, gave it a 10 to quiet all the haters. Those saying it's simply a "Roster Update" haven't played these games extensively. This is my first time playing it on a computer, but it's definitely an upgrade in graphics over the 2k13 console version, and the player AI is much better than years past except for how often players chill out of bounds.

    Also, this isn't meant to be played on a keyboard/mouse. I'd highly recommend buying a wired controller if you're complaining how you can't get to the hoop on a keyboard.....
  15. Dec 28, 2013
    Overall, I'd say this game does not deserve the low score it is receiving. The game play is solid, and the game modes are fun. As long as you have a controller for your pc, you should enjoy yourself. However, the reason I'm giving a lower score, is because of the bad porting. The graphics are terrible (when compared to the console versions), and the controls for the keyboard are just unusable.
  16. Dec 24, 2013
    I can't even call this 2k13 with a roster update. That would mean 2k13 was just as bad as this game and it's not. Bugs are present and the fact they went with the PS3/360 versions for this PC port shows just how lazy they were by releasing this game. You're better off saving your money instead of throwing it away on this garbage. Go outside and play basketball in your driveway because it's highly more enjoyable than anything that this game has to offer.

    Seriously, this is a steaming pile of garbage. No manual saving, so it's very very easy to have files get overwritten. My Career mode is exactly the same from the year before. No new features added to this version of the game, just bugs. More bugs and bugs and bugs. Screw 2k.
  17. Dec 24, 2013
    It's still good game, but it makes me mad how poor pc fans are treated. Why some features are available only for concoles?! Not worth 6$... untill we get full game.
  18. Dec 23, 2013
    Better game than last year, But was hoping for a little more. For $30 it's a good buy. Would have glady paid $60 for a few more features though.
    8.5 I rated 10 because too many people gave this a 0 rating,
    Come on people let's be fair. It's the best basketball game on the market.
    I challenge anyone to name a better B-Ball game than 2K14.

    Can't wait for NBA 2K15.
  19. Dec 23, 2013
    This years NBA 2K has a lot of improvement over last years installment for sure. Don't listen to anybody telling you that this is just a roster update. It's true that the PC version didn't get as much of an overhaul as the 360/PS3 version. But for the reduced price,This PC version is a great deal and has much to offer.

    On the surface the presentation has been updated to a
    much more pleasant look and feel. But the changes are only skin deep. Not too much time went in to doing much more than that. The new soundtrack is solid and the commentary is exceptionally well done again this year(50 Hours Of New Commentary). Veteran gamers of previous installments of the series will still occasionally hear recycled sound bits of the years past. But not so much that it would detract from the game-play experience. You will rarely hear the same thing twice in any one game.
    Presentation: 8/10

    No real new features in MyCareer or Association beyond minor fixes and updates. A new "Path To Greatness" mode offers LeBron James fans the chance to step in his shoes and relive the past as well as guide him in his future endeavors(Wherever that may be).
    The roster is updated with last years draft class as well as 14 Euroleague teams from around the world.
    Features: 4/10

    The In-game graphics and the look of the players haven't really changed much since last year. But there have been tons of new animations added to the game. While the PC's NBA 2K14 is never going to look as good as the next-gen consoles, With all of the graphic enhancement and cyber-face mods out there for the PC version you can make an already good looking game even better.
    Graphics: 7/10

    Where NBA 2K14 for the PC really shines is in its game-play. It's one of those things that can't really be described. It has to be played! 2K13's game-play was great. But 2K14 just feels and plays so much better than great. The spacing, Animations, Movement, Dribbling, Shooting, Defending and player interaction is almost perfect. The AI has taken a huge step forward on both sides of the ball as well. I can't say enough about how well this game feels and plays.
    Gameplay: 11/10 (Above And Beyond)

    Bottom line: If you liked NBA 2K12 or 13, You are going to love this game. If you are just a casual gamer looking to play a great Basketball game, There is none better than NBA 2K14.
  20. Dec 17, 2013
    The PC version is EXACTLY the same as last year including their usual horrible roster update that is full of missing players and bad, bad ratings. Despite what 2K wants you to think, it really does NOT play any differently from last years PC game. Oh, and some info for you online players, 2K's servers STILL suck (no surprise I'm sure).

    It actually is rather difficult trying to decide
    exactly which generation got the worst copy of this game. The only thing PC has going for it is a rather loyal modding community which tries it's damnedest to fix the mistakes 2K makes year after year.

    Does the modding community make the 2K ignored PC version better than the VC poisoned XBone/PS4 version? Maybe a little bit. But the PC version has been stuck in the same state since 2K turned it out on PC in 2K9. There really have been minimal improvements in it over the years and definitely nothing of note in this years version.

    If 2K continues to ignore the PC version while pushing VC into every nook and cranny on their next gen versions, it might be time to tell them we've had enough (scratch that, it IS time to tell them we're sick of it). Don't pick this one up on any platform and you should give 2K15 a pass as well.
  21. Dec 3, 2013
    Only slightly better than 2k13. Once again most online features are stripped away from the PC version in exchange for a $20 lower price. The feature "StatsTM" they (2k sports) bragged about for so long before the release isn't working, they also bragged about adding "more than 3000 new animations" for player movement/interaction, but there don't seem to be more than 30, if that many.

    Many of the bugs/glitches/gameplay issues from last year are still in the game. A few have been fixed but some are even worse now. MyCareer/MyPlayer mode is 99% the same as in 2k13- all the bad stuff has been carefully preserved and nothing new has been added so if you intend to spend your time mainly in this mode- save yourself the money and the frustration.

    The only saving grace this game possesses is that Live2014 was such an epic fail that it basically solidified 2k's monopoly over the NBA simulators market and as NBA 2k14 proves- having a monopoly is good for the company, bad for the product and customers. 2k proudly following in the footsteps of the former Sports Sim kings of EA Sports who they dethroned. Irony.
  22. Dec 2, 2013
    unfortunately I bought this game at Steam. I played so much the NBA 2k12, but the 2K14 is worst!
    First, the game just open when I set to "XP compatibility" and click on exe manually.

    The graphics is horrible, the gameplay is outdate....
  23. Nov 26, 2013
    just toooooooooo horrible Waste of money and time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do not buy this asasaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  24. Nov 15, 2013
    I really enjoyed 2k13, especially the my player portion. This new iteration I purchased isn't very fun to play...they seem to have changed the controls, instead of the 2k13 shot feedback which shows where you released the ball, now you only get 'too early' or 'too late', and playing it just feels clunky. I'm not happy obviously. What happened 2k? My only solace is that I got it on sale..although I wish I could travel back in time and stop myself from buying it in the first place. Expand
  25. Nov 12, 2013
    Worst game in all NBA 2k. No improvements in graphics and physics of models since last year. Worst gameplay: AI is stupid, but when you level up the difficulty, it shows really incredible situations: during money time your opponents with rating of 65 or 70 score 3 points in 80% situations or make a steal easily from LeBron or other star player and win the game, their speed become insane for some moments, they knows your actions before you release the buttons, and many many many other silly things which make the game imbalanced. Music and sound is OK, but nothing great. This game isn't good anymore, totally waste of time facing annoying gameplay. Expand
  26. Nov 11, 2013
    I don't feel to give a negative vote because don't think that is a play so bad. many people says that is the same the last year. Maybe I could be agree with them but NBA13 it was not crappy. In general The game seems very similar at NBA13 but for me it's improved something when you performing action to attack the iron.
  27. Nov 10, 2013
    This game is nothing new to the franchise (at least on the PC version). Its the same as last years but let me tell you the small changes. Dribbling and movement seems to feel a bit different and harder. Also, there is the roster update of course. I never owned 2k13 on the pc and I wanted that experience. On the xbox 360 2k13 there is no difference in that version than the "new" one on PC. I believe that one might even be better in some aspects. PC's are supposed to be more powerful than consoles but this port seems to just be held back so that we don't get to see what 2K has in store for the next-gen version. Really pathetic of the company to do so. It isn't a bad game just not worth your time or money if you already own the previous ones Expand
  28. Nov 10, 2013
    Very sad 2k release. You call for the ball and 90% of the time you get punished for "Bad ball call" even if you are wide open. Even if you have an perfect release shot you miss if the game wants you to. Blocking is nice but the NPC's will still slide across the floor at high rates of speed to cut you off. Even a Center will out run you. The game also changes release times from game to game. Not based on skills but random(On Normal). Fast Break works early in the my player but after about 20 or so games you can kiss fast break good bye. If you break out an any NPC gets close you will have the ball knocked away and you get punished for loose ball and it will either be a turnover or the ball rolls out of bounds and becomes a turnover. So somehow you lose control of the ball if an NPC is around and either way it will be a turnover because in the NBA you cannot keep control of the ball at all? Joke of a game. Expand
  29. Nov 10, 2013
    Disgusting, previous gen console port. NO next gen features were included in the pc version. There are several features only available on the ps4 and xbone version of the game. Don't waste your money, don't waste your time. Let 2k know that offering a lesser experience on the pc is not acceptable and not worth money.
  30. Nov 7, 2013
    While it isn't a BAD game by any means, it isn't great either. What really makes me mad is my PC version is just a port (and a bad one at that) of the PS3/360 Version. The PS4 is getting it's own custom version with a custom engine, and my PC's specs blow the PS4 away.. Yet I can't get a decent looking game on my PC? That's lazy, 2K, and you should be ashamed. The pro stick feels sloppy, and I enjoy actually having it "off" more. Expand
  31. Nov 6, 2013
    Don't get me wrong I do like this game, Well I liked 2k 13, so that means I will "like" this one. Its is basically an exact copy of last years game with the same scoreboard and graphics etc. This is basically saying, pay $50 for a roster update, the New Orleans Pelicans team and a blue UI. Even the Bulls jersey is pink still. PC's are more powerful then the current- gen consoles, but 2k hold back. If I were you I would wait for the next-gen release, You might as well spend half the price on 2k13 because you aren't getting many more features in 2k 14. I might as well add that it is crucial to have Xbox controller plugged into your PC to enjoy this game, They put little to no effort in keyboard controls. Expand
  32. Nov 4, 2013
    The same game last year, which seems is that they edited the 2k13 and put little things. I thought the graphics of the PC would next gen, but that was my mistake. I'm really very angry with the company 2K.
  33. Oct 28, 2013
    This game is terrible. Waste of 30 dollars. The site is just as broken as the account system. After installing the game and finally getting past the lebron james screen i needed to create an account and tie it to my cd key. 2 days later i needed to do a fresh install of windows so i did, after re-installing the game my key no longer works and the game simply gives me a red label on the cd key field with no description. I contacted support and after 6 days they got back to me, asking for my system specs. I told them to forget...I'm obviously not worth their time. Worst 30 bucks I've ever spent. Expand
  34. Oct 24, 2013
    Broken online mode. 3 points is killing 1v1 matches. This game is Call of Duty in Sport Sims. All money spend on ADs. Game dont have any changes in this year too.
  35. Oct 19, 2013
    Same graphics, horrible new controls (prostick). Players that aren't stars shoot way too much (Dereck Fisher putting up 15 shots a game, more than Durant). Same voice actors, offense comes way to easily. CPU (hall of fame) seem to only make and take the most impossible shots, yet can't make the easy shots. Rebounding once again is terrible. Only plus side to the game is defense at the rim and slightly smoother animations. Don't buy this game, get nba 2k13, hell even 2k11 (best in the series). Mod the crap out of it and it'll be better than nba 2k14.

    Pros: Interior Defense, slightly better animations

    Cons: Prostick, same graphics, very little actual updates, lacks large amount of features from console game, rebounding, shooting, CPU, attribute caps

    If you could revert the controls, this game would nearly identical to last year. Good thing they got rid of Jay-z's blatant advertisements. Don't buy game. Go torrent it at the most, maybe that'll get 2k's attention
  36. Oct 17, 2013
    Although there haven't been too many changes or improvements to NBA 2K14, it's still a good game and better than last years.

    Defence in general has improved quite a bit, last year I found blocking to be near enough impossible, various clipping issues would occur where the hand went through the ball yet it would be a dunk still, so far I haven't noticed that this year and have been able
    to block multiple times in a game. Stealing the ball has also improved a bit, not so many reach in fouls if you time it right, which I feel is an improvement from last year.

    Some of the controls have changed a little bit, shooting and dribbling are now all on the Right Stick without the use of a modifier, it takes a bit of getting used to but once I got the hang of it I much preferred it to the previous controls.

    The AI isn't that different from last year, still makes some dumb mistakes now and then like waiting to shoot while an opposing player is running towards him, rather than shooting first time with an open shot.

    Some of the menu's have changed, such as on MyCareer, not a massive change but it's nice and shows a bit more information than before.

    Overall it's not massively different to NBA 2k14, but the improvements are nice, if you like playing NBA then it's worth getting, just don't expect massive changes.
  37. Oct 13, 2013
    Almost EXACTLY the same game as last year with a few minor changes. Of course there is the roster update, however that is really where it stops becoming a new game. "Create a Player" feature is 99% (not official) the same with VERY MINOR tweaks made to it. Mainly just minor visual changes. Graphics look EXACTLY the same as 2K13 did. Tracks off the "2K Beats" are decent as usual for a 2K game. If you really think about you are basically paying $29.99 (MSRP) for a roster update. Controls are slightly different, and they took me longer to get use to than 2K13. At the end of the day I wish I would have waited for the relaunch of the NBA Live franchise this year and made my choice after that. Expand
  38. Oct 10, 2013
    Best sport game for sure. This year I liked the realistic moves you make to shoot and to block. All players are better balanced and myPlayer you are not an stupid from beginning like years before, you are a normal player and can get improvements. Thanks 2k.
  39. Oct 9, 2013
    I am willing to bet that any positive reviews for the PC version are either 2K employees or console players who accidentally went to the wrong section. It's a $30.00 roster update for a stripped-down version of the number one selling NBA game...with no competition.
  40. Oct 7, 2013
    Bought it without checking the reviews, figured it'll be ok to trust the nba 2k franchise to keep raising the bar for this game title. 5 mins in after the title loads up, i had to double check to see if i hadn't loaded up nba2k13 from a year ago by mistake.

    The graphic's the same, the audio and visuals fillers between games are the same. The game movement are clunky compared to nba2k13.

    Spend your money on nba2k13, or nba 2k12 for a better nba2k experience. Cos there's really nothing new here, cept for how they suprise you in giving them money for the same game from last year.

    Big disappointment.
  41. Oct 6, 2013
    What an utter waste of money. The game is nothing you couldn't have gotten from an older variant and does nothing to really impress you. I can't help but feel I wasted both my time and money on this.
  42. Oct 3, 2013
    The 2k team really screwed the pc fans again this year with another terrible port with last gen graphics. Pay the same price as everyone else, yet we still got left behind. This company is easily becoming as bad as EA.
  43. Oct 2, 2013
    This is just NBA2k13 with a roster update. PC systems are several times more powerful than the current consoles but why do devs keep holding back?
    NBA2k11 looks exactly like 2k14.

    Graphics are too old, controls have changed again and are ackward so prepare to spend some time learning them again.
    CPU still cheats like crazy (silly boundary defense, steals, rebound between 5 players and
    boxed out).

    Commentary is still good as usual, presentation is also nice with nice intros, music, facts/stats.
    But nothing really changed compared to previous years.

    Annoying Bugs:
    A loose ball can bounce around without even touching anyone from left to right.
    Player reaction towards a loose ball: there is none, they wait till the opponent grabs the ball first and then reacts. You can't move either cause you're in a locked animation.

    Force field defense and boundaries. You can't move past a defender on higher difficulties when you make your dribble move because the game has predetermined that you won't score.
    I crossed my opponent and he was 3m away from me but I still couldn't move forward.

    Dumb teammates AI, they seem to follow you around and are always in your way.

    Holding fouls during myplayer still aren't being called. You want to go to your position for a play and you cross the paint: the defense will hold you like crazy and you can't move anywhere.

    and many other annoying bugs that happened in previous games still happen in 2k14.

    Not worth the money.
  44. Oct 2, 2013
    First of all, I would like to start off by saying that this game is poorly optimized for pc .The control scheme for pro stick is terrible .There is NO WAY to get to the rim using purely keyboard I would also like to touch on the game modes in NBA 2K14.There are no new modes other than Path To Greatness which is a useless mode and also 2K also removed Create A Legend which was a scaled down version of MyCareer
    However, I got to compliment 2ksports for making MyCareer slightly easier for players who are new to the game or the series as It gives you detailed information on your matchup's strengths and weakness by using a grading system.BUGS also have not been fixed. In conclusion, DO NOT waste
    your money and get a different game this game is not worth it and it seems like an updated version
    of NBA 2K13. However feel free to try this game if you intend to do so but don't be disappointed when you realise how terrible this game is.
  45. Oct 1, 2013

    Get ready to learn some new controls because that's precisely what your first few hours into this game is going to be, and they aren't even that good. Basically the first problem you will find in this title is the fact that the pro stick and the shooting stick are basically read at the same time, so in other words when you want to shoot you will do
    some kind of move, but when you want to spin or eurostep into the paint, the player will just stupidly shoot over the head of the defender. that's right, if you push the right stick to the right or left, it's still read as a shot, and the player will shoot regardless. You can't even remove or create the button layout from 2k13 (b,b spin, b,x hopstep, x,x eurostep, etc.) The game's not all bad, but you can tell right off the bat that the focus for 2K was for the games that will be releasing for the next gen consoles, as there really is nothing new here. MYPlayer has a glamorous new menu screen and the simming is quicker to help get you back on the court, so that's a plus for those MyPlayer gamers out there. Also when you are subbed in, you can now see a sit rep of the person you will be matched up against, his ratings in specific areas (inside scoring, outside scoring, post D, perimeter D, etc.) as well as stats he has on you currently in the game. This is a nice new sight so you aren't just walking in blind anymore. You can now block dunks and easily get rid of those pesky point guards who try to show boat in the paint, so enjoy. This goes to another problem though, the ball. The ball is the strangest thing in the game, it bounces weird, and can virtually be bounced around a defender on a pass. The ball just doesn't look right, especially on passes. AI is still pretty shotty, as they will at times lock down your guys and other times just let you disrespect them with little to no resistance. Word of warning, you plan on getting the next gen games, just wait for 2k14 on that. If you're not, I would say you have about a 60% chance of liking it. Expand
  46. Oct 1, 2013
    Purely a roster update, and no fixes from last year's bugs. Please don't give 2K your money, they don't deserve it. No texture updates, game looks like it is from the beginning of this generation instead of at the end. My Player mode yet again pits you against people who are on average 10 or more points overall better than you, the game will dock you points for your teammate mistakes. This game is closer to NBA Jam than the NBA. Expand

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  1. Mar 11, 2014
    NBA 2K14 is generally speaking excellent, but you get a feeling that major improvements are being saved over to NBA 2K15. [Nov 2013]
  2. Nov 8, 2013
    But that aside, NBA 2K14 continues to do the main things right when it comes to a basketball game.