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  1. 100
    EA has done yet another superior job in utilizing the latest technology in bringing us a game that looks so life-like, you will oftentimes forget that you are playing a game and not watching the actual sport.
  2. It has improved graphics, better controls, smarter AI and a new momentum meter that adds to the drama.
  3. 100
    Excellent controls, AI, and graphics make this hockey game a must have.
  4. While there a couple of warts, NHL 2001 is, in this reviewer's opinion, the best NHL game to come out of EA Sports, ever.
  5. An absolute must have for any serious hockey fanatic.
  6. About as realistic as it gets for hockey games.
  7. The brilliantly motion captured player movement, smarter players and broadcast style presentation are nothing short of awesome and really make for a complete hockey experience.
  8. Finally, a hockey game that should appeal to every level of fan. [Dec 2000, p.158]
  9. 91
    By leaps and bounds, 2001 beats all other previous efforts, scoring a hat trick with hockey fans in the process.
  10. Is it perfect? No. But it's pretty damn close.
  11. EA Sports delivers its most solid hockey game yet -- NHL 2001 could be the best sports game released this year.
  12. It's games like this that make the industry.
  13. Even though for the game to look it's best your going to need a pretty beefy computer the game is tons and tons of fun to play.
  14. It offers impressive (albeit repetitive) audio, superb graphics and animation to go along with exciting gameplay and fans of both arcade and simulation-style sports games should be able to find some aspect to enjoy.
  15. 89
    The “floater” goals from the red line and blue line are very, very annoying.
  16. It has a few problems that keep it from being the perfect hockey game, but they're easily overlooked in light of the game's many impressive qualities.
  17. With any high-speed sports game, the real bonus is in the game play and NHL 2001 oozes it.
  18. It's not yet great, but I think more of a stepping stone toward greatness, and the NHL series seems to be finally moving in the right direction.
  19. Unchanged from last year, opposing teams don't know how to run a powerplay. You can literally pick up the puck in your own end, rush to centre ice and turn around and head back behind your net. Rinse, repeat, and two minutes later the powerplay is over none the worse for wear.
  20. The series gets better every year, and now it seems to be just a few minor tweaks away from perfection.
  21. Though it may not contain enough hardcore realism for hockey purists, it definitely offers some options that cater to them.
  22. Shatters the shackles of mediocrity and stands atop the PC hockey hill as the undisputed king of the genre.
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  1. KentL.
    Mar 4, 2004
    Awesome graphics, but who can tell me where I can download full version?
  2. Mar 21, 2011
    I'm sorry, but this game was NOT that good, even for its time. I ran into frequent glitches, and the game got seriously boring after only a few hours of playtime. Not one of the better PS2 titles. Full Review »