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  • Summary: An RPG inspired by Greek and Roman mythology.
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  1. A good mix between an hack 'n' slash and an MMO, Numen is a nice enough game with some interesting ideas. Despite it lacks for some technical details, it doesn't' lack for the fun.
  2. A lot of good ideas are present but they're hampered by poor pacing, technical issues, and loose ends. It's fun for an action role playing game but will probably leave you wanting more.
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  1. Aug 31, 2011
    First, before you buy this game you should know that that developer has publicly stated they do not plan on patching the game any more. Some people have reported game breaking bugs. I personally have not on Win 7 64bit. Second, this game has got a lot of negative reviews that arise from false expectations due to inappropriate marketing. On some websites this game is listed as an "Action/RPG" when the game manual specifically states it's NOT an action/rpg. This game is a casual RPG directed at tweens/young teens. If you are looking for an RPG with complex stats like Drakensang or Neverwinter Nights avoid this game. If you are looking for a game with adult themes like Dragon Age or The Witcher avoid this game. If there is such a thing as a "family orientated" RPG Numen is it.

    When Numen is evaluated based upon what was designed to be instead of evaluated against a set of false expectations the fact of the matter is that this game is a worthwhile contribution to the RPG genre. At the beginning you start off as either a boy or girl and have the ability to develop into either a magic user, archer, or melee fighter. The player progresses the story by completing MMO styles quests such as killing X monsters or collecting X items. One different feature of Numen is the ability to curry favor with a god of your choice by doing various things in the game to please your god such as by killing monsters, making sacrifices, or defeating other AI heroes. Another aspect of the game is that you are in competition with eight other AI heroes. Defeating other AI heros helps curry favor with the gods but it doesn't, unfortunately, make that much difference in the long run.

    The designer does make some rather unfortunate decisions. For one, you can only save the game while you're resting and the places you can rest are not necessarily close to where the action is. Another hassle is the reality that many of the maps are quite small and it's possible to kill all the monsters on the map and still not get enough items to complete you quests, meaning that you have to rest to get the monsters to reset. Further, all the monsters on a map reset every time you either die or move between maps. This results in a great deal of unnecessary fighting that doesn't do anything to advance the story and the tactics aren't complicated enough to hold interest on their own; the net result giving the game at times a grindy feel. Numen is often said to play like an MMORPG without the MMO part and there is an element of truth to that. If you are seeking a game that is intellectually stimulating or challenges your reflexes this game isn't it.

    Still, the game manages to be a pleasant diversion so long as you don't expect too much from it. The graphics are well designed. The story is easy to follow and make senses. There is a enough detail to the game so that you actually have to think about what items you equip and where you put points in your stats as you level up. No one would ever confuse Numen with a AAA RPG release but in fairness to the developers it's not designed to be. It succeeds well at what it tries to be which is a casual, easy-going, light RPG designed for young people or gamers looking for a stress-free experience.
  2. Jul 4, 2013
    Quite decent classic casual-RPG that was very fun to play the whole 14 hours I've put into it from the game launch cinematic till the final credits. This game has a good setting, a lot of interesting and original ideas as for RPG. It keeps balance between main story line and side quests, grinding and getting 3-4 levels in a few minutes by beating monsters 6-7 levels higher. It is not boring and sometimes even force you to think when you solve the puzzles (assuming you are not keeping a walkthrough open in a browser when you play).

    But the main problem of this game is it's technical side character movement is glitchy, the game constantly crashes (well, it actually developed my skill of remember-to-save-all-the-time). Also a few gameplay aspects (which are somewhat directly related to this game's idea a "contest of heroes") were useless and didn't have any impact on the progression/ending or whatever, at all. Also the combat definitely lacks a bit of dynamics, but still it was well-balanced with no oneshots (either of our hero or of the monsters).

    I didn't expect a lot from this game and don't recommend anyone to expect anything significant from it there are no stunning graphics, ultra-interesting multisided innovative gameplay, non-linear story it's an average (below average?) RPG which will keep you busy for a few hours. If you are not demanding to gameplay quality, meaning you won't drop a game after the first failure to get quest item fast enough and have psychological resistance towards game crashes (it relaunches fast) if manage to grab this game on sale (for a price of a cola+sandwich) or in a bundle, it'll be worth it.
  3. May 23, 2012
    Numen: Contest of Heroes is not a bad game at all. It's just not mindblowing either. I'd probably describe it as lukewarm since it manages to be all right at just about everything but doesn't excel at any of those things. Right from the beginning the game makes it clear that you'll need to specialise in one of the three ways of offence: melee, archery, and magic. Additionally, once you've finished the part as a teenager and start as an adult, you get to choose 1 of 9 Greek Gods to be loyal to (3 Gods for each of the combat type). This is a really good concept for a game, even though I felt it didn't quite live up to its potential. The combat itself is not bad, although a bit slow-paced. There is a fair bit of micro-management in regard to items your character is wearing, although it's a bit of a mess at times, i.e. the kind of items you find do not progress with your level. You can find a lvl 50 item when you're still lvl 20 and it won't be any use to you for a long while. The game also has some MMO elements and makes you feel like you're playing an MMO game, even though it's not an MMO at all. Basically, as you picked one of the Gods to serve, you are competing against the heroes loyal to each of the other 8 Gods, but these heroes are all AI-controlled. You come across them in quests sometimes, where you have choices of whether to help them or not, and you also get to have tournaments where you fight against them. Despite having a fairly good gameplay and fairly good graphics, the game lacks immersion. It could be due to the world not being big and diverse enough, and it could also be due to the fact that there is no voice acting at all. Lastly I'll mention that the game has a few bugs, like for example quest items which you don't need anymore but cannot get rid off from your inventory, etc. To sum up, Numen is a good game, but it just lacks that fire that could make it great. Expand
  4. Dec 9, 2013
    It's not a good RPG, but it's not a total catastrophe either... The item and level grinding is boring, it lacks in story and especially in side quests and the level 'design' is pretty much non-existant. Most of the game looks more random than Diablo while it isn't. While the game isn't a complete waste of time and has some moments, the lack of speech for the few NPCs, the mindnumbing and pointless arena fights and a lot of other small details make the game very dull and sometimes tedious to play. There's just so many better Diablo clones around and this one is hardly worth anybody's time. The final battle is a joke compared to the other boss fights. So many design flaws in one game that it's almost a candidate for a rotten tomato award... Unless you're extremely bored and have nothing better to play, stay away from this game. Expand
  5. Jun 20, 2012
    Numen: Contest of Heroes does nothing a myriad of other RPG games don't do and it doesn't do it very well despite the excellent setting of the adventure.I lost interest when the game forced me to grind the same few enemies over and over to gather items for a quest. It wouldn't be that bad if there was actually a decent chance of the item dropping but there isn't. Numen wants to be an MMORPG without being an actual MMO. Expand