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  • Summary: The classic point & click adventure game breaks new ground in order to tell a story revolving around psychiatrist David McNamara and five young patients. These patients are found barely clothed, the apparent victim of a traumatic act of violence, in the rain-drenched streets of New York City. McNamara is called to help as an expert psychiatrist. At the Staten Island Forensic Hospital he is tasked with treating the young patients – who all suffer from severe amnesia. Dave begins to carefully probe their memory, trying to reveal their obscured past. The story-telling approach of Overclocked sees the player take on the role of the patients as they are questioned, playing and exploring their memories one by one. In reverse chronology, the player makes his way through the shards of their past and experiences frightening events that seem incoherent at first. The insights gained can then used back in the role of Dave McNamara to piece together the interconnections between the victims and open up new lines of questioning. [Anaconda] Expand
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  1. The graphics and sound work really well together to create the atmosphere.
  2. An adventure game worth perusing, but it's not a perfect example of the genre by a long shot. [July 2008, p.110]
  3. The game's strong points remain the atmosphere and the script, but if you're not willing to compromise when it comes to graphics and game length, you won't be able to enjoy the two things the producers got right.
  4. An average adventure game with mediocre graphics and a hero who looks like he could use his own professional help (he's a shrink). On the other hand, dark story with a psychological twist, eerie piano music and screams of tortured girls in the background might do the trick for you, if you're into that kind of... entertainment. [June 2008]
  5. Because of the relative simplicity of the puzzles, the game plays more like an interactive movie or novel than it does a true game, but its story is so compelling that you may not mind too much.
  6. Unless you're jonesing for an adventure game fix, your time's better spent rearranging your Netflix queue. [Aug 2008, p.72]

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  1. RomanS
    Jun 25, 2009
    This game didn't deliver what it promised. I could forgive bad graphics, but puzzles were not challenging (even for my low standards) and one not logical (last password). The story would be OK, and I played the game to find out what happened with patients, but in the end it left out few holes and rather optimistic finish of the game wasn't IMO logical nor promising (I would bet the protagonist wouldn't live too long with all his knowledge). Additionally story of the main protagonist was badly shown. The only up-point was the atmosphere witch got pretty tense with sense of emergence at the finish. Expand