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  • Summary: New adventure game with gawky handymen from the legendary series.

    "Pat & Mat" is puzzle adventure game for everyone. All settings are based on the popular TV stop-motion series about "Pat & Mat", two handymen. Although the game is fully 3D rendered in
    real-time, it still keeps the dreamy look of stop-motion movies (characters are modeled in puppet-style and animations simulate stop-motion animation process). Player is taking control of both Pat & Mat and solve various tasks by cooperation and help of both characters. Expand
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  1. Oct 7, 2012
    I cannot recommend this game enough. As an avid fan of the TV series of course I had to get this game, and it surely captures the spirit of the series perfectly. *SPOILER ALERT* I particularly enjoyed the level with the horses and the angry feminist Muslims. A must have game for anyone who likes good games! I would say that this game is easily on par with some of the best games of recent times, like perhaps Civilization 5. If I had a spare copy of Civilization 5 I'd glady swap it for Pat & Mat. Expand
  2. AWG
    Jul 27, 2013
    I am 30 and still I enjoyd this little funny game. Mini golf part is best part but episodes are very funny too. Pat & Mat are likable characters and I bet kids used to love them. Expand