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  • Summary: A sequel to the original Pirates of the Caribbean, Pirates of the Caribbean: The Legend of Jack Sparrow features a blend of fast-paced action and adventure that captures the entertaining characters, settings, and spirit of the first movie. Piracy, smuggling, buried treasure (not to mention kidnapping, sword fighting looting, pilfering, and other acts of villainy)...what's not to love about Captain Jack Sparrow? Jack Sparrow is the ultimate video game character - with his cocky swagger and his offbeat personality - and players are be able to experience his adventures first hand in this action game. Gamers slash and hack their way through a dozen locations, with fully interactive levels and varied gameplay. The action takes place in a variety of lush, immersive settings, including burning buildings, wrecked ships, and misty moonlit caves. The gameplay experience finds gamers fighting hordes of their enemies one minute, while in the next they're evading capture by the Royal Navy. Gamers learn new moves and combos as the game progresses, allowing even more spectacular, and deadly attacks during combat. [Bethesda Softworks] Expand
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  1. LOJS is such an unapologetic console port that the enclosed instructions on keyboard commands elicit more of a sense of amusement--how sweet of them to pretend this is useful!--than education. [Nov. 2006, p.116]
  2. Learning the game's controls (once you get them configured that is) doesn't take long, but Legend of Jack Sparrow's use of save points really becomes frustrating very quickly.
  3. A pretty standard hack-and-slash action game that doesn't deliver on much of the stumblingly bombastic charm of its title character.
  4. 50
    The swordplay never truly excites, while the puzzles and enemies never rise above mediocrity. The game doesn't look very good for a PC title, but fans of the action genre will need to look elsewhere for carnage on the high seas.
  5. Don't even bother with the PC version. The control scheme is miserable, the key mappings are confusing, and nobody told the team who ported it from the PlayStation that PCs don't have a "left analog stick."
  6. Stay away from this game! It might have the voice of Johnny Depp, but it’s got the looks of something that crawled out of Godzilla’s throat, and the personality to match.
  7. It shouldn't be imaginable for a game to be released in this state. It's an insult to you that they think they can get away with it. [Oct 2006, p.99]

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