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  1. Oct 25, 2014
    I enjoyed this game honestly. They do have saves and offline play. I am a major backer and id do it again. I enjoy hunting down the enemy on planets and if i cant find them i just blow them up whats not to love.
  2. Oct 24, 2014
    Really like many things about this game. It IS the true successor of many RTS games. However, it has one fundamental problems and this manifests in pretty much a one strategy solution in most starter situations which detracts from the whole experience. Xerg Xerg Xerg. If your on a planet with one or two others at the start. Build bot factores and xerg. If the opposition do not, the fastest xerg wins. This is disappointing for me as I hoped for a broader tool kit. The problem is that defence is pretty mute at the moment until later in the tech development so early on. You can simply xerg to win which often makes you think your literally playing the same game you already played before, but with some new sprites.

    The multi planet element is great, the range of weapons is nice yet, all of this is not balanced well. Offensive and defensive has not been balanced at all for the early game and the whole Xerg thing should have been avoided to make it a lot more fun to play, particularly in multiplayer as I don't like following the same formula for a win. I would prefer a bit more variety. There are exceptions depending on the setup but the basic issues with defence being nominal is a problem even now (October 2014)
  3. Oct 22, 2014
    Does not hold a candle to Total Annihilation or Supreme Commander series. Waste of my money. Broken mechanics and U/I. Just try to build a wall that makes any sense. Somehow manages to have over simplified tech, and way too much unit variety with very little visual difference. Almost the same size little mech as any other mech will walk up later in the game and just lob rockets that single shot kill every defensive battery you have from outside it's range. The enemy AI can micro manage a thousand units spread across multiple planets all at once while you struggle in each little area. If the enemy AI moves to a new planet before you, you are done. It becomes unwinnable especially if you dont have satellite weapons tech. The game is unplayable and entirely unenjoyable. I wanted so badly for it to be good, but it just wasn't. Good concept though. Expand
  4. Oct 19, 2014
    A great following to Total Annihilation and Supreme Commander.
    Not perfect but very entertaining, fun, and challenging.
    It has many possibilties for victory.
    It has great AI and is full of fresh ideas for a RTS.
    I like this game!
  5. Oct 16, 2014
    I paid way too much for this game, but I did have some fun. The overall experience is flawed with crappy UI and AI, but the multiplayer is expansive and worth trying. I loved the original Total Annihilation game and this wasn't like that, it was something different entirely. I just wanted to smash stuff together, and in this game I get to do that albeit very slowly.
  6. Oct 14, 2014
    In its current state : This game is very bare-bones with tons of potential. If that potential is being realized it may well be one of the biggest RTS games for years to come. If not - it will just sink into oblivion. in a more detailed review visuals: the style is clean, the units are recognizable. the design is somewhat boring though. detail and animation seems to be FAR below Supreme Commander standards - and much closer to the old Total Annihilation - which is kind of a shame considering TA is pretty old.

    I do disagree with the UI style because it reminds me too much on a cheap mobile phone UI. There is no finesse about it. It is in one word "boring". it is however functional enough and does not hinder gameplay.

    Kind of dreadful. The sound effects have no "weight". If the game is meant to be similar ( in size ) to Supreme Commander - those units, even the smallest ones, are meant to be HUGE ( from a humans point of view ). Yet the sound of firing and impacts does not really convince.

    currently it is simplistic - It might change tremendously with different factions and more terrain variety though.

    So i can conclude that this game "can" be great - if more efford is put into it - but in its current state it is well below average and quite a disappointment.
  7. Oct 14, 2014
    Essentially, it is a Total Annihilation / Supreme Commander clone, but more expensive, higher system requirements, and a few gimmicky things involving interplanetary movement. Worth trying for a hardcore RTS fan, just for the novelty of strapping engines to an asteroid and ramming your foe's planet with it. Don't expect it to hold your attention for long, though. You're probably better off buying TA or SupCom I / Forged Alliance instead. Just don't get SupCom II - that game isn't even deserving of the middling score this gets. Expand
  8. Oct 13, 2014
    This game is a mess. Basic storyline (only sparse text at some corner of the screen, no picture, audio or video), only 4 perks at the same time (that could be maxed out without even fight a single battle), basic tech tree (again, could be maxed out easily), most units and building are useless (specially walls), warning messages are hit-or-miss (no logs), this game is fast (a round could lasts minutes) so we should forget about strategy and more to build fast and powerful units. Also, the game is highly unbalanced. Expand
  9. Oct 11, 2014
    Distinctly average, unfortunately.

    I feel disappointed that I ended up buying this game on the pretence it would be somewhere near as good as Total Annihilation or Supreme Commander. When there is an existing formula that works for an incredible RTS. Add to it, don't re-design it!

    The main points that bother me are the lack of interesting units, it really is a rock paper scissor
    scenario which in theory seems good for competitive play but ends up falling short in terms of keeping combat unique and varied. Tech 3 wars on TA were incredible fun to watch, let alone be part of.

    To be fair the game looks lovely and even though it seems to be more intense on the GPU than it should be it's by no means ugly. The planet crashing is a fun idea but it really doesn't lend a huge amount to gameplay. It's a very playable game but it wasn't the game I was hoping for. No chance I'll be helping to crowd fund their next venture. They were already charging silly amounts for an early access to this game...

    I think I'll go back to Spring RTS
  10. Oct 11, 2014
    With offline mode now this game is very good! Nice job! Coudnt you do this at launch Uber? Planetary Annihilation is simply an awesome, "epic scale" Real Time Strategy Game. Notice I said "epic scale," not "large scale." After all, multi planet gameplay, planet smashing, thousands of units, and 40 player matches can be described as nothing less than "epic scale."
  11. Oct 11, 2014
    Read all the negative reviews to get a good idea of what this game is about. Full of promise but none of that promise was delivered upon. There's much talk about the 'revolutionary' features of the game, but noone really wants to actually talk about what they are and whether they work. It seems to me that, for a game to have moons crashing into planets and a 'true' 3D playing field Uber felt they had to jettison everything else that could have made this game good or have any strategy whatsoever. The units are boring and you'll find yourself only using one unit in each tech level because the others are a waste. Huge disappointment and waste of money. Expand
  12. Oct 10, 2014
    Planetary Annihilation is by far the best RTS experience I have had since Dune II. It has its roots in the Total Annihilation franchise, plus a good mash of Supreme Commander, but don't that lead you to think it is the same game.

    PA is a complexly different animal. The game play mechanics are unique, and enjoyable. This is a complex game to get your head around, but if you enjoy a good
    challenge look no further!

    - OFFLINE play is now available with LAN support and soon to get official personal server support.
    - Single player.
    - Online Multi-player: 1v1, 2v2, 1v1v1v1v1v1v1v1v1v1, 5v5, etc...
    Any combination you can think of using. Max of 10 players.
    - Separate or shared armies in multi-player.
    - Hardcore career mode.
    - Lots of MOD's available and being developed by the PA community.
    - Continued and ongoing development, bug fixes, and new features being added. (Think Minecraft).
    - Lots of videos by the PA community.
    - AI can be tweaked to match your ability in single and multi-player.
    - Land, Air, Naval, Orbital units.
    - Simultaneous Interplanetary combat.
    - Picture in picture (PIP) for viewing and commanding 2 different locations at the same time.

    - Lack of a proper Tutorial. (Don't let that stop you, it should be added in the future.)
    - You will get Crushed by the AI at full strength until you learn.
    - Naval game not fully realized but not a deal breaker.

    8.5 out of 10
    Play this game without any pretenses and you will love it.
  13. Oct 8, 2014
    I am on a late 2011 Macbook Pro, I am playing a lot of strategy games, without a single problem. This one doesn't work! Graphics in low or high change nothing, a friend of mine tell me that the reason of the very huge lag of the play is because the studio (Uber), has chosen to "stream" this game from their servers, which are weak and dumb.

    Too bad.
  14. Oct 7, 2014
    Absolute disaster. This "release" is an utter disaster and the Linux issues are disgusting and unacceptable. And we can't play single player offline? What a joke. SMNC gone to the **** and now this, I'll never buy anything from Uber again and I suggest everyone to do the same.
  15. Oct 7, 2014
    ok so as you can tell by reviews it is a multi-planet supreme commander style game, and this review is more going to be pointing out some flaws with other reviews, but first the actual review, since I cannot be bothered explaining it imagine supreme commander, except with multiple planets. Now there is only one faction which results in a lack of variation, and unlike the original supreme commander it only has two tiers which can be limiting... until you consider that they have made up for it with orbital, which is something that I have actually never seen in an rts with the exception of maybe a satellite in one. However the games most notable feature is planetary destruction, consider them the experimentals of this game, you have two choices a: strap rockets onto a small celestial object and throw it into a planet, or b: attach catalysts onto a metal planet and use it as a death star to wipe out other planets.You can even use the planets crevices, trees and lakes to your advantage.

    Anyway onto rebuttal for some of the reviews that confuse me.
    2-5 fps on a high end machine: really? I mean the only time I have crashed or even been put below 15 was when about 5000 planes flew over my base full of flak and it could no longer handle the particles

    no offline mode: really, its an online game, I rarely play the singleplayer

    no save: meh, finish it within 1 1/2 hours

    can't see entire map.... stupidest one by far..... its supposed to be a planet its supposed to be a globe, we don't live in the 2nd century, the planet is not flat... also there is a picture in picture mode which you could use to see the other half

    walls don't block flamers.... Umm yes they do, they just don't block the animation

    walls don't block artillery.... seriously that is the dumbest thing I have read so far

    finally for these: slow development and in six months they do next to nothing..... yes that is why we now have teleporters, new units, combat builders, a giant planet laser, the ability to intercept interstellar travelling units and a new unit factory

    oh wait no one more just read another one giving it a zero because of two things, one a crash with no save (OMG THE WORLDS ENDING FOR ME) and the purchasable vanity commanders..... ummm if you think these are bad then do not look at planetside 2

    anyway to sum up, it has great game-play, great strategy, a unique idea, great effects and really the majority of reviews against just have stupid reasonings such as no offline game-play when it was always supposed to be an online game, also they did kind of just add offline anyway
  16. Oct 6, 2014
    Had my eye on this game for a while now and decided to buy it in a sale. Don't regret it one bit. Never seen a game so easy to get the hang of and the battle are massive. The only cons are some bugs i am coming across but i am sure that these will be ironed out as time goes on. Really quirky game and it is pretty darn cool.
  17. Oct 5, 2014
    RTS fans know that the genre has two main flavors. There is the flavor popularized by games such as Warcraft and Starcraft and then there is the flavor popularized by games such as Total Annihilation and Supreme Commander. Planetary Annihilation is the latest game in the flavor of Total Annihilation and Supreme Commander. This flavor is the more hardcore RTS flavor. The learning curve is higher for these types of RTS games and when it comes to Planetary Annihilation, the learning curve is even higher. The scale of battles is epic! There are several types of units: ground, water, air, and now space units. The fact that battles can span a solar system makes the game truly 3D. You have to worry about fights on the ground, in the sky, as well as fights in orbit!

    People that give this game low reviews need to realize that it was developed by an indie game studio on a shoestring budget. You won't get cinematic cut scenes and that kind of crap in this game. You will, however, get an innovative variation on a hardcore flavor of RTS games. If you love RTS games, and especially if you love the TA and SupCom flavor, you should support this game since it does a great job of innovating in PC gaming's last great genre: the RTS.
  18. Oct 5, 2014
    The most definite example of the downfall of crowd-funding. It is full of great ideas but executed -very- poorly. It lags like hell and crashes to the desktop like every minute. It has serious connection problems but has no off-line mode. And that without save functionality.

    Gamewise, strategic depth is too shallow. The variety of fations
    or units are extremely limited. AI is stupid. Pathfinding is way too primitive.

    All in all. It is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too far from finished.

    And they are already preparing another game on the kickstarter. What?
    It is quite unethical of them.
    Don't buy this s*t. It's not worth your money.
  19. Oct 4, 2014
    PA is full of unique ideas and features not to be seen in many RTS games (Share Army!!), which lets you build and manage big scale armies across multiple planets...and smash moons into planets or annihilate them with a death star if you like so.
    The graphics style isn't very realistic, but serves its purpose and is quite nice looking. And as you'll be playing zoomed out more often than
    not, it's not a big deal anyway. The game isn't bugfree atm, no way around this, but there's a passionate developer behind the game making PA a little bit better with every single update they publish.
    Fast and exciting gameplay on a very big scale, many ways to defeat your enemies, solar system and planet editor included, runs on Win+Mac+Linux...Planetary Annihilation is a fantastic experience and i highly recommended it to all RTS gamers.
  20. Oct 3, 2014
    The presentation simply did not meet the expectation nor the goal set out by the developer in Kickstarter.

    Game content:
    Single player is non-existent, without storyline, PA only has the galactic conquer mode is just skirmish games with minimal alterations(with certain units/buildings locked until you equip it in the meta-game map.)
    Units and technology is very basic. I've counted
    more units in the old classic , Total Annihilation, which is a 1997 game for god's sake.
    The space part of the game is also underwhelming, with only 3 buildings, and 7 units. (These are, builder, scout, adv scout, fighter, transport,bomber, turrets, 2 types of resource generators, and finally the factory)
    It's basically a water-down version of a new dimension like air, or naval, with less units!
    Ground based orbital defenses , unit-firing cannon (showcased in the pledge of Kickstarter), or more orbital combat units than 2 of the fighter/bomber is nowhere to be found.

    Game crashes.
    Server crashes.
    Other player crashes.

    Combine all three of the above, with the fact that the game has to log-in to play, you'll get a very frustrating experience where you can't play single players when the server is down, and when you want to play multi-player (and the server is actually up and running!) chances are someone will crash mid-game.

    Other thoughts:
    I understand this is a small-production studio trying to re-create a classic RTS game with new ideas, but overall even when that is taken into consideration it's still disappointing.
    The fact that the game was unstable, and simply has not met the goals set out by kickstarter when they officially released it a month ago was disappointing(not to mention how they rip people for $100 with the even more unstable version during Alpha)
    But today when I received an email from the developer about their new kickstarter project it's simply heartbreaking - It meant they'll be shifting their focus onto the new project. Updates to PA will be limited to say the least.
  21. Oct 3, 2014
    Don't let neckbeard reviewers keep you from the best RTS game this year.

    If you like RTS games, buy this one immediately. If you like total annihilation or supreme commander, then buy this game. PA is fun, polished, and engaging.
  22. Oct 2, 2014
    I think this game deserves better ratings than what it's currently got. I would think it's at 6 right now because of all the early adopters writing reviews before the game was even finished. It's come a long way and unlike many other eary access games the developers have been consistent and updated the game regularily - they have not left us in the dark. I am a TA and FA player and I really, really enjoy this game. It's more polished than people have been giving it credit for. It's fun, fast and exciting gameplay. The AI is intelligent and provide a challenging game. Multiplayer is addicting and being able to launch into space and smash planets ect. is the icing on the cake. There are many innovations in this game also, it's not just a copy of the originals with a few extras as people have suggested. There's a 4th dimension to this game that's absent from the originals (which only contain land, water, and air units)... now we have SPACE. Graphics are really nice with realistic day/night planet rotation effects. I'm really glad I bought in early on this game and I now can't wat until I play my next game of PA... I'm at work at the moment damnit! Expand
  23. Oct 2, 2014
    If they nerf the **** out of all defensive structures it will be a good game.... Almost there guys. Im giving it a 10 because it has a lot of potential. If they don't update it ill change it to a zero but I see great things. Right now its kinda fun. Not competitive or anything, but interesting. Like a dog. It has problems and keeps THROWING UP ON THE GODDAMN COUCH but hey its cute too.
  24. Sep 28, 2014
    This game was supposed to be the spiritual successor to Supreme Commander but I have no idea how they ruined this game so badly. Firstly, the interface is lacking for a modern RTS, this is especially blatant when you have multiple planets and areas of operations. I feel that, given the scope, it is just too difficult to control everything as a solitary human.
  25. Sep 28, 2014
    If you are a fan of RTS's and strategy games in general stay away from this it will leave a bad taste in your mouth. I Backed this on kick-starter and was extremely exited for it. The betas had promise to them and im unsure how the release got worse than the betas however it did and im very sad i invested 90$ into this game let alone a few hours of my life. I highly encourage and RTS fan that is looking for a new game to get Supreme Commander Forged Alliance still the best IMO.

    Like other reviews have said single player is a joke as long as you spawn more units and are lucky with the tech you find its a guarantee win no strategy involved. I am not a huge multi-player on these games so I cant really comment on that aspect of the game however from reading other reviews not good. We were promised an RTS just as good as SC and TA and were given something that should be on the APP STORE for 5$.
  26. Sep 27, 2014
    This game promised much, but the end result is far from the promises. It is far from the quality levels of Total Annihilation or Supreme Commander series. This game lacks manual, has no tutorial, no ability to save games, very limited in many aspects of gameplay, and in others points is unfriendly, several flaws in the AI, naval units are useless, the whole control system the planet is chaotic, the transport system between planets is very bad, the two factions in the game are the same (structures and units are the same). PA is not a good strategy game, or even add something really new to the world of gaming, as something similar, but without planets, it did years ago a game called Metal Fatigue. In PA, the planets are just maps, and very small, it is an arcade game, compared to the Supreme Commander is an insult to the strategy, and the game of Chris Taylor. All this, without going into depth on how bad it is optimized and tested with crashes or errors of any kind, especially for a game in 2014.
    Today, it is impossible to recommend to anyone to buy this game. Let no one be fooled, because they say that the game follows the steps of Total Annihilation or Supreme Commander, because that is a lie by 90%.
  27. Sep 25, 2014
    PA is a great game, It did deliver a lot of things promised in the Kickstarter campaign and more. It did not deliver everything it promised in the Kickstarter campaign, yet. Give it some time and a few more updates and it will deliver.
    + It's fun to play
    + great selection of units with a good balance
    + lots of spectacular ways to destroy your opponents/planets
    + great and lovely
    stylized graphics and visual effects
    + epic battles on epic scales

    - it can become laggy in longer games, happens in about 3 out of 10 games.
    - still some server disconnects, but they get fewer

    I had so many great experiences with PA, where the match was decided by a hair's breadth, e.g. in 2v2v2 match: One team owned the metal planet in the match on which a player can build 5 Catalysts (fire control modules) to turn it into a giant death-star like weapon to one-shot kill other planets. This team had built a giant economy so they where able to built those Catalysts really fast. By the time we noticed the first one got build, we sent 2 Nukes their way to destroy them and the 10 dozens or so of Fabricators that where building them. The third team decided to send a Nuke as well. Only 2 seconds before our Nukes reached their targets, they managed to fire the Annihilaser and kill our planet and my team, but 2 of the 3 Nukes hit and destroyed 3 of 5 Catalysts. I watched the Game unfold in spectator mode. With the Catalysts destroyed, they lost their almost certain Advantage, and team 3 used the Nuke aftermath to quickly gain a beachhead on the metal planet, launched an invasion with tier 2 tanks and bots and turned the tides to their victory before the 3 destroyed Catalysts could be rebuild.
    This is just one of many epic battles I witnessed in this game, and no other RTS experience ever came close to those I had in PA.
    FYI I play RTS since Dune2 on my old Amiga500 and have been playing PA for about 400 hours since I got into beta.

    To all the negative reviews:
    Apparently most of those reviewers haven't played the game at all or just a few times, because they know absolutely nothing about it and most of what they are saying is just plain rubbish. Otherwise they would go into details about what is troubling them the most and describe their experiences. Their reviews just sound like they got their asses kicked one times too many.
    They know nothing about the units, they know nothing about the game play. They merely rant, almost none of them are referring to any facts whatsoever.
    One of the biggest Issues seems to be the in game store for which they blame Uber to rip off their customers. What they fail to realize is, that the store only sells commander models which were co-developed by high tier Kickstarter backers and much of those profits go directly to those backers. Those commander models are also cosmetic only and don't give an unfair advantage to the players, as has been hinted by some negative reviewers.

    I have never before seen so many negative and misinformation heavy critics of a really descent game.
  28. Sep 25, 2014
    Good solid game. Bugs here and there, but nothing serious.
    What's not so good is how it's still not a patch on Total Annihilation. The planetary bases are great fun, the mechanics are good and the gameplay exciting. But it's not addictive.
  29. Sep 24, 2014
    I have been a Planetary Annihilation backer since Alpha. In this state the game does not come close to rivalling Supreme Commander and Total Annihilation, two games which it draws inspiration from. The game is plagued by bugs and connectivity issues and there is little in interesting unit diversity.

    The one hope for Planetary Annihilation is that these various issues are rectified in
    upcoming versions of the game. Unfortunately significant updates are taking painfully long to be released and the game's developers do not seem to have their priorities in the right place in terms of what features to work on, leaving me to wonder if the game will ever come close to achieving it's original vision and satisfying us hopeful backers.

    -Interesting concept
    -Not a bad game when it works.

    -Lack of strategic depth.
    -Huge problems with connectivity.
    -No single player.
    -No saved games.
    -Difficult to have a good time with so many bugs and unpolished features.
  30. Sep 23, 2014
    Playing PA since December and today I realized that it has been launched 3 weeks ago. The sad thing is that there are so many things to be improved and so on that it is a shame that this should be the final version. I just could not believe that they are serious. I always liked the game and saw great potential in it.

    But what is actually good:
    + It is very complex. You fight on land,
    water, air and in the orbit
    + Solar systems with many different planets of all sizes and structures to be conquered
    + Powerful weapons like smashing planets and the "Death Star"
    + If your opponents are skilled you can have a very intense fighting that can get very complex and challenging

    What is not so nice:
    - Only one faction
    - Gameplay still a bit laggy when you have to move really a lot of units
    - Game lobby and "social components" very bad
    - Some bugs known for weeks not fixed. E.g. a bug in the lobby or path finding
    - I think the game is not so good balanced. E.g. the Death Star shoots very fast (I would call it rapid fire). Then I think that T1 units outgun T2 unites because they are cheap and fast.
    - The menu UI is ok but a bit boring and quite functional
    - The UI in the game is more or less ok. There are some bugs that should be fixed.

    If this is really what you can expect from your money. Don't buy it.
  31. Sep 22, 2014
    I was hoping for a true successor to Supreme Commander. Not even close.

    This game makes SupCom 2 look good.

    Almost enough to make me swear off the 'crowd funding' model of development.
  32. Sep 19, 2014
    The trailers promised us an intense cosmic-scale strategy, that would carry the legacy on Total Annihilation and Supreme Commander , with technologies so advanced, that you can send moons flying into each other.
    What did we get as a result?
    All of the promised plus a wonderful OST, cool design and tons of fun and experimentation. You do need to use your brains if you want to win, because
    no matter what it is an RTS of an epic scale. Some units are better than others and lvl2 units are waaaay better than lvl1, but all of them have their roles on the battlefield. Expand
  33. Sep 18, 2014
    I purchased PA in Early Access for 60€ because it looked like a great game with massive potential. The trailers promised me everything I as a RTS-fan could ever dream of. But once I started the game things appeared differently. You don't have different races, you don`t have a matchmaking-system, which could match you to equally skilled players. By that you enter a lobby and are shred by more experienced players. Also this game does not really provide an option to play defensively or passively and insists on going at each other like crazy. I don't want to play a game with only one tactical options. Expand
  34. Sep 18, 2014
    Its not the supreme commander killer it used to be. The Units are boring, everything looks like 8bit tanks and planes. There arent any units feeling epic like the giant units from supreme commander. I knew from the beginning how the normal units will look, and that they will look "unspectacular" because i bought it during the alpha, but i thought there will be superunits or something making it unique. There are no differences between the armies. Everybody got the same units, it doesnt have any effect what commander you take etc... Just build up as many units as possible and overrun the others. We had that before in C&C 1 and 2. 15 years ago. The campaign is boring. No story or something. I think this game is ok if you play with or against friends, alone its just meh... Expand
  35. Sep 18, 2014
    plz play game and write review...

    it's real awesome scale RTS
    stop the nagatice reviews.
    im not agree IGN review. is this real Generation RTS
    Great game, Developers are committed is very nice
  36. Sep 17, 2014
    This is one of the greatest RTS I have played in quite some time. It's massive scale isn't made for a quick 10 minute game like some other franchises, this is made for strategists who want to have fun. This game may have launched just recently, but there are constant updates being added nearly every week improving every feature. This is a game to play for quite a few years until their next iteration. Expand
  37. Sep 17, 2014
    I really wanted to like this game, but they forced the release way to soon and led us on with some false promises unfortunately. Another EA title that let me down, and the last I will purchase most likely. The gameplay is fun, however the lack of an offline mode(DRM free) and the fact you cannot save your game is ridiculous. Some games can last more than a few hours easily, and I cannot remember the last game I was able to finish all the way. The DRM in this game is worse than some Ubisoft games for crying out loud. Do not purchase and stay far away unless this gets removed(which they have stated multiple times it will be removed, but never did remove it and the game is now released).

    Other than that there is also the server instability, as the few times I tried playing with my friend one of us was disconnected randomly and we would have to restart. Again if we could save this would not be as big of an issue.

    And finally a lot of the features promised for single-player were never implemented, and as a result the campaign is repetitive and boring. You are honestly just trying to spam more units than the AI can(and the AI uses no strategy really).
  38. Sep 17, 2014
    Released in a half-baked state, Planetary Annihilation has ambition in spades, and very little follow through. Ostensibly the action takes place on planets, but they're actually just small sphere where curvature is distracting even when fully zoomed in, and remains a hindrance even zoomed all the way out. Gameplay favours speed and logistics over any sort of tactics or strategy, resulting in massed waves of units sent to die, unwatched against the enemy, as you spam the next wave ready to go - it turns into a smush of coloured icons making each other blink out of existence.

    Most egregiously of all, the "single player" options require you to actually play online, with the hosting on an Uber server. If there is any interruption to your connection the game is lost permanently, and there is no ability to save in any fashion.

    All of this would be forgivable if they had not rushed a game to official launch status that was still replete with missing features and beta-esque bugs, all while begging indulgence, declaring that missing features will be added at some later, unspecified date. That is not acceptable behaviour for developers supposedly in possession of a game ready for full release.

    Anyone that was going to wait for the end of the beta should keep waiting.
  39. Sep 17, 2014
    I'm concerned that the bulk of these reviews are not genuine. My review was posted yesterday, scroll down for it. But seriously, big disappointment, the game isn't finished yet.
  40. Sep 16, 2014
    This game makes me never want to contribute to another Kickstarter game ever again. I contributed to this game since day one on Kickstarter. I was extremely excited of what would come out of this game. When alpha came out, it was bad but I kept saying to myself "it is still being built." Beta was bad still "It was being built." Even now, they fixed a lot of issues but the game is bland as it could be. Just does not have that excitement and fulfillment of a game I was expecting. I REALLY tried to like it, but it was a HUGE disappointment. Expand
  41. Sep 16, 2014
    Planetary Annihilation is a well below average game. I've picked it up for a few hours at a time for the past year of its development, only to close the game out of sheer boredom. There's simply no point playing the game in a world where Supreme Commander, Total Annihilation, and Spring exist.

    Performance is poor enough that the epic battles of yore are chug fests. The planets are too
    small for any interesting strategy. A very poor (and boring) array of units. It just feels like the development team focused on the wrong things and ran out of interest or money when it came to, well, units.

    I will give the caveat that if you are the kind of player that really enjoyed playing the smallest maps on TA or SupCom to slug it out in a quick 20 minute match, PA is a game you'll probably enjoy. If, however, you liked to dig into 1-2+ hour matches on the big maps, just go play your epic strategy game of choice & skip PA.
  42. Sep 16, 2014
    The cons: Always online DRM It lags forever Many, many bugs A core group of rabid fanboys who attack anyone and everyone who dares disagree with them It's an unfinished game that has been 'released' The AI doesn't work The pros When it works it can be fun to use the superweapons. It's just annoying that you use them on an 'Absurd' level AI who has built one factory and a small dog to accompany the commander and nothing else after 30 mins of play Expand
  43. Sep 16, 2014
    Unethical conduct, please avoid. Game accounts and forum accounts are tied together. Uber banned people (in both game and forum) for speaking out too negatively in all their games.
  44. Sep 16, 2014
    Have been an early backer, backed it within 24 hours of hitting Kickstarter. And I regret it.

    Despite these devs apparently having quite the repertoire, their failure to listen to the community, them breaking their promises and making weird design and marketing decisions have let this great concept fall into mediocrity.

    Although the price is very reasonable (much lower than it was
    for backers; An outright backstab to your most loyal fans), the game has been released too early. It's still filled with bugs/glitches/compatability and connection problems, the content is far from what was promised to be in the full package and the game simply doesn't feel right.

    I see no reason to recommend it. I suggest you wait a year or don't buy it at all.
  45. Sep 16, 2014
    Its very rare that I get to play any strategy games considering the market is flooded with shooters and there hasn't been anything remotely interesting since Starcraft 2 ( for me ). That was a good game but got repetitive game after game, rushing at the start was the only thing to do. Building up your defences would just delay the inevitable. With Planetary Annihilation its a different story, you can either rush your opponent like in Starcraft 2 or you can build your base to the high heavens with defensive structures so that no unit ground, air or orbital unit can dare come near your portion of a planet or system. The only way to confer this strategy is to either send a volley of countless nukes, launch a planet at the specific area or simply annihilate using the so called death star. Absolute epic-ness. Te thing I love about the game is the fact you can make and game last more that 30 mins to an hour depending on your play style, not like the repetitious Starcraft where you have rush if you want to win, because turtling just doesn't work. This game for me is everything I loved about Supreme commander and more. My only gripe with this game is that there is only one design of units for all players ( except the commander ). It would be nice if they could implement a differently designed army to represent each commander. That way playing different AI or players would help differentiate who you are attacking. Some people may not understand why there is only one type of Army, and its simply to eradicate unbalancing issues. That's perfectly fine, but different skins, animations and explosions would be nice. The Single player campaign is unusual but very enjoyable as you battle out different parts of the galaxy and unlocking random tech on the go, but if you fail once you start again. I like that a lot, it keeps you on your feet. Also, I really love the ability to make your own systems.

    Bottom line, 9/10. Minus 1 point because there is only 1 skin or design of the army that is available, unless there will be mods or skins in the future, until then this game is a 9.
  46. Sep 15, 2014
    Very disappointing, no offline mode, no save game, single player experience is nothing like what was promised. Overall this game should never have left beta, it's buggy, has frequent crashes and is far from the advertised original game, needs a lot more work before it's worth even thinking about paying for.
  47. Sep 15, 2014
    No tiers 3 units, servers crash quite often even on single player . All units looks like the same: looks like a mess. Only "one race", no differences like total annihilation (ARM/CORE) No Solo campaign: only solo skirmish. As first kickstarters, i'm quite disappointed. It's fun, but not as a Supreme Commander which it should inherit. Even Total Annihilation is more strategic. The "unit catapult" shown on the kickstarter video doesn't exist. Expand
  48. Sep 15, 2014
    Game's (barely) playable, but I'd like to poke the devs a bit.

    The forums feel like a totalitarian reign. You post something too negative about Uber and you get your posts locked or removed from the forums. You post negative things too much, and the mods will shut down your account. It's ridiculous, the regular forumgoers are in their own little utopia where Uber is always painted in a
    positive light. Other gaming forums I go to are much more open about PA. I'll give you a hint, everyone thought it was "meh." Y'know, this actually reminds me a lot about the fun community at WarZ. Expand
  49. Sep 15, 2014
    Really not ready for launch yet. A lot of bugs and missing or incomplete features. Total Annihilation 1 was fantastic, Total Annihilation 2 was good, Supreme Commander 1 was amazing, Supreme Commander 2 was pretty good, but Planetary Annihilation is very weak by comparison.

    Serious lag issues in single player games, planets which are tiny, the size of small asteroids, a huge reliance on
    the random number generator to decide whether you'll be allowed to build good forces, completely unmatched opponents, due to the random number generator, worse graphics than the first Total Annihilation, and the AI only knows how to zerg rush. Luckily for it, zerg rushing is really the only viable tactic anyway.

    Edit: I'm downgrading this to a zero. I'm consistently having games fail either due to lag, with units becoming completely unresponsive, or the game freezing up for minutes at a time, to come back to find my armies destroyed or my base levelled, or just having the game crash or drop out completely. This appalling lack of quality is so far beneath what we're entitled to expect from a 'finished' game that the 0 rating is completely justified.
  50. Sep 14, 2014
    Planetary Annihilation is not a game that deserve the time or money it asks from you, especially when its predecessors will considerably over-deliver in every regard. The concept of the game is certainly unique but unfortunately it is to its own detriment as the game-play feels forcibly wrapped around the idea of fighting across different bodies in space. The game's existence is so focused around this one idea yet it isn't particularly well executed nor is it actually rewarding to the player in any meaningful way. You will play PA wanting to love the ability of playing a real time strategy across a solar system but the experience is unfortunately severely hindered by many shortcomings in features and design. Here are my thoughts as to where Uber's game goes wrong:

    At its core PA is a basic RTS. Battle for resources, use those resources for development of stronger armies and then destroy your opponent's commander. You're most engaged when you can keep track of those tasks at the most basic technology level. The game shines when things are kept simple but that's not saying much because it doesn't feel like there's much of a strategy beyond building a mob of units of the same type and hurling them at your enemy's weakest point of entry. In order to win you'll have to travel to other planets and build more advanced units, this is where the game quickly breaks down. The game becomes frustratingly unforgiving when you're expected to always be making the best decision as to what to do over multiple planets, across the orbital layer, the air layer and the ground layer. Focus is a resource in its own right and it just becomes unreasonable to pay attention to so many things going on. It can be better to play on a system with one or two planets, which defeats the premise of the game entirely.

    Nothing makes planets particularly interesting beyond there being multiple planets. Each body in space is created through procedural generation by an algorithm which in turn means there's no level design to speak of. Literally most of the planets you come across are simply more-or-less smooth spheres which makes them devoid of interesting game-play situations created by map design. Earth-like and lava planets do have some features such as ravines and mountains but these aren't placed with any purpose. You can create your own planets but there's no way to place features or paint tools to increase height or draw water. Map balance goes out the window which might of helped to relieve some of the pressure of having to defend your every outpost and every base from all angles.

    The sense of scale is surprisingly poor. Whilst you fight in a solar system there's no way to immediately get a good idea of what's happening all at once. At any given point you can only see, at best, half the face of a single planet or less. You'll have to awkwardly navigate around the entire solar system to understand what's going on or deal with problems as they arise, further draining your attention.

    The single player component is pathetic. You're essentially briefed that robots of other colors are bad and that you need to kill them. That's it. You then navigate a procedural generated map of the galaxy made up of 30-50 star systems. You start with almost no tech and gain it from exploring systems. You're given 5-13 freebie pieces of tech, most of which will be useless, then expected to fight on every other star system with an AI to the point of completing the map. The game's AI is brutal, it can micro every unit everywhere which makes it almost impossible to beat after a certain point. Your best bet is to bum rush it soon after the match begins in hopes that you cripple it long enough for you to gain an economic lead. If you win, you gain a new technology (which will likely be useless) and move onto the next fight. I've always hoped there was a chance you find a pocket of empty star systems where you can find upgrades but you're denied this reward and expected to jump straight back into another fight. The galactic war is essentially a skirmish match but you're gimped in a randomly given way. There's no balance to this. You'll often be missing advanced tech in the early stages which disadvantages you considerably. This entire mode is a waste of time.

    The game is nowhere close to what could be considered a finished release, it's as if the game is still in alpha but has been pushed out to retail. There's no offline mode, so you can't even play the single player component without internet access. There's no laddering system, so you're frequently go up against better players who will considerably outperform you which is very disheartening. There's no documentation to speak of, you're expected to figure everything out yourself. Lots of promised features are missing. Naval is useless. The game performs extremely poorly, bringing even the most powerful computers to their knees. The list goes on.

    I can't recommend PA to anyone.
  51. Sep 14, 2014
    Absolute failure, unpolished features, promises not kept, missing content, online mod only, broken save system... I pity everyone who invested in early access or after official launch.
  52. Sep 14, 2014
    Regarding what was promised and shown in the trailers, and looking on the product they finally delivered, this is one of the biggest disappointments of the year...
  53. Sep 14, 2014
    This game managed to get me excited again about playing an RTS. I haven't felt this since the time I bought SC2 back in 2010. I admit I haven't played any Total Annihilation or Supreme Commander games. I took the Warcraft, Starcraft & Age of Empires route, which is why I am so excited about this game (it's very different due to the different rules).

    So here is my review:

    This games
    features what they call a "streamlined economy". Basically you don't have any workers gathering resources in this game. Your income comes from 2 different types of buildings, by the means of which you are constantly accumulating resources; you will thus have an income per second given by the # of buildings of each type you have. And this income can be either positive (if you don't spend as much as you earn) or negative (if you "spend" more than you earn). Well, technically you cannot spend more than you earn, this is where it gets tricky. Your economy is calculated in terms of income per second and spending per second. You can build anything no matter how expensive this way, even if you don't have the money beforehand. Your workers have a rate at which they use resources when buildings and if you use multiple workers at once to build, the buildings get built at their cumulative rates. This means that it is possible to use too many workers, with a total resource consumption larger than your income. When you do this, your storage starts to diminish fast. When the storage gets depleted, your workers can only spend at the rate of your current income, no matter how many of them you use. So you will work inefficiently, you have too many production means & not enough income. This is show in the "Efficiency" percentage at the top.

    All this makes for very exciting dynamics & freedom of strategy. You can increase your storage capacity by building more storage buildings & start saving resources if you want; then use all your workers to rush a strategy by building some key buildings very fast (like some sort of chronoboost from Starcraft2). Also, thee factories make both combat units & workers, so you have the freedom to choose which, depending on how you want to risk it (which is resemblant of the zerg larva mechanics in SC). There is a lot of freedom & strategy due to this kind of economy.

    The game is a lot more macro oriented than Starcraft. Units move slower and the macro scale is bigger. You can teleport to other planets and make unlimited units, so a lot of multitasking and strategy is required, as opposed to micro. To help with this, when you zoom out, you get symbols for every unit type (which you will have to learn). This enables you to recognize them from far away and allows you to manage everything at a higher scale.

    The game features some interesting dynamics when it comes to tactics as well. You have orbital units, you can use planets as weapons of mass destruction etc. So the game is tons of fun. Don't let yourself disappointed by the lack of detail in units. As I've previously said, the game is more macro oriented, so units have a more abstract, "chessy" look. You tend to play the game from further away than Starcraft, so this is deliberately done and not a lack of consideration or lazyness.

    The game is extremely strategic & complex. The planet mechanics, the economy mechanics and the grand scale makes it extremely complex. So I don't want to hear you say it only has one race. Chess only has one race too and it's not that simple.

    But even though it is a lot more complex & strategic than your average RTS, when you have lots of people playing, spread out on different planets (you can get to be on the same planet with your enemy, ally or even alone, which changes your strategy drastically depending on the situation) the game gets extremely fun & exciting.

    I hope you enjoyed my review from the point of view of a Starcraft player & a noob to this style of game. I took a gamble & bought this game and it was worth it. You will not get "dicey 1 second deciding battles", you have a deeper strategic & more abstract game peppered with "awesome" features to satisfy all tastes, and no balance bullsh*t thanks to equal possibilities & weapons. If you like strategy, you will absolutely love this game. I can't even think about the amount of builds & strategies you can come up with. Oh and have I mentioned that your commander makes a nuclear explosion when he dies? So do micro that commander in battle (if you care about having an army...).

    Even if they aren't a multimillion corporation and don't have money to spend on marketing the game, make no mistake, it's a brilliant strategy game and it already has a small pro scene starting to develop, which is further enhanced by the built in Twitch functionality. Go for it, you won't regret it!

    My rating: 9.5/10 (best RTS in years)
  54. Sep 13, 2014
    I had Planetary Annihilation on my radar, but only just got it because I never buy early access games. Now that it's "released", I decided to give it a shot. I really can't remember the last time I was that disappointed in a game. Most of the stuff that made the older games great are gone. No factions, underwhelming unit variety, no map design. Battle takes place on mini planets that are impossible to defend, so everyone zergs everyone else down as fast as possible. The game crashes all the time and performance is pathetic. Everything is always online and you can't save your game. They said they will remove the always online requirement in the future, but that will impact the performance even more. Really? How much worse can it get? I'm on a 4790k, 16g ram and a 780 Ti and the game slows down to a crawl, and we're talking about a game that looks more like Godus rather than having the detailed beautiful graphics of Forged Alliance. To summarize, the game is in such a pathetic state right now that I don't think even 1 more year of active development would make it worth buying. There is no reason to play this over Forged Alliance. None. It does everything worse in every possible way. Absolutely pathetic. Expand
  55. Sep 13, 2014
    Planetary Annihilation is an awesome game! If you like competetive multiplayer RTS games. Has the potential for huge battlefields on multiple planets. Get defeated on 1 planet? No worry u can still own another planet to fight back. By launches nukes, moons, planets at eachtothers base. Or ultimately with a death star.

    Command huge army's that get bigger and bigger. If you are good at
    multitasking and like competetive rts, this will be your game.

    If you looking for a good singeplayer, this game has galactic war, but its just a prep for multiplayer and doesnt offer you much.
  56. Sep 12, 2014
    The game itself is pretty awesome. It has all the best bits of Supreme Commander with an interesting concept thrown in. Unfortunately this is seriously under minded by its horrendous performance issues. The game eats up RAM like its going out of style which leads to crashes. The devs response to such issues is pretty much "Its probably your fault, not ours." You basically need to jump through hoops to get this game to perform moderately well. Quite frankly, its not worth the time or the money. So do yourself a favor and just play Supreme Commander if you are craving a massive RTS. Expand
  57. Sep 12, 2014
    This game was a beautiful concept, and it still has the chance to be great, but it is currently just not ready to move beyond beta. I've logged over 50 hours playing the beta. I'm a single player kind of gamer. It's what I like. The campaign map is great, though you can easily end up with an extremely underwhelming load out if you get a bad luck of the draw, to the point even the easiest game play setting would be impossible to beat. Water units are next to pointless. Most of the planets with water are covered by more than 90% land anyhow. Also the game requires that single player missions occur on a remote server. It is not unusual for the server to freeze up and lag out on you. I had a great example of this today. I beat a campaign and it froze out. I still could move around the map and select units, they just didn't do anything because the remote server was locked up. I decided to test to see how long it would take the explosion for the enemy commander. I was done with the computer for a while anyhow. In the end it took over 4 hours for the final enemy commander to complete his nuclear blast and me to get credit for beating the map. I wasn't at the computer for most of it, I just walked off and would check on it occasionally. Expand
  58. Sep 12, 2014
    I created an account here *just* to write this review because people need to understand what they're getting into.

    1- Server-side only: If you purchase this title on steam (and you've done no other research), you need to know every match is server-side. You have to have a solid internet connection just to play the single player campaign. There are talks about implementing an offline
    mode but that has NOT happened yet (so talking about it is irrelevant). If your connection is lost mid-skirmish, the battle ends and you have to start it again. Kind of a pain when you're 20 minutes and 1000 units deep.

    2- Graphical Optimisation: I'm not sure why there's such a huge difference between UBER shadows and HIGH shadows, but when set to UBER (and you have multiple planets) everything chops to terribly. Now before you fault my machine, all other graphic settings are at their highest, I'm running a 6-core AMD processor w/ 16 gigs of ram and a 560Ti OC. Yes it's an older card but I can run *every* game at highest graphics with > 40 fps.

    3- Tutorial: I feel the need to call this out specifically. PA is not a simple game, in fact the fast pace can make the initial learning curve steep if you've never played a *Annihilation Style* game before. Never have I seen a dev firm use a Youtube video in lieu of an in-game tutorial that walks you through features and functions. I had to watch a let's play to find out about other aspects of the game I consider basic.

    4- Lack of Strategy: This game is all about how quickly you can spam units in a rock-paper-scissors style. Placement, levering specific unit type abilities, managing resources, none of that exists here. If my opponent is getting the upper hand, build more factories and spam more tanks = GG.

    5- Overall: I really want to like this game. I'm a big fan of Supreme commander and SUPCOM 2 so I was definitely anticipating something worthy to that legacy in PA. This game falls short. Yes it's a platform for modding, but mods should *enhance* the game, not fix its problems or polish it. With that said, I cannot recommend this title at the 29.99 asking price especially when it feels so light on content. If they offered it for 19.99 that'd be a different story.

    6- What do I like: Multi-planet warfare is a very cool concept, just poorly implemented in this title. Though the UI is a tad cumbersome to use I got used to it after the first skirmish. Graphically the game is very attractive with effects that get you immersed in the action.

    7- Final conclusion: This bun left the oven too early... much too early. Considering how much they killed their kickstart goal I would have expected a much more polished and verbose title. All in all I give it a 5/10.
  59. Sep 11, 2014
    Just picked up this game a few days ago with the hopes of a Supreme Commander like experience. No such luck ;(.

    The system requirements state that the game requires 4GB of memory and that 8GB is recommended. I have 8GB of memory, and even in small solar systems, the game quickly consumes the entire 8GB then crashes to the desktop - talk about a buzz kill...

    But between the crashes I
    have a chance to play, what appears to be, a completely unfinished game. There is a very limited number of units, weapons, and strategies. Many of the game play mechanics are underdeveloped. Also I appreciate the idea of a plant down sphere view instead of the typical flat map. I can see how it could be really cool - but it isn't. It's hard to use and just awkward.

    I think if they actually finished this game it could have been and '8', but as they get a '4'.
  60. Sep 11, 2014
    This is the ultimate RTS game. You can smash planets! You can annihilate you enemies, you can blow up an ENTIRE PLANET! How aren't you throwing money at them?
  61. Sep 11, 2014
    Summary: An incredible vision marred by poor execution. The battles are epic but the interface and campaign bugs are overtly frustrating.

    Planetary Annihilation is a real time strategy game aimed to achieve epic battles over entire solar systems. It can almost be termed a 4E's game (that's explore, expand, exploit and exterminate) presented in the fashion of RTS. Unlike traditional
    RTS games, battles are forged across a the spherical landscape of planets and between one planet and the next.

    The goal is simple - eliminate your competition. The game provides many means to achieve your goal, from standard land battles, to transporting units to other planets and even by exploiting moons to crash into your opponent's planet.

    It all sounds well and good. Epic struggles with a host of weapons at your disposal. The problems start to occur with the rather clunky interface which (somewhat understandably) has failed to evolve effectively with the scale of the battles. Navigating your solar system is unnecessarily time consuming and transporting units is painful at the best of times.

    There is a chronic lack of information on how to control your units effectively which may leave you hunting through Google for information repeatedly. The tutorial also did not work for this user. Key binding options are there, but there are no options to re-bind mouse controls.

    The Galactic War (campaign) is fraught with strife. Often battles will end in a stalemate because you don't have the technology to find the enemy commander (eg. they're in an transport unit over lava and the game hasn't yet provided the necessary technology for you to produce aircraft to shoot them down).

    The AI is both cunning and annoying. It is well aware of how to play guerrilla warfare tactics and will launch full scale attacks where you least expect it. The AI will make full use of resources it can find and use them to see to your demise.

    Planetary Annihilation is a game with huge potential, but the clunky interface and inherent problems in the campaign will soon lead to frustration. If you are the kind of player who can overlook these issues, you may find a true gem under the somewhat grimy surface.

    About myself: I am an avid RTS player originating from the Dune 2 era. I have played heavily Command & Conquer, Total Annihilation and Supreme Commander but never fell fond of the Starcraft/Warcraft series.
  62. Sep 11, 2014
    Just played the latest update as of 9/11/2014. Awesome! So smooth and fun. Played 2vs2 against AI opponents.

    Getting better all the time. I got so tired of Forged Alliance because of the networking issues. This solves that problem and helps a lot with lag in general. Although I recommend keeping the games smaller for now because the server will lag if you do too much.

    Very fun game.

    My specs:
    Operating System
    Windows 7 Professional 64-bit SP1
    Intel Core i5 4590 @ 3.30GHz
    Haswell 22nm Technology
    16.0GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 798MHz (11-11-11-28)
    S221HQL (1920x1080@60Hz)
    1024MB ATI AMD Radeon HD 7750 (Gigabyte)
  63. Sep 11, 2014
    The game is playable. Mostly. That's the highest praise I can give it. I absolutely adored total annihilation and supcom1 (2 was fun but overly simple) and was looking forward to PA with serious intent. even bought in at $60 when it was "gamma" phase. I was blown away by the terribleness of it. The connectivity issues, the performance, the plastic feel of the units, the visual clusterf**k that the rounded planet and constantly shifting angle of the camera was, the fact that certain units are blatantly overpowered (annihilation games have never grasped the concept of making ground and naval units actually good) and the mechanics that make the whole planet concept even remotely interesting are impossibly hard to implement smoothly into gameplay.

    overall, the game is just poorly done. I applaud the devs for the idea, but the execution is appalling, and the amount of money they were demanding for alpha access (when the game was absolutely unplayable in that state) was just insulting.

    The game is basically in a very early beta state right now. that's the nicest way I can put it. bring up the balance, make it less of a visual headache, and fix the performance and implement smoother progression of tech and we'll talk. Until then back to starcraft and supcom FA
  64. Sep 10, 2014
    This is one of the worst Kick starter overhyped games of the year, as a long time fan of TA and other RTS games this is a Unplayable mess of bugs and is a staple of Devs who are destroying the Game industry.
    Stay Away from this game please
  65. Sep 10, 2014
    Planetary Annihilation is a really innovating game on many levels but it also falls short in a lot of areas in it's released state. Uber has always had intentions to continue development but this is what we've been left with at the moment.

    Spherical Planets are certainly a very unique gameplay element, and playing on a map with no "edges" is a nice refreshing prospect in the RTS genre,
    unfortunately this is marred by the various different Biomes and planet types feeling like mostly like a cosmetic thing and there isn't much biome/planet-type related variety in regards to the gameplay. This is in part aided by the somewhat shallow unit roster filled with very plain unit roles while at the same time missing a few that seem obvious like Anti-Air for Bots and proper Amphibious units.

    Performance, while it has only gotten better since the Alpha, still isn't up to what I'd consider appropriate for release and there are still lots of crashing, slowdown and connection issues for many players.

    Some of these issues could have been addressed with the ability to locally host a server instead of relying on Uber's servers but that wasn't ready for release with no clear communication on what or when we can expect anything along these lines. If you don't have a solid internet connection definitely wait to purchase until Offline is included and fully functional.

    Another missing features is the ability to Save, or more accurate, ability to start a game from a selected point from a Chrono-cam replay. From a Technical standpoint the game already "saves" the games, as you can view the replays after the fact, but it doesn't let you "load" from the "saves" yet. This would have been not only a great tool for players on a limited time frame to still enjoy games at larger scales but also as a training/learning tool. You could go back and experiment with making different decisions under the exact same circumstances.

    Last of the key features that are missing is the lack of matchmaking of any kind, which can make the online experience rather hit and miss. This is all the more of an issue with the lack of any kind of in-game "Global Chat" like we had with SupCom which means you're limited to trying to join lobbies almost at random and hoping for a good even match.

    These things, while not Absolutely fundamental to the CORE GAMEPLAY of PA, are still very important to ensure more types of players can enjoy that core gameplay. Instead of working on stuff like this, Uber focused on delivering the first pass on Gas Giants and the Metal Planet Superweapon. These were only delivered to the Gamma players literally a week before release and they are thus far very shallow in regards to what they actually bring to the gameplay. Gas Giants are limited to only Orbital units, of which there are only 3 that are of use, the Jig, which produces Metal and Energy on top of having build in storage(resulting in the possibility to a crazy exponential Economy build up) and The Avenger(Basically a Fighter Jet in SPAAAAAACE) and the Anchor(An Immobile Turret in SPAAAAAACE) which natueally, doesn't leave much room for variety or depth. The Metal Planet SuperWeapon is almost more of an issue because they've balanced it in such a way that most of the time, as soon as a player gains control of it they win the game because they can proceed to blow up every other planet in the system, it doesn't have any cool down between shots nor any cost aside from the investment required to activate it. This Basically makes any system that has a Metal Planet with a Super Weapon into a completely different game mode, it's not really an Assassination game mode any more, now it's a King of the Hill Game mode.

    I think PA would have been a much more solid game if They had spent more time on the core game, instead of rushing to get it "released" and spreading themselves onto things that are really nothing more than extras like Gas Giants or the Metal Planet Superweapon.

    PA has lots of potential, never has that been any doubt of mine, but fulfilling that potential is completely different from simply having it be a possibility. Hopefully everything works out where Uber can pay themselves to work towards fulfilling that potential.
  66. Sep 10, 2014
    The fact that you have planets orbiting each other, and the fact that you can fight on those planets simply blow my mind. No RTS in the history of gaming has done this before. This game is groundbreaking and will only get better as time goes on.

    True, some polish is still required, but developers are still working hard at the game. Offline mode will come soon. The technical skill
    and acumen going into this game makes a great score a given. Expand
  67. Sep 10, 2014
    TL;DR This game is an 8, but I will submit a 10 sheerly because I had to downvote 9 0's that just didn't make sense. What follows is a comphrehensive overview, pros, and cons. If it's biased, it is at least factually supported points.

    About P.A.: It is an RTS, build a base and an army and attack an enemy that does the same. It has been in development little over 2 years now, in total,
    and to compare, Starcraft and Supcom were 5 year games with completely behind the curtains development for 90% of it so you didn't have any details until it was just about done. In 2 years time, I don't claim that PA is at the same progress point as Supcom. I do claim it is a solid foundation. Such is par for an indie kickstarter title.

    It is mostly webscript built, run on OpenGL, UI is a Coherent overlay, supported on Win/Mac/Linux. It does not have a playerside offline or server available, it is in development still although the game is released, and there are server mods via the server pulling the mod for the duration of a game. For that matter, the game also has a great clientside mod support. The game also is still actively developed and updated. Games generally need special troubleshooting to ensure best operation when they run on OpenGL and Coherent especially, keep that in mind that it may require a tweak to run for you as it usually ends up the case.

    The game is fun to play, different than other RTS, can be somewhat complex, it relies on it's macro high-volume scale. You don't build a powerplant and a factory and a laboratory. You build a factory, and then engineers, who you have spread across a map building powerplants and metal extractors and more factories. To play right, your structures must cover the face of a map, and you should have 20 factories because without metal/energy storage you simply "store" your metal and energy in a standing army or an expensive missile launcher. This leads to hundreds of units clashing into bases constantly burned to the ground and rebuilt time after time until somebody kills a leader unit, a vulnerable "Commander". These maps where the game takes place, are also planets. Spheres orbiting a star, and one can achieve orbital technology to travel between the spheres. In extreme games, one can invade with thousand unit armies through a teleporter, one can launch interplanetary nuclear missiles and the plural is important because it can take many nukes to land an effective blow, one can build jet engines on a small planetoid and launch it crashing into an enemy planet, one can use orbital laser satellites to launch precision strikes, or even transport heavily armored point blank vanguard tanks via air or orbit directly onto an enemy.

    -1 faction
    -2 tiers
    -4 units per basic, 4 units per advanced
    -Systems of a star with playing fields being the planets orbiting it and each other
    -Earthen (tropical, desert, ice, water), tropical, desert, ice, lava, lunar, and metal planets and biomes
    -Orbitals such as transports, builders, radars, anti-orbitals, defense platforms, laser strike satellite, as well as interplanetary teleporters once a builder establishes one on each location via standard travel
    -Superweapons, such as nuclear missiles, laser platforms, planet launching jet engines, and metal planet anti-planet-lasers
    -macro scale, requires construction of hundreds of structures across the face of a planet and hundreds or thousands of attack units
    -AI, can be very difficult, 4 difficulties and an economic handicap, best when eco handicap used as that controls it's "speed of expansion", and when playing multiple AI with less eco.
    -Skirmish is a match set up from a lobby, can add up to 10 seperate players, can be AI or human.
    -Galactic War Campaign is mildly storybased if at all, just a general back story, instead it is procedurally generated starmap with 4 factions, you start off with a select tech and battle star after star to unlock more tech and locate enemy faction leaders to defeat them wholesale. A loss is a game over, saves between matches but not in-match, can avoid a loss by alt-f4 closing game and restart at beginning of match as "retry".
    -"System Editor" is a map generator, it generates planets based on sliders and seeds, no hand-made editors yet
    -Active community, with mods both clientside and serverside
    -Active development post-release
    -7 different appearances of commander, multiple more purchased seperately, some available on retail purchase or from early access.
    -Online only upon release, servers in development for offline player use and player hosted multplayer at a later date
    -In-game recording that can be accessed in-game as well as stored after the game for watching.
    -No in-match save game, development in progress for loading a game from "replay", any point in time from a game's recorded match.
    -May require troubleshooting to run, unless you have used other OpenGL games or games using Coherent prior.
    -Bugs do exist but from a personal experience are not too frequent.
  68. Sep 10, 2014
    The worst DRM since SimCity (always online to play single player vs AI), game ending lag within that online experience, constant crashing,inability to field large armies (lag again), failure to meet kickstarte promises (missing units, DRM) and absolutely no dev communication on why the game was released in such a poor state, or when it will be fixed?

    This is simply a failed game at the
    moment, not worth buying, it's full of bugs and doesn't work. There is a rabid core of fanboys on Uber's forums bigging it up and claiming all this stuff is coming, but as an average consumer, this was a big mistake. Do yourself a favour and avoid, at least until there have been a number of patches and things are fixed (not sure this will ever happen). Expand
  69. Sep 9, 2014
    While the game is not perfect (late-game balances issues, some technical problems), the game itself is incredibly deep and smashing moons into each other never gets old.

    The only reason I'm giving it a 10 is to balance some of the vitriol from the steam crowd, my actual score would be an 8.
  70. Sep 9, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. The game is Unfinished

    +Planetary Smashing and 'Annihilaser' are fun
    +fresh take on RTS maps by using planets
    +Multiple planets/dynamic planets
    +Strong community
    +no unit cap.

    +-procedurally generated planets (has 4 styles of planets, but actual terrain and play feel similar, not unique)
    +-graphics (Lighting and and viewing distant planets and actually seeing units and buildings on them in background is impressive yet up close, tearing, uninteresting land features and rather *plastic* feel)
    +-(very my opinion) Development team (seems quite devoted yet makes unsound decisions such as releasing game in unfinished state, seems to disregard community, does not seem to understand faults in game besides performance)
    +-Balance (navy is completely useless as much cheaper and stronger 'bots' known as dox and slammers can enter water, with little risk of return fire, Some units feel completely useless like T2 bots, solar arrays, transports. However strong and good transition from basic to advanced technologies and vehicles are (in opinion) complete
    +-Music Score (while very rich and varied on its own, most tracks do not support game-play and does not add to theme of planetary annihilation, with notable selections, (tracks do not support each-other))

    -Gas giants (uninteresting, no features, no strategic points yet "space jiggs" are very strong economically and easily defendable)
    -Unit Design (Basic, generic, not memorable)
    -not optimized
    -no in-game save features
    -Easily exploitable strategies (pausing and un-pausing continually to crash games intentionally, adjusting economy rates unfairly when game is in starting process, Taking a commander in an orbital transport and continually transporting in-between planets continually to unnecessarily extend game, because its nearly impossible to shoot down the orbital transport)

    --No offline mode. (Promised continually and consistently for release, yet seemingly ignored in favor of other design decisions by Dev-Team, no news whatsoever of when offline-mode will be released other then "SOON" which is very unhelpful)
  71. Sep 9, 2014
    I have been following this game for a very long time, since the original Kickstarter campaign. I was very close to donating because the concept was a cool idea. However, the game has fallen short of my expectations and I am glad I did not spend the 90$ that it was originally.

    The game is basically a Supreme Commander clone. You simply build factories to churn out uninspiring units, to
    then mob your enemy. The AI is pretty pitiful at defending their base. I sent 30 Tanks over to the enemy base, and all he had built was Power plants. The AI was standing in the middle of the base doing nothing.

    To say I am disappointed is an understatement. However, the game is pretty smooth. My computer would be considered a medium to high end gaming machine and this does not falter at maximum graphics.

    All in all, for the 30$ I got a few hours of entertainment out of it. I would recommend waiting until its 20$ or less unless you are a Supreme Commander junky.
  72. Sep 9, 2014
    I find it funny that people are rating this so low. I have been a long time supporter of Uber Entertainement and this is by far the only game and company that got me interested in competitive RTS and game developing in general. Before i talk about the actual game (which is going to be the majority of this review), i want to explain why people are rating it low.

    Uber created a
    kickstarter page back in the days around 2 years ago, and they surpassed their goal by A LOT. They promised features that would be implemented in version 1. Those features WERE implemented! Naval battles, gas giants, full orchestral score... ALL OF IT! Take one good look on the forums and you'll see no one asking where those features are. About offline mode; technically that was not a promised feature since it was never shown on the goals page, and Uber knows this. They will implement offline within weeks or even less. It's really some BS what people are saying... :(

    About bugs; There are many bugs. So many that I am making this rating a 9 instead of 10. I told Uber it was a bad idea to release the game so early, but they did anyway. But, this does not mean the bugs are bad or gamebreaking at all. In fact, there are just minor bugs floating around inside the code that is being worked on almost 24/7 by Uber and the community combined. No crashes, no freezes, etc.

    About performance, including client and server side; You need RAM. A LOT of ram. I have 8 gigs and at the end of a game with many planets i am up to 98% usage. It does not stutter though, it is perfectly smooth unless you have 4GB. I recommend 16GB. This game, with client side is perfect. You can trust me on that one. (unless you have a terrible PC ofc.)------ Server side; for being able to build thousands of units, almost 50,000 in a single game, these servers are running amazing. Nuff said... jk. When lag does strike it hits in the form of slow-motion carnage, instead of rubberbanding or stuttering, that makes lag sometimes even fun.

    About the lore/game concepts; you should not be reading a review for this, check out the steam info.

    Conclusion: This is one of the most ambitious games ever made during this generation. PA is under constant development, even an active Modding community that makes things like "team color commander explosions" or "Boom Bot wars". There's even balance mods for a change. I bet no other smaller studio could develop a game of this scale in even in 2 years. BUT WAIT... it's not done being made. The release tag is something i don't like, it should still be beta stage (gamma as they called it, almost finished but not quite).

    if you actually want to play one of the most epic RTS games created, then you need to be the one to prove the whiners and haters that this game is worth your money and time.
  73. Sep 9, 2014
    This is a revolutionary, awesome, epics scale RTS. There are not enough superlatives to describe this game. Get it. The game is awesome, and then you have the mods which make it even better. The game is released but that doesn't mean that development is finished. Many features are going to continue being added. BUY THIS GAME
  74. Sep 9, 2014
    Real Time Strategy game on its best. In my opinion the game is epic. I loved Sup Com and FA. And I love this game. Easy for beginners. Start with skirmish games or one player game against easy AI. You can nerf the AI as much you want. But also challenging for skilled players (absurd AI and vs other skilled players).
    Conclusion: Many possible strategies and fun gameplay.
  75. Sep 9, 2014
    Uber made us invest on their promisses and now at the "Release" they lied to everyone. The game is full of bugs, have an Always Online DRM, no Offilne Mode, no Save Game Option. They said in their FAQS, and i quote: "Is there Offline Mode? During Beta, an internet connection is required to play PA. When the game releases, offline play will be allowed, as well as LAN" Uber solution to the problem ? They take down the FAQ lol.

    They lied to everyone and made us support something we all hate, this Always Online DRM Crap.

    And guess what, there will be no refunds from valve.

    Stay Way from this. This guys don't deserve been called Developers.
  76. Sep 8, 2014
    I loved SupCom. And hearing about PA was just amazing. I dint buy it in the Early Acess program. I wanted a full game.
    Well I bought it 2-3 days before release. Played just a small bit. But than problems came. I wanted to convert my key to a steam key as their FAQ states, but they disabled it and left for PAX Prime. So no support for me. After a week I got my key. Finally nice.
    I started
    playing on Steam. Wait a second. WHERE THE **** IS THE SAVE BUTTON ? Yes. You heard me. There is no save button. No where.
    Ok. Well that is really terrible design, but the game runs good I intend to finish it. But the game started crashing. For no reason. After trying to do many stuff I updated my drivers,(which under any circumstances should not be necessary). It worked. NICE.
    In my recent game I got to the point where I can shoot the death star weapon. I had my recording software ready to record it and put on YouTube. I click and CRASH. What the **** ?
    Well I can of course load the game back right ? NOPE. No there is no save button anywhere. So 45 minutes of playing lost. And now after I click play the game crashes.
    Well this surely is not 0/10.
    Than I hover over something called a STORE. Yes a STORE. And that was even in the early access version. You can buy addtional commanders for about 10 DOLLARS ! Not to mention they are already selling DLC on their website.
    Well thats disgusting. But you don't need them.
    You think ? You are right. Yeah **** the commanders. But, the game is ALWAYS ON. No offline mode of any description. As they promised there will be one at the release.
  77. Sep 8, 2014
    Purchased this game this summer when it was still in development. It was really fun despite the problems it had and even more fun when I discovered how to create multiple planet systems. The downside is that this game is full of serious bugs and bizarre glitches. Try and snap to a tactical message and get a blank screen. Suddenly lose control of all camera functions for no apparent reason. Play hour after hour only to have the game crash whenever a planetary annihilation is attempted. The last straw was when they released this game last week despite the obvious flaws and broken promises. Should change the name of this game to Improbable Planetary Annihilation! Expand
  78. Sep 8, 2014
    Not a terrible game by any stretch of the imagination, but one full of missed opportunities.

    While it is stable it can be a lot of fun, especially with friends.

    PA is probably best surmised (in my opinion) as a dumbed down version of TA/Supreme Commander played across planets instead of flat maps. It does have a few interesting features to draw in the crowds; epic scale, planet
    smashing and the metal planet 'anniahlaser' being the three.

    The reason I have only given PA a 4/10 is because of the missed opportunity this game represents. I was an early Alpha backer - paying upwards of £70 for the privilege. I backed after reading the promises made on the kickstarter page and the hope that we were going to get a 'supreme commander killer'. Unfortunately upon release I am disappointed. I feel like the game lacks polish (from wonky unit animations and odd planet smashing textures to poor strategic options when invading planets and the navy STILL feeling like a second class army choice) and has a pretty poor choice of units - none of which feel interesting or innovative!

    To compound matters elements from kickstarter and early development don't feature in the release version: where is the unit cannon?! where are the 40 player games?! where is the DRM free server?!

    I wish Uber had delayed longer, fleshed out the unit roster more thoroughly, really thought about planet invasion (instead of the JUST SPAM ASTREUS tactic) and ensured the promises they made in development were fulfilled.
  79. Sep 8, 2014
    This is an awesome game, but only if you are open to appreciate it and like complex RTS games. The developers have done a wonderful job of taking the technology behind RTS games to a new level, but it will be years before the actual potential of their achievements will be unlocked through updates, mods en much more. Until this time, I enjoy being part of a new technological generation :)
  80. Sep 7, 2014
    This will be a great game once the single player save feature is implemented or, if it exists, if it's made clear to the user just how to use it. The games last for hours. No game can be saved to your hard drive, but it might be possible to continue playing after quitting by accessing the 'replay' feature, scrolling to the end of the replay, and continuing to play. I'm not sure and the developers seem unaware that this is a critical feature if single player is to be playable for anyone without 12 straight hours of free time on a regular basis. Do not buy unless/until you find unequivocal clear statements from the developers that single-player saving is possible (not that it will be one day, but that it IS now). Until they can say that, stay away if single-player is your thing. Expand
  81. Sep 7, 2014
    Uber Entertainment really cashed in with this cash cow. There's nothing revolutionary about PA's gameplay, you win by superior micro and spam. The game has no save feature for the anemic singleplayer and every part of it is DRM'd. No private server hosting, no LAN (how can you have this kind of game without LAN?). Performance is just as bad as the pre-release. I'm shaking my head that I spent $60 on this turd. This company's practices aren't far off from publishers like EA. They edited things out of their KS campaign and Steam page about the release being DRM-free and coming with ACTUTAL LAN. Game doesn't support multiple GPUs properly, not like it matters because it's unoptimized. A bloody paid store for cosmetics in a retail game. Developers are drag queens that only answer questions about their development process when it benefits them. Would not recommend any Uber products. Expand
  82. Sep 7, 2014
    Uber Entertainment should be absolutely appalled by the way they handled the sale of this game from day one. They took complete advantage of the concept of crowd funding, and they have now "released" a largely unfinished, DRM-riddled version of their game to the public in return. If you buy this game, you are essentially telling developers "Please let us give you money so that you can half-ass your job for as long as you'd like and crap out whatever garbage you'd like in exchange for the public's showing of good faith." Shame, shame, shame on this company. Expand
  83. Sep 7, 2014
    The development is slow as hell and in more than 6 months the game almost remains the same. Menus are very incomplete and all the content is barely playable. To avoid quoting the impossibility to save a game, it is literally to impossible to play 15 seconds without encountering a troublesome bug or a difficulty to hand the gameplay, and the IA is retarded.
    This game is all the time on
    sale at reduced price, something like all 2 weeks you can see it on the first page of the humble store, which tends to tell us this is pure scam. In addition there will be an in game cash shop.

    It seems fantastic when you see the videos but this is all but what you think, I never enjoyed playing this game in it's current state and you WON'T, not because the concept is bad but because NOTHING is actually enjoyable. People reviewving 10/10 haven't played the game yet, or are paid by the company to write fake comments.

    In conclusion, this is NOT sellable. It is good on the paper, but actually: unfinished (if not just started), unpleasant to play. All leads us to think that the game will never see the daylight and will be sold cheaper and cheaper until the very moment. So now you can vote my review as negative and stay into your disillusion, go waste your money.
  84. Sep 7, 2014
    Next-gen RTS without a save support? Are you kidding me? It's almost impossible to find any RTS in history which doesn't have the saving possibility, beginning from the very first Command & Conquer in 1995. Now it's 2014 and the caption on Kickstarter tells us that "Planetary Annihilation - A Next Generation RTS". Are you kidding us, seriously? Here is the quote from Kickstarter:

    "Folks at Uber Entertainment have worked on games like Total Annihilation, Command & Conquer, Supreme Commander and Demigod. We are hugely passionate about Real-Time Strategy and can’t wait to show you our vision for the future of the genre."

    Is it a real future of RTS genre, where even save is not possible in single player campaign? Is it so hard to implement? We have tired from **** console ports on PC recently, but now we have got even worse release of the "PC exclusive". Even the backers who have financed the game production on Kickstarter cannot change anything, because nobody listens to them.

    Should we blame the online-only DRM which prevents game from saving because it's being played on the remote servers instead of local PCs? Previously developers were promising to make the LAN play possible, but what we have got at the release? Nothing except of online DRM.

    During the Kickstarter campaign developers should have warned all the potential backers about what will be the game's state on release. That it will have online-only DRM and no save possibility, etc. I believe that not a single cent would be given to them in this case.

    Honestly, developers should return all the money to the backers. Only in this case they will have the moral right to keep that online DRM without a save possibility and sell the game in its current invalid condition. It's not a next-gen RTS, it's even worse than every current-gen and past-gen strategy games.
  85. Sep 7, 2014
    Best 30$ ever spent: it's the first RTS game on sphere maps mith 4 layers of combat and multiplanet combats! There is still some bugs but they'll be ironed out by the devs. Single player mode is procedural meaning that no boring campaign but ever changing conditions. Offline playing is coming soon as save games. /! Dont forget to update your drivers and dont do torrent while gaming or else you'll suffer from netloss Expand
  86. Sep 6, 2014
    Amazing concept, cool platform. The goal here (much like half life and the source engine) was to develop a revolutionary engine and a game to demonstrate it. As a Kickstarter project, it's pretty amazing to consider the innovations they've made around asychronous multiplayer is great, and if it could replace the 'slowed down by the slowest peer' synchronous crap in pretty much all other games, it would be a win. Second, dealing with spherical planets instead of flat maps would have been a headache.

    As for the game, it is indeed epic in scale and there is great satisfaction in knocking others off with this and that sneaky attack. I recommend it highly. It will still take some time though to a) Iron out bugs, which they're aware of and launched anyway, and b) Get the balance sorted.
  87. Sep 6, 2014
    The best rts i saw play since 2007 great design ,and great idea make a rts on a Sphere for a rts on 2014. Total Annihilation was a great game and this is one too.
  88. Sep 5, 2014
    Game 'released' today. What a joke. This is an utter insult to the fans to supported the game through development. The game's AI, UI, tooltips, and just about everything else is still in an Alpha state. The company has sold out and decided its time to move on. Do not buy, move on. Nothing to see here.
  89. Sep 5, 2014
    Is this game good? Yes

    Does it need more work? Yes

    Is it worth the current price of admission? Depends if you're willing to cope with the current issues of the game.

    This game has mostly delivered on Uber's promise of a interplanetary RTS. It is massive, fun and really is a great successor to Total Annihilation.

    Is it perfect? No, but its still great.

  90. Sep 5, 2014
    Is Planetary Annihilation a good game? Yes. Did it meet my expectations? No. The game improved a lot from Alpha to EA to Beta to final product. It has its outstanding features - like the planets or amount of active units - but then it also lacks such basics features like re-bindable camera controls or units firing the earth because they can't handle the planits curvature. The transition between planets is very meh and you never get the feel like you're doing a 'invasion' It's a very tideous process. In the end, it's very very hard to competete against Supreme Commander FA Forever which is balaned and maintained by the community for more then six years and it would be unfair to measure PA against it. But i.. just expected something more then average. And it hink, in its current state, PA isnt more then average if you sum up all the pros and cons. Expand
  91. Jul 29, 2014
    This RTS is one of a kind and just epic. Currently it is still in early access phase, but they since the last two updates it is becoming obvious that they are working very hard on polishing up the game and getting it ready for release.

    The way in which Planetary Annihilation (PA) is unique is that the battles don't take place on a 'flat' map with a single or multiple players on either
    side of that map (therefore your enemies are almost coming from roughly the same place), instead in PA the fights are held on planets, round planets. Therefore if the enemy is above you, you can walk around the planet and attack them from above, or the left, or the right. Really from all over the place. This asks for a very different play style compared to other RTS games.

    But that's not all, you're not really battling on just a planet, the battle takes place in a solar system with one, or multiple planets (with possible moons) and you are free to travel to each of the planets to start a new or secondary base of operations. Large solar systems can have a large amount of players on them.

    Before the game reaches it's 1.0 version it will be able to have matches with up to 40 players in teams or a free for all. This of course means a lot of units, well PA does more then just a lot of units, this games supports up to 1 million units in a single match, so you can say that there is no unit cap because I've yet to see a game that comes even close to that number.

    The units can be land, water, air or space (orbital) units. and the ammunition ranges from tank shells to nuclear (interplanetary) missiles. But the best and utterly amazing feature of this game (and where it gets its name from) is the ability to build huge motors on a planet / moon, fire them up and put that planet on a collision course with another planet, smashing them into each other. The result: all the units instantly whipped out and massive crater on the planet that was targeted. But still, you can land on it again and start a new base on it.

    At the moment the game is still early access so it's not a perfect score yet. There are the occasional (although nowadays far less so ) player drops and they are still working very hard on the code optimization to get it to run even smoother.

    If you're unsure you can cope with these kind of battles you can practice against one or more AI players, where you can choose between four difficulty levels. There is even the relatively recent single player addition called Galactic War.

    So if you want my advice: If you love (or even just like) RTS games don't wait just buy the game now and start playing it, you won't regret it for a moment.
  92. Jul 5, 2014
    'Planetary Annihilation' is the self-proclaimed 'spiritual successor' to the genre-defining RTS 'Total Annihilation'. It is being developed by veterans of the industry (UBER) whose employees have worked on "Total Annihilation", "Supreme Commander" and "Demigod" in the past.

    On most accounts, it delivers on its aim to be a better spiritual successor to TA than SupCom, and introduces new
    (awesome) features to the genre, such as spherical maps (planets which orbit in solar systems) planet-smashing and Orbital Units.
    There is no unit cap - this is a 'macro' streaming-economy RTS on a scale which promises to live on for many years to come as hardware advances.

    The game is beautiful to look at, with a 'blocky' art-style'.

    Modding is already a big part of the game, and the developers are generally pro-active within the community. Therefore the game has a community and will continue to improve after release (both through UBER's efforts, and those of modders).

    The game is currently in its "Gamma" Phase (following Alpha and Beta). More polish comes with every patch. However there are still some lag issues - which is distressing because the game looks great, and in-game balance is coming along nicely.

    As an old player of the genre there are also one or two things which I feel "Planetary Annihilation" as 'Spiritual Successor' to "Total Annihilation" is missing. Namely these are:
    A more diverse Energy Generation System (Wind-Solar-Tidal-Geothermal).
    A few environmental effects (such as units moving slower on ice), and spider-bots going over mountains.
    Greater terrain variation - that is, sheer cliffs, steep valleys and mesas.

    For that reason I give the game 6/10, as it still has a way to go, and misses some of the important and idiosyncratic parts of Total Annihilation's spirit (such as putting your artillery on a hill, or that moment when your Solar Power Pyramids fold shut whilst under fire).

    That said, these missing features will hopefully either be modded in eventually by the community, or Uber may add them as the unit roster and Planet Biomes expand - so my rating and feelings may change :)

    All in all, "Planetary Annihilation" is shaping up to be a great game and is definitely worth buying if you enjoy huge online armies of robots blowing each other up!
  93. Jul 4, 2014
    An utter disappointment. Where the game Isn't absolutely smacking It's face down to 2-5 FPS on high-end machines with even the most modest of firefights at lowest graphics, Its instead delivering an overwhelming mainstreamed RTS experience whereas you simply spam, spam and spam to win. And I mean it. You can literally hunk up to thousands of queues to produce units in singular factories and have them run there, at the end of time with a nigh infinite amount of resources. And those factories? Why, they go up in mere seconds and can spout out workers even quicker which can also build more factories..

    These wouldn't be big problems if it was applied correctly with sufficient amounts of variation but anything can wipe out anything else.. If in a sufficient quantity. Which It will be, because everything has an astonishingly long range and the concept of "walls" in this game is perhaps the biggest laughable thing. Does it block flamers? Nope. It goes through. Does it block tanks? Nope, they do splash damage on say, turrets behind the wall. Do they block artillery? Nope. Do they block airplanes? Go guess. As of right now, literally any base defense is to counter "singlar scout" harassment ordeals and nothing else so sadly, It's a massive gimmick instead of being an integrated feature of the game.

    The same goes for alot of the units as well. Take, the flamer for example. Incredibly slow moving and stubby-ranged flamethrower on wheels, boasting "alot of armor" while being 2-3 shot by sniping semi-automatic tanks which do not only boast impressive HP themselves but can also more while firing. I mean, what were they thinking? "Oh, yeah this unit will be great to crawl into enemy bases If they're 95% defenseless, oh man It's gonna wreck so much havoc with that cool fire lol" The resource system is a pathetic collection of endless money pocket pants which can only be expanded upon by increasing your max storage cap with warehouses, the combat is an unitellgible, imbalanced and poorly implemented mess and the "universe seemless combat" ordeal is a gimmck, and nothing more as literally all conflict enders are either planet collisions or uber spaceship ra!p

    The fact that the devs were trying to sell this rubbish at first for about 90€ Is enough proof for me of their narrow-sighted child mentalities but playing the game really seals the deal on just how poorly made this game is right now, and how It will almost guaranteed be in the future. Stay away,
  94. Jul 3, 2014
    This game is good one of the better RTS out there.
    The balancing its being work out by the Uber team and they listen to their community and interact with the more then I have seen any other game out there do.
    Also no release date means they don't fully give a game out half broken or have a million patches to fix bugs.
    The pricing is meant for people who want to support the game and help
    develop, but its not meant for people just to complain about it.
    The graphic are not meant to look awesome. You don't need amazing graphic to have an amazing game

    I rate this game as a 8 because it is still unfinished and has some aspects still missing, but I promise you won't be disappointed when you get this game and watch it develop.
  95. Jul 2, 2014
    Planetary Annihilation is one of the best RTS I've ever played.
    Very innovative and coherent.
    I would recommend it to all fans of Supreme Commander and Total Annihilation.
  96. Jul 2, 2014
    It's only when you become a programmer yourself, do you begin to appreciate the complexity and thought that when into making this addictive RTS. I've put over 300 hours into this game (which is currently in development; a fact that some of the aggressive reviewers seem to have ignored). It currently has a wide feature set with a large laundry list of exciting features still in the works. Uber Entertainment has a winner in Planetary Annihilation and I would recommend anyone interested in large scale strategic wars (or previous fans of TA, Sup Com, or AOE) purchase this game and see for yourself just how amazing it is!!

    P.S. Ignore posters giving the game a 0/10 (like Cyliann). I get an average of 60 FPS in-game. The only time the frame rate drops is late game (which has already seen MASSIVE improvements in multi-threading to minimize this). Additionally, because this IN DEVELOPMENT game requires constant download of new features/content via updates (and continual reporting of server/client bugs) a fairly decent internet connection is required for now (between 1 - 2 MBps). After this game is shipped (version 1.0), Uber intends to provide all owners with the server files for offline play.
  97. Jul 2, 2014
    Well there's been something of an opinion war here, and many of the negative reviews are too negative because of a non-game issue that I won't go into. There are some overly positive reviews as well to counter this, so I will try to write a useful review. First, it must be said: this game is a blast - engaging, intense, and surprisingly well balanced. Fast paced tactics and strategy on a huge scale. But it's received a lot of legit positive criticism, so here's why I didn't rate it 10/10:

    First of all, and most detrimental to the game: it has performance issues. Lategame tank armies can slow the game to a crawl. Annihilating a planet can freeze the game for a long time and sometimes even crash it. The client occasionally crashes for no discernible reason (though you can reconnect), and there are other bugs, some of which are at least temporarily game breaking. Internet access is required to play, even singleplayer, though I've heard this will change in the 1.0 release. The game is in early access, so these problems are understandable, but they are still there.

    Secondly, there are balance problems. While most units have their uses and should be used to play optimally, things like tier two bombers are blatantly overpowered in the hands of a skilled micro player (they deliberately out-range all anti-air) and artillery units are a little strong as well. Bots, which are an entire tree of units, are considered very weak because they cannot defeat any of the other trees on their own. Balance is currently in progress, but there have been some worrying balance decisions by the team at Uber. This is the time to experiment with that, though, if there ever is one.

    Lategame can get rather standoffish. This can make for some slow games, especially in large free-for-alls, very especially coupled with the poor lategame performance, which is not only visual but also server-side. (So it slows down the game's actual mechanics.) There also is not much variety in interplanetary combat. It is also very easy early on in the game to get into a situation where winning is nearly impossible, but the game will still drag on for a long time - possibly without the player even knowing that winning is nearly impossible. This really punishes new players.

    Finally, system creator is rather limited. While you can set the general idea, you cannot sculpt your own terrain. This is not really a requirement, as that would be asking a lot, but just don't expect that and be disappointed.

    All that said, this game has already been a worthwhile purchase. Hopefully my rating will improve as the game becomes more finished.
  98. Jul 2, 2014
    Planetary Annihilation is still in development and has bugs, performance issues, etc. Do not participate in the early access unless you understand what in development means as well as the issues that could arise. Currently has a release date of sometime in 2014. Release date could be changed at any time. I will not write a review until Planetary Annihilation is released.
  99. Jul 2, 2014
    While the game still has some flaws because it's still in beta phase "gamma". I can totally stand in for the fact that is totally wort the 50 euro I spent on it. I already had so much fun. Been playing tournaments, Casting tournaments, talking with the community. The devs really keep touch with the players and updates get pushed to a public test environment first to test them out.

    Gameplay wise this is an rts without unit limits so it means we can have huge size battles. And that's what the devs also try to get with balancing it. Moving between planets, using portal, etc... If you think that's cool wait until you smash a planet against an enemy. It may not run as smooth as expected. But in the next pte there is a huge peformance improvement where as my computer now can run it at 30+ all the time. Even in the end of the game where your field is crowded with unites and satellites.
  100. Jul 2, 2014
    Can or might say this is a game to ipads or androids games only,PA its too plastic cartoonish, and really really the worst rts i saw play since 2007 poor design ,and worst idea make a rts on a Sphere for a rts on 2014....

    So Taking some other words since, i rts lover (Starcraft ,the amazing Nr1 best rts ever FAForever( and soon Etherium) and some

    Rediculously Overpriced, on Track to FAIL Miserably.

    When I saw the listing at $90 for a game in early alpha, that quite frankly looks pretty lame I was shocked and worst my sister bought the game and I can see why her displeasure .
    Graphics look below average, the idea is completely unoriginal, and quite honestly I wouldn't even pay $60 for this game. I'm just quite honestly confused as to who thought they could justify a $90 price tag. Anybody else think thisthis a good rts ?

    Then you guys never try a real RTS ,Planetary Anhilation will and is already a fail, almost 2 years build and still the same .

    Im totaly disappointed with Uber team ,Lot Rts gamers hope Chris Taylor bring again the epic rts like Supreeme commander.....And FAForever...
  101. Jul 1, 2014
    Planetary Annihilation is simply an awesome, "epic scale" Real Time Strategy Game. Notice I said "epic scale," not "large scale." After all, multi planet gameplay, planet smashing, thousands of units, and 40 player matches can be described as nothing less than "epic scale."

    Planetary Annihilation introduces a number of genre changing mechanics. Primarily, the randomly generated
    spherical planets and the ability to fight on multiple planets simply hasn't been done before. Not to mention features like Planet Smashing, Galactic War (randomized campaign), and the ChronoCam. The ChronoCam allows players to rewind and fastforward gameplay in the middle of a match to watch events that they may have missed.

    On top of that, Planetary Annihilation's gameplay is fast paced, exciting, and strategy intensive. It's very possible for players to out maneuver their larger opponents, or exploit weaknesses and beat someone with a much larger army.

    If you are a fan of RTS games, I highly recommend Planetary Annihilation.

Mixed or average reviews - based on 16 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 3 out of 16
  2. Negative: 2 out of 16
  1. Oct 25, 2014
    Planetary Annihilation looks and feels underwhelming. Interplanetary combat might seem fun on paper, but gameplay-wise it's an absolute chore. And that's just it, Planetary Annihilation is missing all the FUN which was present on Supreme Commander - a much better successor to Total Annihilation. [Oct 2014]
  2. Oct 14, 2014
    Planetary Annihilation has some amazing ideas and an inspired look, but too many issues with the User Interface, the AI and the random generation of the solar systems.
  3. Oct 8, 2014
    A ridiculous learning curve hides a fun RTS.