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  • Summary: Put on your manager suit and become General Manager of the year! An essential sport franchise, Pro Cycling Manager is back in a more polished than ever form to please its many fans. This new edition, developed by the French studio Cyanide, promises to be the most exciting of all and will include the most famous Tour de France 2009 faithfully reproduced in detail. Pro Cycling Manager - Tour de France 2009 is the perfect mix between management and sport simulation. It puts you in the shoes of the general manager of one of the 65 official cycling teams and asks you to handle everyday aspects of this position. Choice of the teams, transfers, training sessions, finances, gear or scouting for new talent, many various missions are required to position the most competitive team on the starting line. During the 180 races, playable in real time 3D, you intervene directly to guide your cyclists. It's up to you to define the best strategies and tactics to win the race. [Focus Home Interactive] Expand
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  1. Small adjustments have improved the game overall, so that’s why the game is a lot better then his predecessor. There is a lot to do as manager and if you like to watch the Tour, then you will enjoy yourself a while with the official races and riders.
  2. The game is just the best cycling game on the market, with a deep, well designed gameplay and months of fun. The flip side are the few innovations in comparison to the past year and some bugs that plague the graphic engine.
  3. Pro Cycling 2009 improves small things of its predecesor but it has the same issues in the graphic terms. The huge database is a good offer for the cycling fans with many possibilities in edition. The professional mode gives players many chances for enjoying. It is a good game on the operational level, but graphically wanting.
  4. This is a product designed for a very distinct type of player. Those who like cycling and sports management will enjoy it, but those not interested on this sport won't find enough reasons to play it.
  5. If you are a cycling enthusiast and need up to date season details, then regrettably there is no alternative to this game. Everybody else should ignore this expensive update that doesn't offer a single relevant improvement.
  6. Pro Cycling Manager 2009 is the most expansive cycling simulator ever made, but it's almost identical to last year's edition. The game might be interesting to newcomers, if they don't mind wading through the many options, facts and figures.
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  1. Jun 22, 2012
    I am still downloading the game, and it is being quite sluggish. I haven't this game yet, but judging from the title the game appears to be all in French. 2/10 would NOT recommend to friend. DONT BUY Expand