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  • Summary: Known by fans for its superior gameplay and incredible realism, PES 2009 further bridges the gap between PES and the real thing. The game has undergone a graphical update to ensure its players look more like their real-life counterparts. Similarly, all-new options allow users to tailor the game to their own tastes, while new stylish moves, innovative control schemes and key online elements further the realism. [Konami] Expand
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  1. The fall of the King! Although PES 2009 is better than its predecessor, it loses the duel against an extremely strong FIFA 09
  2. Pro Evolution Soccer is still the game to beat. [Dec 2008, p.85]
  3. Definitely the most realistic of the two big arcade footie franchises on the PC, but the steep learning curve may put off some gamers. [Feb 2009, p.92]
  4. It still isn't quite sure if it's arcade or simulation, but at least the players aren't racing through the field like in last year's edition.
  5. New arrival to the PES family somehow forgets that there can be beginners in this series but in all other aspects PES 09 dominates. New licenses and Champions League are a pleasant surprise. [Nov 2008]
  6. Konami has given PES 2009 a shove back into the past – in a good sense. Thanks to a calmer and more evolved gameplay as well as advanced graphics, PES is once again playable – also due to the acquisition of the UEFA-licence. At the end of the day, PES, however, is still exceeded by FIFA. [Issue # 16]
  7. Good for your Friday night pizza and beer social or as a budget-buy afterthought. [Issue#14, p.62]

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  1. Apr 23, 2011
    The challenge of designing a football game is to achieve the balance between the theatre of realism and arcade controls. PES 2009 achieves this, even though it is far from perfection. Expand
  2. SeanD.
    Oct 23, 2008
    Good PES, but doesn't take a giant leap forward from last years series, unlike what FIFA 09' has done compared to FIFA 08 Good but more than likely I'll use FIFA as my main football simulator, and its been a while since I've done that. Expand
  3. Oct 19, 2014
    Loše, nastavlja se s koracima unazad, dosta iritantno i nerealno,
    jedino grafika i ponašanje mreže, no sasvim
    nebitno................................. Expand