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  • Summary: Rail Simulator is the new train simulation game from Kuju Entertainment. Published by Electronic Arts, the world's largest publisher of computer and video games, Rail Simulator brings the railways to life for everyone from the casual train fan to the dedicated enthusiast. [Kuju Entertainment]
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  1. Rail Simulator will immerse you in a world that, if allowed, has the potential to convince even the most hardened outdoor 'trainspotter' to fire up their PC rather than head down to their local station.
  2. Really, though -- you do not need to be a train enthusiast to get something out of this package -- you just have to have an open mind and be willing to try out something new.
  3. More of a step forward than a revolution, Rail Simulator is still undoubtedly improvement over the previous generation of train simulation.
  4. Ultimately, there's just not enough of a game here for most players. Rail enthusiasts, with the time and patience to tinker with the editor, will adore it; everyone else are likely to be bored with minutes.
  5. 70
    Rail Simulator is a piece of software that seems to accomplish what it set out to do. It doesn't do it with much panache, graphical or otherwise, but it gets it done.
  6. Atmospheric, pretty and convincing but short of activities. [Christmas 2007, p.95]
  7. It definitely simulates railways, for better, but mainly for worse. [Christmas 2007, p.68]

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