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  • Summary: Reign: Conflict of Nations is a large-scale real-time historical strategy game covering three centuries of medieval Europe. The player becomes a monarch testing their skills by controlling one of 26 unique factions as they develop smart economics, work political maneuvers, maintain thoughtful diplomacy, take care of resources and wage war. As the ruler players have absolute command and the ability to thrive or fail and die.
    Reign: Conflict of Nations allows players to have a well thought-out and historically accurate system of building and assigning labor forces in cities, a large selection of scenario-based and random missions, an expansive and realistic technology tree, more than 150 types of military units and elaborated graphics and animations which bring the war to life.
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  1. With only a few shortcomings, Reign is a good excuse to get familiar with the grand strategy sub-genre.
  2. Jun 1, 2011
    After a long frustrating learning curve patient players will enjoy the high strategic-depth and complexity.
  3. Reign isn't a bad game at all, and it's surprisingly well-balanced given the tremendous scope and ambition on show; but that's a breadth that comes at a price, as none of the various elements in your kingdom ever feels completely well realised, leading to a lack of personality and ultimately forgoing that familiar Civdrive to play long into the night. If you want to test your management skills in one of the deepest strategy games of the year however, delve right in.
  4. Entertaining, hard and sophisticated strategy focuses on unexplored corners of history. Unfortunately, every good idea is matched with a bad one. [Aug 2010]
  5. May 28, 2011
    Russian developers are said to make very difficult and unapproachable games, totally missing the international market. Reign: Conflict of Nations is an impressive proof. If you haven't thought of invading Jaroslawl with Latvia, you're better of with the Total War series.
  6. A clunky and complex historical RTS that shows some glimmers of promise. This one is not for the casual gamer.
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  1. Jan 13, 2012
    Reign: Conflict of Nations is a highly underrated but intriguing game. There are no massive battles Total War style, instead this is a game along the line of Europa Universalis III with an element of RTS similar to Mount&Blade or Real Warfare 1242. This game has a beautiful albeit simplistic graphical approach a smooth tutorial and a good interface. The AI is solid, though like most games sometimes Moscow just really wants to conquer Oman or in this case the Crimea, personally I think that kind of result is intrinsic to the concept of alternative history strategy. The two primary problems with this game, as can easily be discovered by checking reviews or the 1C forums are that: 1) there is no decent manual, while the tutorial is a great outline it offers limited suggestions on strategic considerations, and 2) as many underrated games this was reviewed and pigeon-holed by "professional" reviewers who are either afraid to get their feet wet or think that no one else will want to either. This game is FAR from the opaque mess it has been portrayed to be and as anyone who plays Total War or Paradox or Starcraft knows that if you REALLY need to know something just open the game files to understand the actual combat mechanics, otherwise just experiment, isn't that the way a game should be? Expand
  2. Mar 26, 2014
    If you like games on a grand strategy level (for example you mostly use auto battles in total war) this game is quite interesting. It offers theatre not often portrayed in games (east europe/russia) at an interesting time period (baltic crusades). It has interesting and balanced game mechanics that will please players who like the overview map level of strategy, managing armies, diplomacy and economy. The main problems are: you have to find things out on your own. Tutorial is weak (even broken), no manual and a small community to rely on for answers. If you dont have the patience to learn the game by trial and error stay away. The lack of aggregating menus really hurts this game as well. Something as simply as an overview of how much you make and spend per month across all regions does not exist. Instead you have to micromanage each region and keep an eye everywhere at all times. This is frustrating and too much work. Finally you have to play the game in the lowest speed (there is a menu option to slow the game even further) otherwise you can't keep track of enemy movement. Before you even know you where at war you get a pop-up telling you about a lost town! Again the problem of having to keep an eye on everything at the same time and micromanage. If you have the patience or are a control freak you may end up enjoying the game. Also it is often on sale so it won't leave you feeling like you wasted money if you buy it at 75% off. Expand