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  • Summary: On the war-torn, poisoned atmosphere of Nu Earth, Rogue Trooper is a genetic infantryman, one of an elite squad of biologically-engineered clone troops, created to overcome the planet's hostile atmosphere, unhindered in their fight against the enemy, the Nort Republic. After witnessing the betrayal and annihilation of his squad at the Quartz Zone Massacre, Rogue has gone AWOL, determined to hunt down the traitor who sent his brothers-in-arms to their deaths. Armed with the latest experimental weapons, Rogue's arsenal offers him a critical advantage over his opponents; encoded bio-chips containing the digitised personalities of his fallen comrades are stored in his gun, helmet and backpack, each offering their unique expertise and assistance, allowing Rogue to strategically outwit a sophisticated enemy. The game is a mix of intense 3rd person action and next generation stealth elements, with complex line-of-sight AI, multiple game paths, full tactical use of your bio-chip operated equipment and both single- and multiplayer online gameplay. [SCi Games] Expand
Score distribution:
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  1. One of the most refreshing things about Rogue is how powerful you feel, and how well equipped you are. [June 2006, p.66]
  2. 80
    A blast to play and certainly more appealing than the typical third person shooter.
  3. Interaction can feel clumsy at times, and some levels suffer from stifling, linear design, but if you're a graphic novel or action game fan, you could do worse. [June 2006, p.85]
  4. A strong sense of style that stays close to the source material, Rogue Trooper isn't just one for the fans however; an intensive and sometimes intelligent shooter, Rogue Trooper is certainly one that could interest you if you're looking for a shooter that's a little bit different to the usual.
  5. There is something oddly reassuring about a game that keeps its horizons narrow to get the job done well... A fun, smart and refreshingly uncomplicated experience. [June 2006, p.112]
  6. Rogue Trooper is at times a very exciting and enjoyable shooter, which makes it all the more disappointing that it's over so soon.
  7. Everything about Rogue Trooper screams "competent," which doesn't amount to memorable or particularly inspired. [Sept. 2006, p.76]

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 18 out of 20
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  1. Dec 30, 2010
    This is actually a great shooter, graphically maybe it looks a bit uninteresting but I think that is to match the comic book style more than anything. The gameplay is excellent and provides enough new features to the crowded third person shooter genre to keep things from feeling same old same old. I Enjoyed the story, its actually not as predictable as I thought.

    Overall the game is fun & if you respect its comic book origins affected its graphical it does not really look that dated, I really question why when it first came out it got such poor reviews.....
  2. Nov 20, 2011
    Fun, immersive take on a classic 2000AD series. Fans of the comic will really love this one and it is well worth a play, even if it is now showing some signs of age (it was released in 2006). Rogue Trooper is still a great play for the money and is available for a very good price on Steam. Expand
  3. 6nd
    Nov 29, 2013
    Great game. Cliche story. But I digress. I wouldn't have chosen this particularly beaten path for just any old reason. Rogue's different from other protagonists. Implemented next gen features such as: A slick cover system, solid controls, and a mighty fine AI. It's his dynamic, and I'll be if it isn't one of the most original, and creative I've ever seen. Expand
  4. Sep 29, 2010
    Surprising.I was suspicious about this game but after i finished it i found a solid game from which i had minimum expectings.No bugs nice gameplay nice graphics and full of action.GOOD. Expand
  5. Nov 17, 2013
    A comic book character made into a decent game, cool gadgets, action packed levels, and plot twists. PS2 type graphics by today's standards, still loads of fun to play. Expand

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