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  1. Aug 1, 2014
    If you liked Sacred 2 and how much more fun it is than Diablo 3, don't buy this. They've dumbed down everything for console users, a completely linear game, 0 customisation, no loot, less characters, two abilities, a shield break and a standard action style attack, this game plays with a controller perfectly, giving me the feeling this game was dumbed down for the potatoes. This game doesn't even deserve to have the Sacred name. I'd vote for the Sacred 2 servers coming back on any time with expansions and patches over this complete garbage of a game. All of the official critics rating it good are out of their mind or paid off. Sorry but this franchise just dropped the ball and with the money I wasted on this I think im going to have to start up playing Sacred 2 again. If it was named a different game I would like it, but I do not consider this "Sacred 3". Same way I don't consider Final Fantasy 13 as a real Final Fantasy game. Expand
  2. Aug 1, 2014
    From good RPG to casual console slasher. Thats all. Its not even RPG anymore, no loot, no exploring. Its might be funny to play co-op with friends, but its not what we wanted from Sacred 3.
  3. Aug 1, 2014
    Instead of a conventional review, I'll sum it up in a few points:

    1) This game has nothing to do with the franchise "Sacred", except in name. I don't know why they even decided to use the same name.
    2) It was clearly designed to be played on a joystick. Trying to play on the PC without the use of an analog joystick is an exercise in frustration. The WASD control doesn't work well at
    3) The game isn't so much an RPG, but more an action game with some RPG elements. A great comparison would be Dead Island: Epidemic - even though this game is far below in quality.
    4) The game is extremely linear. You advance, gets stuck in an area where you defeat a series of (repetitive) enemies, the path is cleared, you advance, and everything repeats again and again.
    5) The graphics, sounds and music are nice. But the voices are annoying.
    6) Becomes tedious. Fast.
  4. Aug 1, 2014
    Sacred 3 an ARPG without any ARPG elements that makes a good ARPG. Lets be frank this is shovel-ware. Its basically in the same category that comes out of you dog. It says a lot about the company that made it and the game that they had to release it before the press embargo was even lifted. So unless you get satisfaction of spending money on **** stay away from it.
  5. Aug 1, 2014
    I don't understand why studios continue using names from sagas that they clearly don't want to continue. Only in ARPG it seems a massacre with Diablo 3, Dungeon Siege 3, now Sacred 3. I am out of words... Sacred 2 has even better graphics! Ridiculous.
    The answer is pretty simple: consolization... They dumbed versions of their predecessors to sell to casual games in their casual hardware,
    exploiting the good name the franchise earned before. But all in this philosophy sucks because using the same name they are pointing to the WRONG market, people who enjoyed Sacred 1 or 2 will spit in your face with this crap... If you want an ARPG, sandbox, dark good graphics, with deep development of your character and toolset to make mods: Grim Dawn, other good alternatives are: Torchlight (the same but cartoon), Van Helsing (the same but without editor), and Path of Exile (the same but without offline and editor). Or better reinstall Diablo 2, Sacred 1&2, Titan Quest or Dungeon Siege 1&2, either one better in each pixel. Expand
  6. Aug 1, 2014
    First of all I haven't played Sacred & Sacred 2, only Citadel, so I won't be able to talk about how it ruined the saga but nonetheless I feel sorry for the fans. I like beat'em all and action/rpg oriented games usually but this one just feels stupid. It's a basic beat'em all with a few RPG/Hack'n'Slash elements.
    Graphics are decent and that's about the only thing that is ok with this
    game. I mean... 25gb hdd free space required for this ? Seriously ? Then, the scenario looks bad and the game is full of jokes obviously geared towards 10 year old hipsters. You just wanna shut the assistant's mouth when playing. She's so full of bleep ! Other than that, this game is too easy, repetitive, boring, unbalanced and not designed for solo gaming.
    Bringing this game on the market about a month after Divinity: Original Sin came out feels like a suicide.
  7. Aug 2, 2014
    This is a DISGRACE to the Sacred series!
    It lacks everything that the previous games had!
    No open world, no lore (item drops), no stats (STR/DEX..), no complex skill tree.. Nothing...

    This is simply the most horrible game I've ever played!
    Complete waste of money and time. Don't bother.
  8. Aug 1, 2014
    After seeing so many friends falling into the death trap of pre-ordering this game. I come here to try to save some people here.

    This game is charged at around USD 50. You may probably expect this would be an AAA ARPG title, considering Sacred series is a well known ARPG series, right? NO. This game is now downgraded to a poor console port game, in which its quality is only on par with
    an action game in tablet or smart phone.

    Yes, this game is no longer an ARPG. There are no character customization, stat or skill point allocation and equipment system. Instead of the open world in the Sacred series, you now play the game on a stage basis. And this game simply become an action game like those in smart phone, you have to clear one stage with limited move sets, fighting hordes of monsters, then you move on to the next stage.

    According to the steam store page, this smart phone game requires 25 GB harddisk space and USD 50 from you. So, please just say no to this game, in order to save your money and harddisk space.I hope everyone disappointed by this game will find some interesting games to play with in the mean time.
  9. Aug 1, 2014
    This is only Sacred 3 in name. Content has nothing to do with the Sacred franchise. It's a shame, because a third installment would be the perfect opportunity to polish the game play from the original series while notching up the quality.

    After I started playing, I was searching for the inventory button, but you have no inventory! You find no loot! What little skill customization there
    is, is done between "missions". There is no exploration! You don't ever have the feeling of heading out to see what the world offers or what you can find, because everything is linear. Every time a mission is done, you're yanked from the world back to the character menu!

    Not sure how I feel about the voice overs. They're kinda lame, though delivered with a certain energy.

    Diablo 3 does not look so bad now. That's saying a lot.

    I give it two stars for pissing all over the Sacred franchise and abusing fan goodwill. Next time, developers, use another name and avoid the karma of deflated expectations.
  10. Aug 3, 2014
    The Sacred series in the past contained rpg elements, open world, and tons of loot and missions. Sacred 3 has none of these. Not even remotely close. This looks more like Sacred Citadel 2, and I can only assume the company decided to base Sacred 3 off of Sacred Citadel rather than the Sacred series. This is a pathetic attempt of a game and they should be ashamed of what they TRULY did: trick us into thinking they made another Sacred title for the sake of GREED. Expand
  11. Aug 1, 2014
    Sacred 3 is a toned down version of an action RPG, similar in style to diablo and so forth, but even less options and customization than diablo 3. There is no loot or proper equipment, and you can only have two abilities on your bars at once. The PC controls are very lacking, hard to play without a controller. Mouse doesn't function properly when using a keyboard. The graphics and voice acting is okay. If it cost like $10, it would maybe be worth it if you planned to play it together with friends. Buying it at full price or to play without friends is just silly, better of getting path of exiles, diablo 3 or something similar Expand
  12. Aug 1, 2014
    How dare you calling this Sacred 3. I was really looking forward to the game I used to love, but better graphics, new quests, even heroes maybe. This is very disappointing, obviously made for a console, lacking everything I knew from previous games, and loved. If it was just called something else I might have given it a 4 but not to Sacred sequel.
  13. Aug 2, 2014
    Game itself isn't that bad, it's an average action game.

    But it's not a Sacred game, remember what they did to dungeon siege 3? It's worse than that.

    THere is NO items, No Loot, very limited customization. Feel like a very bad devil may cry game.
  14. Aug 3, 2014
    If it would be an Indie Game for 15$ with an own Franshise , i wouldn´t care much about it. But it pretend to be a Sacred Game. Dont let the Name fool you. Its a buttonsmashing action rpg, with 2, yes you read right, 2 active skills you only can change between missions. No open World, no Item Loot ect. This Game is for absolute Casual Gamers who want smash some buttons for an hour after Work, its no RPG and no Brain is needed. Expand
  15. Aug 3, 2014
    Lets be honest, DeepSilver is using the name Sacred to make money. This isn't Sacred. It seems as if DeepSilver gave the projected to one guy who has never played a Sacred game and said "You have four years to develop this on a limited budget". It's funny they would ask "suggestions for the next "Sacred" game", because they took into account zero of them. This isn't a RPG. It's like a blander version of Dungeon Siege 3 and not just a little either. This is a ultimate fail from DeepSilver, and it's really hard for me to see how they are staying in business after 4 straight years of making such terrible games. This has to hurt them not only from the retailers that sell their games but also from the fans of other games they have purchase the rights too. It's silly to me to think they would not cancel this game 2 years ago when they saw the direction it was going in. Don't waste your money!! This game makes all the complaining from diablo 3 which had many elements from both diablo 1 and 2 look very silly. Ultimate disappointment and for $50? Get real DeepSilver. Expand
  16. Aug 2, 2014
    I am old fan of ARPG games, so I buy all off them. Diablo, Torchlight, PoE, Vanhelsing, Grim Dawn and many others. And when I saw the videos of this game I was thinking it will be bad game, but I need to try it, because this is ARPG. And when a played this first time… so this is not even ARPG. This is not disappointed me like other players, because I’m not fan of Sacred One. But I got a few questions. Why you called this Sacred 3. Maybe you need to name this game Sacred Citadel 2? And why this game so expansive, for example Witcher 3 and Risen 3 in more lower price. Expand
  17. Aug 3, 2014
    Well now, this not a Sacred game this is just like a arcade spin-off look a like. Sacred used to have a deep story, but this thing with their lame jokes does not even compare
  18. Aug 4, 2014
    It's an insult to PC gamers, an insult to our intelligence to think that they could palm this off as anything other than arcade junk. If they had marketed this game as arcade action, it probably would have seen better reviews, but to try and convince people this is an RPG or Action RPG and then charge in full is pure thievery and deceit.
  19. Aug 4, 2014
    sacred and sacred 2 were cool action RPG games, but this game, is an insult to those (like me) that like the first two games, because is no more an action RPG, it´s an arcade game without inventory system. if you liked old sacred games don´t try this one.
  20. Aug 5, 2014
    It feels as if the developers don't even like to play games, period.. I am completely shocked at the "critics" giving them a score of 80 for this crap.. It's as if these guys (or girls) were given this game they call Sacred 3 along with flowers and crack. Or perhaps they just played the game blindfolded. Deep Silver's marketing clearly skates along the lines of fraud and just plain bad business practice. The next and only time I plan on buying/getting one of their games will be in a humble bundle and even then, will I be moving the donation slider clearly away from these money grubbing horses.

    Don't buy this game, don't play this game... even if there's a gun pointing at your head.

    So I hear/read the old devs, from Sacred 1/2 are working on a new game.. one that I believe is worthy of our time and money - check it out.
  21. Aug 4, 2014
    This game deserves a ZERO regardless of whether it makes use of the name, Sacred, to monetize. Because it is just an overpriced arcade game for mobile device with only 4 characters (5 if you get day 1 DLC, cough), 2 skills and 3 attack styles available for each stage. You will fight the same types of enemies again and again in stages with repetitive environment and scripted events.

    loot, stat, equipment and character customization in a so-called ARPG? It doesn't have enough content and satisfactory quality to deserve a price tag of $50.

    It is just a greedy attempt to sell a low quality game with an AAA title price, in the hope that players will fall into such trap, and buying the overpriced DLCs as well.
  22. Aug 4, 2014
    this is proberly the worst hack n slack this Century ever if this was a android game it would be bad only 5 skills no combos no gear farm just one big fail
  23. Aug 6, 2014
    How to make money in the gaming industry:
    1. Buy a franchise.
    2. Slap together a short crappy game and shove it out for preorders for $50 with misleading info about how this is the next game in the franchise.
    3. Profit from fans of the franchise who buy the game thinking they are getting what they pay for.
  24. Aug 5, 2014
    Nothing is SACRED anymore.. and these casual developers need to be taken out back and flogged with a rubber hose.......................................................................... FAIL
  25. Aug 4, 2014
    Sacred 2 killer ... and a whole lot of Sacred !!!!
    Give Sacred development studio CD Projekt RED!!
    Wretched management, poor plot ... please return the money publishers !!!
  26. Aug 5, 2014
    Blasphemy. Deep Silver took a good open world RPG franchise going great places and stunted it with this childish arcade game. Doesn't matter if the game is good or not (it's mediocre), get that name off this game.
  27. Aug 3, 2014
    looks like an arcade game, plays like an arcade game and has as much immersion and depth as an arcade game (and not in a good way).

    it doesn't generally bode well for a game when only ten minutes in and i start to think i made a serious mistake buying it. leaving aside the comparisons to Sacred 1 and 2 even, as a stand-alone game, it doesn't have too much going for it. my opening-line
    comparing it to an arcade move and shoot pretty much sums up the entire game.

    as the 3rd installment of the franchise, it was bitterly and terribly disappointing. Sacred 1 and 2 were buggy as hell but entertaining and fun in their own way with the many different builds/play-styles/customizations that were possible.

    Sacred 3 takes away from everything that made Sacred 1 and 2 fun: there is zero to none customization and there are literally only four buttons (arcade/console anyone?) of import in the entire game. gone are all the rpg elements that made hack-and-slash and dungeon crawlers fun. an absence of any loot/gear in game also kills off a large reason why many play such games. the only things that pretty much drop are health/energy and gold ... (again, arcade anyone?)

    if it was on sale for less than $10 it would have been an alright buy, but not as the 3rd installment of the Sacred franchise (and not for $49+). as a stand-alone casual click and shoot it would rate a 5 at best, as a supposed rpg (and 3rd installment of the franchise): a 1 would be generous
  28. Aug 5, 2014
    Sad title if you compare to Sacred 1 + 2. No more open world, no loot, no inventory, no maps, fixed arena style, bad graphics, irritating narration (as in *really* irrittating). Controls by keyboard does not work well or naturally and you have a fixed viewpoint with no zoom. You cannot do anything, not even ask for a refund..

    Looking at the intros, the game looks good, but this is the
    only thing in high-res; the rest is much worse than Torchlight which you can get for a fraction and even get the claasic action RPG features at the same time.

    If you like smashing the same monsters over and over again, and perhaps with friends, fine, otherwise: stay far far away from this one.

    No thanks, I am oing back to Diablo 3. See you there.
  29. Aug 5, 2014
    This game is not sacred, is not sacred 2 (which i don't even like just i can tell it's not even that) it's a different game. Two reasons that tells you why i don't want to buy this garbage:
    1) It's not sacred
    2) It's not even a funny game! They just took the brand title and smashed it on the game box!
  30. Aug 5, 2014
    The same thing that happened to NWN only worse.. they used the name to get the fan base built on another game entirely to make sales.. this game isn't even deserving of being called a rpg.. if you want something like sacred of the past.. this isn't it.. its a travesty and slap in the face to the fans
  31. Aug 6, 2014
    Rename that thing....!!!!
    Rename that thing....!!!!
    Rename that thing....!!!!
    Rename that thing....!!!!
    Rename that thing....!!!!
    Rename that thing....!!!!

    And DONT delete my review again you stupid metacritic team!
  32. Aug 5, 2014
    NOT a rpg, its a fantasy double dragon or like the (2005) bard's tale. generic pos. One hour before I felt nerd rage. On the pc you'll need a Xbox controller. graphics are generic. special abilities are generic. I left wondering if blizzard fired ole' Jay Wilson and keen took him in. Its a console port to PC. How can you tell is theirs no video options to speak off no phys-x option
  33. Aug 6, 2014
    I do not really understand this massacre license by Deep Silver, if he wanted to make a beat-them-all he could do with new generic characters and rename the world a generic name, why make Sacred 3 by not respecting any aspect to the strength of this series?
  34. Aug 5, 2014
    This is not deserving the title of "Sacred 3". Almost everything(like openworld) that was in Sacred 1 and 2 were taken out to make it a casual game.
    It definitely isn't worth the 50$ launch price.
  35. Aug 7, 2014
    This game is dumbed down to one brain cell. Bacteria will play it when it lay inside trashcan.
    Atari E.T. lay on dump for several years and some bacteria actually completed it.
    Sacred 3 have auto-loot. Character grab loot and wear best, before you even can see it dropped.
    Sacred 3 have three difficulty levels: light easy, normally easy and very easy
    Sacred 3 have many humor dialogs.
    These jokes repeat 100x so you may actually get them someday
    Sacred 3 Characters have many stats. Its all hidden stats to not confuse player during kill enemies.
    You must kill all enemies before proceed further. Because this one who survive may revenge you in future giving reason for part 4 and believe me you don't want this to happen
  36. Aug 7, 2014
    No loot system plus no open world says all. This game is an insult to the franchise.
    Deep Silver ruined this game, i never reviewed a game, but this game worth the registration on metacritic.
    If you liked sacred 1, and 2, diablo 1, 2, 3 Do NOT BUY this game, its a waste of money, even for a single dollar.
  37. Aug 7, 2014
    If you were looking an open world RPG look elsewhere. Sacred 3 has hardly any resemblance to Sacred and Sacred 2. I recommended this game to friends before it came out. Now I have to apologize to each one. Everything I enjoyed from the 2 originals are gone. This game should have been called something else. By itself its a fun hack and slash videogame. Cool moves but gets boring fast. Excellent graphics but not what I was expecting. The commentator is funny at first but turns annoying quickly. I was looking forward to exploring a new world but I guess I have to wait for another game. Expand
  38. Aug 5, 2014
    I liked the fluid gameplay and the graphics but everything else is c***.
    Levels are designed like arenas, defeat all enemies and you can move on.
    No looting and the weapons you do get are worse than the one you start with.
    Barley any character development and no customization.
    DLC BS, oh you want to access this area well pay up, oh you want this new shiny character pay up, oh you want
    this weapon spirit pay up, well F*** YOU.
    Asking money for such a lazy attempt at making an rpg game is just shameless. What a ripoff.
  39. Aug 5, 2014
    This is a great example of how a developer takes a successful franchise and destroys it.
    Why did they have to named Sacred 3?, this should have been a totally stand alone game. I can't think in any other reason to use the Sacred name on this game then to guarantied some sales from the Sacred 1 & 2 fans. It's a shame.
  40. Aug 5, 2014
    Sacred solo como titulo, lo demas nadie sabe que tienes de sacred.Es aburrido, monotono, lineal mal optimizado.Como juego deja mucho que desear.

    Nunca habia puesto un cero como nota, pero los señores que hicieron el juego deben saber que han cometido un gravisimo error. y espero que nunca mas vuelvan a tocar nada de la saga sacred
  41. Aug 6, 2014
    if u looking for arpg with loot system etc everything dont buy this crappy game , there diablo 3 , path of exile , grim dawn is good arpg dont spend ur money and time on this game
  42. Aug 7, 2014
    Very bad game, clearly not put any efffort into it. Insulting all of us gamers. This should not even exist, please do not make any more games like this and waste our time.
  43. Aug 9, 2014
    very bad game, not at all recommended, difficult with the keyboard control, you can not pick up objects from the floor, very bad game in all its aspects (please for removing deep silver games as well, thanks). I wish they could return the money, greetings.
  44. Aug 9, 2014
    If it was named like "Something" with some text - was created in Sacred world - it can be OK (not good, but lower then normal for witch i can pay 10$) but it was named "Sacred 3". It is not SACRED.
  45. Aug 12, 2014
    This is an absolutely horrible game, and I went in knowing it was a pure arcade hack-n-slash with no linkage whatsoever to the previous Sacred games. I'll spell it out concisely: no loot, no weapons, no RPG elements, no open world.

    Now, onto the stuff I didn't know about. First, the voice acting is horrendous, and as one reviewer stated, you will "want to cut your ears off with a knife"
    after playing this game for an hour. Childish scripting, sexual innuendos (a threesome with an ogre?), pop culture references, toilet humor, and kindergarten-level jokes will have you looking for the volume button - there is no way to disable the voices in-game.

    Worst of all, there is really no local multiplayer, which was a huge marketing factor. Sure, you can play more than one player local, but P2-P4 are "guests" and are simply fake characters auto-leveled to the first character. They can't be saved, they don't gain levels, no gold, and are just automatons that are used to fraudulently sell the game as local MP. I remember Dungeon Siege 3 pulling the same scam, which amounted them bolting on local MP in the exact same way, using P2-P4 a non-existent "guests".
  46. Aug 12, 2014
    Congratulation you destroyed another great hack & Slash series, No loot, no customization, no open world, just levels, Diablo 3 was already a disaster but congratulations you we're able to do worse and that only deserves 1 point. you couldn't even make attacks in the direction of the mouse! You really don't know nothing about hack & slash do you?
  47. Aug 13, 2014
    it turned out really bad, in its current shape its $5 tablet game type. Go watch gameplay before buying to see whats up if you expect sacred2 type of game you will be disappointed.
  48. Aug 12, 2014
    1. Closed World. In a series of Sacred has always been an open world, which, incidentally, is very interesting to explore. There is no ... not a drop of a corridor of interest. Corridors bored after the first five minutes of the game suffering.
    2. The lack of loot. The point is that we need to run a closed location with the boss at the end. In this fall gold spheres of health and mana.
    Everything. No steep guns, crushing broadswords and mega armor. Before the mileage of the next level for gold improve skills (which are very few), and standard armor. In this case, nothing changes on the character. The whole game we run a 3D figure.
    3. Inadequate story and dialogues / monologues. The main villain with his henchmen want to bend all, citing vague revenge. Nice try to stop him. All this was a seasoned suck jokes and phrases during the raid corridor.
    4. Curve port on the PC. Long time not seen such schlock. Three times in a row could not move beyond the start screen, throw out on your desktop. The fact that I, out of habit, press Esc to skip the prompts, the game also serves Esc out of the game from the start screen. Also disgusting control on the keyboard to the mouse.
    5. Graphics on the level of mobile games. A feeling that the game was developed as a competitor Dungeon Hunter for smartphones and tablets. Gameplay at the same level.
    6. Stupid appearance of the main characters. They all look like strippers with the manners of super heroes. And all this from the beginning to the end of the game is the same.
  49. Aug 11, 2014
    14$ lık oyunlar bile çok daha zevkli, sıradan bir oyun olmuş hiçbir artısı olmamakla birlikte olması gereken temel özelliklere bile sahip değil, indirime girdiğinde 5 dolara alabilirsiniz. Hem çok kısa hemde sıradan ve sınırlı karakter gelişimi var. 4 kişi mapin sonuna kadar kim daha çok puan alacak gibi bir sidik yarışı söz konusu. Ben yandım siz yanmayın. 5 dolardan fazla para etmez. Kısaca sik gibi bir oyun diğer sacredlarla hiç alakası yok. Yapanların amk. Expand
  50. Aug 14, 2014
    I payed $50 for a game it took me about 1 hour to get bored and tired of. The limited number of moves that seem to be the exact same on all the chars is terrible. The lack of an open world makes it boring.

    Basically this is a crappy alley/lane brawler that you spam your attack button on .... with lame sexist jokes that arent even funny. Spend your money on something else.
  51. Sep 4, 2014
    Sacred 3 is not a real Sacred sequel. The open world, that is not open, but so linear and boring. When u take the story and theme and make a totally different game then Sacred 1 and 2, the gaming community is stunned. Action based game with a bits of rpg, that is so linear and so repetetive.
  52. Aug 15, 2014
    This is NOT sacred 3. If they renamed the game and lowered the price, it would even be a good game(for about 5-10 usd). As a part of the main sacred franchise: -It lacks loot -It lacks open world -it lacks everything a sacred game should have Not as part of the main sacred series: -It lacks skill choices -It lacks loot -It lacks combos -Awkward controls -Quite a few reported bugs(explanation as to why this is a problem below)

    Now for the developer keen games:
    -No communication no word no news regarding this game since release
    -Rumours of abandonment, no patches or updates (as proof they removed everything concerning this game from their site)

    As for Deep Silver:
    It might have been deep silver's attempt to make the game better, and decision to change the direction of this game, but this was clearly the wrong direction, as shown by the majority of the community and the low scores of the game both on steam and on other sites like this one.

    The core elements should have remained the same, an open world, lots of loot, lots of skills to choose from, equipment upgrade, and immersive level ups. And should've made changes that complement these elements, not get rid of them altogether.

    If this game was called sacred citadel 2 or sacred adventures or something like that with the price of 5-20 usd at most, it might have recieved better scores and reviews. However, they didn't do it, and it probably cost them a lot. Good job Deep silver and keen games, enjoy the angry mob and low user scores and reviews.
  53. Aug 17, 2014
    Bad, bad, bad. It is not even a PC game. Period. Do not try to set up your keyboard, it's just another action rpg, Even worse, it has no loot, no progression and a terrible interface. Why did they use the name "sacred"? I cannot believed someone could like this one.
  54. Aug 13, 2014
    Isometric Devil May Cry, fast paced button smashing "rpg". Obviously made for consoles and looks like it's ported to PC simply to increase sales. If you are looking at consoles only it's not bad but for PC this is insulting
  55. Aug 13, 2014
    Enjoyable as a free time-killer with some friends. But to ask €50,- AND require people to buy a day-one DLC with the (probably) coolest character in the game, it just an insult to both gamers and the industry. It truly is hard to say a good thing about the game when you see the price, but the graphics are kinda nice.
  56. Aug 13, 2014
    Ok, I see alot of people complaining why people don't like it. That it isn't Sacred 1 or 2 and it's good that it changed so drastically. Let me ask you, would you feel the same if they too the Fallout franchise and did the same thing? I think not. What about Elder Scrolls? Sacred has, or more precise had, a basic formula that many people enjoyed and like Elder Scrolls and Fallout, expected. Here are the two biggest issues for me about this game:
    1) It should never have been called Sacred 3 and it is no secret why they did it. If it was named something more along the lines of 'Sacred Citadel', that would have been more acceptable.
    2) The voice script is HORRIBLE. Maybe if I was 10 I would enjoy it, ....maybe. This alone makes this game just about unplayable.

    I also saw that some of you say that we should have watched the gameplay trailer before we bought it. Well, the I did, and the gameplay trailer really didn't show the specifics at all. It could easily be looked at as still an open world game.

    This game should not have the Sacred name, it should have been a download and should not have been 40 to 50 bucks.
  57. Aug 14, 2014
    Its not a Sacred 3 - its a **** 3. Divinity Origin Sin better 1000 times. Sacred - это серия игр с открытым миром, множеством эпичных цепочек, грамотным и многополосным развитием персонажа, неимоверным количеством вещей, а что мы видим тут? "Открытый мир", "rpg", "множество долгожданных заданий", "Графика", "огромное количество вещей", за что я отдал деньги? Как за что?! За однокнопочный файтинг с закрытым миром без каких-либо элементов рпг. Вот тебе локация за твои 899 рублей, бери в руку своего персонажа которого ты ни как приодеть толком не можешь, иди и тыкай одну кнопку. ПОТРАЧЕНО. Expand
  58. Aug 18, 2014
    I thought to ignore the fact that this is NOT a sacred game and give it a chance for what it is... even though there's no loot/exploring, the company that made it has erased every trace of it from their website etc etc... and well the graphics/attacks looked cool so....
    the dialogues are ridiculously obnoxious, every time they opened their mouths i was like "wtf really"? and i was
    wondering if there's a setting to turn them off.
    the gameplay is boring and over simplified, i don't see how anyone would play this for more than an hour.
    another series gone downhill....sigh
  59. Aug 31, 2014
    This is pure **** it's NOT a sacred game, they simply called it Sacred 3 and didn't release gameplay footage to get pre-orders.

    They knew it was **** this is nothing but milking Sacred.

    Do yourself a favor, don't buy this if you expect a Sacred game.
    If you don't mind playing an action RPG with no loot system, no open world and very very very few skills, then go ahead, waste your money.
  60. Aug 15, 2014
    This is NOT a "Sacred" game. This is NOT Sacred 3, even though it's called that.

    What it is, is a bland imitation of Diablo, or Torchlight, or Van Helsing, or Titan Quest.

    It is not open world, it's totally linear - just fighting through corridors the whole way. Calling this Sacred borders on fraud. It's ok, but you've seen it all before; endless brain dead fighting against never
    ending hordes of enemies. Some of it is downright stupid, as if designed by an idiot: For example, some enemies have "shields"; they are invulnerable unless you break their shield. To fight them, you press a key - and their shields instantly break (Literally; It happens with one keypress) and then you can kill them. Why the hell would anyone carry a shield into battle then? What kind of idiot would think this makes a fun, interesting or challenging fighting system? Note to Deep Silver: Fire whoever designed the fighting system. Keep whoever did the graphics. Fire whoever pushed for the closed world system - instead of an interesting game where I choose what to do, we got a piece of **** that tells me where to go and what to do.

    In it's own right, as an action VERY lite RPG clone, it's a niceish-looking meh-playing 5 or 6 out of 10.

    But as "Sacred 3" this is a 2.
  61. aad
    Aug 13, 2014
    This game is fun for parties or quick co-op. It might have made for a good arcade game. But if you're looking to sit down by yourself and immerse into another world I would stay very far away.

    I won't touch on too many of the little details because honestly every part of the game missed something or could be improved on. There's just too many technical issues the devs skipped out on.

    But I will say one of the main reasons I got turned off from this game is the voice overs and dialog. The voice actors themselves were fine. But the story and banter between characters reminded me of those campy 90's cartoons. It honestly felt like the game was catered toward 9 year olds, every cutscene the game force-fed you some nonsensical and obvious joke.
  62. Aim
    Sep 10, 2014
    For The Love of God stay away from this game. I've never seen such a bunch of generic leveldesign and awkward jokes. The Gamplay can be described in a few words : click on mob, click on the floor -> win.
    This isn't Sacred, this isn't even a game...
  63. Sep 3, 2014
    An absolute disaster. From Sacred 1 degraded to Sacred 2 which is then degraded again to what is now presented as "Sacred 3". No loot system, button mashing 24/7, terrible dialogue, voice acting is a big slap in the face, wouldn't even call this Sacred 3.

    I bet anyone giving a rating greater than 0 is god damn generous.
  64. Aug 25, 2014
    Huge disappointment. Could be better. Could be worse. 0/10 is way too low. It's waste of money. It's waste of time if you play 32 hours per day. Don't buy it. Ride to Hell is still little bit worse. The settings are.... Game testers are.... No comment.
  65. Sep 2, 2014
    I almost let my loyalty cloud my judgement, and im glad I didnt, this is the worse thing that could have come out. Deep Silver should be ashamed of themselves! Sacred 2 Came out 8 Years ago and the graphics are better and its gameplay blows this out of the water!
  66. Sep 1, 2014
    A pile of s***. This just shows again how corrupt the critics are. 58? This deserves a 10 AT BEST! Always listen to user scores, as it appears to much more accurate. Critics are either too easily impressed, or simply too stupid and naive to realize the mechanics of a decent game.
  67. Sep 10, 2014
    I cannot understand why they called "Sacred" a game that clearly is not. If is to sell more copies to people who expected the continuation of the saga, is an unworthy scam, also some people in 'defense' said "is not a Sacred game but is a good casual game" but even seeing in that 'twisted' way it is NOT good, in fact is a bad casual game, repetitive, with constant shameful jokes and even the graphics are worse than Sacred 2!

    But there is hope! The ex-Ascaron team is now developing Unbended with all the high standards of the Sacred saga (big open world, unlimited loot, endless sidequests, deep character management, etc). Stay tuned for news in their webpage.
  68. Sep 10, 2014
    SImply put it, I won't rub the salt into the wounds any further, but, yea people should read their descriptions as a warning sign in their preorder site. Again, as many PC gaming enthusiast has predicted the game would be a huge flop as the previous owners of the went bankrupt and the licence fell into the hands of some small budget PC gaming company that relied on scamming people with such tactics.

    I really like people to understand what it means to buy into these kind of preorder hypes, it's really hurting our really scarce arpg genre with even more scams. This business owners have no remorse in destroying the memories of fans, stop supporting them. Support companies like GGG or Crate Entertainment.

Mixed or average reviews - based on 46 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 3 out of 46
  2. Negative: 8 out of 46
  1. Sep 14, 2014
    Deeply disappointing in just about every way. [Issue#253, p.70]
  2. Sep 14, 2014
    Behind the name, there's solid hack and slash with some decent enemies. But Sacred? Not to anyone, it seems. [Oct 2014, p.94]
  3. Sep 5, 2014
    Sacred 3 is a straight-forward and unambitious hack'n'slash game. The worst thing about it is that the storyline is bloody awful. [Sept 2014]