Mixed or average reviews - based on 37 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 20 out of 37
  2. Negative: 1 out of 37
  1. Sacred made me forget how disappointed I have been with many RPG’s over the last few years, was wonderful to play, and provided many hours RPG paradise.
  2. Sacred sets out to be little more than you’re typical hack and slash feast but with gorgeous graphics and a storyline/sound effects to match, but why shouldn’t we all devour it anyway?
  3. It’s a massive, massive game that never gets boring and one that’s so easy to get into and so good-looking that anyone wanting good old fashioned RPG action would be stupid to even consider purchasing anything else.
  4. A unique skill system, intriguing characters, and seemingly endless exploration await anyone willing to stay up to the wee hour playing this addictive title. I have played it obsessively since loading it, and I am just getting started.
  5. The sheer amount of content alone and the general high quality feel of the game is enough to make this a must have for most RPG fans. If it wasn't for the bugs and the glitches, this is an easy 90+ game.
  6. Its massive world, open-ended feel, deep arsenal, vast array of quests, epic story, good graphics/sound and addictive combat adds up to a game worth buying.
  7. 84
    While it had many elements that were highly familiar to me, there were enough unique elements to keep the game fresh and fun.
  8. There are no breakthroughs in terms of general design involved, but the open-ended gameplay and an admirably lengthy single-player campaign is enough to the fancy of any gamer. If we disregard the relatively weak plotline, this is really an enjoyable RPG experience with enough content and replayability to keep you occupied for days.
  9. People don't typically play action-RPGs for their riveting narratives. They want fast-paced combat, lots of environments and beasties, and tons of cool magic weapons, armor, and loot. Sacred's got all that in spades. [June 2004, p.69]
  10. Fun, addictive and quite compelling, although the repetitive nature of the gameplay does it no favours and certainly won't win over those who require something a little deeper and more meaningful. The game at least captures some of the spirit of "Diablo."
  11. If you are new to the genre and looking for a good entry level game then Sacred Plus is definitely a great game to start with and its available at budget price.
  12. If you’ve already played the "Baldurs Gate" series, and find yourself eager for another world to immerse yourself in, give Sacred a try and I’m sure you wont be disappointed.
  13. The sheer amount of sound effects and spoken dialogue is quite impressive, and the musical score isn’t too shabby either.
  14. The variety of characters offers a wide range of style to play the game, whilst the sheer size is guaranteed to impress fans of the genre.
  15. Sacred takes the best elements from the RPG genre and fuses them with a great deal of style. The polish, attention to detail, and obvious love that went into this game makes up for its minor shortcomings.
  16. 78
    One of the better action RPGs to come along in a while. There's a massive amount of depth, and the number of characters provides a lot of replayability.
  17. The biggest thing in Sacred that sets it apart from the crowd is the fact that you can ride horses into battle, trampling your foes beneath you or scampering away to pound them with magic or arrows from afar. [June 2004, p.135]
  18. If you enjoy action-RPGs and have been discouraged by the general lack of quality in all of the "Diablo" inspired games out there then you should give Sacred a try.
  19. A great-looking, generally solid action role-playing game that provides a few interesting gameplay innovations...But its combat system is also somewhat finicky and unrewarding, which is a significant problem for what's fundamentally a hack-and-slash RPG.
  20. Even with all its letdowns and bugs it’s still an enjoyable and addictive game that you’ll be going back to again and again.
  21. Sacred definitely gets better the more you play it, the monsters keep getting bigger until they almost fill the screen, the weapons and skills go from a half-hearted stab to a whirling dervish of metal and magic and the lands of Ancaria roll before you begging to be explored.
  22. I was addicted again for days to the Plus version despite playing the original over half a year ago. The thing with Sacred is despite all its flaws it keeps you coming back for more and that for me is the sign of a quality RPG.
  23. Although it doesn’t offer anything new, Sacred wields a metaphorical mace of monster mash with pride and panache. This is slick action adventuring with a lack of ambition but no shortage of charm.
  24. If you're not looking for an intricate story and lots of character interaction then there's quite a fun and hectic journey to be had through the troubled land of Ancaria.
  25. Frequent issues with controlling your avatar coupled with broken quests keep this gem from truly shining up to its full potential. The good news is there’s nothing so wrong with it that a few patches can’t fix.
  26. Every so often I had some fun with the game, but too much playing time is taken up by long, boring trudges where you have to kill the same enemies over and over again (and then over and over some more, since monsters constantly re-spawn), and that isn’t much fun.
  27. Hopelessly addicted RPG enthusiasts will probably not be able to resist its allure but you won't find any lasting peace and happiness deep down in your soul once you've completed it. Next!
  28. Sacred is about as close as a game can get to being "Diablo" without getting lawyers involved. [July 2004, p.73]
  29. The character development system seems a little basic and unfinished and the amount of bugs in the game really is unacceptable.
  30. The sheer size of the game and the time it will take to play through should keep the average player occupied for months and it moves with a steady pace that should keep most players interested.
  31. 60
    It’s a testament to the game that despite all of these problems, Sacred is still fun to play. No really, it is!... But there’s still no excuse for releasing a game in such shoddy condition.
  32. 60
    In the end the bugs and problems simply aren't worth the tradeoff for the few interesting ideas the game does employ.
  33. Given the variety of characters, you're bound to find at least one whose play style is entertaining enough to justify riding out the rough spots.
  34. It just plods along in mediocrity from start to finish, smiling contently all the way. And there's nothing innately wrong with that. There just isn't anything innately right with it either. [July 2004, p.58]
  35. Monotonous combat, a lackluster story, and poor visuals are countered by moderately intriguing characters; however, this isn't nearly enough to salvage the game.
  36. While Sacred is a fun, addictive diversion, its relentless simplicity makes it feel like it’s not quite a full fledged game. I don’t need a complex crafting system, but I do need to feel like I have some control over my character’s abilities and destiny.
  37. 45
    A somewhat interesting action/RPG title underneath all the terrible flaws.
User Score

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User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 15 out of 25
  2. Negative: 6 out of 25
  1. Nov 24, 2010
    I LOVED IT, it was on it's time one of the best games RPG I've played, excellent quest I even restarted the game a couple of times. TheI LOVED IT, it was on it's time one of the best games RPG I've played, excellent quest I even restarted the game a couple of times. The internet part is very good aswell and the game is really good Full Review »
  2. Dec 10, 2013
    Sacred was the first game to introduce me to the Hack n Slash genre. That's right, I never played Diablo at the time even though I'm oldSacred was the first game to introduce me to the Hack n Slash genre. That's right, I never played Diablo at the time even though I'm old enough to should have been doing that back then. But somehow I skipped it and it was this game that taught me what I was missing out on, and then some. Highly addictive gameplay, appealing graphics (there is something about the grittiness of Sacred 1 that I really prefer to its smoothed out successor), badly voiced but fun characters. It's a game that doesn't take itself too seriously but at the same time may provide some challenge, especially early on if you want to advance too far too soon.

    The skill progression is simple yet diverse. The difference in skills and weapon use are well implemented; each character does feel unique. After finishing the main Ancaria campaign (which took ages since I felt I had to explore every inch of the map) I must admit I didn't have much interest left to complete the Underworld campaign (Gold edition add-on). To me it didn't feel as a real part of the game, both storywise and mapwise. But I do love the two extra characters, they are both my favorites to use. The demon's spells are interesting to play around with (more then just your common fire ball, you'll need the battle mage for that kind of work) and the dwarfs cannon gun and use of mines is quite satisfying.

    I like both Sacred and Sacred 2, but this is the game that will remain somewhat special to me. Even though by now I do understand what Diablo (1 & 2) is all about. So yes, of course I would recommend this game, play it!
    Full Review »
  3. DregothVanT.
    Apr 24, 2005
    It's a diablo-style game that introduces a few original gameplay concepts. It's only fault is lack of game balance (i.e. you are It's a diablo-style game that introduces a few original gameplay concepts. It's only fault is lack of game balance (i.e. you are far superior in power than any enemy you will ever encounter) causing the game unchallenging and repetitive. Nice touches are horses and spells with a recharge time rather than mana (features that should really be introduced in all future RPG). My verdict: around 60% Full Review »