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  1. May 7, 2012
    I cannot even begin to describe how cheated I feel by THQ over this. The DLC just keeps ruining what was otherwise a great game. As a Season Pass pre-purchaser, I am just disgusted by the way they treated the title. It started out as stupid fun, and ended up just plain stupid. Trouble With Clones was downright irritating, and the narrator for the missions was so irritating I really just wanted a good opportunity to set him on fire. I had tons of incendiery weapons at the ready as soon as the opportunity arose. This final chapter of the Season Pass DLC, such as they were, just put the cherry on top of a sh** sundae that convinced me that from now on, I'm better off sticking with the base game when dealing with Volition. I might check out SR4, if I can forget how these expansions soured my feelings toward the game. Maybe.

    Seriously, don't bother with this expansion. It doesn't offer you the opportunity to restore what's lost in the first game. It just offers you the opportunity to torment the loss a little more, and drag a little more of the game's past into the mangling. Beating a dead horse has nothing on this for pointless tedium and exhausted premises.
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  2. Jan 2, 2014
    Just before I get started, don't buy this, just don't even think about it. The cutscenes made using the in-game engine are some of the worst I've ever seen. The missions themselves are nothing special with the exception of the bee gun (I forgot the name of the gun, much like you'll forget the generic missions in this DLC) which allows you to shoot bees at people. This just feels like an attempt to get into the wallets of people who thought Johnny Gat was awesome. Which I really couldn't care less about, along with many others. I'm going to finish this review the way I started it, by saying that you shouldn't get this. Don't get this. Full Review »