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  1. Situation: Comedy is a very good second episode in the new episodic adventure gaming genre. While the two hour play time is very pricey, the quality is good.
  2. 90
    It's a bit shorter than Episode 1 (mostly due to slightly easier puzzles), but the script is much sharper and funnier this time around, which makes it a more than adequate trade-off. Telltale Games is finally hitting its stride with this series and we couldn't be happier.
  3. The absurd scenarios of this series are perfect for the characters of Sam & Max. The excellent and colourful artwork, music and sound effects also help to set the scene.
  4. Vastly improved is the sometimes-schizophrenic camera from Sam & Max: Culture Shock that would block the goings-on, especially cut-scene interactions. I didn’t notice one instance of that particular issue at all in Situation: Comedy.
  5. While some of the complaints I had with Culture Shock – puzzle difficulty, for instance – have been addressed, the novelty has worn off ever-so-slightly.
  6. Adventure gamers should have bought into the season package, but those looking to test the waters might do well to go ahead and start here.
  7. 85
    Meets or exceeds its predecessor in almost every way. The dialogue is better, the story is more interesting, and the puzzles feel like they serve more of a purpose.
  8. It plays a little shorter than Culture Shock and the puzzles are easier, but Situation Comedy is still chockfull of Sam and Max nutty goodness.
  9. Hilarious continuation, and it looks like it'll only get better from here.
  10. If they can find enough substance for the continuing chapters we’ll continue to advocate their creations. Valve and Ritual, follow Telltale’s lead.
  11. Sadly, this episode fails to take the series further in terms of humor. Most of the gags seem a bit recurring and, in many situations, it's obvious the development team chose to stick with a specific line of jokes, most of which tend to follow the same pattern.
  12. The second episode features a few interesting characters, a fun story and the usual Sam and Max humor.
  13. This is an adventure game for anyone who loves adventure games, anyone who loves to laugh, and anyone who loves seeing animals represented as gun-toting sociopaths. And who can't admit to at least two of those? [Mar 2007, p.78]
  14. I have to award Telltale Games a high curve score here because of their good level design, the extremely good voice casting, and the hilarious situations and the equally funny dialog that goes a very long way into making the game such an extremely funny game.
  15. A slight improvement on the first episode which comes highly recommended if you’ve already enjoyed "Culture Shock." And it’s still less than a fiver.
  16. As a pure adventure game, Situation: Comedy can be fretfully easy, but I appreciate that Telltale has tried to implement some kind of showcase moment into each episode. [Mar 2007, p.66]
  17. Sam & Max never claimed subtlety, and this episode throws in a clear clue for future journeys. Audiences simply need to stay tuned for the next episode to see what zany adventures come down the line.
  18. The difficulty of some of the puzzles could be increased, but the variety of gameplay is there and the game was enjoyable and definitely worth the price of download.
  19. Situation: Comedy is where the Sam & Max series starts to really pick up steam - partly because it reveals the first hints at an overarching plot for the "season's" remaining four episodes.
  20. The choice is yours: wait for all six episodes to appear on one value-packed 15 (or so) hour game, or enjoy the cheap and cheerful drip-feed that we're getting now. Either way, Situation Comedy is another solid episode that bodes well for the next four - but let's have less of the recycled locations and more new characters next time, eh chaps?
  21. Those expecting a huge departure in Sam & Max Episode 2 will certainly be disappointed. Situation Comedy is more of the same. The same great writing, the same great acting, the same great mystery and the same great characters.
  22. 80
    It's great to see the second episode of the game come through both on time and, more importantly, deliver more of the humourous gameplay that the first episode gave us.
  23. Situation Comedy again proves that Sam and Max is back and Telltale really is doing a fantastic job showing Lucasarts what they should have done a long long time ago, not in a galaxy far away. It's a bit short, but we still highly recommend this game to adventure game fans.
  24. Telltale has gained fans, and imbued Sam & Max Episode 2 with a greater depth of story, tougher puzzles and, most importantly, a funnier script. And although it re-uses some of the first episode’s models and locations, the overall experience is more satisfying. [Feb 2007, p.106]
  25. There are more of these little games on the way. So how long will the gaming public tolerate the same dish time and time again? Quite a while, I'm guessing. If the quality holds and the ingredients remain fresh, probably for as long as Telltale wants to keep cooking them up.
  26. 80
    All told, Sam & Max fans have plenty to celebrate with three top notch (albeit brief) episodes.
  27. 78
    Situation: Comedy advances the story but it doesn't exactly move the series forward in terms of gameplay or humor. The puzzles are all much too easy and don't really tax the gray matter too much.
  28. One of the most refreshing adventure games in a long time full of clever and funny dialogue. The puzzles are much like the main characters: witty and out of control. [Feb 2007]
  29. Situation: Comedy is a good adventure that complements the original episode nicely, but it also feels much shorter than the first episode. Also, though this installment has a terrific premise, you don't get to do enough during the cooler parts of the game.
  30. It’s as brief and easy as the previous episode, but overall it’s more palatable.
  31. Situation: Comedy is a very fun way to spend a couple hours for a very reasonable price. It will be up to Episode 3 to really start building more momentum, though.
  32. 70
    The game's tightly focused plotting and puzzles work great in three-hour chunks and keep it free of the rampant illogic that most graphic adventures eventually succumb to&at least, when you consider the weird world that Sam and Max inhabit.
  33. "Situation Comedy" is very much in the same style as "Culture Shock", though it's a bit easier and even shorter, clocking in at a couple of hours. [Mar 2007, p.67]
  34. Situation Comedy seems to suffer from the "more of the same" syndrome.
  35. S&M mistakes 'wackiness' for comedy, alliteration for timing, and cliche for characterisation...Telltale just need to realise that writing funny is hard work, and they're not yet doing nearly enough. [Feb 2007, p.70]
  36. Even though Situation: Comedy zealously aims for the easiest of targets – cheap television – its satire can feel obvious at times and its parodies fall flat a little more frequently than they should. [Feb 2007, p.85]
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  1. Dec 27, 2014
    Somewhat shorter and easier than the first episode, but story-wise much better (more wacky stuff). Also in 103 some elements are getting a bitSomewhat shorter and easier than the first episode, but story-wise much better (more wacky stuff). Also in 103 some elements are getting a bit repetitive, but in this one everything still feels fresh. My personal favorite of the first three episodes. Full Review »