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  1. May 6, 2013
    Under the bark of a game definitely sexist, Scarlet Blade offers a classic MMORPG developed specifically for the Free-to-Play market, with all the content that we are used to see in online role playing games.
  2. Jun 12, 2013
    There is a reason why you have seen this crop up in many “Worst of...” lists including our own “Worst MMOs of 2013”, if it’s not for these reasons mentioned within this review, then it is for it’s downright disgraceful approach to MMO design, or just the controversy it has caused within the MMO community. Scarlet Blade is a title you’ll feel ashamed to play, and is truly one of the worst MMOs of this year.
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  1. Aug 7, 2014
    A solid story with unique game play. Scarlet Blade is not a game for everyone and its visuals will quickly put off certain people due to the extreme sexual content (which is explained in a very logical way through the story line). However, with the crowd it is intended for in mind, it is a beautiful and fun to play game. It is a futuristic Sci-Fi game with a very unique class selection and skills. For a free to play game the money shop is very unimportant for character progress; it is rather a means of visual enhancement and slight temporary boosts. The player versus player aspects are intense and include battles of up to eighty players on a side against each other. It has an active player community and is not nearly as trashy as one may think upon their first glance. All things considered it is an all around great game and very fun to play. We all have preferences for our desired "themes" in an online game and for the intended audience this one is a hit right out of the park. Full Review »