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  • Summary: Engage opponents in frenzied tactical struggles. Unite with allies to contest enemy nations' territorial claims. Customize your units with equipment best suited for your objectives. Achieve promotions for yourself and new upgrades for your war machines. Research new technologies to devastate the opposition. [Nexon] Expand
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  1. A wonderfully addictive game, as well as a challenging new way to play strategy. Best yet, you can kick ALL of your friends' collective butts at the same time.
  2. The commraderie, exciting combat, and RPG elements make Shattered Galaxy an incredibly unique and addictive game, able to take parts from other strategy titles and turn them into something that feels completely fresh.
  3. Shattered Galaxy has the best advancement system I have seen in an RTS game so far and it really makes you want to keep playing.
  4. Though the menu system can be awkward at times, and the tutorials need smoothing over, this is an excellent offering for a rookie release. [Nov 2001, p.128]
  5. You may log off thinking wow we are kicking a lot of butt, just to find the next time you log on that the tide has changed and your team is pinned against the wall…Real Time at its best!!!
  6. 77
    A simple game to learn but has an underlying structure that is very complex (complex in a good way though).
  7. Battles are almost always won by veteran troops – which means it all comes down to who’s willing to log in epic amounts of playtime. [Holiday 2001, p. 82]

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  1. Sean
    Mar 23, 2006
    This game is very good but i cant find the list of units that used to be there.
  2. GermanA.
    Oct 9, 2002
    SG Is the best game.
  3. D.C.
    Sep 23, 2003
    The game is great...i cant wait till the next version, when many more aspects are expected.
  4. [Anonymous]
    Jan 9, 2002
    A great game for multiplayer RTS fans, but be prepared to spend some time on it to be competitive.
  5. AnonymousMC
    Sep 20, 2008
    SG offers a new gameplay that didn't exist before. SG is the first MMORTS game on the net. For a free game, SG has good addicting gameplay to it. However, the graphics are old and the damage animation in the game is WAY too early. For example, if I was to hit you with a projectile, the projectile would have hit you regardless of it being in the air still. Anyways, cool free game. Try it out if you haven't already. Expand