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  • Summary: As a student of Astral the wizard, you and your friends study all the usual subjects: reading, writing, and sword fighting.

    As your time at school draws to an end, dark events are taking place on the island of Grans. The two Jewels which seal the Door to Darkness have been stolen,
    allowing a creature of awesome power to be unleashed. Finding where the Jewels were taken, and why, is a task only the bravest of adventurers can undertake. Expand
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  1. Mar 28, 2014
    I stumbled upon this game on accident at a rental store took it home and was hooked from the start, it was my first strategy Role Playing game I ever played. It has a really great and easy to follow story. The gameplay is excellent you can really take your time making Decisions. The graphics are ok. It reminds me of a chess game and they actually have a level where you are on a chess board. It also has a rat that turns into a freakin Ninja and a bird that turns into a phoenix, What more can you want? Expand
  2. Mar 22, 2011
    one of my first ventures into the stratagy RPG gaming and it hooked me . it has a good story and intresting charicters ( for its day atleast it was impressive) i like the slow paced turn based combat thats alot like chess . the game is about 25-30 hours and is a pretty good challange . why they dont make more games like this is beyond me because this is deffinitly my favorite genra of games. Expand
  3. Sep 9, 2013
    One of my favorite games of all time and of that 16-bit era, Shining Force 2 improves in every way over the original, which I also love. It has beautiful graphics for the time and honestly they still hold up today. The battle system is fun and engaging, and there are plenty of secrets to keep you playing. I Highly recommend it highly if you like JRPGs, Strategy RPGs, or just good games in general. Expand
  4. Jul 19, 2011
    It was 1995 during the school holidays, I was 14 and was given a few dollars to rent a game from the local video store, I found when arriving that I had previously rented or played most games available, all except a game on the mega drive named Shining Force. The graphics on the back seemed decent but I was sceptical as many Japanese RPGs I had played prior were hit and miss for me. As there was no other option I rented SF2 and while walking home had a feeling of regret, thinking that I was going to hate it and had just wasted my money. After 10 minutes of playing I realised the game was on to something, after 20 minutes I became hooked, completely, I played Shining Force 2 for 2 days straight only to rent it again immediately after. As the game was long it took me along time to finish it, several rentals but in the end Shining Force had become one of my favourite RPGs. The gameplay simple and great, the graphics were fun with the awesome mixture of monsters from mythologies was fantastic, the story was involving and had something I found myself really caring about, there was something that seemed at stake with the story and I found myself deep in imagination while playing and filling in the gaps of the gameplay.. Although parts are dated today, Shining Force 2 remains a classic and highly enjoyable to gamers with patience and imagination. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for RPG lovers. Expand
  5. Feb 29, 2012
    My first real gaming console was the master system (before that I just had an old atari 7xxx), however that was short of rpg's. When I finally begged my mother to get a megadrive, I still kind of stuck to the "non rpgs". It took a while for me to finally get around to playing this game. And when I did, it took almost no time for me to suddenly realize that i had been missing a lot - by playing conventional platformers and action games. It's funny because now I look back on turn based rpgs and much prefer open world games like skyrim. However back then - a turn based rpg was incredible because it did not involve me running around and jumping on heads - it involved actual storytelling and characters. And even to this day, shining force II is a very charming game. Perhaps not the level of chrono trigger or the snes rpgs that followed - still, the combat is also quite simple - yet balanced really well. The reason I give this a 7 instead of a 10, is because when I review games - I don't let nostalgia affect the score (otherwise morrowind would get a 11/10 instead of 8/10). I only score games vs how they actually hold up vs the current gaming climate. Load the game up now, clear the slate of memories - how does the actual game hold up. And it's a 7 - which is excellent. Shining force 3 on the saturn was also a better game - however I only managed to play that recently via a translation patch. I wish I had played SFIII when it first came out. Expand