Generally favorable reviews - based on 24 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 23 out of 24
  2. Negative: 0 out of 24
  1. Anybody who even kind of liked "Jagged Alliance" or its sequel should have already left by now for the store to pick up a copy.
  2. 90
    It's accessible, fun, and technically impressive, making it one of the better strategy games we've played in quite some time. Plus, it has laser weaponry and an angry Scotsman.
  3. The sort of game that has you thirsting for the expansion moments after you complete it. [Apr 2004, p.81]
  4. If you've ever played "Jagged Alliance 2" and thought "Hot diggity, if this took place in World War II and was in 3D, it would rock," here is your dream game.
  5. Its non-linear campaign and loads of strategic depth make for a thoroughly engaging experience.
  6. Even with its replayability and late-game problems, Silent Storm is really the best turn-based tactical game ever. Yes, it doesn’t have the strategic aspects of X-Com, but no game has such advanced combat.
  7. Where Silent Storm shines is in combat -- not so much from the combat engine itself, which is nice enough but which uses roughly the same mechanics (with action points and familiar modes of fire) as other tactical games, but in watching and taking part in the combat.
  8. An alloy of several winning gaming formulas, combing great graphics, wonderful sound, and deep, engrossing game play. And though it may not appeal right away to those of short attention spans, given a chance, you’ll find yourself being sucked into it, enjoying it to its fullest extent.
  9. 85
    What Silent Storm does better than most strategy titles, even those not of the type, is create dynamic, diverse situations that players must adapt to using an insane number of weapons, skills, and evolving strategies.
  10. 85
    It's got the core gameplay to be one of the best strategy titles ever made, but failures in execution means that Silent Storm ends up being nothing more than a good game.
  11. Refreshingly different, Silent Storm is a must-own for fans of the squad-tactics genre. [Mar 2004, p.61]
  12. While lacking a great storyline and a camera in the game that could have been so much better, these are things that can be easily overlooked when you consider all the fun gameplay options available to you.
  13. Features a surprisingly impressive presentation, complete with realistic physics and some of the most destructible environments ever seen in a game, which lead to some very exciting unscripted moments.
  14. 81
    Since most turn-based gamers aren't as concerned with particle effects and such, the real selling point is the strong and sophisticated tactical system.
  15. Even in such an obvious "as is" state, it remains the best turn-based strategy release since 1999's "Jagged Alliance 2."
  16. Despite a few glitches and omissions (no multiplayer or online options, although there is a map editor), expect Silent Storm to receive a noisily positive reception from the tactical strategy crowd.
  17. This title is well done, and though it could have been better with a few tweaks here and there, for those who want a strategic game that is mostly non-linear in terms of accomplishing goals and requires you to think through movement phases, then Silent Storm may be what you are looking for.
  18. The graphics are great, the player statistics are much more in depth than I expect from a typical game, and the gameplay in general, flows really well.
  19. The game employs what is known as "rag-doll physics." It's meant to replicate the way in which a human being's body reacts to an outside force such as car crash, explosion or bullet. The results are great. Bodies flail and fly with such accuracy that it's sure to put a smile on the lips of you sadistic little bastards out there.
  20. With a combination of destructible environments, a great 3d engine, role-playing elements and challenging turn-based fighting, Silent Storm comes up a winner.
  21. 80
    The best squad-based tactical game available for the PC. If you liked "X-Com," this will probably fit the bill for you.
  22. The open-ended gameplay, comprehensive overall design, and a strong replay value are the game's defining characteristics. Of course, this might not be enough to tackle with the big budget projects, but it's still worth checking out.
  23. The turn-based system feels very artificial and makes gameplay very slow at times...If Silent Storm had a better time system, it could have been a classic. [Feb 2004, p.112]
  24. Despite incongruous story points and sometimes clunky camera work, Silent Storm deserves the support of all right-thinking strategy fans. With its turn-based combat and destructible scenery it signals something fresh in the stale mound of World War Two games.
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Generally favorable reviews- based on 58 Ratings

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  1. EmilC.
    Jan 23, 2004
    Only faults of silent storm is hardware optimisation and few problems with path settings all other things are great expecaly destroyable Only faults of silent storm is hardware optimisation and few problems with path settings all other things are great expecaly destroyable soroundings everybody who loves turn based strategies should take it and wont regret. Brilliant!!! Full Review »
  2. JasonH.
    Jan 25, 2004
    I am an old-school game player since the 70s. I HIGHLY recommend this game. The physics model, the turn based gameplay, and the tactical I am an old-school game player since the 70s. I HIGHLY recommend this game. The physics model, the turn based gameplay, and the tactical depth make it a must have! The game IS short on story and "being fleshed out" but is still worth every dime in today's market of twitch games. While it falls short of being the next X-com or Jagged Alliance, it will more than satisfy if you enjoy deep tactical level warfare in an environment that is destructible. The AI is decent, nothing amazing, but not suicidally stuipid either. I give this game a 9 and would have given a 10 if it had been more fleshed out in terms of dialogue and story. Full Review »
  3. JimmusM.
    Jan 4, 2004
    Command a small squad of five other specialists (sniper, medic, grenadier, engineer, soldier or scout) in various World War II missions. Command a small squad of five other specialists (sniper, medic, grenadier, engineer, soldier or scout) in various World War II missions. Generally, turn-based combat games turned me off, with meticulous unit placement and dull graphics. Silent Storm just changed the face of turn-based tactical games forever. From the extensive custom character creation screen, to the totally destructable environments, I'm loving this game. I played the Close Combat series a few years ago, and while the gameplay was definately fun, you were left with very poor graphics; your soldiers being tiny little pixels on a mostly-overhead map. The graphics on Silent Storm are wonderful. Fully three-dimensionally rendered, with a free-roaming camera to give you a view of the battle from ANY angle. (You can turn off the computer's "cinematic" auto-panning, which I found to be more distracting than useful.) Character graphics are rendered in great detail, including some of the "load-out" of equipment they are carrying, so you can see belt-clips of certain ammo, and hand grenades or tools hanging on their belt. I was even impressed the way a character would bend their legs and body realistically depending on what angle of a surface they were standing upon. The custom character screen and lip-sync technology system used have been the subject of many online articles. It is obvious a lot of attention went into the characters. Just about every "fragile" object in the world can be shot, blown up, or destroyed. Can't get to an enemy because he's behind a brick wall? Toss a grenade at the wall, and not only will the wall be damaged, but often the enemy that was hiding behind it. In one game, I had an enemy on the third floor of a building that I could not get to. I simply blew the floors out from under him, and the entire building collapsed, causing him to fall to the basement and die. I don't believe that any game before has given you that kind of freedom and ability to use the environment to your advantage. Certainly there are a few bugs, many of which are addressed in the 1.02 patch, but overall, the game plays well "out of the box". There is an overwhelming number of weapons available, with you being able to pick up an enemy's weapons if you run out of ammo for yours, but there were some glaring omissions which might have been nice, like smoke grenades. The only major gripe I have is that the character phrases (which are different for each character) range from silly to downright lame. Luckily, they can be turned off. Because of the random placement on a map, and wide variety of options for character actions, you can really approach any situation in a number of ways. This has got to be the best turn-based tactical game I have ever played! Definitely a contender for Game of the Year. Full Review »