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  1. Mar 25, 2013
    I think most of the negative reviews are from: A) people complaining about the DRM because they can't steal the game; B) people who were very disappointed by the initial release server problems; C) people who are disappointed that the game isn't the same as previous releases of the franchise and D) people who hate EA, it's corporate model, and everything else about the big distributors. Pirates, too bad it's much harder to get for free. The server problems are being fixed. It's a new game which you should have recognized from all of the pre-release information available. EA is EA, like them or hate them it's your prerogative. The game is beautiful and fun. The multi-player experience adds an entirely new depth of dealing with other people for materials and goods. Being older than the average poster here, I have played the entire franchise since the original Sim City. I think this version, while not perfect, is a worthy successor to the lineage. And that's my two cents. Expand
  2. Mar 27, 2013

    All regions are clogged, filter by region, and there is no possibility of finding an empty area, too, the whole line launched in the toilet if you do not have any friends with this game you'll play alone in the region. Google Translate
  3. Mar 27, 2013
    Everyone is aware of the disasterous release. The server issues have been corrected and playability is stable now. Online DRM is still a bad idea, and even moreso for a traditionally single player game. Although, I do like the idea of having actual people in a region making cities and trading with other players, it's a very interesting part of it, but playing with friends seems to be troublesome as you all have to be on the same servers, and finding an open game just to join is also a chore....but always online drm isn't needed for that. The game is fun, but it does have its problems. Traffic seems to be a constant problem, how they handle ground water seems to be unrealistic, and some other general oddness. It does seem though they really wanted people to make specialized cities as opposed to the mish-mosh of RCI that we'd normally see. You can still do the traditional cities, but the specializations do make it interesting and are really how to get those high tech buildings people want. Visually the game is nice, and being able to zoom to street level and see sims and thoughts is cool. There are texture problems here and there with building flickering in and out of existance. Play areas are fairly small compared to the old titles, but you will run into the same issues regardless of map size (overcrowding, homeless, etc), and in some ways makes the player focus more on making the areas more desirable. you can however make multiple cities in a region and have them work with each other. So I guess being mayor of 3 or 4 small cities is like being the mayor of a big one. The game is not terrible, although probably had one of the worse releases I have seen in 20+ years of playing video games. It does have its issues, and falling retail prices reflect that. So, if you can get the game on sale at Target, go for it. Expand
  4. Mar 27, 2013
    Alright I'm not someone who is going to say "This is the best game ever, and all you people who dislike it are idiots!" However this latest SimCity title is what I would consider to be a fantastic game. Yes it is more of a business game rather than what some would call the "true" SimCity, but there is so much game behind this that its worth every penny. The fact that your Sims actually have their own desires, wants, and needs makes the world live and breathe. This is one of the single best simulation games available to date, regardless of whether or not Hardcore fans agree with that statement. Its defiantly worth buying and with the updates in place its hard to find reasons not to. Don't listen to the hate train, this is a great game. Do yourself a favour and pick this one up. Expand
  5. Mar 28, 2013
    A great game. I love the graphics and the play style. I don't know why people are saying the servers are always down when I've had no trouble with them. Plus you get a free EA game.
  6. Apr 1, 2013
    SimCity AKA SimCity 5 is the latest installment of SimCity from EA. It approaches the game in an new, interesting, stream lined manner that any fan of the franchise should appreciate. It adds new content by adding in a "quest" system of sorts, as you try to fulfill Sim's wants, needs and desires while balancing the town.

    They added in a new online co-op style game play in which you can
    trade with other local cities, something that should have been added in ages ago, something that the Sims 3 game should have had from the start.

    The game looks good, plays good and handles well.. When you can play it. When the servers are down, you cannot play the game, much like a standard MMO.

    I have two major complaints, the first being that you must always be online to play SimCity, I feel this is one of the worst possible ways to handle DRM. The second complaint is the fact I cannot access this game on STEAM. While this are kind of annoying, they are by no means deal breakers.

    Unfortunately, due to EA's reputation, the always on DRM and several other aspects, a very polished, fun, worthy titles is getting a massive amount of bad feedback from immature children who cannot understand that things can and will change with time. The same thing happened with Diablo 3. Due to some DRM issues and a bad launch day, a triple A title got horrible ratings. Do yourself a favor and try it out for yourself, don't believe all the negative hype surrounding an otherwise fantastic game.
  7. May 19, 2013
    Months after a difficult launch, nothing has changed nor will change. Ridiculously small map size make the game absolutely boring. If you played the previous SimCity version (2000, 3 and 4), do not buy this version. There is no tools for creating amazing road, public transport networks, bring decoration and build the city of your dream. The SimCity spirit is broken The only fix done so far is the connection difficulties due servers overload and I believe it was partly self fixed with players giving up playing.

    EA communication is poor blaming the customers not to appreciate this fantastic game. DLCs are already on their way. It's obvious that EA's priority is money, money, money. I hope they will be back slapped as much as many (ex) loyal customer were.

    Good luck to them
  8. Apr 2, 2013
    Yes OK, so there was a little bit of teething problem on EA/Masix's end, BUT now they are fixed, and the game is running well! The game its self is absolutely incredible. The detail of the glassbox engine are brilliant, and allow for a much more realistic simulation. The graphics are also truly beautiful!!

    In my opinion though, the game seems a little basic for the amount of work that
    must have gone into it, which can only mean one thing..... In true EA/Maxis style..... Expansion packs!!!
    I can just see it now! SimCity Transport, SimCity University, SimCity Resort :-)
    I am looking forward to the mods and custom content that are inevitability going to be created!

    Personally, I didn't really have too many problems connecting here in the UK, but thank for the free game anyways!
  9. Apr 3, 2013
    Althought the first few days were horrible with lots of problems I must say the game is pretty good... I had a lot of fun playing it and I can say that I will play this for a long time to come.. The graphics are great and the fact that you can zoom in and be able to see what your sims do and what they think is amazing.. The only problem is that the maps are a little small which means that in order to do everything you have to expand and build more cities in the region and the always-online DRM... This last one is the biggest mistake of the company and if the company doesn't do something about it then they might have a problem... Expand
  10. Apr 6, 2013
    This game doesn't deserve a 0-4 because there is one mistake with online DRM. This game is actually very fun. I played it now 1 hour and didn't got one kick and I enjoyed it very much. There's too much hate around this game what I don't understand.
  11. Apr 6, 2013
    Despite everything that has been said about SimCity, it is an incredibly addictive game. It may cost a lot more than it's worth and you can be disconnected instantly, but the fact that I've put 25 hours into this game already has to say something. A good buy, that at time's will frustrate you, but still is worth a great time.
  12. Apr 7, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Sim City is a great game where you learn a lot of cities, the acting is good management, but has many problems on maps and graphs that present technical difficulties in large scale. Expand
  13. Apr 8, 2013
    I started playing the game a week ago. The servers issues seem to be mostly solved now. I have not been bounced or had any connection problems at all. I, however, would like them to implement some addtional features like You cannot instantly bulldoze something (you have to schedule it for demolition) and to not instantlally build roads. Plus the cities are small. Other than that I love the game.
  14. Apr 8, 2013
    What started out as a somewhat enjoyable title quickly became stale and boring. The city size, the arguably retarded traffic and the lack of subways and more really made this game quite lacking. Not to speak of the dumbest DRM ever to be put on a game.
  15. Apr 9, 2013
    I unfortunately got suckered in and bought this game, the community is as good as dead. Still no leader boards or stats, a lot of promised game features still haven't been properly implemented, and server stability is a joke. I have had 3 cities i spent hours on just disappear for no reason. The 3 regions i play in, all my neighbors show ''Last online 3+ weeks ago'' Yeah.... That kind of speaks for itself.. THE GAME IS DEAD I tried to get a refund from Origin support with no luck. Buyer beware... You will punch yourself in the head repeatedly if you buy this Expand
  16. Apr 9, 2013
    Game has been released for over 1 month. STILL unable to maintain a stable connection to the low pop servers. STILL full of bugs, basic things like garbage dumps never producing trucks etc. Would probably rate as 7+ if the game was finished and could be played offline.
  17. Apr 10, 2013
    The game is fun, challenging, and addictive. HOWEVER!!! as of 4/10/13 cities and entire regions are being lost! Imagine leveling up 3 or more characters in an MMO and have them get deleted and be unrecoverable. That's exactly the situation with SimCity. You can create regions compromised of several cities. Quite frequently the cities themselves will bug out and you will have to "roll back" to an earlier state potentially losing several hours of work. You can find many reports of cities disappearing potentially losing days of work. I did not lose a city, I lost an entire region. The game crashed during play and when I logged back in all of my cities and the entire region was gone. Customer support consists of a blog page that you post to and hope someone sees it. I couldn't find a phone number anywhere and frankly have had enough lost time at this point to not care anymore. So $80 down the drain. Worse than being a game that is not fun, this one wastes days/weeks of your progress and will do so over and over and over again.

    Second point is that many of the game features, specifically leader boards, are not functional. Also many of the main game mechanics do not seem to perform properly. STAY AWAY!
  18. Apr 10, 2013
    I'm writing this after playing for the past few weeks. I was initially flabbergasted and dismayed by the server issues, but that has "mostly" been resolved. No one likes DRM either, but I doubt we can do anything about it so I'll leave that beast lie. I have played EVERY SimCity since 1994. I consider myself a city-building connoisseur. This new game has many great features that fans like me have been waiting decades for. Curved roads, upgrade-able buildings, specialized industry, actual tourism. Under-road utilities removes the headache of power-lines and pipes. I have had an enjoyable time learning the system and playing. If you are a true SimCity fan you'll find plenty to enjoy here. That being said.... you will also be frustrated by some of the limitations. City size is a major draw back for me. I always feel boxed in and forced to "go big or go home" so to speak. No room for low density neighborhoods in advanced towns. The size also makes large scale mass-transit impossible, so no highways or subways, which I loved in SC4. Traffic bugs and simulation quirks are also present some areas of improvement but it looks like Maxis is working on updates. This is not a perfect game by any means. It is better in mechanics than anything since SC4. If you like city builders you should try it... maybe once the price comes down... Expand
  19. Apr 14, 2013
    This was by far the worst thing EA and Maxis could have ever done to the Legendary city simulator. The small, focused cities allow no freedom to build the cities the player wants and instead determines that players need to work hard to maximize their populations. Their achievement system even reinforces this. Their non-working game mechanics allow rather dumb strategies to work in a city, where a real city could never function.

    City Simulation should not be based around a social experience. I liked the idea of a neighbouring city being built by another player, but they should have adopted a similar region concept to their previous titles, the fact that they used this is asinine. EA games needs to pull their heads out of the ground and start listening to gamers about always online DRM. Plenty of other companies show healthy profits. Maximizing profits does not earn you my dollar, respect does. It sucks that this company has ruined so many great and legendary gaming franchises. Hopefully Cities XL will pick up on all the problems of SimCity and never repeat them.
  20. Apr 16, 2013
    The launch was rocky but once you start playing the game you realise how much you missed building these metropolises, albeit small metropolises. It does feel limited by the removal of god mode and the map size
  21. Apr 17, 2013
    Once you get past the games tiny gripes, Simcity becomes an addictive game, It was really hard to understand all the negative reviews at first, but it all makes sense now, I purchased the game a week after it had come out and didn't suffer the server issue that plagued the day-one adopters of the game, I understand the anger and the need to go on Metacritic and rage about it being broken.
    To start you gotta think, Compared to Simcity 4, this game has it's limitations(fixed to medium map size, no manual pipes electricity lines etc), but most of the things changed were altered to make the gameplay more streamlined, For example, the world may be smaller, BUT it's not that much smaller, and if you can't fit your city in the confides of the map, then your doing something wrong. They are smaller to streamline the "Region" Idea more and it does work! Exceptionally I may add, sadly there isn't much benefit to playing singleplayer like this, but a game like this is meant to be played online, The automatic Pipe routing and electrical wiring, is automatic to make the map look less clutters and make it easier for beginners( I had tons of issues with this system on S4, I prefer the way it is now)

    Finally, If you were disappointed with this game, You were expecting too much, the Classic simcity gameplay is there, The Graphics are stunning, the tutorials are very well refined for beginners and all round is a better game than SimCity 4.

    I'm aware the always online is a problem, but since they fixed the filter issue and I can play online now, This game just got better with online, This game is meant to be played online, so they Always online isn't a problem especially for me.

    This game deserves a much higher score than it receives, If you loved the simcity franchise, This game is for you.

    I'm disgusted at people for rating this so low.

    This is a game everyone MUST own.

    It would get a 10 If Maxis iron out all the bugs.
  22. Apr 17, 2013
    I loved Simcity 4 and i was expecting all in 4 more with better graphics in new SC.That's not what i get at all.First of all forget getting the huge sizes in 4, and forget that you are actually building a city.This is Sim Town but i can live with this for now.All those patches server issues, wtf? Is this an MMO or a Simulation game?Ok i get it you want to make sure nobody plays it as a non-original copy.You want your money.But why in the hell i cannot select whatever server i want and continue my fckn game?I open a space with my friends than that server becomes non-playable.Great lets start again...Secondly, game is clearly not finished at all.It is still a beta game.I don't know how cities this game "forced" me to destroy just because it cannot merge my actions to servers.When that happens game just tells you to remove the city or go back and when you say go back it goes too back.The server is pointless cause it cannot save your game, it is just a DRM! I've stopped playing SC cause i am sick of loosing all my data and this game completely destroyed my ambition for a Simcity game.Yes it has graphs and music etc. but it is not finished, still a beta game.Finally i don't know why you can't get an item when your friends send you at the same time.It tooks for ages and you forgot that you send/get anything. Expand
  23. Apr 18, 2013
    Well. I ended up playing this turd of a game without having to buy it thank god. My friend made the mistake for me. Everyone else has obviously explained the stupidity of the situation so I won't waste my breath. I wont purchase the game, or any other from EA at this point--to many disappointments. Simple capitalism, if you want something good from EA, then don't buy their products until they put out something that the consumer really wants. They ruined Sim City. Expand
  24. Apr 18, 2013
    If you were upset by the launch of Diablo 3 then Simcity 2013's launch will be familiar territory. A gaming company (named the worst Company in America again) failed to live up to the demand of their customers, which is pretty much the #1 thing a company should concern itself with. In repeated interviews they were asked by the press if they would be ready for the sheer demand on their servers that an always online title would make and they constantly answered they would be. They of course failed and failed in epic fashion. Whereas Diablo 3 gave you "Error 37" and simply did not let you connect, on launch Simcity teased you by claiming that servers were full and giving you a timer. When said timer ran out it would again fail to connect and again start another timer, usually with an even longer wait. Once the launch issues were corrected it became apparent that the always online function was more of a handicap than it first appeared. You could no longer load a city whenever you wanted, you had to rely on the auto save function to recover your city should the unthinkable happen (such as getting disconnected from the server) and on top of that the cities were not shared across servers and many people had to server hop in the opening weeks of the game just to get connected so their hard work was made moot when the server they were using became full and they had to choose another. Top this off with what amounts to EA's Policy of Customer gouging and you have the makings of an utter failure. It is apparent that EA intends to make users pay for additional content piece meal, bit by bit as they see fit to release it, Things that should be free like cosmetic changes to building styles or vehicles are in the works as paid DLC. There will be no community modding as the game has an always online DRM (even though EA will claim it is not for DRM purposes, they will quickly ban anyone who attempts to circumvent it). The worst offense however is the games lack of completeness. It ran through a Beta build, but it still felt rushed. Numerous problems plague players such as traffic not behaving in a proper fashion, buildings not operating with the intended functions, and AI controlled services such as fire and police, acting erratically in response to situations they are supposed to deal with. Putting this all aside the game is a great revisit to the franchise, but its innovations are its shortcomings as well. The smaller city sizes coupled with the "regional" play handicaps most players. Anyone wishing to play a solo region must now manage multiple cities to ensure that they get all the services and functions required for just one city to work and the region view and city changing view are ridiculously complicated, requiring you to jump back to your own city every time before you can look at someone else's city, You can't just view one neighbor's city and then from that city jump to another neighbor, you have to go back to your own city and then jump to the other neighbor. The game just feels halfhearted and rushed. Expand
  25. Apr 18, 2013
    This game is garbage. I don't even want to talk about how the game requires an internet connection to start. Today it's the third time i start a city just to see it disappear after some errors" or disconnections.
    Waste of money and time.
  26. Apr 19, 2013
    I'm going to keep this short and simple. This game fails to work properly, if my city isn't being rolled back for the hundredth time then my highways either stop working or work contrary to how you would expect them to. Also add to the fact that the always online DRM, eventually the servers will be shutdown and this game will never be able to played again. Only benefit was I scored Dead Space 3 as a consolation prize. Expand
  27. Apr 20, 2013
    when I first reviewed this I was disappointed about the fact that I HAD to play online all the time but when I actually started playing this game to give it a proper score I was really surprised about the gameplay it is so good I've never really played SimCity before but have seen other people play it before and they were really good but the fact that u have to play online all the time I would give it a higher score but I have to stick with a score of 7/10 Expand
  28. Apr 20, 2013
    My Review is based on 275+hours of game play.
    First, the Graphics, are pretty, but even they have issues. Flickering fade out, loss of texture, terrain issues abound.

    The game was hyped on the regional concept and multi player, however, more of that is broken than not.
    Regions will take overly long to synch, sometimes requiring a full shut down to do so. That doesn't mean all of the
    cities will show the same. Second the bugs within the trade system can seriously impact game play (double and triple billing of imports, lost exports) Great works, are problematic, and lack any real impact to the region. In the 16 city "regions" you are still only connected to 4 other cities at max, meaning your really not Massive and not multiplayer due to the synch issues.

    The roll back issue, fade to black issue and failing to process issues, are MASSIVE game breakers and those alone, should stop anyone from considering this since in most cases, its a lost city, and time.

    The agent pathing is so problematic with multiple areas of the game that it would be better suited to to remove it entirely from the game. Combine poor agent pathing, with important systems like water, power, mass transit and you have a game crippling DESIGN element.

    Over all, other than the graphics, the game is shallow, has issues with its base design that effect the game itself adversely to a point that one must question the thinking in using it at all. Never mind the still present server issues of rollback, loss of processing and the new fade to black.
  29. Apr 21, 2013
    Written April 21, 2013. 50 days since launch. This game could have been really good. I wouldn't call it great though. EA and Maxis made the classic corporate mistake of thinking they know what people actually want better than the people do. They ran completely in the wrong direction with this version. Benefits: · Fully 3D rendered buildings · Add-ons for buildings allow for limited customization
    · Curved road system looks great
    · Multiplayer option
    · Clean layout of OSD
    · Game runs smoothly 95% of the time
    · "Sandbox Mode" cheat mode built in

    · Always online ruins single player:
    No local saves
    No ability to undo mistakes
    No ability to rollback cities after using disasters
    Limit of 10 regions per server. Not allowed to transfer cities to other servers
    No ability to access cities on one server from another server
    · Building have generic names on buildings (markets named "Food", banks named "Bank")
    Doesn't apply to DLC ad content (Nissan Leaf charging station)
    · Few landmarks included even in limited edition (no doubt saved for DLC)
    · Glassbox engine not nearly as complex as led to believe:
    Poor traffic handling
    Inflated statistics
    Sims go to random jobs, then go to random homes
    · Bugs. Lots of them. Too many to list.
    · Tiny Cities. My small interstate city is 9 times larger than the plots allowed in game, and our tallest
    building is the local courthouse. Skyscrapers in a city 1.2 miles square? Really?
    · One road connection to the rest of the region. One highway exit, connecting hundreds of thousands of
    people to areas outside of their little city. I've seen traffic backups longer than my city is wide.
    Commuters stuck for simulated days.
    · Intercity trade and great works projects suffer extreme lag. Even when all the cities in a region are on
    one player's account.

    I could play SimCity 4 for days, and not get bored. I start falling asleep after 2-3 hours with this one. Instead of sticking with a formula that worked, Maxis and EA decided that limiting our creativity was the right way to go. Curved roads are practically useless on a map that small. Changes to your city are permanent, unless you physically unplug your modem. Many small bugs persist, despite updates.
    I would compare this game to a new car. A brand new car whose engine stutters, radio works intermittently, occasionally won't start, GPS attempts to run you in circles, and is boring to drive. And when you take it back to the dealer, they deny that they sold you a lemon, and try to sell you upgrades.
  30. Dec 4, 2013
    I wish I'd checked these reviews before I went out and bought this game, thinking SimCity would be great as it always has been. First off with DRM, this doesn't affect me so much as I really always have connection but if the EA servers fail I have paid £40 to do nothing. It's not a city builder, it's a small town builder. The sizes of the plots are ridiculously small. How can you build a city in a 2km by 2km grid?

    What I was expecting was something along the lines of SimCity 4 but with new features/better graphics. There's a few new features but i'd say there's less features overall. Ea have taken out highways and subways and to build an airport you're going to have to destroy half of your "city"

    Honestly so disappointed with this version of SimCity. Going to play SimCity 4 to try and recover from burning £40.

    Don't buy...

    Added review:

    After 8 or so months i decided to come back to this game, still disappointed. If you look at their Facebook almost every comment is from people who want bigger maps. Surely the next update has to be bigger maps? no. I don't understand why a game company would so blatantly ignore their fanbase. Surely they would actually make money from this?

    To add to it when i patched i couldn't play because the server was unavailable... I think i'll take a point off my previous score.
  31. Apr 28, 2013
    First of all, i have to say that the games is very fun to play.

    BUT i has some problems:
    -Streets are always clogged up, because Sims don't drive around traffic jams.
    -Some of my cities cant be loaded anymore since the last patch.
    -Cities are way to small.

    When maxis is improving on some of the games problems it could be an awesome game.
  32. Apr 29, 2013
    I play Simcity since the first one. I can say: EA destroyed the series. The map is too little and you have very limited options to build a nice city, among many other problems.
  33. May 3, 2013
    I do not get what's with all the hate over this game. Sure, always-online DRM is a bummer, but it's actually pretty good once you get past that. EA may have bad practices, but they aren't worse than New Jersey. Come on.
  34. May 3, 2013
    It is shocking to see such a good series become terrible within 2 hours of playing it. Seriously, EA forces you to use internet in this game, despite great internet, it repeatedly says 'NO INTERNET' and then after at least a few seconds it crashes. The only good things were the graphics and the rioting but it still doesn't develop realistic characteristics
  35. May 6, 2013
    SimCity is supposed to be THE city simulation game. Unfortunately, it has been corrupted by the scourge of EA.

    The only redeeming features are a beautiful environment created by the GlassBox engine and breaking the grid, and for those I give 2 points above 0. This is after the most grievous bugs of the tacked-on 'MMO features' which were preventing the game from actually running have
    been resolved.

    It is a huge step back from the features and gameplay of SimCity 4. The simulation is super-shallow and there is zero challenge and the game becomes boring pretty fast, and largely forgettable.

    Stuff which should have been there from day 1 is missing, and we can see already the DLC on the pipeline just to give us what should be there in the first place. The number one on this list are BIGGER CITIES; seriously, each land patch is the size of a neighbourhood.

    The writing is on the wall, it is just a matter of time until it becomes a The Sims-like monstrosity with 10+ DLC that would cost upwards of $500 to have the complete game, plus optionally buying in-game currency.
  36. May 7, 2013
    Server problems were fixed and I was able to get on to play finally.......Once in after you've played a bit you notice that game mechanics are not great and they've cut corners. The game in terms of overall gameplay has not been thought out well enough. SimcCity had been a single player game, this time around they made the mistake of putting more emphasis on the Multiplayer aspect. This leads to very small city sizes, you're expected to work with other cities. Of course where you don't want to and want to have the old big city style game play...well you're out of luck. I feel as though because of this always on DRM they've tailored the game around it. Since it has been essentially proven that the servers are not doing any computation...its becoming very clear that the small city sizes and working with others came after it was decided that there was going to be always on drm. This is an epic failure in my opinion and in my opinion just ruins this would be great game. Expand
  37. May 8, 2013
    Now, while the game-breaking bugs and server crashes are fairly annoying, the gameplay itself is fun and nicely balanced. The data maps are cool, the simulation flows nicely, and the graphics have the whole model train set feel which I find charming. The bugs are the real let-down though. I feel as though if EA and Maxis took more time to fix out the kinks, this would be the best strategy game on PC now. The multiplayer is also a huge letdown and a waste of time. If you can handle the bugs and crashes, you will find a gameplay experience both challenging and fun. Expand
  38. May 8, 2013
    Its a good and fun game, but people will want it with singleplayer one, on my 16 years of gaming, this is the most crap game because of the forced online, SERIOSLY EA, WHAT ARE YOU THINKING WITH THIS? MAKING THE GAME'S SINGLEPLAYER A DLC?
    Its a singleplayer game but forced online? Hell no.
    Waste of money. the premium edition is even 80 bucks, this is the real waste of money.
  39. May 10, 2013
    IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO IGNORE THE RED REVIEWS! There are some very valid reasons why:
    1)Alot of the are old from when there were server issues. I have played for 30+ hours and had NO server issues. It work beautifully, and takes some of the calculation load off your machine.
    2)'This version has less X!' The only items this version is lacking are subways, every other building and system
    has been immensely improved. Alot of the complaints here come from the Nostalgia effect where old things seem better, and simple hatred of EA: People WANT it to be bad so they can hate.
    3)'Omg 0nl1ne mult1player suxs!' No it doesn't. Its nice to have some friends to work with for once, and you all have internet connections. Its not a problem. Really.
    4)This game is brilliant. Its easy to pick up and play. Its easier to get information about your city. It has the most advanced simulation of any city sim game ever made. And the ability to use micromanagement thanks to the new 'ploppable' item system really adds to the game.

    TL;DR: This games problems are GREATLY exaggerated. After playing I can only conclude that people either reviewed before the servers were fixed, are too deep into nostalgia to like anything knew, or hate EA so much they would dislike this game no matter what.
  40. May 13, 2013
    Always online DRM for a single player game, when servers will be down then you'll be locked out of your single player game, save states being tied to client-side servers, Origin only game, day 0 downloadable content and many DLC's will be released in future at high prices for low gain on your end, with poor customer service, basicly this is a facebook game, being sold as a PC game, avoid this game at all cost. Expand
  41. May 13, 2013
    I can't play any of my cities. I'm sick of starting of scratch every time I want to play. Screw you EA and screw your stupid goddamn servers. I can't play any of my cities. I'm sick of starting of scratch every time I want to play. Screw you EA and screw your stupid goddamn servers. I can't play any of my cities. I'm sick of starting of scratch every time I want to play. Screw you EA and screw your stupid goddamn servers. I can't play any of my cities. I'm sick of starting of scratch every time I want to play. Screw you EA and screw your stupid goddamn servers. Expand
  42. May 13, 2013
    Just goes to show you, trying to actively prevent piracy over giving someone a good game only encourages piracy. Why pay $60 dollars for a DRM bug ridden mess, when hackers have made it to where you can pirate the game for free and not be locked into the DRM.
  43. May 13, 2013
    This game is by far the worst Simcity, ever and, I love the Simcity franchise but this is just unacceptable. The Simcity franchise was initially a single player game, but now that this game is only DRM, the game is dependent on server's. EA most have done this to reduce, or entirely prevent pirating of Simcity, but really it will just prevent die-hard fans from ever buying the game. Further more, another terrible problem in my opinion is the city scale, the cities are way, way to small. It allows good players like myself to create an entire city, to the city borders in under 2 hours, which is terrible. Simcity fans want to spend countless hours on one city, without limits. The game is also a dumbed down version of the other Simcities, it is extremely easy. Overall this is a bad game. Recommendation: DO NOT BUY. Expand
  44. May 18, 2013
    The game is good at gameplay, but he can be better. The idea was a good one, but when you buy the game at DVD, EA says: Unlimited posibilites. The game is an remaster of SimCity 4 Societies, but he has some bugs. EA must solve them with a patch. That game it was so close to be a succes but the multiplayer- why we use that? I can't play that.... cause tht cursed server are full or busy. It can take hours. Once you are in your world you will see a very small place to create your world (SimCity 4 is 10 times bigger). And in 2 hours (max) I haven't anything fun to do in my world.
    P.S EA wake up and don't fail like that with Sims 4.
  45. Jun 1, 2013
    The score needs to be reset... This is kinda total I don't like EA but still this game is good people judged it by the starter not the actual game! people are idiots... this game should have a 8-10!
  46. Jun 2, 2013
    Sim City is a nice game, however, it's had a rough start. The maps are too small and sometimes it's just not enjoyable to play.
    Servers are unstable sometimes, game crashes.
  47. Jun 9, 2013
    Everyone should ignore the low scores this game has solved its online bugs and is great now! I fell in love with it and played 45 hours in the first month. Great DLC continues to come out. I recommend this to anyone who likes simulator games.
  48. Jun 16, 2013
    This is not Simcity
    The maps are tooooo small
    very limited road options.

    I am not playing the game until they make larger maps and fix the roads it is a joke.
  49. Jun 18, 2013
    Great game! If you liked the old sim city games Sim city 5 will be a great pleasure to play. It is very recognizable to the old games. This time though the game dives much deeper into detail and micromanagement. If you like to play fast without much eye for detail the game will work fine but you can dive as deep as you want. Making my first city is was just the beginning. After that you can start your own territory and claim all city area's and with that start this huge metropolis. If you like to play with other users you play an open area and help each other develop parts of the world. I understood that there were major start up problems so I waited until those were fixed. Since I bought it I experienced no bugs, flaws or crashes. Expand
  50. Jun 19, 2013
    Before SimCity came out, I was hyped for it. The idea of working with friends (and even strangers) to build a region was something I've wanted to do for a long time. I knew going in that the game would not be quite as detailed as SimCity 4. But at launch, and even a few months later, hardly any of the "online play" features have come to pass.

    You have to sign in to Origin to play, yet
    the region rankings and other leaderboards hardly seem to work at all. Disappointing. The game itself isn't terrible. The missions are enjoyable and the game maintains its sense of humor and excellent music that have been with the series for its entirety.

    But overall, it's just not what I was hoping for, and I still play SimCity 4 more than I play this.
  51. Jun 27, 2013
    To really review this game as it is now, you might think that most of the bad reviews are just because people are biased because of server problems. However I am going to compare this game to its predecessors with reference to its supposed 'cloud processing'.
    - It was fun playing with a friend, this was not due to the supposed multiplayer, but it was fun because we could see each other's
    development and we strived to make a sustainable and still a good looking city.
    - Cities feel so so very small when we think about what the older simcities were like. My friend and I both agreed that cities should be bigger as it felt very crowded when we made high rises and large buildings and landmarks.
    - More maps and links. We see these maps are even more of an unnecessary restriction, why are we unable to connect every city and great work via road/railways, this would encourage us to play more in order to get every great work and create more cities since they are connected.
    - Ferries are so useless (imo)
    - I believe that they have attempted to (i forgot the word for it) re-make/re-publish this franchise a bit, however they should definitely remove the oh-so many restrictions this game has. Whether it be offline play, or large cities, or amount of cities on one map. I see simcity as a sandbox where I can create whatever I like and how many I want to make, and if you restrict me in this way, I really can't enjoy it to the fullest. While I do take into account that they may or may not be telling the truth that they require cloud processing and if restrictions were not placed then it might be too much, then they could spend more time seeing if they can utilise multi-core properly.
    - I feel that it was rushed and ruined by EA being their publisher. I feel for maxim.
    - Saying that, I have enjoyed the game for most of the 77+ hours (the is because origin booted me out and didn't save more of my hours) that I've played
    - 7/10 for me. I still put more hours into this game than most, though I don't know if the enjoyment factor was as much. I recommend picking this up if you are/were into simcity when it gets discounted/down to a low price
  52. Jun 29, 2013
    The game now, a few months after release, is good and quite enjoyable. The game alone i'd rate as good as any other simcity, about an 8 rating. The downside of the game now is that despite best efforts it didn't bring anything new to the table with the multiplayer aspect. That said... at release it was awful as the negative reviews show, and it really would make me think again before buying anything with DRM such as this or any EA/Maxis product again as they were caught lying and time after time refused to refund a completely unplayable (at the time) game. Expand
  53. Jun 30, 2013
    Most of the server issues have been resolved, and it seems the devs still haven't abandoned ship (yet), updates are slowly being released, mostly focused on fixing the incompetent agents and traffic AI. While not the best game in the world right now, it defiantly shows potential to becoming the game it should have been at release.
  54. Jul 9, 2013
    This game is a awesome game but I wish they would of planed to put that dlc content in the game and have all the bugs worked out and bigger map sizes and they sent out a survey in an email about the changes that should come soon the other reason why I don't like this game is the always online thing that's not the best thing to do but Maxis and EA made a good game
  55. Jul 10, 2013
    My score is 9/10. The launch of the game was failed. Game Engine GlassBox destroyed terraforming. But full 3D, fun with my other Russian friends, easy and other good things... DRM is bad, 1199 RUB very high price for Russia, EA
  56. Jul 30, 2013
    It seems like most of the technical serer problems have been resolved at this point in time. I have been playing the game for several months without problems. It is a fun game but considerably than earlier incarnations. being able to play and interact with others is interesting. I miss the terra-form and don't like the way cities are limited. Still addicting and worth having.
  57. Jul 30, 2013
    I honestly have to say that Simcity 5 disappointed me very much. All of us where waiting for the return of the Simcity saga with a stunning performance of Maxis, but instead of having a master game and they gave us just a simplified version of the previous game Simcity 4, but we must say that the graphical advances of this game are a huge advance.

    Talking about the negatives points,, as
    I said at the beginning: this is a simplified version ,I mean that the lots o transports that were in SC4 like highways (that are already there by the game), monorail, subway, train, etc. were all removed. Another thing that has get the most of the critics is the fact that you must be online to play a single player game, that's something incredible, in this game is well know by the users that if the server reached its maximum capacity you can play and you will have to wait until you are allowed to play and the server has a little space four you game, another thing that captured our attention us that the space for the city is too small, you can't rise a metropolis in that tiny space. And finishing the negative points, we see that the buildings for every tools or service is limited to 3 or 4 compared to SC4 where in police you could have like 5 or 6 buildings, but that's obvious, isn't it? a few things for a little space.

    In the other hand, this game has some positive things. Starting from the 3d camera that allows you to see every corner of the city and the extraordinary graphics that it has. For me there are two important things that wasn´t in the previous games of the franchise:
    1) The multiplayer mode: it allows you to play with other people in the world if you have an Internet or LAN connection, it's based in a region where the players have a city and they interact with the other ones for better or worse, and every city has a role.
    2) The city role: in CS4, the cities interact with each other but It wasn´t like now, in Simcity 5 the cities perform a specific role, for example: you have a tourist city, an industrial city, a casino city, a city based on minery and other kinds.
    Others things like, the add-ons in the buildings is another advance and the realistic geographic conditions, like the places were is water under the ground, the way the wind blows or the mineral that are in the ground.

    In conclusion. I can say that the users expected more of this game, and for now we will go on using Simcity 4, almost we must admit that correcting this negatives things and we combine this with SC4 I can ensure you that this will be the best urban simulator ever, but by now we will have to wait until EA and Maxis decide to take this franchise more seriously and take it back to the place it must be.
  58. Aug 1, 2013
    After a while since the official game launch, I thought to review the game and I don't really know where to start...

    The game has some design flaws that make it really hard to enjoy once you finally accept the fact that you no longer control a city but need to take care of a bunch of them in order to reach the upper levels of development or cooperate with friends or random people.
    Still, the difficulty level is so low (with limited options in terms of finance or policies that were present in past SImCity games), that people looking for a challenge should steer away from this product as the problems you may get come from faulty game mechanics, not the level of proficiency needed to design and maintain a city. There are still major problems with connectivity after so many months and it's more than just a nuisance when you can't even play singleplayer because servers are full... Plus, you can loose a city you built! Regions just disappear from the servers or they are there but you won't be able to access them getting an error message frustrating at best.

    Given the franchise history, the developer of the game and the publisher, this should have been at least a 8/10 game. At the moment, after a countless number of patches focused on resolving issues with people being able to play at all, not addressing real issues like malfunctioning game design (horrible transportation aspect for instance and constant problems with that no matter what you try to do with it), this game is a 5/10 for me and that's only because I still hope that major problems will be resolved and that this game will be playable.

    If you're new to the genre, go play something else. Veterans you have been warned.
  59. Aug 2, 2013
    Dawno nie widzieliśmy naprawdę dobrej strategii o zarządzaniu miastem. Maxis dał nam szansę zagrać w to, co tak długo oczekiwaliśmy. Nowe Sim City posiada bardzo ładną grafikę, ogrom ciekawych elementów. Do tego jest zrobiony tak, że każdy może sobie z tą grą poradzić. Wciąga na długie godziny, po prostu zapomina się o realnym czasie. Twórcy odwalili kawał świetnej roboty, robiąc ogrom rzeczy których nie miałem szansy zobaczyć w innych strategiach. Maxis I EA musieli jednak jakoś zepsuć sobie moje zdanie. Stałe połączenie z internetem, dlaczego? Ja się pytam dlaczego? Największy błąd jaki może popełnić firma robiąc gre. Do tego dochodzi mały teren na którym możemy budować. Boli mnie też brak kampani, jak i mniejsze niedopracowania. Moja ocena 8/10 Expand
  60. Sep 9, 2013
    The new SimCity is a casual, online-only, sandbox game involving lots of micromanagement with little useful data to guide your actions. The pretty miniature cities means you can create good looking desktop wallpapers but that's about all it's really good for once you've figured the game out. This is fine if that's what you're looking for in this game but it's about as far from the original SimCity formula as you can get. While Maxis should be lauded for being bold and trying something new the design and implementation was so poorly done they may have done irreversible damage to their reputation. Expand
  61. Sep 18, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Inventive restructure of user interface, solid execution on how interactions "feel" in game. Social structure and communication of system needs is acceptable. NOTHING SAVES YOUR CITY WHEN THE WATER IS GONE. Unless you happen to occupy an ocean or river connected tile for water supply (river resource runs out too) you need a solid seller of water to fuel alternative economic priorities than base industry. Tech industry is almost all water need. I tried to self supply, no hope there. Want my $70.00 and 12 hrs back now. Played it day of release... FAIL. A few days later, functional. Later that week, water mechanic kills off entire map.

    I guess I could go play BattleFailed on servers run by abusive douches.
  62. Sep 27, 2013
    SimCity simulates itself. The AI programming just needs a better coder.
    E.g. Citizens walk around and around Buildings non-stop; Police cars are usually there, where there is no crime; Citizens complain about trash problems even if there are non; And the biggest Problem: There is too much traffic. New York has 1000% less.
  63. Oct 1, 2013
    SimCity is one of the best simulation games around. The simulations are so incredibly deep it just took my breath away. Depending on if you city has 1 million sims or just one, each sim has there own name and background. The graphics and game play are also some of the best around. After playing this game for 50 hours over a one week period, I new this was one of the best games I've ever played.
  64. Oct 24, 2013
    This game is over the user. Just you right? too small maps, no possible way to terraform areas, road system. Generally downgrade its soo much more to write
  65. Oct 26, 2013
    It's a decent game, but it gets old after only a few cities. Origin is a pain in the behind and isn't even close to being on par with Steam. Unless you want to constantly drop $30 for expansion packs (Think Sims 3 style)... than I wouldn't bother getting this game. Sim City 4 will get you immensly more entertainment value for your hard earned
  66. Oct 29, 2013
    I have begun to really hate EA and Origin recently, too many bad decisions have resulted in SimCity being unplayable most of the time, due to servers being full or not having a good enough internet connection. The Game is good, you just can't get on there 50% of the time. EA It's in the game (of you can actually get on it in the first place).
  67. Oct 29, 2013
    I'm relatively new to the game so far and have the following to say: PROS Beautiful graphics Nice new features (ie adding features to existing structures) Streamlining of "monotonous" tasks (ie power lines/water pipes) CONS Small build sites Some say this is unimportant, definitely not true. Hopefully since this game is an "online" game that can theoretically "evolve", this can eventually be expanded. If city sites are to be small, they should also show some variation instead of just being same sized square boxes.

    Some reviewers state that a city in real life "cannot have all things"... simply not true. New York City for instance is not "buildable" in the games current form. The game really does need the ability to "expand" beyond a square box borders.

    Elimination of some items (ie subways)

    Fact that you're "buying" a game that may someday be no longer supported, in a sense you're "buying" a game that's in some ways being treated as a rental.

    While a good start (I hope they don't stand pat), the regions concept is just not realistic in the sense that you have multiple "squares" for cities... while the land separating these squares are never "develop-able".

    In the end, I'm not sure if I had it to do all over again, I would spend $60. The online feature of the game is not that big a deal however the unrealistic nature of the game (in the name of multi-player) is pretty disappointing when compared to past versions. I'm open to something "new" but not if it only "limits" your "powers", so to speak.

    Right now, I'd advise people to wait to see if the developers improve the game. In some ways it's an improvement but in too many others, it's a regression.

    Looking forward to playing it but overall, fairly disappointed.

    One last thought Similar to EA Sims franchise, they tend to "nickel and dime" you for every new minor feature... that seems to be where they're headed with this as well. Before offering all these new "bells and whistles" for a price, they really need to expand the space on which you are able to build.

    It's interesting they did not name it SimCity 5... Truth be told, it's more like SimCity 2.8 3.2...

    Sim City 4 is still superior to this new effort.
  68. Nov 1, 2013
    The idea of the Simcity is both got better and worse. The machine which controls the sims had big upgrades. However the massive engine caused other game performances to decrease. They weren't able to give the player the opportunity of choosing the building size. Also the new multiplayer gameplay shouldn't be necessary it should be optional. The idea of Simcity is making your own city not making someone others "TOWN" Expand
  69. Nov 5, 2013
    Corporate greed at its worst! DRM ruins a potentially good game. Like others have said, I will never support draconian DRM measures ever again especially for what should be primarily a single player game.
  70. Nov 6, 2013
    One of the worst game launches ever to happen in history.

    The game-play itself was alright, but capped out at about 10 hours. I spent about another 90 hours trying to figure out of I actually enjoyed the game at all, but it became clear that the game had no real point or optimization to make it worth the effort. I paid for a city simulator and got nothing but bugs, corrupted data, and
    terrible drm.

    The graphics were stunning, but after a while it clearly all looks the same and it becomes apparent that you can't actually make the city how you want, all you get to do is build your city how they want.

    Playing with others was impossible, and it seemed like that was the whole point to the built in drm. It simply didn't work people would abandon their plots after a few hours leaving you all alone, which wouldn't be terrible on its own, but the way they built the game made it seem like team play was the point, yet there really wasn't any way to actually play with others.

    Overall this was a promising game that became a huge let down.
  71. Nov 7, 2013
    Este es el gran fracaso de EA, es una lástima que una saga tan fantástica se haya visto destrozada y vapuleada por un juego tan mal hecho, no es solo el DRM lo que es indignante de por si cosa por la que merecería escribirse todo un libro de críticas pero no voy a entrar en eso es el juego en sí mismo el que ha fallado estrepitosamente.

    se anuncio como la apoteosis de la simulación y
    la definitiva reencarnación del genero con la conjunción de todo lo positivo de los anteriores y ha sido un nefasto fracaso, merece la pena pararse a enumerar los fallos más dolorosos:

    1º lo que de primera hora debería de haber sido una aliciente la "socialización" e interactuación con el resto de los jugadores de tu mismo territorio e incluso del mundo se torno a una dependencia extraña que impide un desarrollo optimo de tu ciudad (más que nada por la poca gente que juega de forma estable a este juego).

    2º los mapas de juego real, es decir donde tú puedes construir y jugar en definitiva son demasiado pequeños, cosa que se ha hecho así presupongo para poder conseguir el primer punto

    3º a pesar del primer punto y a causa del segundo es irracionalmente fácil hacer que tu ciudad crezca e imposible hacer que la ciudad sea estable, cosa que a título personal me acaba provocando dolor de cabeza y no diversión

    4º los servidores dan literalmente pena, vergüenza ajena

    hay más razones por las cuales no merece la pena ni mencionar este juego, no hay más que ver la puntuación de los usuarios.
  72. Nov 8, 2013
    Now I have been a fan of the SimCity franchise for a while now and naturally got incredibly hyped when they announced they would finally be releasing a new game to my beloved franchise. I didn't buy it at first, I was short on funds and wanted to make sure it would be worth it. So I waited for reviews, and boy did everyone loathe this game. Server trouble, numerous bugs, crashing, always online, the list goes on and on. I steered clear of it for a few months until I finally got around to playing it. I prepared for the worst, but what I got was my favorite game in the franchise to date. I loved it... The problems people said they had with the server were basically non-existent for me and I never had trouble with crashing. I loved the gameplay, though the city size definitely is to small. I love the camera controls, which are very responsive and crisp. I also greatly enjoyed the graphical style of the game, it felt more like a city than any of the previous other games had. I also enjoyed the curved roads, naturally. Sometimes clipping onto roads was annoying but for the most part it worked out well. The modules you can add to buildings are AMAZING, definitely one of my favorite additions, much more efficient to add more cops cars to your police station than to build an entire other one. Anyway, as a whole this game delivered on a level I didn't expect and I had a truly wonderful experience with it. Expand
  73. Nov 18, 2013
    Probably one of the worst game launches ever, but even if you survived this disaster the game is just not a good Sim City. The Cities are too small and they don't really let you create your own city. They want you to build them like they want. EAs DLC politic makes it even worse. If you want a good Sim City don't buy this, buy Sim City 4 probably the best Sim City.
  74. Nov 18, 2013
    Several months after release and I still play this game as it is what I call my go to game. When everything else fails, got to SimCity. That is one of the better ways to while away a few hours. Just look at the youtube channels that are dedicated to SimCity. Rated it 8.934628364 out of 10.00
  75. Nov 18, 2013
    Been a fan for every one of them. This one is the most deceiving. It takes forever to start the game (about 10 minutes). Very slow and it is NOT my computer!!!
  76. Nov 19, 2013
    Simcity is the best bad game ever. When you first get into it, the happy go lucky nature of it coupled with its bubbly and user friendly UI and graphics will have you smiling ear to ear. As you start to "complete" your first city or two the flaws really come to surface and they really take away a lot of the fun.

    It's lost the charm of the Simcity series but you can still find a good few
    hours of entertainment here. Hopefully the next installation will get rid of the "dumbing down" and back into actual city building like Simcity 4. Expand
  77. Nov 19, 2013
    great game, love the way it handles the interactions with other cities and the fun of building my own city, how I can choose how it runs, say: Green city, or industrial or a smart city. but really, they give you hardly any space to build on and they put adds in the game, with the bloody NISSAN LEAF CAR ADD AND PROGRESSIVE INSURANCE ADD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Really is that how low you can go EA! But they are a minor impact to a fun game,

    +creative choice
    -no space to build
    +online is great
  78. Nov 23, 2013
    Worst customer/producer communication ever. They get so much hate on facebook and streams.. i dont get it. The community wants bigger maps offline mode and so on.. Hobby modder are able to creat things like that but maxis "is not able to" Rly i dont get it
  79. Nov 23, 2013
    10 months after the release of the game and after so much talk at forums about city sizes and bugs EA releases an expansion? Are they kidding us? DO NOT BUY any simcity game. They suck a lot.
  80. Nov 24, 2013
    Sadly, i was disapointed by SimCity. I expected alot, and i was let down. You are forced to be online all the time, and then the servers are not working. What a great start. Anyway i forgave Maxis and after they fixed their servers i gave it another try... It is just so messy and buggy. It really seems unfinished to me.
    Missing support and not listend to the beta Testers SCREAMING:
    "BIGGER MAPS!!" those are the things that make me tell you:
    Dont waste your money on this one, Seriously.
  81. Dec 1, 2013
    smh. So how does EA screw this up? The "always on" doesn't bother me much, its just that I can't even play the game without feeling frustrated. Traffic patters all screw up, cities being square and small. I don't understand why there is a city, and then next to it there's nothing just plains, no suburban, no rural towns, just trees and a road. Resource sharing is awful.
  82. Dec 2, 2013
    Honestly, buy SimCity 4 instead.

    The newest SimCIty should be called SimGraphicsCity instead. The only thing better about this version is that the shadows and lighting effects are cooler. Gone is the ability to create large sprawling cities with downtowns and residential neighborhoods. What really made the previous games fantastic was the amount you needed to micro manage. For god's
    sake, you had to lay water pipes and electrical lines.

    Did you like subways? yeah forget about that, it's gone.

    Remember how there were other cities you could interact with but it didn't matter? Well this is almost all about interacting with neighboring cities.

    Honestly, it feels like Farmville 2.0 at times. Here let me gift my neighbor a garbage truck.

    The only thing I can say that really stops this from being a complete turd is that the Info-porn graphic overlays are amazing.

    Oh yeah, and forget about playing this game on your laptop on the commuter train, or any place where you don't have internet access. You need to be constantly logged in for it to work.
  83. Dec 3, 2013
    Better graphic doesn't mean better game,the game is downgrade of Simcity 4.The online DRM is the worst thing ever because the server always full.I prefer my Simcity 4 than this Simcity...
  84. Dec 3, 2013
    Too small city areas and you have to be connected to a server at all times. Very bad implementation of a good concept. EA should be forced to refund this product or deliver a real single player mode with larger city areas.
  85. Dec 8, 2013
    Although it was a logistical nightmare when released, now that EA has mostly fixed the server bugs this has turned out to be one of the most fun SimCity games to date. I admit it is frustrating that the areas are tiny in which to build, but I think that in the long run it gives the game better replay value... In the old titles, you spent countless hours on one city, and from then on there was no comparing. However, in SC5 you build many small cities in a region, each with different specialties. Some work, some don't. But they can help each other, (making it nice not to have to start from square one each time), and you can work alone or with friends toward greater projects ("great works"). All said, if you were initially frustrated like I was with the game, give it another go. There are so many angles to take, so many new things to learn, that you may just get hooked the second time around. Expand
  86. Dec 8, 2013
    I bought the disk version from GameStop without knowing that it was a downloadable always online only game. Had I known that, I would have never bought the game. But, alas, I have spent the money. I like the other SimCity games so I said "I'll give it a try". Bad mistake. The traditionally 1 player game is now based on multiplayer gameplay. Thanks for ruining everything that I love EA.
  87. Dec 9, 2013
    Really looked forward to this game, but it just does not deliver to what it once was. If you want that old-school SimCity feel? Look elsewhere, you are gone so regret buying this game.

    Ill gibe em 2/10 for the effort yeah effort of ruining a perfect franchise...
  88. Dec 14, 2013
    This game sucks, servers issues, updates that take forever, no terraforming, forget about small cities because i wouldn't even dare to call them cities, they are just small towns with an inflated population counter, JUST DOONT WASTE YOUR MONEY
  89. Dec 14, 2013
    Why I rated this game a 3: The best part of this game is the graphics and audio; however, the biggest part of any game: gameplay is seriously lacking, and EA as usual has not listened to the consumer. Pros: Beautiful graphics and great audio Cons: Small map sizes, severe traffic control problems, enormous structures, residential is not dense enough for map size. Unfortunately the map size in relation to the structure sizes makes it incredibly difficult to fit in enough residential space in addition to city specialization structures and standard infrastructure i.e. water pumps, city hall, power plants, trash disposal, mining operations, electronics factories, casinos, and universities. If they wanted to make them so big, then they should have given us bigger maps.

    The other glaring issues is that trade is near impossible once your city becomes large enough. There is literally one entry into the city. This results in a major bottleneck for traffic and causes major backups. This problem will result in lost or inconsistent input of revenue causing cash flow problems. I believe that this results mostly from the fact that all city transit options flow on the roads and there is no subway to speak of to help offset some of the travelers. I extensively used subways in SimCity 3000 Unlimited and rarely had real traffic control problems.

    Don't waste your money on this disappointment like I did.
  90. Dec 16, 2013
    I can not believe how people would actually give this a perfect score. It's completely rubbish compared to the previous game. Always some kind of a problem with the servers and not to talk about the "citties" you're supposed to build. In SimCity 4 you had the chance to build a real city unlike in this game where you can build a village. I regret spending money on this game so if anyone thinks about buying ths game: Do not. You're better off downloading/buying SimCity 4. Expand
  91. Dec 18, 2013
    I like this game. I waited until October 2013 to buy it. The server issues have been fixed. Sometimes during peak times you do find you get bumped or can't log on, and not being able to play offline is a real issue for many. Me included. But most the time now, you can get on. Once your on, the game is very fun and very addictive....if you "get it". I almost wish there was more "business" in it, but for "the masses" it's a great game now. The only thing that I think of is...what happens when Orgin drops the game or goes bankrupt? I can't play my game. So.... Online only game I'm actually renting the game. Expand
  92. Dec 26, 2013
    This game was fun for the first 10 minutes. Until it said I wasn't running my town right and it said it could repair it. So I click ok. And it take you back to the main menu. NOW it does it every 5 minutes not saving the progress to my town. They said they'd fix this over 9 months ago. Really EA really?
  93. Dec 28, 2013
    This game is, like most other EA games (I know Maxis made it, but EA did parts of it), terrible. But EA brought this to a whole new level of terribleness, by putting always online DRM on this game. They said you have to be online, which is nonsense; People have changed the code and made it possible to play offline! Furthermore, the graphics are reasonable, 3D is ok, maps are tiny, menuscreen is worse than Big rigs over the road racing's one. Expand
  94. Dec 30, 2013
    SimCity 2013 is greedy money grabs & anti consumer practices like this that is the reason why EA has earned and deserved the Golden Poo award two years running EA stop turning games into services that nonbody wanted
  95. Dec 30, 2013
    Suits in charge have runed another franchise, why do people that probably hate videogames think they know better than us? Easy, they may think they are superior to us and they dont respect us at all... Suits also seem rushed in t making a new videogame crash, I don't know, maybe they want to kill videogames alltogheter in the firstplace so their normal perfectly fine hoobies return once again to supremacy?? Whatveter, the future for this inustry is grim if we keep enabling this retards. Expand
  96. Dec 31, 2013
    The game is 9 months old now and the agent system still doesn't work. Vehicles are disappearing and ghost town phenomena still exists. Power and water usage is raising cumulatively even the city plot is cleared completely. Students disappears and vehicles just disappears. The game is broken but Maxis is making new content instead of fixing the game. There is also plenty new bugs like unremovable street car tunnels. Expand
  97. Jan 2, 2014
    Each update, a new launcher error! Always need to search in the web how to fix this errors... if you find a way!! Don't buy this game, i'll lose your money!
  98. Jan 4, 2014
    Ah! the Simcity reboot. A broken interactive screensaver. Let your imagination fly on the tiniest simcity maps ever. Watch traffic come to a halt and back up on the single roads connecting your cities. Watch your cities grow without any industrial zones. Watch EA take your money while your thinking that the latest DLC will fix this game. Ahh! the fun you'll have playing when your internet goes down. Amazing social multiplayer experience. You must buy this game to really experience how bad it is, and then have fun trolling the five people that like it on the simcity forums. Expand
  99. Jan 9, 2014
    This game really is a turd. I bought it a week after release. Stopped after realizing the simulation was broken. Waited for 10+ patches. Updated around Xmas. Played enough to get 4 cities in a region and start building the Solar Farm. Freight, trade, resources going to storage lots (trade depot) , storage lots (ports), shared resources from neighbors; FLAT OUT BROKEN. I have two coal mines, coal in lots, yet somehow my smelters and coal power plants never have coal. Same instance with every resource going to any destination. Alloy to Great work, ore to smelter, plastic to processor factory...

    Thought the issue may lie with transit. However.... Traffic is not causing this issue. Sold all resources, closed depots/lots/ports re-opened, re-worked all streets and transit to eliminate all red/yellow areas on streets and somehow the resources/freight take 3 three days to move. REALLY? Ok, I'm laughing now because it's absurd.

    My first PC game was SimCity 2000. I was in 5th grade or something. I'm 28 now and have loved each installment since. What used to be a wonderful city simulation has gone very wrong. (Insert EA blame here).

    No, but really....EA..... Maxis and Dice were phenomenal before you became their publisher... I wish they hadn't sold out. Gaming companies that are successful today, listen to their community. EA has not been doing that. For anyone thinking about buying Simcity 2013. Please do not, until you read a review in 5 years that says that came is actually functioning correctly. If that ever happens.

    3 for graphics, sound, and the developers effort. - 7 for gameplay, DRM, lies, ruining franchises, inflated prices, bad patching, DLC, and BF4 bugs.
  100. Jan 10, 2014
    Wow this game is a huge fail. It's not even a full game. If you want a full game you must buy this base-game(it's like a demo) for 60$ and then you forced to buy each building individually(it's called DLC), but it's not DLC, it's the content and features which was cut from the full game.

Mixed or average reviews - based on 75 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 26 out of 75
  2. Negative: 10 out of 75
  1. 65
    Given enough patches and DCLs, SimCity might eventually become the game that should have been on its release and justify the ambiguous choices that its developers made. [May 2013]
  2. May 9, 2013
    Hints at great things but is limited by small cities and promises it can't deliver on. [June 2013, p.80]
  3. May 9, 2013
    There's more problems with this game than I have words. Looks great though. [June 2013, p.80]