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  • Summary: Set in the fictional Canopy Kingdom, Skullgirls pits players against ranks of deadly but beautiful opponents in an attempt to control the enigmatic Skull Heart, a mysterious artifact with the power to bestow wishes - but not without a substantial price. Should the soul be less than pure, both the victor's wish and her being shall be corrupted into a living nightmare that haunts humanity. She will be known as the Skullgirl, a monstrous entity of immense power. Expand
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  1. Sep 11, 2013
    As it stands, this very likely is the best PC fighting game available, period – and doubly so for the money. And not only that, but buying the game gives you access to the Skullgirls Beta, so you can test out changes in advance of their going live in the game proper.
  2. Sep 13, 2013
    An atypical fighting game, but one of the best that you can play to introduce yourself to the genre.
  3. Sep 3, 2013
    If you feel comfortable with beat em ups from Capcom or SNK then you will enjoy Skullgirls with its tremendously high difficulty level and beautiful visuals.
  4. Sep 9, 2013
    Skullgirls is still an excellent (and superb) 2D fighting game on PC, but it also comes back with more stuff : new characters, better AI, revamped animations... All that for a small price. You have to try it if you like fighting games.
  5. Oct 16, 2013
    A fighting game that should appeal to everyone regardless of their experience with the genre. Friendly to newcomers (but it does not reward button mashing) and deep enough for the seasoned enthusiasts. [11/2013, p.82]
  6. Oct 30, 2013
    A sharp, snazzy and accessible fighting game, held back by the unnecessary sexualisation of its antagonists.
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 18 out of 25
  2. Negative: 4 out of 25
  1. Nov 21, 2013
    One of the best fighting games what i ever played. Graphics is wonderful and smooth and music are quite nice. The characters are really original, every one of them has their own fighting style. For example, Ms. Fortune can remove her limbs and head which provides a tactical advantage and Double which is able to deform in any other application fighter. Game is a great tutorial, a guide to all the basic movement, attacks and special attacks. Tutorial we will learn all the characters attacks and special attacks. Games also are frequently updated which says that the game makers care about the game. And believe me, those updates will be 2-4 weeks, and they are not wildly big. One thing which is a bit annoying is the fact that the game is currently only 9 characters, but the beginning of year 2014 will be 4 new FREE dlc characters and more are just coming up. This game is totally 10/10. Collapse
  2. Oct 9, 2013
    If you are the kind of person that enjoys playing the Street Fighter Series, Marvel vs Capcom, Darksouls and more, then I highly recommend you give this game a go. The roster is full of well designed and created characters each with their own unique personalities and abilities. Action is fast paced for old school hardcore veterans with its online versus mode, while also providing the rich story telling setting and game play for a more casual audience, without ever giving up one of the two groups. With content being released at a steady pace and at Triple-A fighting game companies pace, the gameplay always remains fun and enjoyable without sacrificing the feel of the game. Plus, coming from an indie company, the quality put out is comparable to even the standard of Konami and Capcom, perhaps even better since the game is always being attended to and any bugs prominent are fixed on a matter if days. Lastly, the staff of the game is always ears open, attending to your needs and request, tweaking minor segments of the game to provide a more comfortable experience for any gamer looking to try or commit to the game.
    Also, the art style is something different compared to what your would see in most fighting games. With a first ever "dark-deco" style, you can expect beautiful art work on both the characters and the backgrounds of the many "arenas" you would fight in, guaranteeing your eyes will never be too confused nor bored with the scenery at hand. Even when it comes to the motion animation of the characters the character movements are fluid and well connected, so you will never experience static imagery which would ruin your game experience.

    Overall the gameplay is fluid and it fulfills the core element of what every fighting game should be, while also venturing away from common practices and going in a different direction, a better, brighter and more creative direction. And that is why I give Skullgirls, a solid and well deserved 10/10
  3. Aug 29, 2013
    I'll cut to the chase: go buy Skullgirls right now. It's incredibly fun and you'd be hard pressed to find a better value for your gaming dollar. The sheer amount stylishness, polished gameplay, and raw originality on display here is truly remarkable.

    I've always enjoyed fighting games, but I'm not an expert by any means. I like to learn as many special moves and combos as I can, but my actual "strategy" usually ends up being semi-coherent button mashing. I own Street Fighter IV and Mortal Kombat and have had a lot of fun with both. Skullgirls is similar in many ways to its big-budget cousins, but it's also very much its own game. The neo-Art Deco art style is very well done and the characters are designed and animated to perfection. It's an absolute joy to watch classic Warner Bros.-style cartoon chaos unfold as cars race across the screen, heads roll, and giant balls of twine wreak havoc on your character. The voice acting is limited, but suits the mood of the game to a T, as does the 1920s-era jazz soundtrack.

    I do have a few tiny nitpicks. I would like to see a few more characters, a little bit more voice work, more graphics options, and maybe some polishing done on a few of the stage backgrounds. Honestly though, I get why there are a couple of minor weaknesses like this. Clearly the developers spent a huge amount of time and money perfecting the core gameplay, and as a result they've come up with something really special. If a few secondary things fell through cracks or got pushed back then that's totally reasonable. It just makes me look forward all the more to future patches/DLC and (hopefully) Skullgirls 2!
  4. Nov 15, 2013
    Skullgirls is an excellent fighting game. The controls work wonderfully on the PC which surprised me, and It doesn't require you to be a twitch pro like other fighters such as SF. You can pick up and learn a character pretty easily in about 15 minutes, so its a game that is easy to learn but hard to master. Its great to see a game with an all female cast as well. Its something that isn't done often and actually probably needs to be done more. The only problems I have with this game is its horridly confusing menu controls due to everything being telegraphed through action keys and not by "push enter" or "press back". I promise you the first time you play this game you'll be scratching you head as normal menu control keys don't work, and as you start pressing buttons your screen will start to spasm. Also, the final boss falls into the normal "cheating a-hole" boss. I would compare it Mortal Combat 9's Khan in where you just have to rush him and spam one attack over and over dodging his attacks. Kinda ruins story and arcade when your having good fights racking up combos, then you hit the boss and spam high kicks the whole time. I do recommend this game though. Its brilliantly done. Expand
  5. Oct 9, 2013
    Beautiful game. The art style, music, and character design are top-notch. The game plays like Marvel vs Capcom, but with a few difference. The assists are infinite, which means they can be used with less caution, and the game implements an anti-infinite combo system, which can means there should be no infinite combos.

    However, there are 100% combos, which may as well be infinite. But, they are not easy to do, and you won't see them online every often, if ever.

    My biggest gripe is with the combos being very long and overdone. It's not fun to helplessly sit through someone's 80 hit combo. It's not fun because, not because you are helpless, but because it gets boring after a few times. And that's what the game turns into. Each player tries to capitalize on any openings, and once that first hit lands, it turns into a massive combo. And on top of that, everyone who plays has to learn those combos to compete. Spending hours in the training mode memorizing huge combos gets old. But that's how the game is played, so you don't have a choice.

    All in all, it's a good game, but with a flawed combo system. I guess that was the vision of the designer though. I'll stick with games like KOF and GG.
  6. Nov 15, 2013
    Firstly I'd like to state my experience with fighting games. I only play SF4 and done all trials on SSF4 so I know the game mechanics of that game very well. Coming to Skullgirls, it was a pleasant change to see a fighting game have an extensive tutorial. Everything from movement, blocking, blockstun and recovery concepts, high and low attacks, combo chains, air combos, the different attacks, throws and techs, infinite breaker etc. Every aspect of the game is perfectly taught in the tutorial. Each character also has their own specific tutorial explaining their moves and how they should be played. So very impressive stuff. However, there are no combo trials like in Street Fighter, the final boss in story mode is really cheap and there are no animated cutscenes or voices so story is literally just text. But what really puts me off this game is not these things, but the characters. The game mechanics are excellent and don't have things tacked on for the sake of it like Street Fighter x Tekken, but the characters don't really suit the game. I don't mind that there are only 8 characters and they are all REALLY DIFFERENT from each other, but none of them seem to play how you'd expect them. They have crazy moves which seem like gimmicks and these playstyles are very unconventional compared to other fighting games. However, I do like that you can choose to play as up to three characters, with the trade-off of choosing less being more health. But I dislike all the characters and their moves lists and their jumping range and everything else. It's hard to tell what's going on because of all these gimmicks and flash on screen. Comboing is pretty much like Marvel vs Capcom 3 where there is no timing involved it's literally do each attack straight after the other no timing to master like Street Fighter. My recommendation is that if you want a fighting game which is less about grounded fundamentals and more about craziness like MvC3 then get this. If you like Street Fighter it's probably not for you. Expand
  7. Sep 6, 2013
    derivative as hell fighter. Does absolutely nothing new and everything worse than other games. Its much touted "originality" stops at the character design. I suppose if you couldn't care less about any of that and just want to masturbate to some faux-anime, then go for it I guess. There's even a tutorial in there that's been hailed as amazing by people too lazy to use google.

    In short, absolutely nothing special. If you want to play a good fighter, play pretty much anything else. If you want to play a good fighter that's also pretty, play KoF XIII. If you want to play a barely competent attempt at the genre with janky animation, play Skullgirls. Though I guess Netherrealm's spawn falls into that category too.

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