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  1. Oct 24, 2013
    Solstice Arena is explosive fun, and its short matches quickly entice you into the "just one more game" mentality so common in compelling multiplayer experiences. And though the game is great for the PC, each match's brevity makes Solstice Arena a fantastic choice for gaming on the go.
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  1. Nov 29, 2013
    This game is bad for one giant main reason, there is an incredible show of in-balance. If you do not spend real money to get a the un-killable characters instantly, then you will have to play through about 60 matches against pay-to-win players with the most unbalanced character I have ever seen in a moba. One of the character is able to teleport across the map and refill his entire health pool constantly and even has NO consequences for diving the base towers which may as well not be there for doing such negligible damage. If you want any enjoyment out of this game, spend $10 and buy an overpowered hero for this moba which will never see the light of day in a competitive scene. Full Review »
  2. Oct 31, 2013
    This game could have been decent but failed horribly in the matchmaking department. There is a total of maybe 200 players here and the queue is dominated by a handful of premade teams that stomp the randoms. Zynga should stick to browser based games because they lack the skill set for anything else it seems. Full Review »
  3. Oct 16, 2013
    My Review: All The hate, fact of the matter is it is a Fun little title.
    The LOL & Dota community are here in full force to berate this game
    but the fact of the mater is its is a fun little title. Here are the facts an a fair bit of my opinion...

    SA is a 3v3 single lane arena game. No minions, no ulties, just 4 towers to knockdown an gold drops to fight over in center lane with buffs that drop throughout the map. Matches last no longer then 10 min a play they really come off like a sort of mini duel. Think ARAM in other moba's but you can choose your champ.

    The graphics are crisp an simple an show a levity in them that on the surface seems like there spoofing the big boys a little with light hearted ability names like "Spin to Win" or character knock offs that make figuring out whose ability first showed in which moba practically a game in itself.

    The game was designed for mobile devices an the pricing while a bit steep on a game this lite is no more horrible then the pricing in LOL Smite or Infinity Crysis. (Dota fan-boys are a bit spoiled because they get everything for free. Lol just teasing) where if most die hard LOL fans start tallying the cost of there champs an skins they would die of the sticker shock they have actually put into there game. You can earn in game credits to buy champs without cash but it takes a while. Roughly the equivalent of earning 6300 IP in other games give or take

    Probably the single best an controversial feature of the game is they removed the chat feature an replaced it with a simple ping system & added a GG button at the end...and in my opinion it works. one of the most toxic things in any moba is how bad an foul the community is with each other. games have been lost an accounts banned simply based on chat interactions. that's not an issue here. no chat means the player can concentrate on the game an newer player can expect a fun experience without the hate coming at them for being new at the game from elitist or hard core players.

    In the end hardcore players will go Meh!... at the simplicity of the game. But it is the simplicity an low time commitment again about 10 to 15 min that is the genius of the game. at at the very worst can be considered a entry level game to the Moba experience. But If you go into the game without any pretenses there is a lot of fun to be had for the experienced an seasoned moba player too. Only got a few min but crave a little action this is perfect. In my opinion this game is about fun. & will only help bring more players into the genera as a whole.

    This title seems like it was built to sit beside your current favorite moba without stepping on there toes. poke a little light hearted fun at the big boys while eliminating the toxicity the is prevalent in the community. It also features the core set of features like leader boards a decent amount of champs to capture the spirit of the genera for the veteran players out there. That idea that there is fresh stomping ground alone should be incentive enough for most real competitors to come leave there mark an add the leader-board bragging rights to the list of game accomplishments. Beside that its free. no risk to try except you might find your self enjoying it over the heavy-hitters out there...This game may may just end up carving its own niche market of casual & entry to dedicated players.
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