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  1. Sonic Riders can occasionally be quite entertaining, but too many of those entertaining moments are overridden by bouts of frustration and weak mechanics.
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    The gameplay is a sloppy mess, which is what truly drives this game into the ground. While quite a few modes of play are offered, none of them are really worth playing.
  3. Sonic Riders resembles what I can only imagine Keith Richards' worst nightmares are like, but rendered in 1999-qualitiy Playstation-o-vision. What's more, if you have an ATI card, it's framerate is slower than evolution itself. [June 2007, p.64]
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  1. Feb 25, 2012
    Nice Game Cool Graphics its almost like Sonic R but its okay its cool and fun it also has cool characters but its awesome its nice i mean its cool for PC. Full Review »