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  • Summary: SpaceStationSim puts the player in the middle of the action at NASA, controlling the International Space Station, making both long-term strategic decisions as well as short-term moment-to-moment mission critical decisions. It provides entertaining game play based on management of resources, project planning, and research and development. It lets the player control individual Astronaut characters (Pilots, Mission Specialists, Scientists, and Engineers) each with their own unique abilities and personalities. It does so with a real-time simulation that cleverly incorporates the first non-tile based 3-D engine, and is based on a design intended to appeal to a wide range of ages and both sexes. Stealth Training encourages the player to enhance his/her skill through free discovery of the science and psychology of life in space. Expand
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  1. More than merely "Sea Monkeys in Space", Space Station Sim is a rocket-boosted title that won't break the exploration budget. In the immortal words of Casey Kasem: "Keep your feet on the ground, and keep reaching for the stars."
  2. Leave rocket building to the rocket scientists. [Apr 2006, p.100]
  3. Although Space Station Sim offers up a unique experience and is the only game that gives you the opportunity to actually manage a space station and the astronauts who inhabit it, it doesn't offer the sort of excitement and intensity you'd expect.
  4. But if you've got a stack of rejected astronaut applications, or have been struggling to save up that 20 or so million to hitch a ride up with the Russians, SpaceStationSim could be just what you need.
  5. 45
    Too simple and lacking the stats for space nerds, 3S is probably better for kids. However, the steep learning curve and the general lack of feedback, especially for failures, means the game probably isn’t for anyone.