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  • Summary: Star Trek: Legacy places you in the role of the Admiral of a task force of warships, which you control in small and large-scale battles. Test your strategic and tactical skills in real-time combat featuring authentic spaceships, full damage modeling, and spectacular visual effects. The storyline spans the entire Star Trek Universe, including the Original Series, Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, and Enterprise eras. Taking advantage of next-generation consoles, Star Trek: Legacy features dynamic three-dimensional battlefields with graphically stunning space environments filled with fully realized nebulas, wormholes, planets, and stars. With full multiplayer support, you can to choose from small-scale engagements to all-out war involving multiple star systems in addition to tracking stats and player rankings. [Bethesda Softworks] Expand
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  1. Although there are shortcomings, Legacy is an opportunity for Star Trek fans to experience ship battles from any of the Trek time periods. If you can look past the fact that you'll spend all of your time looking at the hulls of the ships, the battles can be fun.
  2. It may be a straight port from the Xbox 360 version but does play well and has a very good storyline with well-done voice acting from all the original Star Trek captains.
  3. This is one just for the big Star Trek fans. The average gamer is unlikely to maintain interest for too long; especially given the main campaign has a completion time of around 10 hours.
  4. This starship combat game simply can't overcome bad controls, frustrating mission designs, and a mess of bugs.
  5. A tiresome, half-arsed effort. [Feb 2007, p.88]
  6. The controls are frustrating on the PC because they were designed for a game controller, not a keyboard and mouse.
  7. The legacy at hand offers only frustration and disappointment. They made it so. [Apr 2007, p.62]

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 6 out of 19
  2. Negative: 12 out of 19
  1. Jul 1, 2012
    For fans only there is not much of a game here it feels more like a unfinished demo. Still I keep coming back for more and replay it now and again just for the hell of blowing up massive starships. Expand
  2. Apr 10, 2011
    This game is a con job. I've never given a 0 before, but this is outrageous and insulting to gamers everywhere. This game is ported from the 360, but NOTHING was adapted to the PC. The game is literally unplayable, no matter what, it lags intensely during game play and the controls are almost impossible to handle, especially since there is no remap. Expand

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