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  • Summary: Being a leader is more than just knowing how to fight or being born into it. As the leader of your race you will need to be all things to all races using combat, diplomacy, intelligence and trade. Everyone knows war is coming and you better be up to the challenge. If not you better at least enjoy the war because the peace that follows will be hell. [Matrix Games] Expand
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  1. It offers all the epic space opera milieu of a game like Master of Orion but none of the micromanagement.
  2. Vigorous and addictive. [May 2002, p.72]
  3. The biggest improvement in STUN: DG is subtle but critical: the interface has been greatly cleaned up and streamlined. With one exception, the interface is now intuitive, consistent and quirk-free.
  4. Because of its fast pace and relatively simple scope, Starships Unlimited succeeds--it's almost like having "Risk" set in the stars.
  5. 79
    A heck of a lot of fun, and should be a certified winner if and when Ewanchyna and Matrix Games fix its technical problems.
  6. Though the options and settings seem endless, it can be a little daunting at first. There are a lot of helpful hints on what you should do, but not a whole lot on how to execute them.
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