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  1. Jan 29, 2011
    Recommendation/rating: I give Swarm Arena a 9/10 for innovation and solid execution, but perhaps lacking the variety of gameplay that some gamers would demand. But the game comes with my highest recommendation, especially for the mere $10 price tag. I have played this game for at least 30 hours, so it was money well spent!

    Review: The design of Swarm Arena is utterly elegant; the
    graphics are simple but fluid, the movement of the your drones are controlled by a physics engine, and this allows players to develop their own innovative techniques. There is a competitive multi-player, customizable game settings for online and local play, and a well designed single-player game as well. The AI is challenging, and one computer opponent even learns from its successes and failures in order to remain at your skill level! There are survival modes which, while being competitive and offering a leaderboard, are surprisingly relaxing and ambient.

    Personally, my favourite part about the game is its 'organic' feel; there are few rules, but delving into different techniques yields a strategy game with a significant amount of depth. Swarm Arena combines your dexterity with fast-paced decision making and strategy.

    Buy this game! It's worth your money.
  2. Feb 2, 2011
    From my side the game gets 9/10. It doesn't take that much time to understand how it works but to learn the most effective ways to handle your drones requires hours of practice.
    The graphics are pretty nice but what I really like is the soundtrack which adapts to the current game situation, quite catchy.

    The AIs are challenging enough for some (S)warm-up (they get a little bit predictable
    after some time) which you should do before going online to face one of the (unfortunately few, hopefully there will be more soon) human opponents.
    But if you are able to start a ladder match it is intense and it will keep your adrenaline up.
    Also the game provides a local battle mode.

    The score mode is well designed, after a look at the scoreboard I was wondering how the players did that well but if you keep playing youâ

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