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  • Summary: Lock on target - Bohemia Interactive has launched Take On Helicopters: Hinds - the first official DLC for Take On Helicopters. Bringing in a variety of helicopter gun-and-gameplay, Take On Helicopters: Hinds enlists players to become the pilot of the most iconic helicopter gunship ever: the Hind.

    Take On Helicopters: Hinds presents three highly detailed variants of the Hind: the Mil Mi-24P, Mil Mi-24V and Mil Mi-24 SuperHind Mk.III - featuring interactive cockpits, retractable landing gear systems and various weapon loadouts. They are accompanied by brand new singleplayer challenges, which showcase the various roles a Hind can play on the battlefield. Five new Time Trials invite players to master the Hind's distinctive flight dynamics. Last but not least, a new multiplayer death match scenario lets players battle one another as pilots, gunners, or both.

    Take On Helicopters: Hinds comes with ENG/GER/CZ/IT/FR/SP localization, features 3 difficulty modes (beginner/trainee/expert) and includes optimized controls for mouse-and-keyboards, gamepads and joysticks.

    Key features

    - Range of Hind variants Highly detailed Mi-24 V, Mi-24 P and Super Hind helicopters across a range of over 25 different liveries (covering most nations operating the gunship)
    - Unique Hind attributes Interactive cockpits, flight model, retractable landing gear and weapon systems
    - Realistic sound effects - Samples recorded from real-life Hind helicopters for an extra level of detail
    - Singleplayer challenges - A set of gameplay challenges showcasing ground attacks and aerial support
    - Time trials - Put the helicopter through its paces in 5 tough timed checkpoint races
    - Multiplayer gameplay - New adversarial scenario available over LAN/Internet; battle it out against other Hind teams
    - Pick-up-and-pilot controls - Designed to be played with mouse-and-keyboard, gamepads and joysticks
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  1. Apr 6, 2012
    Almost an abusive downloadable content trading on the very own content of ArmA 2 without scruples. Still, it's appropriate to recommend this game to those admirers of ArmA 2 and its air missions with the Hind helicopter. Setting and pilot in the Take On Helicopter game is working better and it's even more catchy than in ArmA.
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  1. Dec 24, 2013
    This is absolutely broken on Steam, the DLC will not install correctly. I just recently re-installed this and, oh yeah now I remember why I hated this. A year ago, I did finally manage to get the DLC working after googling around and running commands from windows prompts, but... why?

    Why haven't they fixed this known bug in over a year's time now?

    If you want to fly sim helicopters, then I suggest the excellent DCS World. It has actual working DLC modules for KA-50, Mi-8/Mi-17 (my personal favorite), and a Huey. All of these are still in beta, but they actually work!