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  1. Jul 9, 2011
    It seems like most of the haters are MC fans, people who dont like the more retro style of the game, or just plainly don't like it. I love this game because I just do. It has a good feel to it and sure it starts out slow paced but then it becomes faster as you progress throughout the world you are in. The devs even said they had inspiration from mine craft AND other games. The creator of MC even likes this game. Sure some part are lacking but there are frequent updates because the devs listen to the community. The graphics makes it feel better in content and overall it's an amazing game. and of course multiplayer is fun Expand
  2. Jul 10, 2011
    This game is just fantastic. There are so many different items and enemys. This should not just be taken as a "minecraft clone" because the 2D makes it feel and play so much differently. This is without a doubt a 10/10 and should not be marked down by those who think that it is rubbish just because it is similar to minecraft. After all, if anything it is a lot like the flash game motherload!
  3. Jul 21, 2011
    I absolutely love this game. Me my brother and his friend will play this hours at a time! the game is so addicting and keeps you coming back for more.
  4. Jul 31, 2011
    Don't listen to the bad reviews. If you really want to know what your getting into IGN gives a perfect review as far as describing what this game is all about. To me it's a mixture of Castlevania, Mine-Craft and Monster Hunter. I couldn't figure out what to do at first and I died a lot the first few hours. But once I checked the Wiki page and got use to the controls I never looked back. You mine for resources and use those resources to build things like shelter, swords, armor, light sabers, guns and grappling hooks which are used for exploring, fighting monsters (bosses included), and conquering crazy environments and dungeons. This game is as addictive as crack and has consumed me like few games have in the past. Just Awesome! And it also supports online multiplayer Yay! Expand
  5. Jul 17, 2011
    When I first heard of Terraria I had a look and thought "Yeah that looks pretty cool" and decided to give it a try. It was very different to what I was expecting, but was still amazing! One of the best 2D Platformers I've ever played. It's also very Addictive
  6. Jul 18, 2011
    Great game, got it on steam sale for a fiver, a week ago and already clocked up about 20 hours on it, love the exploring side of it, and the just five more minutes aspect of it.
    lots of times ive been about to save it and quit and ive just seen something in the background and played for another 30 mins
    A few on here mention about how it can get repetitive after 30 hrs or more, but crikey
    if i can get 30 hours out of a five pounds game, then its a good game indeed, plus with the updates adding and changing stuff each time, there is always a reason to come back for more.
    i could spend 40 pounds on a ps3 game for 10 hrs gameplay, and while a different style of game, this easily deserves a 10 based on the sheer amount of enjoyment to price alone
  7. Jul 20, 2011
    Don't be dismissive and say instantly that it's just 2D Minecraft, it's actually really fun. It feels like a cross between Minecraft and Castlevania, so if you like either, give this game a try. However, while it's a sandbox, I did get the impression that I'd beaten the game as soon as I got myself the best items, but they're still adding content to the game in large worthwhile updates, so let's hope they make the game longer, so to speak. Expand
  8. Jul 21, 2011
    Great indy game with plenty to do, nice retro graphics and nice bubbly soundtrack. Obviously quite similar to minecraft but with more emphasis on exploration. Full review on my site here:
  9. Jul 21, 2011
    terraria is a very good sandbox game with hundreds of cool items. The Multiplayer is nearly bugfree and makes lot of fun. With many animals, enemies and some NPCs i never got bored
  10. Jul 22, 2011
    This game is truly amazing. This game is unique. And although is shares many elements with Minecraft, it is so different you cannot compare the two without sounding like an idiot. And if you say you "Played" the game and that it is a copy of Minecraft, you clearly played it for 2 minutes and then quit. It goes beyond Minecraft in many ways. Sure, you can build mine and craft items, but then you can go out and find items that cant be crafted and are super rare. It ranges from things such as aglets, to super rare weapons such as the Phaseblade. There is so much more to do. Terraria is simply Minecraft if you shoved in Zelda and some RP. Expand
  11. Jul 23, 2011
    I'm extremely glad I bought this game on a long weekend! I actually put 40 hours into this game in a three day period. I just lugged my laptop around and sat and explored this game. It is crazy fun. I have noticed on several of the negative reviews for this game people say things like worst fifteen minuets ever or worst hour wasted. Well if you aren't prepared to give this game probably around six to ten hours of exploration prepare for a letdown. If however you want to explore, and learn then perhaps, this is your style of game. I find humor in how few people give this game a five. It is like the either don't give it a chance and ergo the bad score, or the do give it a chance and are like WOW his truly is amazing! I do have to admit though that I'm a fan of the eight bit style graphics and have been since they were around so that really is a positive in my book. I continue to dump time into this game. At 40 hours I have quite a place to live and have made it around half way into the armor building. I have all gold armor and actually some advanced tools. I wish this game was around when I was a kid I can't imagine what I would have done! Expand
  12. Jul 23, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. If your a hater on this game go play your 12 year old call of duty, because this game is fantastic for 10 bucks. Graphics are good you can still make pixel art. You will probably, like me play this game for a long while during 1 update and when it gets a little boring sit around wait for a new update and jump right back into it doing that all over again. Great game even for the ones who have not played minecraft Expand
  13. Jul 29, 2011
    Fan of Minecraft, you will definatly love this game to pieces! I bought this game a few days after the release date and I was so pumped for it. The graphics may not be Crysis 2 level, but its a whole more fun than Crisis 2! They give you free updates when you buy and just enjoy the wonderful game. The concept of collecting, building, mining even teamwork on multiplayer! 10/10, I still love this after 30+ hours! Expand
  14. Jul 30, 2011
    Spent a good 70 hours on the very first version of the game, simply a great platformer that revisits old SNES themes melded with the ingenuity of Minecraft in two-dimensions. Sadly re-playability is a problem for me due to its lack of content however, the developers are doing an immensely great job at updating their game with new content!
  15. Sep 3, 2011
    The reason why I gave this game a 9 is simply because once you beat the game and get all the best items, there ain't really much point to go back and start again. Sure many people may disagree with me, but it still remains one of the best game I've ever played to date. If any of you are afraid that it looks too much like Minecraft get that out of your head. I own both games and believe it or not I find Terraria soooo much better. Expand
  16. Sep 14, 2011
    Like many people I was also put off by the 2D super mario look but i quickly got over it, there is just so much to do and so many enemies I love how they are even making it better. The only problem i have with it is that it isn't also available for the Mac Os Since i bought two copies for my self and my gf (which has a mac) and is really annoying to have to restart and jump on boot camp just to play it. So guys if you read this plz plz plz plz! Make it available on mac also, your only hurting your selves by not having it available to a broader market =( Expand
  17. Oct 29, 2011
    its just fun to play it for some hours, open world, esp. if you like the 2d and a not too serious multiplayer gaming, reminds me in a good way of the old days ;)
  18. Nov 8, 2011
    great game if you have friends you can play for hours. some ppl says it is like an 2d minecraft not true since in minecraft you got like 7 things that you can do crafting wise that is worth.terraria though is focused on the more adventures style.since it is like 4 bosses guns magic special swords and all kinds of stuff o do i have played over 100 hours still not tired of it since Re-logic can fit more things in 4mb than notch can put in 1gb Expand
  19. Dec 22, 2011
    Terraria is probably my game of the year. You will not find better value for 10$ If played solo, the game is only good. If played with friends, it is exquisite. Minecraft - well, is boring. There is little to do. The combat mechanics suck. Everything is ugly. Terraria is the opposite. There is a point - and since the latest 1.1 patch the amount of content has gone through the roof, snow biomes, new bosses, hardmode, tons of new monsters and items.

    If you don't like Terraria, you either have no soul, or are not really a gamer.
  20. Dec 19, 2011
    this game is simply amazing. i've put in 100+ hours and i have yet to beat half the bosses or craft half the items.this game is just so deceptively simple. even if you find a new weapon you can always find a better one in a chest or make a faster one with the new ore. however, the difficulty curve after beating the wall of flesh(the hardest boss before defeating it)is incredibly steep, though not impossible. it is also much more rewarding. the difficulty, in reference to dead island, is about as steep as it was when you first entered the city. instead of carelessly collecting the trees you begin to run from gastropods and chaos elemental while frantically shooting at them with cursed bullets from your assault rifle while waiting the last 20 seconds so you can heal. but no matter how i put it i just cant describe it. you just need to help out Red and Blue(the developers). Expand
  21. Dec 19, 2011
    I like this game way better than Minecraft. Minecraft is ultra fun, but sadly, once you find diamond and make a pick axe out of it, it's over and it gets boring to play again. Terraria has NO end! Me and my friends have been playing this game nonstop for over three months! The enemies are super hard, which makes it fun to have to find the right gear to defeat it. After you defeat one of the hardest bosses you ever though possible, there is an even harder one right after it! It goes on and on, and I don't think I will ever get bored of it. It is on the other hand not a perfect game, I don't really like the 2D screen it gives you, but it is easier to see enemies coming instead of being blown up by a Creeper all of a sudden like on Minecraft. It's only $10.00, where as Minecraft is $30.00, so you get a great deal, and all of the awesomeness on multiplayer as well! Expand
  22. Apr 8, 2013
    Brilliant. The way the game scales difficulty and introduced new things to you as you continue to explore the game is wonderful. Hard mode is a bit irritating with your homeland town being constantly harassed by malicious enemies if you don't prepare it thoroughly, and I was a bit disappointed once I finished exploring the whole world and had only boss fights to look forward to rather than more exploration, but overall a really fun game I sunk a good 60 hours into. Expand
  23. Jan 9, 2012
    Terraria is a surprisingly fun sandbox platformer game. It provides a perfect balance between building, exploring, crafting, and fighting. The graphics and sound are going to win any awards, but they provide a neat retro feel. The game could use a better tutorial, and digging can be a bit frustrating early on until you get some better mining tools. Once you get past the initial stages of the game, it's easy to get immersed in the game, and there is a lot to do. Expand
  24. Dec 4, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Alright Negative reviews, after reading all of those opinions, I think you have Terraria seen completely wrong. You compare it to Minecraft, you say it's a blatant rip-off, you can't build as cool things. Well then, let me just say this: Minecraft is a building game, with RPG elements (you can explore caves, kill monsters with boring combat, as well as...leveling up?), Terraria, on the other hand, isn't supposed to be a full building game like Minecraft: it's supposed to be more RPG, with building elements to enhance gameplay. It is in 2D, that can be a pro and a con for some. If you really, really just want to create things, by all means dis this game for Minecraft, but don't rate Terraria a 0 (which ALMOST NO GAME ever deserves) because it doesn't get building in Minecraft perfect. Now that we have that out of the way, let's talk more Terraria. Yes, you can't build as cool of things. If you want a game where you can build cool things, again, go play Minecraft. But for the survival aspect of Terraria, where the one thing you want to build is a base, and you want to survive against waves of enemies. I'm happy to say, everything about Terraria survival is superior to Minecraft. To start, when you build your base, you will actually care about defending that base from enemy waves: in Minecraft, the only thing you really have to defend from are Zombies, Skeletons, Spiders and Creepers. None of these creatures can open doors, so if your inside a properly built fort, you don't have to do anything at all, and the only purpose of going out to slay these creatures is for useless crafting items...where grinding enemies for items is as tedious as watching grass grow. In Terraria, there are actually events that happen that can actually harm your base: Blood Moons which give Zombies and Demon Eyes more power, as well as the ability to open doors, and Goblin invasions, which sends entire ARMIES of mobs to raid your house. These can actually be defended from uniquely with traps, especially now with the 1.1 update which introduces Terraria to one of Minecraft's best features: Wiring, which can be made to create traps that, unlike Minecraft, ACTUALLY HAVE PURPOSE. Now, why do you want to defend your house? NPCs move into your base, and they can be slain by creatures of the night, these NPCs include a Merchant, an Arms Dealer, a Nurse, and many more. These NPCs really make your base 'important', it gives you purpose to go back to your house when you see "The Blood Moon has Rose". When you have a fortified base up, you will enter what is arguably Terraria's strongest point: Exploration. Exploring the world in Terraria is on another level compared to Minecraft, as there actually seems to be diverse biomes that ACTUALLY MATTER, and what seems to be a development, like a normal RPG. In Minecraft, you chop wood, build a basic house, then start mining untill you get diamond and obsidian, then go to the nether, then to the end, and that's it. In Terraria, there are so many things to go do and to explore. -The Surface -3 levles of underground -The Corruption (a dark, polluted bersion of the normal overworld, with different mobs and special rewards) -The Jungle/Underground Jungle (again, special items and mobs) -Floating Isles -The Dungeon -The Underworld and finally, after killing the Lord of the Underworld (not going to tell you what it is) -The Hallow (opposite of corruption, stands as the new "end-game" zone, along with the empowered corruption). You follow from one area to the next, developing new items and powering your character in ways that, again, ACTUALLY MATTER. Speaking of items, for those who think Terraria's items are "a copy of minecraft" my god you did not get far in the game, did you? Once you get past the normal Copper, Iron, Silver and Gold, there are so many items to develop, and it's after that point you can actually play as a dedicated "Class" (Melee Warrior, Archer, Gunner, Magician). Meteorite, Shadowscale, Necro, Jungle, Molten, Cobalt, Adamantite and Mythril armor sets, each with varied stats (Molten has highest base Defence, Jungle very mana conserving, mage-like, etc), as well as a boat-load of weapons (Swords, Axes, Lances, Hammers, Flails, Bows, Pistols, Machine Guns and Magic to name a few types), and accesories (Rocket Boots - Allow Temporary Flight, Obsidian Skull - Immunity to Fire Blocks (Meteorite, Hellstone), as well as being able to combine them). So in conclusion, Terraria, absolutly doesn't rip off Minecraft, and in fact actually improves on what Minecraft originally set to achieve upon it's release: Survival and Exploration. Graphics and be underwhelming for some, but maybe that's what they aimed for. I would do a full Part 2 of this review but that's...a little overboard. Note that at the time Terraria is in it's 1.1 update, and Minecraft has been released. If you bought Terraria on Steam for $2.50, you made a good choice. Expand
  25. Dec 5, 2011
    This is one of the greatest games I have ever played. Once the 1.1 update came out, Skyrim became near meaningless to me. I can't seem to tear myself away from this game even with Skyrim taunting at me to play it. It is incredibly fun and addicting. Minecraft may be 3D, but its gameplay does not even compare to Terraria's in terms of sheer quality and content. With its lighthearted tone, great gameplay, excelleny replay value, absolute quality and effort put into it, and great soundtrack, I would easily play this over Minecraft any day. Expand
  26. Dec 13, 2011
    I have played Terraria for 200+ hours total, and every time i create a new character, or obtain that elusive end-tier armor, or beat that one boss I just couldn't seem to overcome before, the sense of triumph is indescribable. I have played a multitudinous amount of games in my past, and none have been anywhere near as addicting and fun as Terraria. My personal opinion is that this game deserves a 10/10. The amount of content Pre-1.1 was enough to keep most entertained for hours on end, and now that we have 1.1, it's as if the possibilities have doubled. I don't know a single person who has any real complaints with the game, other than that they lack the insight or the patience to start out. Both the single-player and multiplayer aspects of Terraria are noteworthy as well. While the former gives the player a major challenge of fighting hordes of brutal enemies and facing a world of evil single-handed, the latter creates a fun and exciting world where teamwork and strategy shine. While i rave 100% for this game, i must give you a warning: this game is highly addictive and not to be played lightly. Expect to pour hours of your life into this game, while loving every creative, adventurous, and (oftentimes) brutal second of it. But don't just take my word for it. Start playing and find out for yourself! Expand
  27. Dec 20, 2011
    Terraria is one of those 2d platform games that I can't seem to get my hands off! I've bought it last week, and it has already consumed 50 of my hours. Although many might say that this is simply a 2d minecraft, the feel for this game is much different - Terraria is more developed, and has much more fantasy features than minecraft does. It is also still developing as a game by itself! It deserves a new critic review in the near future, as the game updates make the game experience much more overwhelmingly fun. Expand
  28. Dec 20, 2011
    Looking to dump hours of your time into a procedurally generated world? Look no further. You begin with basic equipment to deal with basic enemies like slimes and soon you are outrunning a wall of flesh withmagic boots while firing meteor-infused bullets from a gun that is half shark. And that's only pre-hardmode content. If this is your kind of game you will easily get play time from this game to match any AAA title while also paying next to nothing Expand
  29. Dec 20, 2011
    This game is amazing. Has to be one of the best games in steam right now and Im not even kidding. There are so many things you can do in this game like gardening, building stuff, decorating, killing monsters, going around mining, killing bosses, etc etc. And its just wonderful. The only thing it really needs is something like...I dont know....Modding? Or something like that. The developers are also very active with adding more stuff! its pretty epic! A must have for anyone who likes sandbox games Expand
  30. Jan 2, 2012
    Ignore everybody saying it is basically a 2D Minecraft. The only real things it shares are crafting and mining. Terraria has WAY more depth than Minecraft, and a much prettier art style aswell. The first couple of hours can be daunting to a newcomer, but once you get past the tutorial (or lack thereof), the game becomes one of the most addictive and enjoyable titles you will ever play. And considering I got it for 2 POUNDS on Steam, it's worth more than the asking price! Expand
  31. Dec 27, 2011
    This game is like Minecraft. Its like minecraft, except there is actually stuff to do in it. Its like minecraft, except its not terrible. This is easily one of the greatest games I have ever played. I cant even explain it. You need to try it yourself.
  32. Dec 27, 2011
    -Dedicated to WookieLove I really do not know what to rate this game, I would at first glance rate it a ten, but I really don't like the people who will just rate a 10 or a 1 just because they were enthusiastic or sorely disappointed with the game, without looking at pros and cons. But I don't mention this because he did that, but because he was reasonable in his review. Anyways, on to the review! First, a lot of people say "Oh, Terraria is just a Minecraft ripoff." and there is a fair deal of Minecraft ripoffs but ALL games are inspired by ones that have come before them in one way or another. In Terraria you collect materials, and build stuff. Sure you'll be building things and it is rewarding but you can't be as creative in a 2D plane than in a 3D plane, you just can't. Which makes building more of an on the side thing, but the core of gameplay in Terraria is raiding. When I say this I mean going and exploring whatever biome is available to you depending on how far you have progressed you character thus far. First you'll be exploring just normal underground, then corruption and jungle and oceans, eventually the Underworld and more for loot. Not just equipment but rare materials and statues. And when you hit certain landmarks in progression, you will acquire NPCs that will move into your house and sell you things. I have had many countless hours enjoying this experience in both single and multiplayer, especially multiplayer and I highly recommend you play with a friend or two but it is still very fun (and more challenging) in singleplayer. Terraria has an amazing soundtrack, depending on what area you're in, but of course it is all up to preference. And the graphics are very well done, it gives you nostalgia of the good old days of platformers, and are new and fresh at the same time. After assessing everything I would give this a 10/10, but once you've got the best equipment and defeated the last boss you have nothing to do unless you want to start over again. Which is fun for some. But what would this this great game into an amazing game would be having quests or maybe something rewarding to do with all your top-tier gear to flesh the game out. Don't get me wrong there is a butt-load of content, but if only there was more. Expand
  33. Dec 28, 2011
    I have to disagree with WookieLove. I understand how you say that Terraria isn't the best sandbox game. IT ISN'T MEANT TO BE. It's more of a RPG or a platformer. And under that genre it's amazing. I would say more but... Honestly can't be bothered. Most of the other peoples' reviews some it up nicely.
  34. Dec 29, 2011
    This game is so much fun i dont know where 2 start i mean if u like combat we got it u like dress up we got that 2 anything u want once u put ur game into hardmode u probably want 2 get a freind but cmon its so much fun if u dont know how 2 start go 2 4 help and u can figure out what 2 do well THANK YOU 4 making this game ppl
  35. Feb 4, 2012
    I LOL'd at all the haters that gave this game a 4 or less. What game were you playing?! This is a great 2D Platformer with so much to do and so many items to craft and build. Shallow gamers should stick to shallow games.
  36. Jan 9, 2012
    Great game that is very well supported by the devs. At first can be confusing and appear to be very dull and lacking content. But under this veneer is an indie gem. Some will compare it to minecraft stating it is a 2d ripoff with less creativity. This is an ultimate mistake as the only thing in common is blocks, randomly generated worlds and the ability to mine. Terraria focuses on the player conquering his world by forging weapons and armor of immense power to defeat the horrors of the players generated world. Expand
  37. Jan 24, 2012
    In a most recent games i've been enchanted with a number of games that terraria game makes a mmorpg called wonderland online. Anyways terraria is a 16-bit 2d platform game created by re-logic. My aspect of this game was "oh its a minecraft ripoff" i couldn't be much wrong. For a start the gameplay is basically an adventure, monsters are abundant in this game, some are challenging while others are not. With the crafting system it reminds me of a mmorpg called wonderland online of course that game you fight monsters to build. Build new stuff and being able to acquire rare items from dungeons and fight bosses makes it worth while. There is hidden treasures and some help your character in a big way relics that can be obtained just by finding it and a bunch of gadgets to build. Since i said its 16-bit style of play it reminds me of the super nintendo days of playing. The game has dungeons to explore building one thing to get the best thing you are achieving for is self rewarding. If you want to challenge yourself in this game there is softcore meaning if you die you loose coins which are helpful later on in the game, medium core loses items and coins, if you want to be the diablo 2 style of gameplay there is the hardcore gameplay which if you played diablo 2 you will know what i am talking about.

    Water physics are impressive since you do not see the water just floating in space. Sure most of the building is simular to minecraft,but its rpgish adventure, looting and boss battles makes this a gem even if it has the SNES nostalgia graphic look.

    I am sure that some people will just take a look at the screenshots of the game and just dismiss it as a bad game because the graphics are completely not high quality graphics. Just because the graphics are not realistic doesn't qualify as a bad game. Now lets look at the bad part about this game while i admire the SNES nostalgia feeling and the rpgish crafting system and building structures i had to say one thing and that is the tutorial. The tutorial for this game was a bit out of place. When i first started the game i did not know what to do. Sure there is a guide person who tells you what you can build and tips, but above all the tips only refer to things that might be in the game. Since this is a 2d game the suspenseful moment is small when fighting monsters. Like shooting games your character can recharge their health by literally standing there, terraria is like that but a little slow regeneration. This game has a low-moderate modding community the results of this modding community make the gameplay somewhat fun to a limit that maybe exceeds the price of terraria which is $10.00.

    That is basically it on the game if you like building, and crafting while at the same time have that nostalgic feeling of the SNES era and RPG fashion, try this game out.
  38. Jan 26, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Terraria is one of the games that even when you have completed the game (Killing all bosses)
    you can still create a new character and start over a new and this time it will be different because of say a differently generated map or something you get quicker and those can change the game considerably. I particularly like the way that when you unlock the hard mode you unlock new objectives and your weapons and tools work like you have just started a new and makes things so much harder. I am truly looking forward to the new updates.

    A few bad things about the game:
    -Needs more content
    -Goblin armies need to aim for your bed rather than your spawn
  39. Jan 27, 2012
    When I first saw this game, I was like "That game looks terrible!!" Mainly because I thought it was a ripoff of Minecraft, but... it's actually better than Minecraft. Now you start the game with a COMPLETLY random world, nobody else has that world, then you start chopping down trees like Minecraft, build a decent house, then $#!% gets real. The fun part about this game is mining, you have SO much more to mine and do in Terraria. You have NPCs that you can buy stuff from, not only that, but you have 8 bosses in this game, including Skeletron, Eater of Worlds, Eye of Cthulhu but my favourite, is the Wall of Flesh. Like Minecraft, you will never get bored with the updates. No real glitches that I have come across, but it is a great game, even vanilla. Expand
  40. Feb 1, 2012
    Out of all the games ive bought, i would say this game is worth more than it actually cost. The massive new update and intriguing sandbox environment makes this game just as good as minecraft if not better.
    Only down side is this game is very team oriented, solo players who first start will get bored quickly as there is no straight forward tutorial. However if you play with your friends
    and brave the first tedious quarter of an hour figuring what to do, you will find a lot of fun and potential.
    A must have game for those with friends and a few bucks to spend still.
  41. Feb 2, 2012
    BEst GAME EVER!!! this game is super fun and you can do many things with your friends! You can explore and make you imagination true in 2D. so far ive played for 200 hours +. As you get better, you will understand more things
  42. Feb 4, 2012
    This game is a blast, is it a MMO with years of entertainment? no, Does it offer a deeply enriching story? no Is it top notch art? no. Terraria is exploration heaven. Terraria is relatable gaming. Terraria is better because there is no hand holding, yet intuitive. Terraria is challenging. Terraria actually engages the right half of your brain, and offers a good bit of action. My only complaint is Terraria can be a bit lonely for long hours.
    Pets would be kool =)

    For 10 bucks though this game is all win for the player.

    I would give Terraria a 9.5, some things could use some polish... but sincethere are so few games that are actually right brained fun out there I'll go with a 10.
  43. May 4, 2012
    this game is another retro style marvel, and FYI, its NOT A MINE CRAFT RIPOFF! , its a good game good music, retro graphics, i personalty liked this game
  44. Mar 5, 2013
    incredibly addicting. Even more addicting than binding of isaac. Points for longevity: 10/10
    I like how you can do what you want and in what order you want in this game. You can make better weapons, armor, guns etc. Gameplay: 10/10. Graphics are good. I think they could have been a little better but they are good enough: 8/10. Music and sounds are good but not great. 8/10. Ovreall still....
  45. Jul 26, 2012
    This game combines rpg classic graphic style and platforms in a sandbox title that brings a lot of fun for both casual and hardcore gamers, I like it more than minecraft!
  46. Apr 17, 2012
    I love this, no it's not a cheap rip off of minecraft. There two different games, one more on the adventure and see you can get the better stuff than the other person. Minecraft is more on the builting, they both can built cool things. Another major different between the games is that minecraft is a fps, while Terraria is a completely different on using a tps and side scoller, which works well but it can be too dark sometimes. I think a issue is that the guide is useful but doesn't really help if he gets in your way to often. A strong point is that you will not get tired of the game fast, there are a lot of things you can do. Go adventure and be a awesome viking or a wizard or just built the coolest things you can imagine. I think that people should stop calling it a "cheap rip off of Minecraft" they different and besides they don't have any support. Also if was a rip off of minecraft it would have been a fps, not a side scroller. Expand
  47. Apr 22, 2012
    Terraria is a 2-D platform-crafting game, where you must dig, fight, explore, and build! You must dig for and find materials, in caves, oceans and dungeons, and use them to make better weapons, armour and items. It'll take you a while to get to know how to play it properly and get into it. You must also fight enemies, and build shelter so you can survive the night. It's fun to play, addictive, and it's only $10! ~ Rating: 9.2/10 Expand
  48. Apr 27, 2012
    I wasn't going to review this game but after seeing the absolutely horrible low-rated reviews for this game by little kids with terrible grammar, I felt that I needed to throw in my 10. It's a great game for people who like Minecraft style items/digging/crafting, 2d platforming and combat, and adventuring.
  49. May 2, 2012
    Terraria is often compared with Minecraft, but in my (humble) opinion, it is much better. The crafting involves more logic (no *forming* a door with loose planks, you just need the good materials and the spot to make it), the combat is much more fun (the flying, many sorts of different weapons keeps it entertaining) and mining is more fun since you can see where there is an open room. I played over 100 hours of this, and I still want more. Expand
  50. May 11, 2012
    Best 2.50$ game I have ever bought. Yes it's almost exactly like Minecraft but once you start playing it and exploring it, it so isn't. The worlds are as small or as massive as you want and your destiny in it is truely up to you. For the 1st hour or more the game will be a drag because you only have basic tools with no armor but once you start collecting better and better gear and weapons it becomes a blast. The music is alright but it can get on the annoying side after a while so that's why I just turned it down. There is a tad steep learning curve when you first start out and even more so when you get more and more stuff that's why the Terraria Wiki is your best friend for finding out what you need to know. My only real nit pick with this game is it is over really fast once you get going and the developer has already said on his website that he ceased development for it which is a pity because it is a fun game but I can also see his point. Expand
  51. May 14, 2012
    3 words Better than minecraft

    Don't get me wrong, Imagine Minecraft but with the terraria variety of things... more and better enemies... Different patterns. a kind hard mode when you defeat a kind of final boss With new things coming up all the times. NPCs who interact with you. and lots of crafting... I imagined this game as minecraft and I thought it would be better than it ... if it
    where 3d.

    The game is good But when you reach the end game the fun ends. The problems are the hardmode bosses. If you dont play with like 4 friends... the bosses are almost impossible. The rest of the game is fine IT could have some enemies more and more variety of patterns but is not aggravating at all.. Good game
  52. Jul 21, 2012
    Addictive and fun, I've put over 100+ hours into this game in the last couple weeks, and have enjoyed almost every minute of it. I don't like to use wiki's or info sites when I play games like this, and have had a blast discovering each new thing I've found. I'm giving this game a 9 out of 10 only because there are a couple of punishing aspects to the game, that I think shouldn't exist in sandbox games: 1) Potions have a cooldown timer, and 2) Death reduces your armor (you can pay the nurse to get rid of this penalty, but it still feels harsh). These two things are the ONLY times I've ever thought "Hmm, not fun." when playing Terraria. Highly recommended, especially if you think you might like a combination of Minecraft + Metroid + Castlevania. It's even better when you play the multiplayer with a trusted friend. Well worth the ticket price of $9.99, if you're strapped for cash or looking for a really good deal, Steam routinely discounts it 50-75% off. Expand
  53. Dec 31, 2012
    It seems like people either love or hate this game by the reviews. What I find especially funny are the people who don't like this genre giving this game a rating of 0 or 1. What's the point of even rating this game at all? If you gave this game a 0, you're exaggerating. It works, it plays, and there's a lot to it. Another thing that's funny is the Minecraft fans who rip on this game because it's a "copy." So pathetic. And yet ANOTHER thing that's funny is the people judging the graphics. You guys realize that's a stylistic approach, right? It has a classic, retro look and feel to it. It wasn't like they created this game but had limitations so they just made the graphics "bad." All in all, the really low ratings come from people who are mad they spent $5 - $10 on a game they found boring/they didn't know what to do, people who love Minecraft and think this game is a copy, and trolls. If you like sandbox games, sidescrollers, fighting enemies with many different weapons, crafting, and building structures, then you'll like this game. Look at videos if you aren't sure. Expand
  54. Jun 18, 2012
    This game is so fun. The multiplayer is amazing, its easy to join servers and making them is also easy. The game is 5-10 bucks and its a real bargain. Many players and a lot of items. This game is really fun. People compare it to Minecraft, but I find this BETTER than minecraft. For one, the gameplay is faster and you can make more out of your time than minecrafts hide in a cave type of game. This game has more items than minecraft and has a easy multiplayer, unlike minecraft's servers. Down side is that it can be a bit boring, but if your bored with minecraft, even the boring parts will seem more active than minecrafts. Expand
  55. Jul 16, 2012
    The game, in my personal opinion, is very interesting, I like it. The 2D dimension makes it somewhat special, because you see and understand a lot more, than in 3D. Yet you still don't know what is above or under you. The Character creation isn't that original like in Minecraft, but still very easy to use (If you do know RGB!). The feature where you can have items saved had slightly mixed feelings on my experience, but should be a nice addition. I think it's a game everyone should try, just like Minecraft. Both are actually, very different. I suggest you to give it a try, and you will, most likely, not regret this decision, I'm sure. Expand
  56. Jul 21, 2012
    It's my favorite game of ALL TIME. There is so much to do in this game! After 1.1 came out in December of 2011, the game for so much more fun. After you get enough armour, you can go down to fight the Wall of Flesh. If you fight him, a whole new adventure opens up for you to enjoy. New weapons, new ores, new monsters, new biomes, even new materials to build with! You can make traps for enemies to fall into, build houses on floating islands, and WAY More! I don't think I can fit everything into 5,000 characters. It's a definite steal at $10, and it goes on sale quite often! Expand
  57. Aug 25, 2012
    Terraria is definitely the most fun I've had with a game in awhile. The first thing I noticed were the pixelated visuals, and they work so perfectly with its vast environment. The game's mechanics are really solid, and its replay value is substantial. It's especially fun to pick up with friends. It appeals more to the explorer than the crafter, however. There's always something to go out and search for or obtain in the game, and I love that feeling. Although you can build awesome, detailed structures in Terraria, it's fairly limited as it's a sidescroller. In the end, your main objectives are to explore and combat against the various bosses in the generated world. More specifically, some things I really liked with the game were how I could port a character between different worlds (including single player worlds to multiplayer worlds and vice versa) with such ease and not having to sacrifice anything for it. I also love how it was a little more straight-forward about what to do in the game with their "guide" character. You don't have to spend large amounts of time looking up how to craft things on its wiki because it's there for you. You DO need to spend some time on the wiki in order to know how exactly to progress and know what is all available to you, but you're not completely dependent on it like you are with Minecraft. Overall, it's a great game, especially with friends. The only downside I had with the game was that I felt that sometimes there wasn't enough content available. Also, some people may disagree, but I think the implementation of an experience system would have been nice as well. I can't wait for Starbound to come out in the near future from these guys. They definitely know how to make an awesome game. Expand
  58. Jan 29, 2013
    I couldn't between a 9 and an 8 because this game was so fun, The Gameplay, The Combat and The Mechanics. The is nothing wrong with the controls at all but its just when you start the game you are not exactly sure what you are supposed to do. Like when I started it I kind of stared at the screen thinking WHAT!? but then when you get the hang of it it really starts to grip you with the joy of the game but in Conclusion I really do think you should buy this game if you see it on a steam sale and you are not sure if you should click the add to cart button, I would say to you DO IT because it is very fun unless you are not a sidescroller person Expand
  59. Aug 16, 2012
    guess what???? this game came out before minecraft, hahahahahaha stupid review trolls. for anyone that is putting off buying this game because its "a copy of minecraft" GO! buy it now! it's actually really, really good for a 2D game. For the people saying that "the graphics suck." its a 2D game, what did you expect??
    Please, just buy the game, it's very much worth your while
  60. Aug 14, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I played Terraria for 188 hours before getting tired of it, and I never even touched multiplayer. Compared to Minecraft, it has much better action/adventure and gameplay elements. Combat is a fun mix of melee, ranged, and various magic spells. The metroidvania gameplay keeps things challenging. The amount of items to find is very addicting, but rarely devolves into farming. Even when random worlds gets boring, you can hit the fan sites and download user made maps, which range from parkour obstacle courses to adventure maps with stories and puzzles. My only complaint is the lack of originality: it does shamelessly copy minecraft, especially early in the game, what with chopping down trees and running from zombies at night. But by the end of the game, when you are flying through the air raining crystal bullets down at a giant skeleton head made of metal while it tries to crush, zap blast, and saw you simultaniously, you will realize this is not Minecraft anymore. Expand
  61. Aug 16, 2012
    If you want a simple game that is fun to play and easy to waste time on.... this is the game for you. I spent $2.50 and enjoyed over 100 hours of fun. if you like sandbox free play, this is the game for you. If you want super graphics, no control, a little CGI cut screens, with only one path to play then do not buy this game. I happened to like my own little world.
  62. Aug 23, 2012
    When people see Terraria, at a first glance, they auto mautically think Minecraft. I'll even confess to being guilty of this too. And I think that this was its downfall, but also its rise. Without Minecraft, Terraria probabley would not have existed. It's not a Minecraft clone but to say it's not Minecraft INSPIRED is ludicrious and you should get your head checked. But It just would not have existed. Saying that, since it was Minecraft inspired people saw it and just, "Well I'll just play Minecraft." Although its Minecraft Inspired, there is Infinatley more to do. There's actually progession and in Minecraft, well, there just isn't. It's as if a genius, took Minecraft, WoW, and Mario, and said, "Hey, let's make a game!" I have logged 170 hours in on this game, and I still am getting upgrades on my armour and weapons. So much to find, so much to do, although it's an empty goal, you still find yourself raiding that dungeon, trying to find another upgrade. 9 out of 10. Expand
  63. Jan 1, 2013
    A great game, lacks only a few things that could be added but it is addicting. Compare this to Minecraft, they are both amazing, but Terraria is like a copy, a little bit, again more could be added, but since there is 2 more Terraria games on the way (Xbox 360 & PS3) it would be hard to keep things going on PC.
  64. Jan 25, 2013
    Absolutely no complaints about this game. So much fun! It is better to play with a group of friends than alone for sure, but the overall premise made this game amazing. And actually hard. My poor castle was destroyed within the first blood moon :'(

    Oh...and the soundtrack makes this game!
  65. May 5, 2013
    After 150 hours of playing I can easily say that this is my favorite sandbox game, 2D game for that matter. There are just so many things to do and every item can be useful. It's only 10 dollars so there is no reason you should turn this indie gem down.
  66. Apr 30, 2013
    At first I was skeptic when I saw the game but I soon realized that it doesn't matter if the game is 2d because as long as the game mechanics are solid and appealing you can have a lot of fun with it
  67. Jun 2, 2013
    Fantastic game, spent over 120 hours playing it and i would recommend it to anyone looking for an interesting hybrid of genres. The game continues to be updated to this day and the soundtrack is fantastic, especially for the boss fights.
  68. Jun 12, 2013
    Terraria is a fun game. It has a nice combat system that gets more complex as it goes on. It focuses mostly on adventure, with some building here and there. There are plenty of bosses and enemies to fight. There are also many biomes to explore. There are a lot of items, including boomerangs and grappling hooks. It has one of my favorite end games of any games. There are a few mods to explore in this game as well. Terraria is a really good game, some may just say that it's a 2D Minecraft, but it is much, much more. Buy this game. Expand
  69. Jul 21, 2013
    terraria is a great game, a 2d minecraft. terraria's inventory is gigantic for there is multiple weapons and miscellaneous. but this game can have some bugs, for instance I tried to summon one of the bosses (in night time) and he did not show up, probably car troubles. the world is gigantic for you can have small, medium, or large. with large it is huge it will take you a long time for you to get to one end of the game to the other. terraria is a excellent game and worth it to buy. Expand
  70. Aug 20, 2013
    Terraria, amazing adventure, exploration, rpg, crafting, building, fighting, bosses and flying island, terraria has got all of those and it doesn't cost much! I highly recommend this game, if you played minecraft before and start playing terraria, please don't use torch as a weapon :D!
  71. Sep 30, 2013
    its a great game. you should definitely pick this game up. its better than minecraft in my opinion. building and combat are great and its the best sandbox game out there
  72. Oct 15, 2013
    The problem with users reviewing is that they never take time to play the whole game. That said, this game is not a rip-off of Minecraft. Even Notch likes it, but oh no, reviewers never bother to gather information! If negative reviewers actually played the game, they would realize the game goes from 2D Minecraft to something more intense and much more varied. Not to mention there's multiplayer, and the 2D CAN be invigorating to play with for some old-style recognition, and the music is just fun to hear. There are lots more monsters and items than in Minecraft, and much more bosses as well, giving more varied gameplay. Of course, with all this implemented, the world is limited and not infinitely generated, though it is indeed randomized each time you make a world. And with the current price of $2.50, it's essentially a must-buy. Heck, it's even a must-buy when it's $9.99. In short: more varied than Minecraft, less free than Minecraft, but is VERY different from Minecraft in general, if you get to actually know the game. Expand
  73. Jul 19, 2011
    When I first laid my eyes on this game I didn't think of it as a Minecraft clone at all. The trailer really made me interested, it looked more like an adventure, RPG game than a Minecraft copy. Terraria is exactly that - Adventure. Despite what a lot says about Terraria is being a Minecraft clone, I almost 100 percent disagree. Sure they are a like when it comes to some parts of the game, but that's just required for this type of genre. Battlefield and Call of Duty is even more clones than Minecraft and Terraria.

    Terraria is a Wonderful, amazing game that will bring you a lot of pleasure if you are into adventuring. During my, so far, 200 hours of game-play - I have never felt bored, even if I was doing the same thing for hours.
  74. Jun 21, 2011
    Terraria is by far one of the best 2-D-survival, role-playing, side-scrolling games I have ever bought on Steam, and I've been playing it for 123 hours now. You can consider it to be a 2-D version of Minecraft, but it's not. It was built on the same concept, perhaps, but despite Terraria's limitations in graphics, it has so much potential beyond Minecraft. Randomly generated worlds that are small, medium or large; interesting, and almost seeming endless, exploration; online multiplayer; NPC's that move into your homes which you can buy stuff from them and/or sell it; infinite durability for tools and weapons; only losing your coins when you die; all the items you have for your own character get transferred; crafting potions and acquiring a numerous variety of weapons, clothing and other accessories; fighting challenging enemies and bosses; and so much more. This game is on beta version 1.0.4 and the new update which is 1.0.5 is going to add even more content. There have been rumors that the price may increase as more content is added. Overall, it has been the best $10 ever spent for a game so far, so if any of you have an extra $10 in your Paypal account and/or credit/debit card, make an account on Steam if you haven't and buy it now! You will not be disappointed. Expand
  75. Jan 21, 2012
    This game is always in the top 10 most played steam games, with about 20,000 players on daily. Next to kings like TF2, CS and Skyrim. Ignore the red reviews and just ask yourself if this is something you could enjoy, BEFORE buying it. 407 positive reviews to 56 negative... And every negative is upset it's like minecraft! They make no secrets about that, it's obvious before purchase. Then it has tons of rad wiring traps and explosives and lighting and rediculous amounts of custom weapons, accessories, combinations, clothes armor and even ammo types. If you don't feel any nostalgia for the 2D era you should acknowledge that before you even consider buying, because it takes an imagination to lose yourself in a platform world with no ending. That being said I'm 70 hours into just building and digging mines, and I couldn't be having more fun. I played minecraft for 5 hours and it has WAY less going on than terraria. 20000 active steam players a day can't be wrong. Expand
  76. Aug 23, 2011
    The first thing I can say about this game is that it's NOT a rip-off of Minecraft. Yes, it has mining and crafting. Yes, the word "biome" gets tossed around a lot in discussions of both...and that's about it. In Terraria, you mine because you need gear to get to the next step in the game. There are no circuits or minecart tracks here- just better gear so you can fight stronger monsters and more powerful bosses. Past a certain point, there's very little mining at all: you proceed mostly by fighting monsters and finding chests. The game isn't perfect, though: I find that there's a bit of a gap between the gear you'll get from digging underground versus the gear you need to fight the next level of enemies. At one point it almost forms a mobius loop of "You need X sword to beat Y boss and you need to beat Y boss to get X sword". The bosses are also unimaginative in the sense that they don't really vary their attacks or present you with unique challenges- it's mostly just a grind. Also, the fact that you mine for advancement means the ores you find quickly become obsolete- you'll find yourself just ignoring large amounts of ores just because they do diddleysquat for you past a certain point. Still, Terraria is a cheap game that will keep you entertained for a LONG time, and the devs are constantly updating the game, so it can only get better from here. Expand
  77. Jul 22, 2012
    I can't remember the last time I got so many hours out of a game that cost so few dollars. Since the game is pretty much user-defined from the get-go, the only real limit is your imagination.
  78. Jun 28, 2011
    "8"Awesome game. Not gonna give 10 since it is "perfect" and nearly no games are perfect but still HIGH 9. Devs are awesome, even i see many negative who say they suck etc. since they update game often with good updates, unlike minecraft. Game has similarities as minecraft, but MC is building game and Terraria is adventure mainly and some building involved, not much mainly houses for NPC 's and possibly farms and stuff like that. Terraria has many weapons, armors, special items,spells, buff potions etc. Terraria is kinda like minecraft in graphs, both unique, not great but that is how it should be, except MC has texture packs. And the new guide is actually HELPFUL when he tells crafting recipes (kinda). And also monsters, that are very many different. Well i got bored to this game after MANY awesome hours since had collected every items, killed every boss 10 times, except skeletron and now start playing again and find many new items, new monster new biome and all that just in what, 1-1,5 month when minecraft would have given possibly a map and some random tiny things and bug fixes.

    Now if u still think Terraria is ripoff from Minecraft, let me say 1 thing. Stuff that Terraria has and Minecraft has are REAL items and materials like sand dirt stone etc. so materials aren't ripoff, then gameplay. 2d and 3d tiny different and then bigger BUILDING and ADVENTURE. Minecraft is mainly building and Terraria some building but mainly adventure. And I like both Minecraft and Terraria A LOT and cost only ~25â
  79. Jul 14, 2011
    When Terraria was released, I passed. I kept seeing ads and still passed. It wasn't until I saw what people were making in the game (i.e. Super Mario and Bowser Pixel Art) and saw a video of Toby Turner playing that I decided to pay $10 for it on Steam. I started playing at around 9pm. It is now 3am and I just stopped for the night; although it took great effort to stop. Here is the layout: A random world generates from the size you choose (small, medium, large). You start with the basics tools and set off to spelunk in a 2D platform game that seems to have endless depth. The difficultly increases the deeper you go, reminding me a little of Dante's Inferno. It has a definitely feel of Castlevania 2, with the night bringing worse creatures and a curse. So, you fight off the monsters while trying to explore deeper and deeper. What you don't realize is that you have built a town from the mud, sticks, and stone. This brings a nurse and a merchant at first. Only when you have crafted your first golden sword do you realize that you are addicted. You must go deeper to see what else lies in wait. What treasure will you find? What heights will you build to? *sigh* Sorrowfully, I have to work tomorrow and this game will be in my dreams. Simple, yet it is only limited by your willingness to explore and by your imagination to build. This has so much depth for such a simple little game. Expand
  80. Jun 25, 2011
    Of course many are offering this experience as a cheap knock-off of Minecraft's success, when in fact, its a powerhouse of an indie game, and surpasses Minecraft's core experiences by far. At most, similarities found in the games are their crafting systems and the possibility of some freeform building, which differ greatly when comparing both expieriences. But by offering an intense 2D sandbox expierience that offers a multitude of mobs, an old-school RPG expierience, tons of biomes with secrets located in the skies and underground, and an evergrowing slew of updates providing diverse new items, power-ups, weapons, and enemies, Terraria delivers with astounding gameplay that still leaves me addicted to this date. Re-Logic, well done. Expand
  81. Jun 23, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This game has absorbed more of my time than any other game for at least the last 2 years. It has beautiful pixel art, the platforming mechanics feel just right. I'm not hugely keen on the weapon swinging animations but they can be forgiven.

    I like the Castlevania style gameplay and the fact that it has the random level generation of Spelunky which I also enjoyed. Obviously the Minecraft influence is strong but the result is a completely different feeling game which obviously takes influences from lots of different areas. To call it a rip off would be like calling every open world game with vehicles every made a Grand Theft Auto rip off. Absurd, I know!

    I would definitely recommend giving this a chance. It feels a bit slow at first but there are so many weapons to find and so many gadgets to use that totally change the way that you play. From jetpacks to grappling hooks to guns and swords. There's also multiple boss fights and different biomes and lots of clothes and armour. The game is nowhere near finished either and new content is added to the game very frequently.

    I'm actually appalled at some of the hate this game has garnered from Minecraft fans. I like Minecraft for very different reasons to Terraria. It plays in a very different way and you find yourself with very different aims in either game. there definitely tends to be more emphasis on building in Minecraft. I know Notch is a big fan of Terraria.
  82. Jul 12, 2011
    This game is much more than a rehash of Minecraft. Less emphasis is placed on construction, and more is placed on exploration and actual gameplay. The difficulty scales well for anybody from casual players to the more hardcore, and the game rewards thoughtful building to protect yourself from enemies.
  83. Jun 20, 2011
    This game is incredibly amazing. I can't even believe it's 10 dollars. It's extremely addictive and filled with hours of fun, whether you play it alone or with friends. The game goes from zombies to giant worms to flying eye balls and tons of other unique npcs to different places to explore, such as dungeons, jungles, and other places you will find on your adventure. The game is filled with tons of different items, giving you a whole mess of items to craft and provide different ways to play the game making it possible to engage into battle as melee, range, or even a mage. The devs will also be adding new things to the game over time as well, which adds tons of replay ability to the game. Terraria is a must have. Expand
  84. Jun 22, 2011
    Oh, hey, look, it's Minecraft in 2D.

    ...Nah, I'm just f*ckin' with ya. Terraria plays more like Castlevania with generous sprinklings of Minecraft and old Final Fantasy sprites. In order to get them out of the way, I'll start with the negatives, because I felt that they were few and far between. First off, there are certain items that require vigorous "farming" to get, but that can't
    really be avoided, because otherwise it would devalue those items, several of which are incredibly useful. Secondly, the game doesn't support modding quite so well, though I've heard talk that the developers intend to. I certainly hope so. A game like this, with its simplistic sprite design and easy-to-understand mechanics, seems like a breeding ground for wonderful user content beyond all the pretty structures you'll be spending hours building after you finally get those rocket boots.

    Now, on to the positive. Terraria blends the building, mining, crafting, murdering elements of Minecraft with the dungeoneering, loot-gathering, potion-spamming goodness of Symphony of the Night, though it lacks quite as much diversity in creatures. I blame that on the size of the studio, though. While I have yet to play the multiplayer, the single player progression is rewarding and challenging. You'll fight your first boss, be terrified, probably die a lot, then come back later and laugh in its face as you stomp it into the dust with your shiny new weapon, crafted from the crushed dreams of a planet-devouring worm. Feels good, man.

    The game lacks any tangible level-up system, instead allowing players to upgrade mana and health through specific items found while exploring, and upgrading damage resistance with armor crafted from ores found exploring. It's very much one long spelunking trip with loads more violence -- anything that dies breaks into vaguely recognizable chunks of its sprite. Gross. The sprites themselves, however, are very reminiscent of old Final Fantasy games, though I wouldn't count this against it. I nostalgia'd pretty hard. Even the NPCs have memorable sprites and distinct personalities, given the few lines they have. I think I may be switching persons, a grammarian party foul, but players will also very much enjoy crafting their own little village for the NPCs, as they will only move in when you've built them a cozy little home to nestle into.

    I think I've covered the major points I needed to. For ten bucks, this game's a pretty good value. Were a barrel of miniature simians readily available for comparison, I'm sure it would come out on top. I could build a better barrel anyway. Out of Hellstone. Filled with Fire Imps.
  85. Jun 22, 2011
    Terraria is an interesting game with many similarities with another game called Minecraft.
    The game its self offers a very retro 2D plat former feel with the diversity and flexibility of a sandbox type game.
    It has a crafting systems with a lot of different items and things that can be created, dungeons, monsters , bosses, treasure and rare items.. all the makings of an interesting world
    to explore and advance in, but this is not for everyone.

    I have friends who like Minecraft but not Terraria but also the other way around, each to their own as they say.
    Personally I have not invested a lot of time in the game but the time I have spent has been well worth it, if you have no issues with sandbox games then you will quickly find your self digging a little more to the early hours of the morning and then freaking out because you have 2hrs to sleep and get ready for work.

    All in all, while the game is not for everyone, it is cheaper then lunch and well worth a try if you are looking for something a little different.
  86. Jun 23, 2011
    Terraria is a good deal. For an Indy game its has excellent replay value.
    Yeah you can compare it to minecraft in its mechanics, but its a rather weird comparison. The updates provide extra content, it is a fun multiplayer co-op and pvp. The Graphics are what they are... retro. The gameplay is fun, and yes it can wear thin... but updates keep it interesting enough.
    I give it a 9 because
    its very sandboxy, you can build stuff, you can create stuff and it isnt a huge burden on todays computers. The Bosses provide some insanely tense moments. It's bound to become a 10 as it gets updated with newer features. Expand
  87. Jun 23, 2011
    This was the first game I was excited to play in a long time. I really enjoyed Minecraft, I was still playing it when my friends wanted me to pick up Terraria. They told me, "It's like Minecraft, but 2D!" I was a very skeptical person, so I told them I didn't want to spend the money. I was wrong, this game was simple love.

    The graphics are very friendly and colorful. They evoke
    emotion and really speak about what's going on in the game. The graphics aren't anything high end, but the graphics of this game really augment the gameplay.

    The music is pretty catchy and almost always captures the mood of what's going on. My only concern is the re-use of certain tracks, but it's no big deal because almost all of the music is pretty good.

    The gameplay is tons of fun, Terraria is easy to pick up and dive into. The multiplayer and single player playstyles are both fun. Single player provides a fair bit of progression that will keep you entertained for hours. Multiplayer is especially fun with a few friends. Get together, dig some holes, fight some bosses, kill each other with lava, and go have some simple fun.

    I have one killer that pulled this score away from a 10, there's not enough to do in the game! There needs to be more content! I ran out of stuff to do after a couple of weeks of avid play. The game developers are releasing somewhat regular content patches, over time I'm sure the game will expand nicely.

    Here's the quick rundown: Terraria is a simple game that is a lot of fun. The sounds and graphics are quirky and emotional, the gameplay is a lot of fun that will last you a decent chunk of time, but there isn't much content right now, once you run out there isn't much to do. On a 1-100 scale I would give this game a 92.
  88. Jun 24, 2011
    Amazing game. Well made and coded and allows it to expand almost limitlessly and in which ever direction the Terraria community desires. So far they have listened and done just that and I am happy to say it is my favourite game and comes highly recommended for those who like Minecraft but with more action involved.
  89. Jun 24, 2011
    This game proves that 2D gaming is still alive and can still provide a fun gaming experience. Sure the game seems to steal from other build and create games, but this game has just enough unique content in its adventuring sections to make it seem like a breath of fresh air from other similar titles. It has a wide array of things to do past the initial mine and build formula. While not as deep as some would like this game is the kind that you can spend a lot of time on perfecting a building or fighting monsters. Expand
  90. Jul 7, 2011
    This is an great game the devs put a lot of work into making it feel as old school as possible. the music, the sprites and the level design, or well the level generating. if you like mine craft and thing this is just that but 2D this is in no way the case it has building/ crafting elements but is no way modeled after MC. The game is far more based on action, fighting , and loot. I can not help but see all the flaming going on in these reviews and i must say that they sound more sad then any thing. i get that mine craft is a great game, but just because a game lets you build...does not make it mine craft. if you are finding it hard differentiate between these two and are unhappy that the game does not hold your hand and tell you how to be good at the game. maybe you would be better off playing a title by EA... Expand
  91. Jun 25, 2011
    I've only played this a little at a friend's house, but so far it is amazing. Everyone who says this is a "2d Minecraft ripoff" is a complete idiot. So they are both made of blocks, and they both have similar tools. But Minecraft is more of a creative game with less emphasis on survival and exploration, whereas in Terraria you build to protect yourself and not just for the sake of building. It also puts more focus on the adventuring aspect, encouraging you to go out and find new things rather than staying in the same general area. Also, the addition of NPCs gives Terraria a hint of RPG that Minecraft doesn't have (That's not to say it's bad, just that that's one part Mojang decided not to put in their game. But this review is about Terarria anyway, so who cares.) In short, the two are completely different games.
    Now, if you are griping about the graphics, then I must assume you are twelve years old and don't have the maturity to realize that you are supposed to PLAY a game. If you want to WATCH something because it LOOKS good, that's what movies are for. And just because this game doesn't look like Call of Duty or StarCraft 2 doesn't make it bad. And also, even if the game looked like ****, as long as the graphics aren't so confusing and/or poor quality that it detracts from your ability to preform as a player, then it shouldn't matter. And if you say the graphics are stolen, then you are simply flaming with no evidence to back your statement up. And in a game where most graphics are a small, low-resolutuion, retro-RPG-style sprite, it's not hard to accidentally make something similar to another game.
    And criticizing the music is even more of a boneheaded thing than criticizing the graphics. I mean, I personally like it but if you don't, there are things called the "volume key" and the "options menu," in which you can turn things like that off. Incredible, I know.
    The clunky controls are hard to back up, but I suppose nothing is perfect. Same thing with the game speed in the beginning. Please note that I said "in the beginning," because after you have been going for a while things will start to seem to become faster by a combination of getting better tools and simply getting used to it. They could have made it a bit quicker to get going but it's still not as bad as some other games I have seen.
    And, don't just take it from me. There are plenty of professional, well-known gamers (TotalBiscuit for one) who would also back this and other, similar games up in the fight against shallow-minded graphics hounds
  92. Jun 25, 2011
    I bought this game thinking I would regret this purchase, thinking it was another Minecraft knockoff, but as I skeptically beat off slimes and trees, I slowly got drawn in to the game-play, and eventually realized, it isn't Minecraft, it is a whole new game. New depths and even more content then Minecraft lead it to be one of my most played games. If I have free time and my laptop, I'll be playing Terraria. This game is a great addition to a seasoned Minecrafter's game library, as a companion, and competitor game. Expand
  93. Jun 26, 2011
    Terraria is a creative and addicting game. Ive put about 25 hours into it now and I am still hooked. At 10 bucks you just cant beat that. Where do I reminds me a lot of zelda except with many more items to find which is one of the reasons it is so addictive. Playing with friends is a blast and the developers add content consistantly for free. I have not played mine craft and some people think this is a rip off of that game. All I know is this game is really good and has a lot of heart. I would have given the game a 10 if it wasn't for the confusing multiplayer set up process. As far as I know you have to open ports on your network and a few other things to play with friends. This game needs some simple match making and it would be perfect and more accessible. I got around this by using a program called Himatchi which let me connect to my friend. If you are an old school action rpg fan this game is for you. If you are a fan of zelda and can deal with throw back graphics then buy this game right now. A true gem in a sea of big budget garbage games that are being churned out these days. Expand
  94. Jun 26, 2011
    What originally seemed like a game that plays itself off of the minecraft crowd, is now nothing like it. with graphics that will easly run on most PCs and a 2D landscape it resembles that of SNES platformers. It is a game you can pick up and play and not get bored easily. Like minecraft, you find what you want to do and by the end, with most powerful weapons in hand, you still keep playing. weither its building a tower or a giant **** and balls, this game will hold your attention. The developers are updating and adding new content so there is always something to get later even if you have everything. Fun mulitplayer with PvP possible or co-op. Fight your friends or journey into the bowls of the land. It is a must have. Expand
  95. Jun 27, 2011
    I haven't been this engrossed in a single player experience since the first Diablo came out when I was 13. It's the kind of game you think about when you're not playing.
  96. Oct 7, 2011
    No way you can fault this game for lack of content. There's plenty, and (semi-)random-generation of items, caverns, and veins keeps the game interesting for many hours. With all sandbox-type games, however, there comes a point where you feel like you've gone through just about everything there is to explore. You know how the mechanics work, how enemies work - you've found all the interesting artifacts, and have the NPCs you're interested in. .... And then you go online to see the Terraria Wiki, and -- HOLY #(%*, there's a freaking CLOUD level! You find out you've only explored half the content, and on your way to explore it, the devs release even more new content in an update. Content updates in Terraria are a real treat. It's not just a few balance changes and a a couple new items -- they add new biomes, more monsters, a new NPC, different trees, new mechanics, many new weapons, and major crafting changes. Even if you do play Minecraft, and reviewers are correct in calling Terraria a "2d minecraft clone," the vast amount of different content, different mechanics, and environments still make Terreria a bargain, and likely a very fresh, enjoyable experience for you. Expand
  97. Nov 30, 2011
    Vastly superior to Minecraft. More content, more fun, more things to do, and the developers aren't greedy. Plus the game is only 10 dollars and almost always on sale for 5.
  98. Jun 30, 2011
    Let me start by saying that the first time i saw this game i said "pff it's a minecraft copy in 2d"
    then my cousin started playing and told me to start too so i thought "meh lets try it"
    yeah its basicly the same kind of game but if u think in that way quake was a copy of doom,
    the difference is where the game has been improved and i say it has improved a lot, there is so much more to
    do, they took the idea of minecraft and improved it a lot, there are random events like goblin army, blood moon rising, etc, that improved the game in so many ways that it's worth your time and money Expand
  99. Jul 6, 2011
    A little slow for the first couple hours. But if you are a fan of nostalgia Squaresoft RPGs / Metroid / Castlevania series with a minecraft building system this game eventually evolves into an absolutely amazing experience. With random generating worlds and co-op, its one of the best gaming deals around.
  100. Mar 12, 2012
    There's a lot of obvious parallels between Terarria and Minecraft, but Redigit's masterpiece achieves a much greater depth than Notch's effort. With a greater emphasis on combat and exploration, it's obvious from the start that Terraria is something truly unique. Fans of Castlevania will enjoy the gorgeous retro, pixelated 2D graphics. There truly is a huge amount of content, and with regular updates this game is a steal at $10. Expand

Generally favorable reviews - based on 29 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 25 out of 29
  2. Negative: 0 out of 29
  1. Mar 19, 2012
    Terraria is one of the best sandbox games. Terraria has some Minecraft spirit, however the focus of the game is on fighting and crafting, so it involves more action. The best way to enjoy Terraria is to play it with a couple of friends on your own server.
  2. Mar 16, 2012
    It's a title that will appeal to the adventurer, the explorer and the builder; not to mention those who appreciate a substantial amount of player freedom. If you happen to be all of those things, Terraria is a lightly tarnished treasure.
  3. Mar 14, 2012
    A lot of games tried to copy Minecraft – or at least participate from its' success. But this two-dimensional take on the well known formula is the only game that is able to step out of the shadow of the indie phenomenon that inspired it. It leads you into a unique world full of creative magic.