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  1. Feb 6, 2013
    Who doesn't like Ferrari? Well, i'm a Ferrari fan. I've been waiting for this game for a long time.
    Finally i got it for PC and for my surprise: I didn't buy a racing game, but a boat racing game!
    The game should have called: "Test Drift: Ferrari Racing Legends" But even for drifting this game would be a failure. Because of the famous "input lag" (known in Shift and Shift 2) It's so
    absurd it tends to be ridiculous...
    I really tried to race with my G25 and then i crossed with another big problem: I couldn't change any car behavior settings (traction control, abs,...) Finally setting it to hard solved that issue. This told, i stopped playing and demanded a refund because of the car collisions and the ridiculous car behavior. I gave the score of 1 because I'm a huge Ferrari fan, and a huge 0 for the game.
    This game fails to deliver the purpose of any game: Entertainment
  2. Dec 22, 2012
    After many months of delays it finally gets released on PC and I can assure you it wasn't worth the wait. Controls are so fidgety and I can understand purists love a challenge in handling but even on the easy settings it's unbearable in modern and silver campaign to complete the achievements. After much frustration i just put this aside as the enjoyment faded fast.
  3. Jan 1, 2013
    As a huge car enthusiasist, I was quite looking forward to this game, but when I saw the developer "Slightly Mad Studios", I almost didn't even want to start the game. And boy, was I right ! I never liked Shift games due to its driving model, which is nowhere near arcade nor simulation. It was always like driving a snowmobile. Well, Ferrari Racing Legends use the very same model, so all the cars have no grip, steering is too sensitive even on the lowest setting (with Logitech MOMO wheel) and the cars feel unstable even in straight line. Shift all over again. The career mode is just ridiculous. It's extremely long and very boring, because someone thought it would be fun to put you in one car for 10+ challenges, which all happen on like 3 circuits, and with probably 3 different goals that all just repeat over and over. Forget about any championship or fun challenges, there are none. Even worse, if you have a steering wheel and at least a bit of experience with driving games, you'll win most of the challenges on your very first try without even doing your best. Races are extremely easy even on Hard difficulty and Time Trials are not that far behind. I get it, it's a console port, but is it really that hard to at least change buttons in menu, so I don't have to assume that button "A" means "Enter" ? This game is just so scamped I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. Expand
  4. Dec 22, 2013
    Do not listen to these horrible reviews. Ferrari Racing Legends is a sheer driving pleasure. Slightly Mad Studios have done a fantastic job with the driving physics and making the game both accessible and exciting, as they did with Shift. The car roster is huge, and has a lot of variety too. There are some great tracks here from classics like Monza and Silverstone to favourites like Nordschleiffe and Mugello GP. The sound of the engines and life-like interior views coupled with refined driving mechanics make this a blast for racing enthusiasts. The controls are great and there is extensive support for wheels, controllers and keyboard. The events are scenarios, so you could start a race on the 3rd lap in last or it could be a more arcade-style overtaking exercise, where you have to pass all the cars within a time or distance limit. The variety in cars, tracks and races is surprising. But make no mistake, this game is pure racing nothing more, nothing less. There are no upgrades or RPG elements it's just you, the car and the track, although you have to unlock most of the cars and tracks through the campaign. There are no distractions, and there are of course time trials, quick races and multiplayer alongside the very long campaign. The only problem I've found with this game is that environment textures are terrible trees keep popping in and frequent graphical glitches with the scenery when using certain anti-aliasing. Other than that, it's exactly what a racing game should be. Expand

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  1. 40
    How many bags can you load into a real sport car? Almost as much fun as you can expect from Ferrari Legends – close to none. [Jan 2013]
  2. Jan 18, 2013
    Despite the fact that shining hoods and screaming engines are all there in the Ferrari Legends game, this is the biggest racing disappointment of the last year.