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  • Summary: The game features you as the star of a live Hollywood television show investigating paranormal activities. Hubert Chardot, author of the Alone In The Dark series, creates the foreboding backdrop for the evening's activities. [TalonSoft]
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  1. Changing into an angelic creature with magical powers from time to time is something you haven't seen in a survival horror title before, and makes Devil Inside well worth playing.
  2. Daily Radar
    There are a few problems -- namely save points, the sometimes quirky interface and the occasional awkward control -- but as a whole, The Devil Inside is fun and stylish.
  3. 81
    In today's modern age of deeper survival horror, Devil Inside ultimately leaves you wishing that those demons from hell would have brought along a little more to chew on than switches and bullets.
  4. Even though the overall experience is filled with cheesiness, clichés, and dumbed-down antics, that's what makes it fun. Those in favor of quick thrills and instant gratification can't go wrong with this title's campy, supernatural shenanigans.
  5. If you are a fan of "Alone In The Dark," and are longing for some more French-influenced zombie fun, you will probably want to snap this up right away.
  6. Unfortunately a lot of the good aspects are overshadowed by poor controls and camera angles that are downright scary.
  7. CNET Gamecenter
    Even despite slight control problems, terrifyingly bad documentation, and console-style save points, there is still enough here to warrant that horror fans check it out.

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  1. JohnJ.
    Mar 31, 2006
    If you can find this game for under £10/$15. Then get it! At that price you will have a great litte adventure/action game with a nice If you can find this game for under £10/$15. Then get it! At that price you will have a great litte adventure/action game with a nice litle angle. You are a ghost hunter and you are in a TV show! A cameraman follows you around and you need to look after him somewhat, you have to keep the audience happy and when things get tough you have the abiluity to change into a flying vampiress! Weird, eh? It's great fun and there are some humourous angles, but it is also very scary in parts and can be as good a scare as any you've had from AVP2 or System Shock 2! Style if typical third person and for a game that is 6 years old the graphics don't look too bad at all! It's from Cryo, a defunct French publisher, but don't let that put you off. If you find it anywhere, snap it up and have some horrifying fun! Expand