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  • Summary: (Also known as "Egypt III: The Fate of Ramses") Ramses II is dying and with him the glory of Egypt shall fall. Amon-Ra, the Sun-God, promises to extend his life in exchange for the most magnificent temple ever built. Trouble is not far away as the building site for the temple is affected by a number of sinister incidents. Maia, a young priestess, must solve the mystery behind these events and save the life of the Pharaoh. Travel along the Nile and explore magnificent locations and monuments such as: Karnak, Memphis, and the labyrinth of Ptah. Interact with various characters and encounter Egyptian gods, including: Osiris, Seth, Isis and Ptah. Decipher an array of intriguing 3D real-time puzzles set in breath-taking environments. Easily concoct sacred potions and perform ancient Egyptian rituals using the customized game interface and inventory. Scour the in-game encyclopedia for historically accurate information on rituals, ancient monuments and artifacts, and Egyptian mythology. [DreamCatcher Interactive] Expand
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  1. As for me, I had a surprisingly good time helping Maya struggle to bring all of the events back into the bosom of the benevolent gods. Tight story, excellent puzzles, attractive graphics -- what else could we grouchy adventure game players ask for?
  2. I gave every category about 80% in my scoring, and that sums up The Egyptian Prophecy pretty well. Nothing about it is amazing, but nothing about it is bad, either.
  3. It's very short, and can be beaten in a matter of hours, but at $20, it's an excellent buy as it is inspired, and engaging. [Aug 2004, p.70]
  4. A gripping storyline and entertaining puzzles that do not frustrate combine to help create a compelling adventure game.
  5. The visuals are stunning, the history is accurate and the dialogue is good.
  6. With a decent story, authentic backdrop, intriguing personalities and classic puzzles, there’s a lot to like here.
  7. 54
    As things stand, unless you go rabid for Egypt or tired old adventure games then I would advise you pass up on this time travelling opportunity.

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Score distribution:
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  1. JpohnT.
    Sep 28, 2006
    Nice game and I'm not even an adventure fan.
  2. 12dsds
    Apr 16, 2004
    Yyyyes good.
  3. VaughanK.
    May 31, 2004
    This game is dumb. A good game is entertaining. Graphics, sound, and pretty things don't make a game, they make a movie, and that means this isn't a game then, and hence my score. Expand