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  1. May 10, 2013
    it is a shame that because of the lack of open world large scale games and this being many peoples first rpg warrants a near 100 for a score. This game cannot even be called an RPG and deserves maybe a 75 at best. There is no decision making just like in oblivion, terrible dialogue and linear boring quests and repeatable quests that were even worse, poor loot variety once again including recycled enchanted weapons from previous elder scrolls games. I expected so much more.. this was the biggest disappointment in gaming of 2011 for me bigger than the massive failure that was star wars the old republic. If your a hard core elder scrolls fan this game is a must. I still played the game for over 60 hours but then grew bored as opposed to my hundreds of hours spent in oblivion. I am an objective rpg fan and the elder scrolls series falls a little short for me with including Skyrim. This game is average at best not stellar. Expand
  2. May 16, 2013
    Only redeeming factor about this game is the soundtrack and countless mods. The developers released a broken product with countless bugs and errors; leaving it up to the community to finish the game for them. With that said, this game isn't my cup of tea. Sure the atmosphere is very inspiring, and the combat is enjoyable.

    However the lore, story, characters, spells, UI, and just about
    nearly everything else is uninspiring and bland. There is really no incentive to continue playing after finishing the main story, the remaining portions of the game are generic in every way. Expand
  3. May 26, 2013
    Skyrim would've been a great game if it was in the rightful set of hands that truly had the compassion for the Elders Scrolls series. The concept of Skyrim is great, but was very poorly executed. The A.I is terrible. I thought I was in a world where I was surrounded by people who were lobotomized. The animations were poorly done. The followers are useless. Instead of them helping me out I found myself helping them out because they were being slaughtered by the enemies. Theirs simply not enough control over them. The bugs and glitches are migraine creators, and some can impact quests to which you're unable to complete. Don't bother to ask how to fix it on Bethesda's official help forums because the staffs are way to busy on other things rather than to help you with your technical support needs. On April 15, 2013 Bethesda announced that they're no longer releasing DLCs therefor leaving us with unanswered questions.. Who's the next ruler of Skyrim? What is the deal with the Thalmor? those two are the main ones that needs to be answered. Skyrim needs a well deserve ending, not to be shafted. The Storyline was OK, but not great. I know kids who can create a better story then what was presented to us. The price of this game was outrageous. NOT worth it IMO. Skyrim is an incomplete beta project that should've never been release to the public. Without mods this game would be terrible. The menu's were designed for Xbox users, not PC. Without mods this game would be unbearable to play. I'm very concern for the next Elders scrolls game under Bethesda control. Expand
  4. May 28, 2013
    How to play Skyrim: Accept a quest, fast travel to an area, do one of three things (kill someone, talk to someone, get an item), return to the quest-giver, and get a leveled item and another quest. Repeat.

    A nice followup to Oblivion. Fun, but nothing innovative or special.
  5. Jun 24, 2013
    This is really good game, but it can be boring at any second. If you like to play more like an action or a story based game... Play Oblivion.. That game is far better.
  6. Jun 26, 2013
    As a fan of the Elder Scrolls series Skyrim didn't disappoint and my only real gripe against the game is that fighting dragons does grow old and the main storyline and mages guild (college of winterhold) in particular are to short. That said combat is fun a much needed improvement from Oblivion and Morrowind and the graphics with mods that enhance the many towns of Skyrim are amazing.

    Skyrim is a far better game on PC than on console not only does it load faster the mods add hours of replayability. Plus you can replace the moon with the DEATH STAR!
  7. Jul 19, 2013
    Skyrim is terrible for a multitude of reasons: - It is layered in glitches. - Almost everything vaguely involving physics instantly screws up. - The controls are far too similar to an arcade game. - Jumping turns you into a glider. - Combat feels like you are playing as a cardboard cutout of a fantasy hero stereotype waving cardboard boxes around your head. - The graphics are very slightly better than the first game in the series.

    - All of the features are unoriginal or stolen.

    - It takes you a few hours to walk somewhere, only to find out that it is identical to where you set out

    - The plot makes no sense and is unoriginal: You play as someone who is different to everyone else
    for no particular reason.

    - The animations just look abysmal.

    - The size of this list, just explaining what is wrong with basic features.

    Some of the only good features is the absurd possibilities with modding, but even then.
  8. Aug 29, 2013
    I fully agree with all the people who rated this game from a 0 to a 6 and their reasons for it. Skyrim just wasn't what a true TES had to be like.
    Besides the obvious: poor storyline, poor voice-acting, poor leveling and a abysmal UI, what truly ruined the game for me is that the towns and dungeons didnt made ANY sense to me. Every time i entered a dungeon i could see the "secret"
    sliding stone door. Dungeons, untouched for centurys, were littered with fruits and vegetables. Wolves are walking around with diamond rings while the population is piss poor. I've seen more bandits than civillians. Wardrobes in the town houses contain a apple, 2 gold, a shoe and a piece of carchcoal. 20m2 huts normally contain a bed, a table, a wardrobe, 3 treasurechests(each filled with a couple of gold pieces and maybe something like a banana) and 8 barrels for the 5 pieces of vegetable. The layout of the town houses and defenses are complete nonsense. The average dungeon consists of 3kilometers of elaborate, narrow, copy-paste corridors whom, again, dont make ANY sense at all.
    But what really pissed me off,,,, bandits are walking around with some crappy cloth armor a bow and utter rare enchanted deadra arrows while the room next to them is filled with ebony armor and one of skyrims 900.000 enchanted jewels.......
  9. Sep 7, 2013
    Strong points:
    - Offers hundreds of gameplay hours, even more with DLCs and User content.
    - Has thousands of mods that range from additional content to changing game mechanics
    - An amazing soundtrack with both epic and relaxing music that fits to the game's setting.
    - A huge open world to explore, with many dungeons, towns and places waiting to be explored. Traveling is convinient
    thanks to the fast travel system.
    - Game offers alot of freedom with your choises and tasks you can do so many things without behind restricted at all (But don't expect the guards to leave you alone if you start a mass murder).
    - A good variety of enemies, quests and items. It's important to point out that you can add more with mods!
    - Amazing graphics and details that will make you drool!
    Weak points:
    - A weak and short "main storyline", although there are many more that you can take part in. The opening is quite slow and characters aren't very rememerable. As soon as the tutorial ends though, you are free to do what ever you what.
    - You will spend alot of time running from shop to shop to sell all your loot.
    - Bugs, crashes and glitches. Very annoying at times.
    - A pretty bad AI. Followers do a terrible job of sticking around and helping. The enemy AI can be absolutly retarded at some times: Randomly runing away, ignoring you completly, not seeing you when you clearly should have been seen or just being plain stupid ("I just got shot in the head a minute ago, but I guess there is nothing there").
    - Gets repatative after a while: same enemies (only stronger), same quests (Go there, kill that/get that).
    - Mediocre voice acting: many characters sound alike, and their lines can be repatative at times.
  10. Nov 5, 2013
    This game really did dissapoint me i know this is many people's game of the year but i cant help but think this whole game was nothing but a dissapointment half of the people that have played other elderscrolls games knows what im talking about oblivion was alot alot alot alot better in every respect and was ahead of its time my heaps but this is just hack and slash with crysis graphics everything about it just made me think why am i playing this its done better in oblivion id honestly say this was my biggest dissapointment of the year i was so hiped up for this game hanging on to every peice of gameplay and trailer bethesda gave us and i was just givin bugs popins hack and slash with no good story or any effect on the world no matter what you do 7/10 good game im not saying its bad its just really not as good as it schould have been Expand
  11. Dec 10, 2013
    The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, is an improvement to the last. But yet it still lacks some things, and is annoying in some aspects. One of them is the dialogue. The voices are recycled quite a bit, as well as the things they say. But the great things counter-act that. Cave and ruin exploring, fighting dragons, tons of side-quests, and so much more. Even better, there are no huge glitches or bugs that make the game entirely unplayable. The only major bug I found was about 7-8 hours into the game, and a simple reload could fix it. I indeed suggest this game, but if you do, buy the PC version, as the console version fall a bit short. Expand
  12. Dec 20, 2013
    I totally don't get this game, it is way over hyped. The graphics are not brilliant, the game play it pretty weak,, the fight scenes are less than desirable. Unless I am missing something, this is no more than a cult game. Sub standard!!!
  13. Jan 3, 2014
    i must confess i just created this account to express my ongoing dystopian feeling about this game. i mean "wtf is this?" a game so full of bugs its rarely playable 2(!!!) years after showing up.
    i actually still read new threads about the bugging engine today!(64hertz bug im talkin about). an engine, programmed several years (seven ago by an expanding software company which actually
    bugs TODAY, guys. yes it bugs TODAY!!!
    after several sleepness nights of thousands of users trying to make fallout 3, fallout nv and now actually skyrim run without permanent bugs, this flippin engine still bugs!
    now that i call user-friendly programming. and the hype still continues. 2 expansions big time hype lots of money NO FIX! WTF IS Up here how can this game be so overhyped? its not even running! This world is CRAZY! nothing about the game itself, as all other bethesda titles the gameplay COULD BE awesome. but wtf you bethesda guys living on the moon? fix your goddamn games for christ sake, hear the community of thousands of people complaining and FIX IT!
    this behaviour totally deserves a 0. we would still sit on trees if the whole humankind would be that stubborn.
  14. Dec 10, 2011
    Skyrim is almost everything you'd want in an open free-roaming world. There really isn't a correct way of playing the game and it's up to the player in how he want to approach the game. Do you want to be like a Demigod were every enemy encounter is a breeze? Or do you want them all to be challenging? There are a lot of ways of playing this game, and I'd wager for the most fun the player shouldn't be afraid to vary his gameplay style. Imposing your own artificial limitations can go a long way of making the game more enjoyable, such as don't use Fast Travel, don't use the Compass to navigate, don't focus solely on maxing out Enchanting or Smithing first, et cetera.

    That said, the game is a masterpiece were the sum of its part far outweigh the parts itself, which shows. The voice acting is the best in the series so far, but it doesn't really say much. Voices are still repeated on a regular basis, which some might feel breaks the immersion. The main quest feels empty and boring, as does most of the quests of the guilds. Overall, the feeling of being "special" and treated as such is too obvious. Regardless of what line of quests you want to do, you'll pretty much end up being labeled as SPECIAL early on, and an early non-worthy prize awaits you after a few simple quests. Gone is the struggle of advancing through the ranks of a Guild in order to succeed.

    Discussing were the elements of the game fails can take all day as Skyrim contains a lot of very different elements, which all feels lacking in one way or another. Yet this doesn't stop the game from feeling like a masterpiece. It's fun, it's immersive, it allows players to customize their gaming experience and offers an extremely high level of freedom. The attention to detail in the world is amazing, and it's a wonderful experience just exploring the world in your own pace. Is Skyrim a GOTY of 2011? Yes, I truly think so. Though is it a 10/10? No, while it's great, it isn't perfect. There's A LOT of faults in the game, though while frustrating or disruptive at times, these doesn't stop you from enjoying the rest of the game.
  15. Aug 20, 2013
    Skyrim has made significant improvements over the past games, those being replacing the class system with a perk system, allowing for greater specialization: now improving a one-handed skill doesn't mean practicing with a sword makes with better at swinging a mace. Customization options are really good and the characters don't look like potatoes. The game world is really beautiful, varied, with some degree of verticality due to the mountains and filled with little stories here and there in the form of notes and journals. However, the game feels largely unfinished and empty. The guild questlines are incredibly short and still allow for a character with no skill to become guild leader, especially the College of Winterhold and the Companions, though the Dark Brotherhood one is well done. The Civil War could have been much more, but it limits itself to changing the guard outfits, the dragons all have the same behavior: land at ~35% health and the player can head-on charge, spamming attacks left and right. The combat feels largely like Oblivion: hit the enemy sponges until they die. Blocking has no benefits, you still get damage and stamina is useless outside of sprinting: enchant your weapon with stamina drain and get power attacks all day long. Despite being very nicely handcrafted, the towns are incredibly small, even Solitude, which is supposed to be capital of Skyrim, only feels different in size due to its tall buildings you (most of the time) won't be able to enter. Almost all dungeons are corridors with the back entrance either being inaccessible due a combo of high terrain and invisible walls or are just stupid 'key required' locks. The loot is very poor, even a master locked chest has no more than one or two mildly priced items, forcing the player to use a lockpick perk to suddenly find daedric items everywhere, much like the speech perk tree is required for you to sell all the items you want. Lastly, this is the first game since Daggerfall where the player character can utter complete sentences all the time, unlike Morrowind and Oblivion, but the dialogue is very simplistic: Speech checks are rare and useless: a step back from Bethesda's own Fallout 3, where you could completely bypass a quest with a simple check. They also force the character to be a dumb warrior/wizard/thief/whatever simply due to the lack of skill checks like in New Vegas: Your character, the Dragonborn, blessed by Akatosh with a soul of a dragon, is nothing more than a dumb chap who needs everyone to tell him what happened for the last years because apparently he/she was living under a cave or something.

    Bottom line: the game is enjoyable, but not exactly GOTY material, not with these issues, not with the bugs and definitely not with the interface on PC.
  16. Mar 15, 2012
    After finishing most of the main story-lines, I quickly started to lose interest in the game as by that time there was no longer a goal to aspire to and the mechanics of Skyrim's open world were rather ill concealed. Feeling mildly disappointed, I then discovered that I had already played the game for a good 90 hours and quickly revised my opinion: it'd be rather odd to be disappointed by 90 hours of fun for a â Expand
  17. Nov 19, 2011
    Don't let the people giving this a low score persuade you to skip this title. Some people will complain about anything, and search for any reason to complain. Giving this any score less than a 7 just proves they are typical internet trolls looking for a reason to **** This game is fantastic. Anyone that complains about lack of story is missing the point. This is a sandbox where YOU make the story.

    Some will say the menu is terrible. Initially it's tough to get used to, but after you use it for a while you realize that you never have to take your hands off the keyboard and mouse. The menus can all be navigated with the WASD keys.

    Graphics: amazing.
    Story: amazing.
    Voice acting: amazing.
    Immersion: unlike anything you've ever played.

    Let all the typical console casual gamers lament the game's open world. They have CoD for their "story on rails with invisible walls" fix. The rest of us can sit back and enjoy hundreds of hours of incredible game with the most "choose your own adventure" type gameplay ever created.

    Bethesda has done it again. This game is nothing short of awesome. Buy it. You will not regret.
  18. Oct 17, 2012
    Epic, beautiful, and a true single player game...absolutely wonderful. I also love the fact that there isn't really a main quest, there is nothing to 'finish'. It is like the real world insofar as even when you finish your quest line, the world keeps turning and nothing truly changes. I know there is the whole "Dragonborn" thing, but the game never forces you to finish that line, or even mention it if you don't kill that first dragon. So you are free to built your archer or wizard or assassin or thief or whatever it is you want to. It is also great that, with some mods, you can really push your hardware and have a truly beautiful world to explore. I ran 2 680 classifieds 4gb. I spent $1400 on videocards for this game and I have no regrets. And massive thanks to Beth for authoring official mod tools and opening up their game, which is a very rare thing today. My favorite game since Fallout: New Vegas. Expand
  19. Mar 6, 2013
    Bethesda has officially sold out. In the days of Arena, Daggerfall and Morrowind, The Elder Scrolls used to be an imaginative open-world RPG for people who wanted to think and discover things for themselves. Nowadays, Bethesda makes shallow action games in hopes of catching the short attention span of the console-gaming casual players. Skyrim is enjoyable the first time you experience anything; The first time you pass that group of people, the first time you do a quest, the first time you climb up the Throat of the World, the first time you talk to a guard, etc. Then you quickly find out that there is no depth to anything. I guess it's not bad if you're looking to only do the main quest. However, if you're looking to explore the open world and spend 100+ hours in the game, you'll probably be disappointed at the shallow RPG experience. TES is dead. Expand
  20. Nov 16, 2011
    Skyrim is a huge step forward from Oblivion. A great soundtrack, beautiful landscapes, improved animation (most of the time, still a few weird spots), better faces, and more choices. Unfortunately this beauty is only skin deep, as Bethesda continues to move away from RPG mechanics where you really live in a world trying find different solutions to problems by applying your character's skills, but instead focuses on hack-n-slash loot-fest mechanics. Worse still is that the game uses a script to generate what items you find based on your character's level, ensuring that you never find anything remarkable. The fact that every dungeon ends with a large box full of more of the same, and a shortcut back to the entrance doesn't help the immersion either. In the end all I felt like I accomplished was improving my DPS. Expand
  21. Jan 27, 2014
    Terribly disappointing. When will we stop rewarding Bethesda for these incredibly low-quality games? It's like watching a production of Shakespeare where the actors and crew are drunk - the story may be compelling and the backdrop spectacular, but the entire performance is doomed to failure. From the interface to the voice acting to the animations, this game is sub-par. For God's sake Bethesda, get a better QA department! Expand
  22. Sep 25, 2012
    Why aren''t you playing this? It's easily the best Bethesda game so far. Explorations is as fun as ever and you can make whatever character you want from the get-go.
  23. Nov 15, 2011
    -- Skyrim has a large world, tons of content, and excellent quests. A compelling story makes you want to not stop playing. The graphics are top notch, the audio is great, and most of the animations are good. If you want a game that will give you many hours (40 hours in and I'm still not done, but I like to see and do everything) and you like fantasy single-player role playing games, this is a game for you.

    Now, the detractors:
    -- 1) The interface on the PC is poor. The interface for the PC looks like it was an afterthought from controller based consoles. The largest detractor is the reliance on a favorites menu to select items to equip. There isn't a favorite item equip hot-swap system, which causes you to scroll through menus repeatedly to switch between magic and weapons. Standard PC RPG elements are missing, such as a minimap, hotbar, backpack, etc. The biggest detractor is the hotbar and customizable keys for specific spells and equipment.

    -- Information on the interface is scarce. You cannot see most of the information you need at a glance, such as what all the map locations you've visited and cleared (you must highlight each one). I haven't seen a note interface for the map, either.

    -- 2) Movement system is extremely poor.

    -- You can jump, walk, and run with movement keys. You cannot tell if something is too steep to run up, aside from sliding back or stopping. There isn't a climbing system, contrary to statements of "you can climb everything" prior to the game's release. If you are slightly sliding, you cannot jump. This leads to getting stuck for a bit while you figure out how to get out of the predicament you got yourself into. You cannot vault over fences or rocks, if your jump is inadequate. You cannot pull yourself up onto a ledge, if it is 1 centimeter higher than your jump height.
    -- 3) Graphical glitches such as frame rate drops and texture issues on models exist with my system (core i7-950 with nvidia 560). Crashes occur without details. Since launch just occurred, I'm hoping for patches that will eventually solve these problems. My solution is to save often and restart, when textures do not render and frame rates drop to 1 per second.


    -- With the size of the world, the huge amount of content, and the well done quests, dialog, books, combat, and many other interesting aspects to the game. I give this game a realistic 8. It would be a 9 with a better interface. It would be a 10 with a solid movement system and interface for PC.
  24. Jan 20, 2012
    With Oblivion, I preordered the limited edition. This time, because of my experiences with Oblivion, I was not going to make the same mistake again. And boy am I happy I didn't. One might think they would learn from their last game. Instead, they made it even worse! Full of bugs, underwhelming graphics (especially if you've played Witcher 2 just a bit before - sure, you don't have an open world there but still... the difference is GIGANTIC! and because of texture mods and ini mods and whatnot, people know that bethesda could have done more... instead they let their fans do the work) and the leveling system which is supposed to accommodate any play style (although... didn't they say that about Oblivion already?) is about as screwed up as in Oblivion.
    When Skyrim was first announced, I told my friends I would wait for about a year after release before I will play it. But because of all the mods that are already released and very popular, I figured it might be time already. No it isn't. And with things as screwed up as they are in Skyrim, I wonder whether it ever will be.
  25. Nov 25, 2011
    My biggest problem with this game is it's combat. It is totally awful, if you are not playing as mage you will WAIT for the battle to end, and this is not an exaggeration. I have seen a lot of fanboy stuff here, which saddens me. But to those that are actually considering to buy the game I could have couple of objective recommendations.
    First: get it on PC. As with any Bethesda game Skyrim
    is a "Do it yourself" title. It is surprisingly stable and runs fairly smooth, but that's where good coding ends. The UI is one of the worst UIs I have ever seen. It is WORSE than Witcher 2 UI at launch, but it is not ONLY badly designed. It is also badly written. Modding is only possible on PC and mods will fix it, and are already so PC is the only platform you should be playing this game on.
    The theme and the atmosphere of this game are astonishing. I never have played anything like this. And this makes up for many of the game's flaws, but not for the price. I would advice to buy this game a sale. The quality of presentation is important but the quality of release is more important and the game lacks the latter. Remember Dead Island? Everything about this game was bad/mediocre except for the melle combat which was AMAZING. Well Skyrim is sort of the opposite. Everything is amazing except for the combat/interface. And those are important. Dumb AI is not even the main problem. There are no hit reactions to speak of, hit sounds for all weapons are sort of the same. Finishers ARE cool, but only first person ones, since the quality of animation is horrendous.
    All in all Skyrim is a great title and I recommend it but I would still slap Bethesda for not properly making some of the simplest aspects of the game.
  26. Mar 4, 2013
    Unfortunately I was pretty disappointed eventually with this one, as with most open-world games. Granted Skyrim is probably one of the best open-world RPGs ever made, but it still feels like a fake world with simple-minded scripted bots. The skill system is also pretty meh, I preferred the skill system of some of their previous titles. Too many skills that do nothing and the interface is quite horrible.

    The menus are very bad, mods do help but they still are often unresponsive and annoying.
    The graphics are awesome, and so are many of the mods you can download with it. It's probably one of the most modded games in history. However even with mods it's still pretty unsatisfying, NPCs still say immersion breaking things, completnig major quest lines have very little impact on the world and the "people" there are pretty bland with very little to say or do. It certainly doesn't feel very immersive.

    Once we have better AI and are able to properly communicate with the NPCs of their world, I think we'll start getting incredible "Open World Sandbox" games. But for now, we're stuck with games like this, which excel in certain areas but are ultimately not that immersive and offer very limited interaction with the NPCs.

    Another thing that annoyed me is how unattractive the factions are. I didn't feel an urge to help either the Stormcloaks or the Imperials, both were pretty unappealing factions to me. Even the Blades and the Greybeards were flawed.

    But I'm still giving this a 7 because it excels at certain things like graphics, amount of things to do (huge amount of content) and the lore tends to be good. If you enjoy open world type of games in a fantasy world, you'll almost certainly like this one.
  27. Dec 20, 2011
    The greatest challenge. Not making a full blown essay concerning The Elder Scrolls. Being a fan of TES since 96 with my first entry by Daggerfall, I have grown attached to each of the games for varying reasons. Daggerfall had unparalleled depth and customization with challenging dungeons paired with an atmospheric score. Morrowind had a truly engaging story and unique, interesting variety of landscape. Oblivion had worked on the ARTS combat that Morrowind had failed to achieve, and gave us a look at next generation open world visuals.

    Now Skyrim comes along and takes a lot of the things I enjoy from each, and blends them together. While the product may be rather simplified, perhaps too many "ingredients" at this point may overflow the already heavy cup. That being said, I feel a lot of the steps are taken in the right direction despite my love for extreme complexity and depth. Skyrim somehow manages to make it work, and still attempt to please me with concepts of old, re-imagined through various systems, like the perk trees.

    Magic while a bit more skewed has really drawn the appropriate feeling of power, and combat while still a bit simple, feels far more refined and physical from Oblivion. Exploration feels varied, especially after Oblivion. The scenery is also truly gorgeous. I can hardly tell it's a DX9 game and multiplatform title at times, and it runs buttery smooth on my rig. Voice acting is a step up. Not quite there yet, but a considerable improvement from previous. The focus and attention to detail for all the little things is there, but remain subtle. Some things you might not even notice the first time around. It fleshes things out a bit more, and makes them feel more organic to the virtual world. Animations are also improved from previous titles. The score is outstanding as per usual, ranging from a powerful, sweeping choir to a soft, atmospheric melody. Then there's the Dragons. Their behaviour, their established language, their combat, their animations, etc. I could go on, but I digress.

    The game is not without its flaws however. A few CTDs here, a few minor bugs there (I have been fortunate in my play time, but it is hard to ignore the fact that issues do exist for others), and some things feel a bit lacking in content. However, it's not enough to detract from the gameplay in my case.

    Will it take place as my favourite TES game of all time? I still think Daggerfall may keep that place. Skyrim however takes a close second. Only time will tell how Bethesda will manage to one up Skyrim though. But until then, I await to see what the community will improve.
  28. Feb 14, 2013
    Yes, Skyrim has some little contra points like the Console like Inventory and a little bug here and there. But the World of Skyrim will blow your mind away. Countless Dungeons, Keeps and other Stuff to explore. The World is huge, so big you will have to spend 200h+ to explore every location. The Charme and Style of Skyrim creates the best Sandboxgame out there. Gameplayfun is unreached to this day Thats why i gave a 10. ThankĀ“s Bethesda.
    P.S: Go FO4!!
  29. Dec 25, 2011
    This game is BEAUTIFUL ! No , it's a masterpiece and is probably one of the best games I have ever played .Bethesda really outdid themselves , THANK YOU GUYS!
  30. Dec 11, 2011
    It's exactly what you've some to expect from Bethesda, another amazing expansive and engaging world. Skyrim is a gorgeous game, with a Jeremy Soule soundtrack for the ages. The gameplay feels a bit more brutal and satisfying than it was in Oblivion and Morrowind, and the new skill trees let you truly craft a unique character. The only gripe I have with Skyrim is that the main questline is extremely short, well written and voiced, but short. It feels like it just gets going, and before you know it it's over. Luckily though the game offers you enough sidequests and places to explore that it keeps you pretty damn happy, which is something most games can't say if their main story falls a bit short. Expand
  31. Feb 28, 2012
    Consolization issues and far too many bugs (just as any game from Bethesda) is what keeps this game from recieving a 10. A in-game respec system would be nice too. However it's a wonderful rpg with lots of content inside it. Highly recommended.
  32. Dec 4, 2011
    Having clocked up around 80 hours on Skyrim now, I feel just about qualified to write a review. It is fair to say that Skyrim is a very good action RPG, but is rather too shallow to offer a truly great roleplaying experience.

    By doing away with the standard base statistics (strength, agility, personality, etc) in the name of simplification, Bethesda has actually cheapened the gamer's
    experience significantly. Fallout: New Vegas offered a great insight as to how those statistics could affect the player's choices in a game, from different dialogue options with real consequences to being able to solve certain tasks for certain NPCs. Without those differing routes to the same conversational goal, interactions with NPCs feel flat, bland and pointless.

    Of further frustration is that NPCs fail to recognise the player's achievements in the realm, though they comment freely on abilities of which they ought to know nothing. "Hands to yourself, sneak thief," a Whiterun guard might tell me, though I've never been spotted thieving in Whiterun (or anywhere near it). I am, however, a thegn of Whiterun and, despite the Jarl's promise to let all and sundry know my new rank, I am never addressed as thegn by anyone save my huscarl (who, I am sure, does it only to humour me). The addition of companions is tiresome in the sense that it adds nothing to the game, save a beast of burden. Most are pretty poor combatants and the dungeoneer will find most of his time protecting the person whom he has hired to protect him. Followers offer no unique interactions or personalised side quests and, in that respect, compare unfavourably with Fallout: New Vegas and the Mass Effect series. They feel like an entirely wasted opportunity to add some roleplay value to the game.

    There are a large number of quests to complete, ranging from the benign (advise lovers for the Temple of Mara) to the downright evil (lure priests to their death for demented gods). There are some real moral choices to be made. However, there don't tend to be particularly profound consequences for those moral choices, which is rather disappointing.

    The raidiant quest system works well as a means of getting the player to explore the whole map. While the radiant quests themselves are necessarily simplistic, that is entirely forgiveable in the circumstances. Far more frustrating are the scripted side-quests, the College of Winterhold plot being particular source of dissatisfaction at its short and shallow scope. When I arrived, I was learning to cast ward spells. Three hours later, I was the Archmage, thanks to an infuriatingly simplistic deus ex machina plot device, and without being a noticeably better spellcaster. Morrowind required me to do tasks for various mages and to master several magical disciplines. Winterhold obviously sets a lower premium on actually being any good at magic. There are, of course, things Skyrim does brilliantly. It's a very handsome game to look at, even on medium graphics settings. The dungeon design has improved immensely since Oblivion (even if the inevitable secret door back to the beginning seems like something of a cop-out). The dual wielding system, while not perfect, is an interesting development and a welcome addition to the game. Even in snowy Skryim, there are a variety of terrains and architectural styles which gave the game a real feeling of size. The underlying plot dynamics are interesting: the Nords portray themselves as valiantly fighting for their homeland against the elven oppressors and the weak imperium, but themselves oppress Skyrim's native folk in the west. But the game feels unfinished, even hasty in places and, after 80 hours play, leaves me with the distinct impression that it could have been so much more.
  33. Nov 18, 2011
    Hands down the greatest cRPG I have played since... Well, to be honest, the last Bethesda game. Unlike every other game they have put out, this game is STABLE! The most stable and (major) bug free game they have ever released. It is: Deep Immersive Fun Addictive Beautiful Is it perfect? No. For example, I would have preferred full DX11 support. But it is so good, I can easily forgive the minor flaws. Buy this game.
    Love it.
    Live it.
  34. Dec 6, 2011
    It's a nice upgrade to Oblivion, but it's not groundbreaking. If you liked Oblivion you'll like this. It's immersive and pretty and the voice acting is well done. It's been entertaining me for about 2 hours every night ever since I got it a few weeks ago. There is so much to do and I feel like I'm barely making a dent into the content, and I know the modding community will add a ton of replay value in the coming months. So why is it only a 7? Subtract 1 point for being unoriginal in many ways. Same guilds, same dungeons, same enemies, same boring inhabitants as Oblivion. Oh, and the same bug ridden engine, which brings us to the next problem. Subtract another point for the myriad of annoyances. NPCs chit-chat with you incessisantly, repeating useless dialogue over and over. Followers don't level correctly and become useless after a few level ups. Player mages are UP while player warriors are OP. Dragon spam ruins immersion. The list goes on. And finally, subtract another point for the serious bugs - broken quests, #rimlag on the PS3, and releasing patch 1.2 which broke more than it fixed. Please publishers, stop, stop, stop shipping beta versions of games. I know a lot of reviewers dropped the ball in properly reporting these bugs, but the game publisher is still ultimately responsible. Expand
  35. Nov 22, 2011
    One of the very best games I've ever played. A very refreshing step away from first person shooters. While I would not give this a 10 because I like to review my games later after the first patch, here goes. I gave Skyrim an 8, not because it has little issues here and there that can be overlooked, but because of the patch that just came out not 3 hours ago. Bethesda thought it would be a good idea to lock down certain parts of the coding and .ini files that make the game actually look and perform better. Why? No idea, probably just to stick it to the PC gamers that figured this out and are actually making the game better than what the people at Bethesda can do. Remember, there's more of us that there are of you. Mods are an essential part of the Elder Scrolls PC version, without those, Skyrim is all but dead. Expand
  36. Dec 26, 2011
    What's amazing about Skyrim: exploration (beautiful and well-crafted world, great dungeons), new perks, new smithing system, better combat mechanics, towns and people seem real (but its still a video game, guys), shouts add a really fun character advancement mechanic that encourages dungeon exploration. Companions work well in this game

    What's not great about Skyrim: In some ways, feels
    more wide than deep- main storyline not incredibly intriguing (its a Bethesda game, people), and faction quests, while fun, don't deliver as well on story as they did in Oblivion. Game offers little choice, in comparison to say, Fallout or Dragon Age; most "choice" comes from character development. A lot of side quests lack creativity, made up for in part by varied and interesting dungeons (many side quests are: go to said dungeon, kill this guy/grab this thing). Interface is wonky, mods help.

    In the end, this is still an amazing, open-world fantasy RPG. If you want an RPG with an intense story and thought-provoking moral choices, look elsewhere. But I think most people know what they're getting with this game- A beautiful and interesting world with great character development and decent combat.
  37. Feb 24, 2012
    If you compared Skyrim to any game, you could label it as fantastic. If you compared it to its predecessor, Oblivion, you might as well label it the be-all-to-end-all. I've been playing for months now and I just can't stop coming back. The quests, graphics, gameplay, and character gen are so much improved over Oblivion it still makes me a bit giddy when I step back and take it all in. Now that I've mentioned character gen, here is one thing I cannot stand. I cannot stand people who say this game is generic and classless!!! That is completely unfair. Skyrim has probably the best class creation system I have ever seen in a game. The way it functions? Your class is created as you play, instead of predetermining a class at the beginning of the game. Simple. Elegant. Genius. In fact it's so much so that the way previous TES games did class creation seems ridiculous to me now (although I still enjoy the crap out of Morrowind). If you read my Oblivion review, you'd know another one of my gripes with that game was how bland the world proper was. Not so in Skyrim. Back again is the feeling Morrowind had where every dungeon was carefully considered and designed, and the locale themes are fluid, sensible and beautiful. Continuing on with dungeons, I have never seen a world map so utterly packed with dungeons and locales to visit. There is an insane amount of dungeons and I have enjoyed every one I stepped in (I think about 100 at this point.) Bethesda has also continued their tradition (except for Oblivion's main quest) of outstanding quest writing. Although the faction quests in Skyrim are quite short, as is the main quest, they are all very interesting, and very cool, and add a lot to TES lore. They added some really subtle details here and there that really contributed to the immersion of the faction quests as well. So if this game is so perfect, why a 9? Well the UI for PC isn't as good as it could have been. It's definitely manageable and I have grown accustomed to it, but it could have been better. I'm also taking off a little for some of the questlines being a *bit* too short and some very weird texture bugs I have run across. Overall, however, this is a stunning and gorgeous game with fun, fun, fun gameplay, great characters and an epic story to be had. Well done, Bethesda, well done. (Especially after that sh*tstorm Oblivion, sorry but I just can't let it go.) Expand
  38. JLF
    Nov 13, 2011
    The game has exceeded my expectations. However, my expectations were extremely low after the steaming pile of feces that was oblivion, so this doesn't say much by itself. The game is good, big, has a lot of content and NPCs finally don't look like frogs. I was pleasantly surprised that dungeons aren't rehashed one after another and are indeed hand crafted. Nevertheless, here's a list of things that need to be worked on :
    - Horrible UI
    - Some quests are bugged
    - Occasional CTD
    - Completely stupid AI
    - Obvious emphasis on consoles
    - Lack of RPG elements
    But I guess mods will fix everything, like always
  39. Mar 6, 2012
    Amongst superb competition, in my opinion Skyrim emerged as the 2011 Game of the Year. It's one of the most engrossing, enthralling, and immersive gameplay experiences in recent memory. There's seemingly a boss fight around every corner, not to mention the visuals are absolutely breathtaking. In addition, I can't overstate how happy it makes me to see Bethesda fully endorse Skyrim PC and the mod community with the integration of the Steam Workshop. Expand
  40. Jan 23, 2012
    Its like Fallout but with magic, more epic environments and landscapes, improved graphics, amazing soundtracks, huge world to explore, etc. Fallout is epic as well, but this game goes beyond that.
    Everything that is good, this game has it!!

    Except for the freaking spiders which has become a nightmare for me. Yes, i'm arachnophobic. I know that there are mods to replace it but i'm a bit
    lazy at the moment. :| Expand
  41. Aug 29, 2012
    Skyrim is very addictive, life-consuming, and overall amazing. It is pretty much the reason why I don't get enough sleep at night. You can spend several months developing a character, as you undertake a seemingly endless amount of missions. You can find yourself obsessed with leveling up your character, by unlocking perks to obtain new abilities. The story is pretty interesting as well, however, the most enjoyment comes from choosing which paths your character will take, charting your own course. The world of Skyrim is majestic, hostile, and mystical. For people interested in high-adventure, ala Conan: The Barbarian; this is the game for you.

    However, there are some annoying issues with the game. The loading time in enter into each area can be very annoying. Moreover, the game is loaded with glitches, making some missions unplayable, or broken. However, there have been several patches to correct many of these issues.

    Overall, I still give Skyrim a 10. Despite some of the technical issues, this game is worth experiencing.
  42. Nov 17, 2011
    Skyrim may be my favorite game of 2011 to date, and that was after I had waited for Batman: Arkham City with the greatest anticipation. Skyrim beat Arkham by enough that I may have to finish the Batman game next year. Something to look forward to.

    Gameplay has improved significantly over Oblivion. Where Oblivion's skill based system was often confusing and complex, Skyrim has made it very
    straight forward to understand. The best part is you don't really have to create a character "class". Instead you can simply choose your own play style and your skill will level up appropriately. I love the freedom of play style this offers.

    Unlike the seemingly barren landscape of Oblivion, the land of Skyrim is vast and filled with adventures at every turn. I've wandered for hours and not reached an obvious border, though I know they are out there. And this game encourages exploration like no other game before it. Just heading back from one quest I ran into a new village and three new dungeon areas and finally had to call it quits for the day even though I was constantly tempted to look around "just one more bend in the road."

    NPC's are a treat as well. Instead of the cardboard mannequin's of Oblivion, the NPC's in Skyrim are alive. You can sit, watch and listen as they go about their daily business. And they react to your presence even if you don't approach them. Sometimes a new quest line will be opened up by an NPC who approaches my character asking for assistance. The entire experience is incredibly organic. Nothing like the silly "look for the exclamation mark over the NPC's head" of the MMO world. The graphics of Skyrim do have issues. While it is easy to tweak the game to get good performance, the textures often look better at a distance than they do close up. Of course, I spend so much time gazing off into the distance looking for that next adventure, I am never bothered by the few muddy textures around me.

    There are glitches. Skyrim is not just a computer game, it is a great big computer game with a vast complex environment and interactive items everywhere. So to expect it to be perfect is unrealistic. The flaws never are significant enough to destroy my immersion. I'm know there are obsessive types who will examine every brick and bristle with the occasional NPC that gets stuck in a conversation loop. Frankly if the immense amount of content and imagination that Skyrim has to offer on the plus side does not make up for the rare problems, you probably won't be satisfied by a video game released this year.

    I honestly think that Skyrim is the game to play in 2011 if you can only play one.
  43. Nov 15, 2011
    The game perfectly capture the atmosphere of the northern province of the Empire. Intresting quests, good story, memorable NPC, great dragons. Very good. GOTY.
  44. Feb 7, 2012
    Yes the game has its flaws, humans have their flaws everything does. But those flaws do nothing to affect this game. Know this, this isn't a game because what it does to you is unlike any game or movie. Skyrim is in a category of its own. It is hands down the best not only game, but adventure and experience you can live in your life. It will absolutely blow you away, if you ever cared about being happy, dreaming of a different world, escaping reality into a realm of your own, this is the closest thing to being in the Matrix. If you absorb you, it will change you and it will please your every sense. The immersion factor is truly incredible, no medium can take you to another world as much a gaming machine with this software running. A parallel universe you will never want to return from. An absolute gem and must play for everyone. Perfect 10/10 Expand
  45. Nov 15, 2011
    First off, yes the graphics are not what they were hyped to be but my biggest disappointment was more in that Bethesda claimed to be using an "all new" game engine, when clearly this is an overhauled gamebryo under the hood. That said, I'm finding this game much easier to get immersed in than Oblivion. The last two games have started out like a lullabye & only after I had picked up on much of the in game literature, giving me the backstory, did I begin to appreciate the world around me. In Skyrim, the pacing is vastly improved, right out of the gate. For me Fallout 3 was a highpoint in gaming so far (Putting aside any debate on its worthiness as a PC game). The world was dirty, grittier & just felt right. I spent hundreds of hours in the post-apocolyptic world Bethesda created and loved every minute of it. Skyrim, while still an Elder Scrolls game seems to share what worked so well in FO3, the seems grttier, dirtier & just plain old better than Oblivion and Morrowind as well. My biggest disappointment has been to see the return of bad detail on distant lanscapes. That they didnt even try to hide this with DOF in overkill mode or some other graphic "trick" was needless to say disheartening, this combined with some relatively low rez textures on npc clothing & some of the buildings and landscape shows the developers unfortunate need to scale back for the console versions. Take note also that shortly after release there is a problem with shadows looking bad & requiring high resources to render anything past "low". Since I havent had 300+ hours played in game so far (about 20), please take my opinion with a grain of salt but if you can look past the hype and the hang-ups this game will make a real world hermit out of you for the next few months. Expand
  46. Dec 26, 2011
    Skyrim is a sequel to Oblivion which was a very nice game.
    In comparison to Oblivion,Skyrim manages to upgrade many features but completely misses some other.
    Skyrim has better lighting effects,nice death cutscenes,and the biggest improvement is the dungeon design. Skyrim's dungeons feel more unique in their design than Oblivion which makes exploring them more interesting.What are not so
    interesting though are side-quests.The majority of Skyrim's quests follow a pattern that gets recognizable very quickly,and the pattern is (person X sends you to dungeon Y to retrieve item A,and in return he gives you item B or Gold).There is not much variation in them like in Oblivion where there were quests like Paranoia where you had to speak and reason with people without moving to a dungeon at all,and thus side-quests in Skyrim get dull and boring relatavely fast. Overall the game is somewhat simplified and feels more like an action-adventure and less like a classic RPG derived from pen and paper Dungeons and Dragons.That might be a good point or a bad one regarding your taste.Technically wise Skyrim is the most stable game from Bethesda I have played,but still has a number of bugs and glitches.My hasn't crashed even once unlike Oblivion and Fallout 3 that crashed very often,but there are times in Skyrim where an important npc doesn't allow you to enter his house and complete a quest,or a horse flies in the air awkwardly and vanishes through the rocks of a mountain.. But these are not happening so often so it's not that damage.What we can criticize for the PC version of the game is that it has a very bad UI that is almost unplayable with keyboard and mouse.The game is obviously made to be played with a xbox360 controller and thus if you don't have one the experience you will get if you try to play Skyrim traditionally with Keyboard and Mouse will be worse than playing with a controller.Another bad thing on the list is Skyrim's engine or to put it more right how it is pre-setted. I couldn't imagine playing the game without tweaking the ini files of the game and some basic mods.. Some options that are considered basic are only changable through the ini files while they should be on the menus of the game,and a player shouldn't be bothered with the chore to search the web to find out the right ini tweaks and then do all that tweaking himself..Another thing that needed more work is balancing difficulty and variety.Difficulty is unbalanced if I die from random mages within seconds and I have to loose about 5-6 lives or more to beat them,and at the same time I can beat the Final Boss of the game in a single try without loosing any life at all.Variety-wise while Skyrim has more unique creatures and armors/weaponry than Oblivion,they are set to appear in such way that the game feels it has less. That is because many of the creatures only appear as parts of quests and thus exploring dungeons randomly most of the time you will only meet about 3 different enemy types.(draugr,spiders,bandits). But while Skyrim has all of these negative points the huge modding community that supports the game make up for them.The Elder Scrolls series has the largest modding community and that means that in time all balance and gameplay issues will be fixed,graphics will be updated to modern standards,and new content like cool armours and weapons will be in huge variety for free.Taking in mind that Skyrim has the chance to become anyone's dream game with the appropriate mods I will overlook some of its current problems and give it a better rating.I would give this game a 7 if there weren't mods,but with all the possibilites this game can turn through modding I will give it a 9. Expand
  47. Feb 14, 2012
    Best RPG I played in a lot of time.

    Pros: great immersion, vast world, accurate in all the small detauls, tons of characters, tons of quests, tons of locatons, tons of everything. Main story is good, main quests are also excellent. Combat is nicely done, graphics and sound are excellent. A lot of awesome mods, console commands, great community support.

    Cons: some bugs here and there,
    controls are clearly console-ported and not optimized for pc (but there are mods to fix that), too easy after the first 20-25 hours (see below).

    An advice to new players: the difficulty level is fine for the first 10-15 levels, then the game becomes way too easy. To avoid this problem either raise the difficulty when you reach level 15 or, even better, don't improve your weapons/armor ! Improving your armor and weapons is unbalanced because after few hours you will already have super items that are better than everything you can find in npc and dungeons loot. What I do is I only use items I find in loot, or items I buy from shops, or items I craft myself, but I never improve them ! Enchantment is ok, but don't improve items, your immersion and gameplay will be 10x better. Otherwise you will find yourself insta-killing most of enemies and game will become boring.
  48. Dec 30, 2012
    This truly is a masterpiece, one of the greatest games in existence! Wonderful atmosphere!
    If you´re at all into RPG's you need to play and experience this.
  49. Nov 18, 2011
    Even plagued with crashes, glitches, poor AI, crap UI, and in some specific cases, sub-par graphics, this game is so immersive and compelling that it keeps me playing. It's not the best it could've been, but it's damned good. Some of the landscape is awe-inspiring and stunning. The different ways you can improve your character are really satisfying - instead of being exceptionally skilled at combat, you could instead have above-average gear from crafting to make up for it. Almost any mixture of skills you want to focus on can be made into a successful and strong character, even if you want to be a jack of all trades.

    Although the voice acting is superb, it feels like there's only one or two voices per sex that most NPCs use. It's easily overlooked because at least it's there, right?
  50. Jun 6, 2012
    This is one of my personal favorites of the year; Even if the game is not set for Optimal settings, The graphics effect's with a 3-d Driver are outstanding! Be careful with the setting's & tweak guides; They vary for different P.C.'s. And make sure you have secure setting's,& low RSS feeds ; Or they will break a mods Synchronization, & Crash you to desktop!
  51. May 6, 2012
    A game that I really love even now.
    The graphics are great, there are more voice actors now and the animations are finally livelier and better.
    Some areas in the game fall flat for FPS drops and the AI can be extremely stupid sometimes. But it falls flat to the amazing customization and exploration in this game. Buy it and play it. You won't regret it (unless your PC is made out of plasteline).
  52. Mar 22, 2013
    Skyrim would have been a 10/10 but it was pretty buggy on release (though most of those have been cleaned up by this point). This is one of the best games on any platform of all time.
  53. Jan 13, 2014
    The game is very good, but crashes too often 2 years after release. It's disgusting and disrespectful for people, don't pay for it, let them learn this mistake.
  54. Aug 27, 2012
    Amazing. Skyrim has to be one of the best games ever made. The game is a little glitchy and the controls are kinda weird on PC, but I have not enjoying playing a game more (With the exception of Oblivion and Fallout 3, which were just about as fun) that this one. Awesome graphics (Do not see how they suck, according to the lower scored reviews), great questline, and hundreds of hours of gameplay. The world is huge (I have seen larger, but it was in a game meant for more than 1 person) and has around 345 (I think) locations to discover. If you have played oblivion before than I would highly recommend this game, Expand
  55. Jan 3, 2012
    This is by far the best game made in this genre. I've seen Fallout 3 and all it's DLCs as the best, and for time it was. Next came Fallout New Vegas, not quite as good, but closing in, but Skyrim took it all ! I've never played Elder Scrolls before, but I turned a fan over night. It does not come better...for now !
  56. Oct 11, 2012
    What Snowgirl said, and i will add crossbows rock. i started with bows and with the dlc was pleased to feel the release of the bolt and the cutscene to the kill. It almost echoes of V.A.T.S but with an ancient glow and shadow. The ten im giving this game is mainly for gameplay, as i really feel the developers could have spent a tad longer on the voice cast. That being said its about my only complaint. Except there could have been a bit more choices but even with that said, it deserves nothing less than a ten This game is Awesome Expand
  57. Nov 26, 2011
    I'm stuck between a 10 or a 1 rating for this game. I really should have purchased the Xbox version, because the PC version is so prone to glitching, lagging, and crashing that it makes the game near unplayable. I can barely play the game anymore because it crashes so much and so often. The game itself is excellent no doubt. I just wish I could play it.
  58. Nov 18, 2011
    Amazing Game...A rich world full of things to do, Best RPG i've ever played :) A masterpiece for those who consider pc gamers...Like Like Like.................
  59. Jun 2, 2013
    The Elder Scrolls Oblivion was the game that got me into the Elder Scrolls. However, Skyrim was the game that made my Elder Scrolls experience perfect. This game is one of my favorite games of all time, if not my all time favorite. Everything, I repeat everything about this game is just perfect. The gameplay, the graphics, the story, the sound, everything is perfect. Skyrim's graphics are quite possibly the most beautiful thing that I have ever laid eyes upon. Everything is filled to the brim with detail, is very colorful, and just downright beautiful. As for the sound, everything sounds just the way that it should. From the sound of the civilizations of Skyrim, to the wilderness, to the dungeons, to its stunning soundtrack, Skyrim is the most beautiful sounding game on the market. As for the story, that depends on what kind of story you're looking for. There are actually many stories to go along with Skyrim's many quests. Every quest has its own story to it. The main quest is an apocalyptic story line, in which you must slay an all-powerful dragon, in order to prevent the apocalypse. The faction quests all follow the same story line, in which you are the new member of a guild, a villain causes trouble, and you eventually work your way to becoming the leader of the guild. The types of guilds are as follows, The Companions who are the warriors of Skyrim who use brute force to kill their foes, the College of Winterhold who are the witches and wizards of Skyrim, the Thieves Guild which focuses on stealing things from others, and the Dark Brotherhood which are a group of discreet assassins who use stealth to silently kill people. You can do one, or you can do all of them, it's up to you. There are also Daedric Prince Quests which basically have you dealing with gods, and several side quests, which all have their own unique story line to them. For these reasons, the story of this game cannot be criticized, because it is actually several different story lines in one. As for this game's gameplay, prepare yourself. I'd say that the gameplay of this game is the best part of the entire game. Because of this game's open world style gameplay, you can quite literally do whatever you want. You can live your own life in the world of Skyrim. You can own a house, work at a blacksmith forge, and learn new spells just to name a few things you can do. However, if this sounds boring, there is of course far more that you can do aside from this kind of work. You can also spend your days in Skyrim battling monsters, fighting through dungeons, taking over enemy forts, and much more involving combat. Overall, I would have to say that the only real problem that I really have with this game is that it does have a nasty tendency to crash, along with having the occasional glitches such as textures not loading properly, and also things that occur in the game that should not be happening. However, these can all be fixed fairly quickly by a quick restart of the game on the PC version. I don't really have much else to say about this game, other than it is simply magnificent. Skyrim truly is one of the best, if not the best, video games ever made. It is living proof that video games can be art. From its beautiful graphics, to its amazing soundtrack, to its many stories, all the way down to its amazing gameplay, Skyrim is a must-buy, and is deserving of a perfect 10 out of 10. Expand
  60. Nov 15, 2012
    I feel split in two over Skyrim. On one hand, its a beautifully crafted game, with hours of content that dwarf even what was on the earlier Elder Scrolls games. Combat feels smooth, the graphics are top of the line. Out with the glitches and clunky character models that were Bethesda's unofficial trademarks. And honestly, no company makes open world RPG fantasy games like Bethesda. Fans of the earlier games don't need convincing, the games are huge time sinks. But on the other hand...

    Its almost a disservice to call the game streamlined, but just almost. First leveling. The leveling system from Oblivion has been cut in half; no more Strength, Endurance, Agility, and Willpower character stats. Only skills stats like Blocking, Destruction, and Sneak got to stay in. This has its plus and minuses. On the up side leveling is less of a hassle of trying to increase minor skills to up stats and all that hooplah. On the negative side, it strips away a huge part of character diversity, especially during early/mid game. To me the bigger offense is that all the races have essentially the same skills. No more jack of all trades Dark Elf, spell casting Breton, and warrior Orc. Of course, any race could be built anyway you wanted, but now race has been boiled down to an aesthetics choice. To gamers new to the series this is fine. To an Elder Scrolls veteran it means that this + no more stats simplifies the leveling system. Big time.

    Of course simplified doesn't mean simple. The game is complex enough to entertain me and mods alleviate most of the problems. Mods also solve my biggest irk, which is how ridiculously easy the game is (even the hyped up dragons), but I shouldn't have had to use a mod. Well, this comment makes the game seem like a let down but its not. I'm giving it an 8 because it has highlights that overshadow its negatives. And honestly, I feel like a new gamers coming in to the series would see most of these negatives as a relief from how inaccessible previous titles were.
  61. Dec 31, 2011
    A large world with endless possibilities. One of the best RPG's to this date, but what sets Skyrim above the rest is the possibilities that modding give us. Having downloaded a number of graphical updates and with the CK just ahead i can see myself playing this for some time to come :)
  62. May 17, 2012
    Skyrim is an amazing game that is true to its roots in the elder scrolls series. The game opens much like previous games with you being a prisoner and up for execution. From there the story opens up and you can literally do anything you want from then on out. The story is your very own. The graphics are amazing, the dragon fights are fun, the controls are exactly the same as before. There is a great diversity of skills, items, and locations to explore. You will get lost in this world. Expand
  63. Nov 18, 2011
    The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is a great game in some aspects, but only a good game in others. I will start by saying that I'm not sure you can call this an RPG - or at least - a classical RPG. I believe TES V is among a new breed of 'modern' RPG games. I am perfectly fine with this. It is just not my preference, that is all. I say this for a number of reasons. For example, there aren't stats. To level up a skill such as 'Two-Handed Weapons', you have to constantly use that ability. For every bit of leveling up in a skill, it will contribute to an overall level where in a traditional RPG you would boots stats here, but in TES V, you gain a perk beneficial to a particular skill. Also, there are no stat boosts to weapons or armour based on character stats. It is things like these that make TES V very very shallow compared to other RPG games such as Dark Souls. The UI could be better. I do not like that you cannot compare stats of your items, there is only a triangle showing your best item. This brings me to another complaint. There are only three aspects to an item. A weapon for example: Damage, Weight, and Value. Again VERY shallow for an RPG. The combat is very dated, this goes for both melee and magic, the archery is actually fairly good. To compare again to Dark Souls or The Witcher 2, both have perfect combat, which includes melee, magic and archery. Then to play TES V where there is regenerating health, many breaks in gameplay to pause and take potions and simply spamming destruction spells is a let down. ONTO WHAT IS GOOD. The world is very large. Often large scale games can get lazy. Skyrim is not lazy. Bethesda knew they wanted a very wilderness heavy, Nordic stylized game. Then achieved this. It is not my favourite style, but the fact they accomplished that detail exactly the way they wanted it is simply incredible. There is also many unique combat areas in the game. There are apparently 200 plus unique dungeons/caves. I have found some to be similar but no two the same so far. With that being said, I still have yet to find one Inn or Mill that looks any different from another. There are MANY MANY quests. So many you don't have to even touch the main storyline from the get go. I personally am twelve hours in and haven't played the main story past the tutorial. The voice acting is very good, but there is a problem that has nothing to do with the actors talent, but the frequency of the voices. The same actor can voice up to I estimate over 15 characters. I begins to get bothersome very early on. If you can look past this then you shouldn't be too annoyed. All in all, there is A LOT to do in TES V: Skyrim, but if you are looking for a traditional RPG this isn't it. HOWEVER, if you like to explore a seemingly never ending beautiful wilderness discovering something new to do almost every few minutes, then Skyrim is your game. I GIVE A 7.5/10. A GOOD/GREAT GAME. Expand
  64. Mar 12, 2012
    love the new interface, love the streamlined perks system, love the graphics, even love the combat mechanics, what i hate though is the plot, it doesnt feel focused enough, and all the sidequests are rather boring. also i wish you could form deep relationships in the game like in Dragon age origins, make u sorta feel more attached to the wonderfully huge and impressive world. overall though i loved it, got a good solid 30 hours out of it before boredom kicked in. Expand
  65. Dec 27, 2011
    some great stuff, but not polished. dragon fights are terrible, and that includes boss fights. not enough tough single enemies to really get into a technical duel with. graphics are 360 level. great quests though, and great npcs
  66. Feb 1, 2012
    Well, I'll start from the worst traits of this good RPG. First of all: enemies adapt their level to your own. Well, for newcomers of RPG it sounds great, but it's really disappointing for those seeking a REAL RPG. You can finish the game at level 67 (as I did) or you can at 17. Let's go on. Perks ! These are the new way Bethesda choose to align TES new chapter to all other MMORPGS outta there. But why they did such a bad work? Some traits are useless. Some traits at 100 points are overridden by enchanted items, irritating to discover when you can't reassign perks in any way ! Oh, there's another thing about traits. You'll need only about 20-30 of them to become nearly unstoppable. Last chapter: crafting. Crafting is good, but in TES: Skyrim it is so overpowered that you'll never need anything more than what you can craft with materials bought from merchants. So it's frustrating to put your own hands on a Daedric artifact and discovering that it's far from being even nearly comparable to your crafted and enchanted sword. Dragon Shouts: well, they give the game the right folklore. But in real game you'll use only 3-4 of them. The others are there only to feed your hungry for hoarding items/skills/Dragon shouts.
    So Skyrim is a bad game? Isn't it worth the bucks spent? Well, I say that it's a good game. But while I played it for 183 hours at first It was nearly impossible for me to hit the ESC-key and return to the desktop. At the end it was too easy to do. The story becomes so confused if you are to follow every dumb request of side-quests that NPC's give you. And in the end the main plot isn't that good you would expect from a single-player RPG.
    I give this game a 7 because it is OVER ALL a good game. You'll enjoy roaming in Skyrim, hunting beasts, backstabbing enemies, incinerate enemies and fight dragons. In the end probably you'll find a dragon attack as something boring at most or a quick-fight just to allow you to quick-travel to your destination.
    I hope the expansion will fix some of these problems. And I hope that Bethesda will CHANGE PERKS to give player a REAL interest in climbing the tree to the top perk. Near the end of the game I shifted my mage in assassin just with 6 perks...
  67. Nov 14, 2011
    Skyrim macht durchwegs alles richtig. Die Grafik und der Sound sind absolut stimmig, das Spieldesign ist hervorragend und der Umfang ist gigantisch! Bitte mehr davon! Ein absolute Kaufempfehlung!
  68. Mar 23, 2012
    This is Skyrim, the best game ever in my opinion. I could go on and on about the different mechanics and quests and items and weapons and people and jobs and all of the other stuff in the game but to be honest, it would ruin the game. Skyrim is game you need to experience without previous inside knowledge on it, the simple fact is if you like Elder Scrolls or simply RPG's, no scratch that. If you like amazing games then you must play Skyrim, experience the wonderful world of Tamriel. Expand
  69. Jun 3, 2012
    Truly remarkable experience...
    Some might complain about outdated combat, but...
    the 100+ hour of addictive gameplay with gorgeous graphics and right mods, and genuinely epic storyline, the cons (poor combat and buggy environment) are out-shadowed by pros.
    i mean really - if you don`t like something about game - there is always a mod to suite your needs.
    Really no brainer, Masterpiece of
    2011. Bravo Bethesda, bravo!!!! Expand
  70. Dec 13, 2011
    Everything about this game is amazing. I run it on ultra settings on a geforce gtx 580 and its incredible. This game will go down as one of the best games created, period. Since i have the game through steam, i don't want to mod it so i can get the achievements. I'm not sure if there is a way to quick change weapons instead of going through the favorites menu. It would be wonderful if i could hit the "1" key and it would equip my sword and hit another for shield, etc. Expand
  71. Dec 14, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Truly, a joy to play. Skyrim has a lot of great points and bad points that just can't be ignored. The Great. At first, the leveling and skill tree changes kind of bothered me, but I grew to like the changes, it's a little bit more simplified over oblivion for the leveling, moving to just magicka/health/stamina but the skill trees give a lot of room for diversification. There is a ton to do, so much so, it's hard to know for sure if you've done everything in an area. I particularly like the choices that are presented in some of the quests, for example, when joining the brotherhood. I liked the addition of the shouts in the game, gave a lot of the casting abilities for those who choose not to be a mage. I thought it was a cool idea to move the stars from what you were born under to the stones and I loved how they got rid of the greater and lesser skills and can level everything equally. I loved the enchants, as overpowered as they are, there's still a certain joy in completely destroying your enemy with gear that you've made.

    The Bad: Holy bugs batman... I've been running the game on a top of the line system and get game crashes about every 30min-1hr and get weird graphical gliches as well (which seem to go hand in hand most of the time). I had a companion quest bug out on me because I had cleared out the dungeon while exploring that they were gonna send me to and had to use console commands to fix it after waiting a month in game. Also had a similar story trying to get the house in windhelm, had to use console commands for that one too (who knew you couldn't do brotherhood quests first?). While I like the skill trees, It's doesn't take long to figure out that most of the skills in those trees are worthless (anyone else notice how light armor fully perked is completely worthless when held up against heavy armor fully perked?) and I was surprised and disappointed how many of the top tier perks fell into the worthless category. I was a bit bothered that mages can run around in heavy armor without any penalties, truly, it makes no sense why the mages at the college are all wearing cloth. Playing through on master difficulty is still too easy with the crafting skills as they are, especially enchanting, which can and does completely invalidate magicka altogether (sucks to find that out halfway into the game as a mage after power leveling your magicka). I REALLY wanted at least one item, just one, to be better than something I could make myself. (wth is the point of doing all those shrines if they're all gonna be worse than what you've got?)

    All in all, I know it sounds like I didn't like the game, but after putting in over 240 hrs, I just can't say that I didn't love it. The reply value is high, the entertainment value is high, the story is riveting, I just ended up having to gimp myself and not use certain skills to make it harder. (Currently playing through only using thief stone skills +1hd on master)
  72. Nov 18, 2011
    I have one piece of advice for those considering this game on the PC. Find a decent UI mod, or get an xbox 360 controller hooked upto your PC and play it that way.

    Almost all of the menu screens DO NOT use a mouse interface, and simply have you arrow left or right to select items. This is insane. Anyone who has played these games knows that you don't have a hand anywhere near your arrow
    keys, do you? No. Mouse and WASD.

    That said, I was planning to play with a 360 controller anyway, and only fired up the game originally (sans controller) so see how it looked. I was happy to see that after plugging in the controller it instantly recognized it and mapped all of the buttons to the exact same layout as playing it on the xbox. This made life easier, but the default PC UI is still quite a disappointment.

    Other than that, it is an addictive game with a beautifully crafted world that sparks far more intrigue in me than the general plains/hills of TES: Oblivion.
  73. Feb 2, 2012
    This is a very in-depth game, that is very deep and very long. The world looks amazing and the conversations are very interesting. Gameplay is rather simple, in that you can choose to do whatever you want in the world of Skyrim. The game gets a little repetitive at times, but only after playing a good 20-30 hrs of it. There are occasional glitches that may annoy you, but overall it is a very good game. I've never played Oblivion or any of the other games in the series though. I tried playing morrowind but got sick of it after 10 minutes of playing. This game was much easier to get into. Expand
  74. Feb 25, 2012
    Just fantastic... true, the individual moments of it are slightly lacking but it all plays so well together which makes it one of 2011's must-play games.
  75. Nov 21, 2011
    Skyrim is easily the best game of 2011. A compelling story, slick combat, easy figure out skill system it's everything you'd want from a fantasy rpg. Don't want to do the story? Ok, pick a direction on the map and get lost in a fully realized world. If you're an Oblivion or Fallout 3 fan, you're going to love this game. The soundtrack is amazing and I can't wait to get it on itunes.
  76. Nov 14, 2011
    Yes Skyrim has bugs. Yes Skyrim isn't everything everyone wanted. Yes the textures are a bit low res. Hang on its Bethesda! Oblivion had bugs, Fallout 3 had bugs, they all had crashes galore. People need to know that Bethesda is known for this and they fix a lot of them, plus if you want higher res textures wait for the modding community to get a rollin'. God damn.

    Now. The game is great
    I love it, it deserves a 9/10. Would give it a 10 but it keeps crashing and I keep loosing my saves ): Expand
  77. Dec 22, 2011
    Ignore the butthurt misanthropes who cry about every Bethesda game because it does not include the baby Jesus or something.

    Game of the year. Incredible immersive, runs on fairly low-end hardware. Voice acting quality really improved - uncanny valley of plastic people also mostly gone..feels really fleshed out and wondrous.

    Buy it! You will not be disappointed.
  78. Nov 12, 2011
    Upon loading the game up I was quite impressed, visually its quite easy on the eyes even on medium settings with a distinctly elder scrolls feel to it, and this is achievable on most common PC hardware. Now my PC is no gaming beast but its still above the average hardware that post people are using (again according to the steam statistics) so Iâ
  79. Nov 21, 2011
    Amazing game, A+++. Could say a million words but I'll keep it short, just wana give the game another 10/10. (Unfortunately I have to use 150 characters, this should be enough.)
  80. Apr 26, 2012
    After i got this overhyped game, i had very high expectations. For me the graphics were very good, i was hoping the character i play to talk aswell and more choses in dialog´s. Story wise the game was letdown. General idea was awesome, but it took too long to get the general idea what is going on and side missions (Factions) gave cryptic ideals about their goals and how you fit in em. Exploring the world and quick travels did make it simple, but you had feeling you are part of something huge. Sadly the main storyline was over pretty quickly and i lost interest doing side mission that led nowhere. Dragon fights were funny for a while, but then you are stuck just hoping the thing lands so you can keep going somewhere. Overall good game with awesome graphics (My standards). Expand
  81. Dec 19, 2011
    The game really great. It reminds of old times rpg'ów with a huge world and a large number of races, monsters, enemies, weapons, equipment. For this wonderful cool climate and as far as storyline and nice graphics. Very good game but not perfect by me and are annoying bugs in it that u are not really players can occur frequently (for example, you can see videos on youtube.) My rating -8.5 / 10 Expand
  82. Nov 14, 2011
    IM not a rpg guy got no were in oblivion but for some reason this game has me hooked , defiantly game of the year even with its random bugs pc performance is decent .
    grfxs are nice not amazing it has its good moments and its ehhh moments.
    Story .. i don't care i play games to do and see cool stuff skyrim delvers
  83. Nov 15, 2011
    It's not perfect, but it's close. I'd actually go 8.5 even. I'd like to see more skills, I particularily miss acrobatics. Some staff melee couldn't hurt either. With all that you can interact with in the game, I was a little disappointed I couldn't use the boat to cross the lake as well. I'm over that, though. Maybe in the next title. ha
  84. Nov 15, 2011
    A great game by all standards, but struggling with allot of flaws. The Elder Scrolls universe only grows with Skyrim, and it's great storytelling. Like it's predecessors, there is so much more than the main storyline to experience. There's a world to explore, and something that is waiting to happen around every bend, and over every hill. However, the game struggles in some areas. Explanations for how certain stories got to end up in skyrim are lacking, and feels like they were put there for a convenient link to the past games, rather than as a new and thrilling story for you. The game also struggles from several techincall problems. Quests that can't be completed, and things flying left and right because you brushed past them. Still, this game is definitely the RPG of the year, and after 30 hours of gameplay, I've barely scratched the surface of the games full potential. Some patches, and this game will be a solid game, that can be enjoyed for years yet. Expand
  85. Nov 15, 2011
    I wish i could give this game the 10 it deservesl The problem is that an awesome concept is hold back by the same thing that hold back oblivion. And i refuse to give it more credit as its predecessor when it has not improved on these basic things. This is why i will take on all the bad parts first. I am talking about game breaking bugs (found at least 1 in the main quest), dragons flying through solid mountains, NPC's floating around and way more. Then there also is the console designed menu thats horrendous on PC, slow loading textures and generally pretty bad texture work from up close. But now the good part. The game may have some bad textures from up close but the environment is beautifull, you will be stunned by all the amazing views this game has to offer. There is an insane amount of fun to be had while not even following the main story and i think this counterweights all the bad parts of this game. Dragonfighting is **** awesome and most of the times there will be some epic situation like finding a blood dragon attacking a village of enemies and another dragon joining in on the fun. I personally like the dragon shout system although i find it hard to find a good use for some of the shouts like frost breath that does allmost no damage but has a long cooldown. all in all good game but if you plan on buying it wait till it got some bug fixes by bethesda or the community. Expand
  86. Nov 15, 2011
    There are several shortcomings in Skyrim that keep it from reaching its full potential. First, the UI... It is painfully obvious that this game was designed to target the X360, and the PC version suffers as a result with a clunky user interface. Second, AI issues... I have played through the intro sequence only twice, and the second time through, there was a serious bug where my ally froze in place and left me to fend for myself. Third, the controls... It seems that very little care or caution was put into the PC control scheme, with awkward keyboard-only navigation of some menus, and Y-axis mouse sensitivity that scales with frame rate. - [][] - These three shortcomings aside, Skyrim excels in just about every thing it sets out to do. The main plot line is NOT the main attraction here. Skyrim is truly the spiritual successor to earlier games in the series such as Daggerfall, in the sense that it lets you simply exist in another world. Bethesda has created a virtual space for us to explore, experiment with, and spend time in, and it excels at keeping us entertained. - [][] - The character advancement system is interesting to explore, and the perks you can obtain are very satisfying. This system allows you to craft a unique set of skills for your character, and prevents you from simply from becoming all-powerful. - [][] - The difficulty scaling is implemented far better than it was in Oblivion. Everywhere you go, you get a sense that there are real threats to your safety, which keeps you in a constant state of alert. The perks, on the other hand, still give you a satisfying feeling that your character is constantly progressing. As a result, there is absolutely no reason to feel the need to level grind. I recommend playing the game on the hardest difficulty for maximum satisfaction. It's kind of like Left 4 Dead in that regard... playing on anything less than Expert is just boring... - [][] - I would like to give Skyrim a higher rating, but its shortcomings are difficult to forgive, especially considering how long this game has been in development. A great game, yes, but I kind of feel like PC gamers got the shaft, big time. I will therefore give it an 8. Expand
  87. Nov 17, 2011
    This game is a masterpiece, its the game that we have been waiting for in 2011, (Most titles this year have been bad to say the least) My total score for this game would be a 10
  88. Nov 17, 2011
    Not perfect but not bad either. I'm playing the game on xbox and I like the modifications they did for the inventory management. I can't believe its the exact same thing for PC thought because you just can't play a game on pc like you play a game on console. There's a couple of things that are annoying me, the fact that I can kill a dragon in like 4 blows but sometimes I will just run into a **** saber tooth cat that will one shot me or either a no-were mercenary equipped with some piece of **** that I can't get a quarter of his life backstabbing him with a 30x 17 damages blow. Good work with difficulty scaling. Some random glitches in AI here and there, like the time I tried killed a chicken in a town and everyone jumped on me. The fact that the guards are still extremely overpower. In fact, I think the town guards are the hardest mobs to kill in the entire game. Positives facts, I like the main quest scenario, its better than in oblivion. I also like the critical blows that triggers an animation its really fun. Alot of graphical improvements on the xbox if I compare to oblivion, they really managed to exploit the old console, its annoying for loading times tough but not to bad. Overall a good game, alot of content has always, I would recommend it. Expand
  89. Dec 21, 2011
    Since I played Oblivion for 3 years straight, I got bored with this game quickly, as the actual gameplay for obvious reason stayed the same and needs to, I take it. But what they have done to this game and its features is still unmatched to any game I have ever seen. Bravo! This is by far THE best game up to date. While it may require a rather stronger performance pc, this game WILL justify your new graphics card expense, and it all becomes totally worth it. I am not at all a fan of the new quick button layout and functions, but even that can be forgiven once you get lost in all the possibilities In-game. With all this, I can not see myself deducting anything from this game as I guarantee those who like these type of games, WILL play Skyrim for a looooong time. Only other thing I would have loved is perhaps a multi player version, even if only available on a cloud. Steam- wink wink... Expand
  90. Nov 17, 2011
    Skyrim stays in the wave of Oblivion.... and that makes a masterpiece that deserve his price. Graphics are good enough to be convice by the world . Some people says that textures aren't very beautiful for 2011 but for me the gameplay and the open word are more important in this kind of game, and these parts are a great success. You are free to do what you want....and that's the spirit ! It's a game with huge potential. I was just dissapointed about the interface at first but you get used to it. Expand
  91. Nov 18, 2011
    This game three times and expands the content of Oblivion or fallout. Immense and sublime ambience, I think is the best buy of the year. I give a 10 :)
  92. Nov 18, 2011
    Game of the year. I've played over 50 hours now and am nearing the soft cap of level 50 yet I just keep coming back for more. I feel like I've barely scratched the surface of the game. There's just so much to do, it can feel daunting at times. The story is well done, not only the main line but many of the side quests have a life of their own. This beautifully rendered world pulls you in and doesn't let go. This is the title you want to soak up and savor, never rush or skip a dialogue or you'll be doing yourself a disservice. I rated Skyrim a 9/10 because it is a blatant console port with an awful PC interface to show for it; -0.5 points. The character models are unattractive and the game's textures close up leave something to be desired; -0.5 points. Do not be fooled though, the game as a whole is beautiful and can give my gtx 580 a workout on ultra settings. Sometimes I just stop and take in the scenery. Amazing game. If you get one single player game this year, get Skyrim. Expand
  93. Nov 19, 2011
    Great open world goodness with at least 100 hours of gameplay. My only complaints are:
    - Terrible UI. Its a shame to release a game in 2011 with such a **** UI.
    - Bad companion AI. They always get in your way and block the doors, or rush into dozens of enemies and die. You have almost zero control over them.
    - Spiders. I hate them.
  94. Nov 19, 2011
    TES - is a world, which create a ethernal hope in our souls. Soundtrack, gameplay - all of this - perfecetally, devotion thing! All of fans of TES - this is our game.
  95. Nov 19, 2011
    Thus far I have found this too be a great game that lives up too, even goes beyond what I expect from the Elder Scrolls. It is still the #1 single player rpg series out there.
  96. Nov 19, 2011
    I've sunk about 35 hours into the game so far. I wanted to play it for quite awhile before I attempted a review so I could be at least somewhat accurate about my claims. + Insane amount of content. + Though dated, the graphics are still awesome. I just love the skies but everything is a little nicer. + Addictive and fun as all Elder Scrolls, maybe even moreso in some regards. - I've had 3 crashes, a few glitches that messed up saves and a couple of quests broke for unknown reasons in really strange ways.
    - Console port hurts a bit, traitors! There are some UI inefficiencies like you have to use a keyboard to press ESC but then click to select say quests. Also in alchemy you are forced to use the mouse a bit when you should be able to just press Enter as everything else uses the keyboard. Stuff like that.
    - In the end it's really just a modded oblivion.

    Still, in the end I can't warrant anything less than a 9, as I've played this game more than most and it is still a truly magical experience in the end.
  97. Nov 19, 2011
    I only ever got to level 25 in Oblivion before I got bored, including the expansions. I've already far surpassed that and am still feeling as immersed as ever. It's absolutely stunning landscapes and diverse flora and fauna alone can leave you gasping in awe, wishing you could just stand there for hours and just watch. The quests are a colossal improvement on the last games; as well as the levelling up system; crafting; combat; main storyline; AI; just about everything. I have to say, having an open world with seemingly endless, different things to do popping up on a constant basis keeps you excited and enthralled. I could roll on for hours, what matters is that this is easily the best game I've ever played. My only complaint is how console-based the inventory is. 10/10, once they work out the bugs. Expand
  98. Nov 20, 2011
    Skyrim blew me away. I had never played an Elder Scrolls game before Skyrim, and I wasn't particularly hyped for it by any means but in the week I've had it I've played over 80 hours. From a technical stand point Skyrim is very well done with only a few minor flaws, the graphics are very nice, and some of the best I've ever seen. The art design is really cool and more "serious" which I like. The controls are pretty standard but suffer a bit from the obvious porting from console. The menus are average at best and again suffer from their obvious console porting. The game world and story are where the game really shines, I was immediately sucked in. This game is going to be the new standard for fantasy open world RPGs. I love it and could go on about how awesome it is but truthfully I'm tired and need some sleep. Expand
  99. Jan 25, 2012
    Although the game was released a little prematurely IMO, Skyrim has a great onset of adventure and escape to it. The restrictive feeling of faction intervention into the player's destiny seems to be jammed in there, so it's not what i expected as far as that goes, though that does lend to the feeling of escape i mentioned. Though glitches were expected with the first release, i got the feeling that glitches only increased after the first patch. Add to that some game breaking elements and this game avoids getting a 10 for it's lack of relevant bug fixing. Without getting too "professional" et IGN who's sole purpose seems to be to shut out the community for which these games meet their demand, i can say that this game exceeds my expectations, especially if the Skyrim Creation Kit pulls through as expected or on par with Oblivion's Modding Tools. I can see where the frustration comes in when gameplay is mentioned, though it is innovative and fascinating to plow through combat. The main issue i have is that the game seems to be comping elements from other popular games. And while a sprint function is something TES needs IMO, i wouldn't rip off other elements of unreal's restrictive gameplay style by limiting the overall customization of the game (ending with skills being horrendously wittled down). Overall this game is great for it's par, but the engine could be used to a much better purpose than a restrictive and more beautiful version of oblivion. This is not to demean the developers in any way, but where Oblivion excelled was it's innovation and preservation of the things that made morrowind and the other games so great. Skyrim takes all of that and tries to run with the skeleton. Expand
  100. Nov 21, 2011
    Really awesome game. I've been lurking around dungeons popping guys off with 3.0x sneak damage with my bow. This is what games should be: open and lots of choices. Games like MW3 that are linear and constricted are what games should NOT be.

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  1. Feb 29, 2012
    Unfortunately, Skyrim trips and falls on its own (most probably, to make the cool-sounding deadline of 11-11-11) and just before it reaches perfection as the ultimate specimen of its genre, it self-destructs in a crucial aspect of game design: the interface and the peripheral components (inventory, journal, map, etc)... but that is not to say that Skyrim is anything but a truly majestic, epic RPG that will suck you right in its cosmos.
  2. Feb 14, 2012
    Skyrim is definitely one of the best games of 2011, but if the DLC holds out, it might just be one of the best games of 2012 as well.
  3. 90
    Skyrim is the best open world RPG you can get. A true evolution of genre is not flawless but still it is the game you love to live in. [Christmas 2011]