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  1. Nov 26, 2014
    This RPG is awesome, it has an awesome open world with awesome dungeons and cave to explore, an awesomely awesome combat system, and awesomely of all, dragons. I use to hate RPGs, in till I played fallout 3 and I tried this again and forgot to upgrade my armour skills. So this and fallout 3 are my favourite RPGs and possibly games of all time, but I like skyrim a little better.
  2. Nov 25, 2014
    This game is the current high water mark against which modern RPGs are compared (As of end of 2014). The plot admittedly takes a back seat to the large and fully flushed our world you can explore. There is so much to do, so many places to go. I spent 200 hours on the base game and ~80 more on the expansions. There is some stupid stuff, and some glitches. But on a scale this large it is all forgivable. Also there is an active MOD community that still actively creates new skins and visuals. Like if everyone belonged to the cat race for instance. Expand
  3. Nov 24, 2014
    This review is from the perspective of someone with a decent gaming PC and enough know-how to safely install/manage mods for the game.

    On a decent gaming PC with mods, there is no other gaming experience like Skyrim. According to Steam, I recently passed the 5000 hours mark and still playing. I probably spent 25% of my play time checking and updating mods and 75% actually playing the

    After 2 years of modding, I now run just under 200 mods and have reached a stable configuration for a script intensive, visually enhanced game with ENB post processor. All aspects of the game has been overhauled. I haven't done the normal start in 2 years. My character is sensitive to temperature/rain/snow/wetness, must eat and sleep, gets diseases. Enemies are smarter, there's more of them, can use magic and potions, equipped with enhance/tempered weapons, and even loot dead bodies. Weapons and armors for everyone degrades and can get destroyed during combat. I have to feed my followers. All NPC's responds to weather conditions by equipping proper gear or goes home. There are holidays that will caused NPC's that would normally be confined to some interior cells to come out to common area to celebrate. There are new lands, locations, new NPC's to meet, and new quests to do. If you want your game to really be rated M (or way beyond), there are mods for that, too.

    The based game has its problems and I can see why some people gave it low ratings. However, Bethesda gave PC gamers the Creation Kit. Creation Kit + awesome (international) modding community = one of the best sand box game to date. If you have good PC and haven't tried this yet, pick up the Legendary Edition at the next Steam sale and head on over nexusmods. Prepare for a gaming experience like no other.
  4. Nov 24, 2014
    I'm just going to say, this game is wonderful. The soundtrack, graphics, combat, amazing. When it works. I have crashed and massive bugs can make your game experience horrid. Otherwise, this game is great. The story is very well written and keeps you glued to your chair the whole time. Free-Roam,oh man. Free-Roam is phenomenal. So many items and armor, and the beautiful landscape will make you think "Wow". Overall this is a great game from a good developing team. Expand
  5. Nov 23, 2014
    There are 2 kinds of people in this world. 1. People, who life their life without purpose, just to die one day without achieving anything. 2. People, who dont achieve anything either. but played skyrim. As a member of the second variant of people i proudly announce that after 632 hours (thanks steam for creating this record) i finally found some time to write this review: One of the best games i´ve ever played.

    Thank you for your time and if you would excuse me: I NEED TO SAVE THE WORLD OF TAMRIEL JUST ONE MORE TIME X)

    *is starting the skyrim.exe*
  6. Nov 21, 2014
    Certainly one of the best games I've played, ever. It comes with it's problems, of course, Millions of bugs, some of which have never been fixed by Bethesda, and the user interface is really ugly and not that intuitive. But the game sucks you in like... well, I don't even have the words. There has not been a game ever since Skyrim that took so many hours of my life. And I don't even like RPGs! But the best about the game, aside from its atmosphere, story and soundtrack, is that it let's you play as you want. And if you don't like RPGs, you can kind of play like it's not one. This game is a must buy, and everyone should try it at least once. Expand
  7. Nov 20, 2014
    Played this game for days on end. Really enjoyed it and had a blast with all the mods that are out there for it. Still have yet to play the expansions, but I'll get those installed one day.
  8. Nov 20, 2014
    Fantastic setting, great world, great map. So you can clear and loot and do other unminingful stuff. It is impossible to get involved - it is more like - hmm, I have free half an hour, so maybe a quick race in Forza? Or maybe I just clear some cave in Skyrim. To me this is like a GTA without a plot and with an infinite loot to spend huge amounts of time sorting and crafting. Still, the freedom, feeling of being there, art design - that aspects make it a true gem. Too bad it is missing a plot. Sidenote - If Witcher 3 succeeds in combining Skyrim's world and immersion with Witcher's 2 characters, plot and decisions - I may get a game of my life. Expand
  9. Nov 20, 2014
    Quite possibly the greatest game of all time. Well, it's definitely up there for me. Every single thing about this game is outstanding, and continues to grow via PC still to this day with more mods then sense. Buggy, yes. A true Bethesda quality when it comes to ES games. One flaw aside, I cannot fathom how much time I put into this game and still do. 3 years on and still discovering quests. When you get a perfect round the board score like this in every category, it's difficult to critique. 10/10
    I've never been more involved and immersed in a such a top quality masterpiece.
  10. Nov 19, 2014
    The greatest role playing game ever crafted? Um, no. For all the wonders of its open world concept, Skyrim lacks the beautifully rendered characters and interactions seen in the Bioware games like Mass Effect and Dragon Age: Origins. There is no sense of epic drama to the story which matches the vast world that has been created. Choices make little difference in terms of how your character is treated by others in the game. And battles become laughably easy, even on the toughest settings, once you have improved your equipment enough. Bethesda is to be credited for creating something with impressive scope. I just...don't care much about it. I played DA:O and couldn't want for another play-through. I went on the suicide mission in Mass Effect 2 and my heart was in my throat. I'm halfway through Skyrim and I'm just...bored. Expand
  11. Nov 19, 2014
    Offers a big open world and creates a genuine sense of adventure, but after a while everything feels very samey. Looting tombs and dungeons become a routine chore and the core, hack and slash gameplay soon turn into a dull affair.
  12. Nov 17, 2014
    The Elder Scrolls V:Skyrim has trapped me and I can't leave my chair, can't stop playing. I keep telling my self to stop playing and do my math work, but no I have to play Skyrim. This game has possessed me plz send help.

    This game is Gr8, I R8 8/8, M8!!!!!!!!
  13. Nov 13, 2014
    When I started playing Skyrim I was flashed, the world was big and looked good and it really felt like an Elder Scrolls game.

    But the longer I played the more I realized how shallow it is.
    The game is basically a giant hub for Draugr dungeons with a dragon here and there that I can oneshot with the right build, no matter how strong.
    The game is a major downgrade from Oblivion, which
    was already a major downgrade from Morrowind, but at least Oblivion fixed a lot of bugs compared to Morrowind.
    Skyrim on the other hand has a worse leveling system, a less complex fighting system, badly balanced skill trees, uncreative quests, a badly written plot and badly empty constructed Cities.

    The only thing rescuing Skyrim from being completely redundant is how easy it is to mod, like any recent game made by Bethesda.
  14. Nov 12, 2014
    Its not bad but all it really has going for it is the environments (which are incredible). The quests tend to be worse than Oblivion. Especially when it comes to the thieves guild (where you don't even need to remain hidden to complete the quests and get all the rewards), dark brotherhood, and mages guild quests. The mages guild quests in particular are just terrible. The dark brotherhood quests are probably the best quests in the game and even then they are pretty average by RPG standards.

    The other criticism I'd have with the game is the frequency in which naturally formed caves turn into large ruins. It just takes away from any immersion when nearly every cave leads to something extensive and grand.

    Finally races have very little impact in your interactions with people in the game. Its said that dark elves live in poverty and are looked down upon in one of the cities, yet when you go there as a dark elf people react to you no differently than if you had been a Nord. Its just sloppy, lazy, programming on Bethesda's part to not have included different reactions based on race. Even Dragon Age Origins managed to do this (so they had 2 years to improve on what other games have already done).

    The interface is also clearly designed for consoles and not for PC's. Overall I'd say.

    Gameplay : 7/10
    Graphics: 8.5/10
    Sound: 9/10
    GUI: 6/10
    Replayability: 8/10
    Overall: 8/10
  15. Nov 8, 2014
    My problem with basically every game that tries to be real general and open, is that the impact of your choices decreases proportional to the amount of choices. Skyrim: millions of choices, no ability to fundamentally impact the world. It's a small step away from flying around a landscape in a 3D modelling program. Yes, I can increase my smithing to 100, but for what? So I can 'make' a 3D model that someone else made and have slightly better stats so I can delete some other 3D models from the map, and these 3D models don't even impact the virtual world, and I didn't even need the increased stats to kill them. There has to be either a decided goal for a game, or some fundamental human thing at its core, like love or friendship or dreams

    I don't need actual hard work in my fantasy. That's why fantasy exists, that's why I'm pretending and not actually doing it. I pretend so I can have all the good bits, and not have to deal with the bad bits. Skyrim seems to have the opposite philosophy. Work real hard, suffer all kinds of unpleasantness, for no reason whatsoever. All the bad bits and no good bits. We already have that, it's called Real Life.
  16. Nov 4, 2014
    One of the best RPG's ever made. It has so much content, it can keep you playing for weeks.
  17. Nov 3, 2014
    I just finished replaying it this month, 3 years after its release! Even to this day, it remains the standard for the entire video game industry. I cannot praise Bethesda enough for their work, and this game will always remain one of our family classics.
  18. Nov 2, 2014
    Just a bad game. Awful combat, no challenge, no intensity, broken inventory and bugs everywhere!!. Looks completely unfinished and feels like nothing more than a bad dlc of oblivion. Could barely finish it. How this garbage sucked so many people in is beyond me but I can safely say this is by far one of the worst videogames ive ever had the displeasure to have on my computer.
  19. Nov 1, 2014
    First let me start with saying that Skyrim's combat is sh*t. It takes away the feeling that you are developing a character, that you help contribute to your character, that this is Your character. I am talking about investing points into Agility and seeing your character hit more often, those sort of things that create attachment to the game. Skyrim lacks the attachment part because as long as You have the skills, You can do anything (from picking master locks, to hitting every time with the bow) which leaves you without a reason to care for this world, no attachment...

    In Skyrim earlier perks completely say 'FU' to the difficulty and the need of finding better gear by giving you more damage, less mana requirements for spell usage (some perks are good).

    Why Morrowind is better: from finding your own way via reading the journal, to more interesting architecture, more diverse and interesting locations, better made dungeons, better weapons, armor and loot, loot with value (for example glass or daedric loot was nearly impossible to sell due to its high value (1 daedric bolt is 4000 gold!)), more diverse and interesting magics, better and deeper stories, harder and more interesting puzzles (lockpicking was level based and if your Security skill was low forget about lvl100 Master locks unless with a magic scroll), harsher consequences for your actions and therefore more choices (you can kill anyone for example plot characters rendering the main plot impossible to complete unless you reloaded a save or found some other way; also NPCs were interesting because you could do more with them - if you were to increase the disposition of an NPC and your Personality was high enough you might find newer quests for example and new dialog. NPCs would offend you if they didnt like you and shopkeepers wont barter with you if you had items they disapproved like Skooma; if you had no stamina and were under attack you would fall to the ground unable to act until some stamina comes back).
  20. Oct 26, 2014
    1.You must mod it. (especially graphics)
    2.You must buy all DLCs.
    With that Skyrim is perfect. I recently bought all DLCs, I modded that game and I played 20 hours in one week without even noticing it. If you don't have it, buy it right now! Seriously you should enjoy it!
  21. Oct 23, 2014
    Amazing game. Obviously. It is Elder Scrolls after all and they really did a superb job improving on the previous instalment. Still playing this 3 years after release.
  22. Oct 22, 2014
    Simply amazing game. Elder Scrolls fan or not you will love this game. Period. Buy this game. YOU MUST BUY THIS GAME. EVEN BETTER THAN OBLIVION NEARLY BETTER THAN MORROWIND!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  23. Oct 21, 2014
    Like fam you can do well lots wiv dis game its well swell and fun fam a lam. The guards who steal your tasty sweet rolls are bad yeah like the man called alduin who does real bad things like yeah lick sweet rolls and powder in the soul cairn on dawnguard
  24. Oct 21, 2014
    This is one of my all time fave games. Elder scrolls games never fail to disappoint. An absolute masterpiece of epic proportions. I loved everything about this game. Despite all the bugs, such as not being able to progress in the mages guild as the quest NPC bugged out. I had so much fun and spent over 456 hours total playing this game. Would of scored 10 if it was not for the bugs.
  25. Oct 20, 2014
    When I bought this game I literally could not play anything else for several weeks. Incredibly detailed world, brims with content, massive player freedom in both what you do and the style of character you build and clever graphics. If you buy any game ever, buy this.
  26. Oct 19, 2014
    brilliant but not good as morrowind .
  27. Oct 14, 2014
    Full game with all the expansions and some mods- 8.5/10. Graphics was good at the release. Shadows was pretty crappy. Game had bugs and problems but now is ok.
    I love the story- Main is better than Oblivion. Combat is better too. Music and sounds are awesome. Characters- so-so. They should make more deeper the impact of your decisions.
    But main problem for me is that they didn't improved
    that voice acting- its just not so good like Witcher 2 for example. Also, animations are really not so good as I expected. For me animations>graphics.
    If they succeseeded to improve that 2 thing I would gave 9.5.
    Still its must have game.
  28. Oct 14, 2014
    Este juego en mi opinión es el mejor juego del 2011 y, tal ves si no es que ya, el mejor de la antigua generación de consolas. (PS3 y Xbox 360) Este juego tiene tanto... Su atmosfera, su manera de meterte en el mundo, su enorme historia, sus multiples lineas argumentales, cientos de misiones secundarias. Lo único malo del titulo serian bugs, pero de resto es una obra maestra. En mi opinión es como vivir otra vida, en un mundo mitológico, mágico, horrible, crudo, hermoso, y hasta casi... realista. Todo es muy bueno, sus gráficos, su gameplay, sus detalles, sus misiones, su música... Esta ahora en steam a 40 dolares con todos sus DLC y a ese precio nadie se lo debería perder. Es hasta casi injusto que lo hayan bajado tanto. Este juego es un 10/10, es como GTA San Andreas, una leyenda de los juegos que se seguirá jugando muchos años después de su creación. Expand
  29. Oct 14, 2014
    Just as Oblivion, Skyrim is a huge step back in RPG design.
    1. The attributes system has been completely ditched and streamlined for the casual crowd.
    2. The GPS compass hand holding arrow is even worse than in Oblivion and you can literally skip through all the dialogues, shut off your brain and let the arrow guide you through already simplistic quests. My 6 year old kid managed
    to finish this game within a month, and he can't even read for crying out loud.
    3. Vast majority of Quests all boil down to go to X, kill whatever stands in your way, grab Y and come back or deliver it to some other guy. I have played MMOs with better quest design and I cannot believe how horrible this aspect of the game is.
    4. The beauty of Elder Scrolls games usually came from playing any kind of character you can imagine. But even that has been removed in Skyrim. Do you want to play a warrior that can't do magic? Sorry cant, because you start the game with some basic magic spells. Want to play a mage who is inept at using melee weapons? Sorry cant, because Bethesda wants you to be able to be proficient at everything at whim. Want to play a dumb and strong orc who is too bulky and clumsy to sneak? Cant, because streamlining the game requires all races to be equally smart, equally agile, equally strong, etc... *sigh*
    5. AI is horrible, combat is repetitive and not challenging. The dragons are too weak in comparison to the lore surrounding them.
    6. Dialogues are horrendous. Majority of NPCs are voice acted just by few voice actors, while dialogue options are very limited. NPCs seem oblivious to your actions and you are basically just asking questions when in dialogue.
    7. Story is very generic and there are no choices and consequences beyond the binary choose your side in a civil war.
    8. World is again badly designed with one big city in the center of the map and roads encircling it and leading to other smaller towns. Luckily there are a bit more mountains in Skyrim then in Oblivion, but the world is still way too easy to navigate and you will never get lost like it could happen in Morrowind.

    1. Huge and beautiful world.
    2. Dragons
    3. Modding

    Final remarks:
    A bland, generic, uninspired, dumbed down and lazy game which will again have to resolve to the modding community to actually fix all the problems.
  30. Oct 14, 2014
    Very disappointing. A good game for most, but, playing as a mage, I felt it left much to be desired. The magic system overall is weak, and most of the interesting bits from Oblivion (such as custom spells) have been removed entirely. Additionally, melee classes get effective access to magic via shouts, which just feels cheap and marketing-driven. If you want to play a melee character, then yes, perhaps try it, but if you want to play a magic-user, skip this one entirely and just get Oblivion instead. It is a far better experience, and cheaper too. Expand
  31. Oct 12, 2014
    modsmodsmodsmodsmodsmodsmodsmodsmodsmodsmodsmodsmodsmodsmodsmodsmodsmodsmodsmodsmodsmodsmodsmodsmodsmodsmodsmodsmodsmodsmodsmodsmodsmodsmodsmodsmodsmodsmodsmodsmodsmodsmodsmodsmodsmodsmodsmodsmodsmodsmodsmodsmodsmods so basically mods make this moddier than the moddiest moddy game ever. the graphics are moddy as **** moddy MODS. I NEED MORE MODS. THIS GAME IS BEAUTIFUL brb modding skyrim more. Expand
  32. Oct 11, 2014
    To be honest, the original game without anything activated i would rate this game a 7/10. However, after you begin to toy around with mods, you can easily make it a 10/10 and one of the best games you have ever played.
  33. Oct 10, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I absolutely love Skyrim, and yes there are problems, but as soon as you walk out the wreck of Helgen I forget all of them and enjoy one of the most expansive and immersive games of all time. In essence Skyrim is quite simply breathtaking.
    Also if you ever get bored go onto Nexus and there are thousand of mods to either; fix some of the issues, improve performance and/or visuals or to add tonnes more content.
  34. Oct 10, 2014
    Skyrim is an amazing game, you can just sand in awe of its awesome wilderness. It was better than any other game I had ever played. The new leveling system made it easy to personalize your character. the random encounters of a dragon made it so you always had to be paying attention so you don't get jumped by a frost dragon. Altogether I thought that the game is a must have.
  35. Oct 7, 2014
    Best RPG on the planet! Awesome story, unbelievable mods, cool side missions and my personal fav. riding dragons! Really love the DlC's but would like if there were more than just two.
  36. Oct 5, 2014
    From the standpoint of quests, choices/effects, and enemy variety, this is the least salvageable Bethesda Software open world game to date. I have legit not seen a quest line I consider even passable. The dungeons, while a fair improvement over Oblivion's couple strains of layouts, are mostly populated by the following: Bandits, more bandits, necromancers, Falmer, Falmer-to-dwarven-ruins, Dwarven ruins, and irrationally savage natives on the west side of the map. Bland.

    This game is in some ways so watered down that even the obvious racist factions do not care what race your character is. In many ways this game is unbelievably sterile. I think it is because they stopped letting Kirkbride be lead writer, artist, and designer. God knows it would have killed him to continue that amount of alcohol and drug abuse, but the setting is ever the blander for it.
    Almost.. perfectly.. ripe.. for an MMO... huh.
    Anyway, in my honest opinion, the setting jumped the shark when the lore books started to directly contradict the setting, entirely to make an inoffensive, voice worked, familiar game. What do we have now? A setting more generic than the first EverQuest? Prove me wrong.

    Now this isn't fair to judge these games off the bat. They have always, at their best, been about user content. But we're lacking the 'big' mods, like Mart's Monster Mod, Obscuro's overhaul, Fransceso's, the Tamriel Rebuilt, etc and ever the poorer for it.

    So it has to be half a score. There is nothing insanely dense and creative, the writing has pooped itself, and the creators are pushing an MMO. Holy crap what a downturn.

    Imagine if the game series we had in 2002 had continued on with no sacrifices made to the gods of expedience or so your neighbors idiot kid would play it for more than an hour or two.

    ALMSIVI, ****
  37. Oct 2, 2014
    This is one of my favorite games
    Good Graphics,
    Amazing game play,
    Good stealth system.....
    Crashes a lot,
    Horrible loading time (Only on console,The pc version is quick :D )....

    I give this game a :8/10
  38. Oct 1, 2014
    This GEM delivers on all fronts. You are cunningly slinked into this beautiful imaginary world, where even though in reality You may be a wizened old fart, here You feel a true hero, rogue or obi wan type neutral balance the world jester of wisdom. People spending days on "match three" games need not apply here, everyone else should buy. Frankly I'm so dazzled by this game that it's difficult to even begin explaining the amount of things done right, it's all there: fantastic music, great voice overs, intricate lore, stunning graphics, plethora of side quests, captivating main storyline (which can by the way be completely ignored to enjoy other stuff which by my estimate dwarfs the main storyline 1 to 10 in terms of content), giant LIVING world. Tempted to say I'm speechless given today's undercooked, bug ridden, craptastic releases that such a wonderful product came to fruition. Expand
  39. Sep 30, 2014
    Only bad thing is that game is bugged as hell, so you will have to use mods or you will have to use console commands. Still greatness of this game easily overshadows such flaw.
  40. Sep 30, 2014
    This game was pretty fun. I spend numerous hours killing, looting, plundering, pick pocketing, and enjoying the immerse content of the game. Whether it was killing dragons or mud crabs, I really enjoyed the game even though it was a bit too easy. To be honest, I would rate it a 8.5/10.

    The real reason why I rated this a 10/10 was the mods. The freaking mods in this game make it so
    worthwhile to replay. You can literally change the whole atmosphere from character models to graphics and quests. I would rate it 11/10 if I could btw. Expand
  41. Sep 30, 2014
    Three strikes.. and you're out. And that is the fate of Skyrim for me. I really wanted to like Skyrim, and I gave it three tries, but it was not to be. But why? Why can't I like this game?

    Skyrim has things going for it. For instance it offers you an open world, which allows you to go anywhere you like. It also gives you freedom in developing your character. Want to be a
    mage/warrior/thief character? It is possible with Skyrim. But these are the only two positive things I can come up with.
    There is perhaps also the fact that you can mod it(modify it). But this is an advantage with a certain irony because Skyrim needs to be modded. It is simply to dull on its own.

    An example of this dullness is the story. When the game starts you are... a prisoner? Hold on, where have we seen that before? Oh right. Oblivion. And you are about to be executed? Oh wait.. wasn't something like that in Oblivion? And you are imprisoned for reasons unknown. Ditto Oblivion..
    And then something happens and you are liberated..Like in Oblivion.
    And then you have to work yourself through some underground areas to escape pursuit. Like in Oblivion.
    You might think that the story of Oblivion is so great that it is almost verbatim retold in Skyrim. But it isn't a great story despite the fact that a dragon is involved.

    But there is more dullness in the game.For instance. The excitement of having an open world to explore condenses quickly into disappointment, after you discover that the world is basically a dull sub-arctic landscape dominated by the colors grey, brown and white. The landscape is at times obscured because it is fogged over by mist and half the time it is drained of all colors because it is night. Towns do not offer a break in this dreary visual spectacle, as most of them seem to consist of half-ruined buildings and often resemble piles of stone more than buildings. They look as if dragons crash landed into them. There are exceptions, Dragon Reach has a few nice buildings and sometimes you actually see a nice landscape. But those are exceptions in the otherwise steadfast monotony of the game.

    An open world is a nice idea until you find out that the game requires that you visit a place before you can quick travel to it and it expects that you travel all the way through the dull landscape. And while you travel you find yourself subjected to attacks by the same spawned wolves over and over. It is a testimony to the dullness of the game in that it throws you the same spawned creatures at you again and again. And what is more, because the game levels with you, you should not expect any break in these pesky attacks.

    More of the utter dullness of this game: a magic user quest which makes you face an adversary who is immune to magic so that you are required to run around shooting arrows at it or make dash attacks with hand weapons. What fun is that?
    Or, as part of that same quest, your teacher, a master wizard, leaves you alone to fight hard hitting undead in narrow corridors and only reappears after you have killed the monsters. And then prior to entering the last chamber with the bad guy, he abandons you to fight this guy alone. Again!
    And..-this same quest again- Is it not predictable that when you visit an already fully explored dig site, you happen to find that hidden corridor that is overlooked by master wizards and excavation experts alike?

    Another example of how strangely boring the game is, is in the way that combat works. In skyrim combat mostly takes place in your inventory and the interface. You see, you can only equip two things in your hands. And if that is all you require than you are fine. But if you require more.. like for instance you need to quaff a healing potion, down a magic regenerate potion, swap between a summon spell, an attack spell and your bow and arrows you find yourself half the time in the inventory. Indeed, the game has no quick selection functions. It expects you to do the job with whatever you have in your two hands or waste your time in screens swapping things around.

    Quests are as inspired as the rest of the game is. The reason is not that they are they same quests as you see in any other game. As a matter of fact almost all quests are of the same nature in any game. The problem with Skyrim is that they are not embedded in a captivating story. Skyrims just fails to tell a compelling story. It offers a sandbox and expects that to be enough. Apparently it is exactly what a lot of people want. But then, MMOs seem to be immensely popular too and they are basically the same sort of thing. No wonder there is an elder-scrolls online. It is probably as boring as Skyrim is.
  42. Sep 29, 2014
    Despite the nice visuals/environments and the grand sense of scale with Skyrim's large map, I found my enthusiasm for Skyrim dwindling quickly the more I played. It seems that Bethesda have focused more on quantity rather than quality, as there are a large number of quests, but only a handful of them have any actual thought put into them. Most of them are monotonous dungeon raids that get old very quickly. A part of this is because of the sheer lack of any depth or creativity to many of the side quest narratives. There are a few exceptions ('Blood on the Ice', 'The Mind of Madness', 'The Forsworn Conspiracy'), but these quests are few and far between.

    Other problems include the sub-par UI (though this can be fixed with mods), repetitive voice actors and some balancing issues. For instance, gold is far too easy to come by, thus in accidentally owning the entire economy of Skyrim, the incentive for gold as a quest reward is no more. There are also numerous glitches and exploits, though fortunately most of them are fairly minor, and sometimes humorous.

    On the plus side, some of the gameplay mechanics have been improved over past TES games, and the game allows for a variety of different playstyles, however there might be a few who dislike the simplification/removal of some elements such as spellmaking and attributes.

    In short, Skyrim is a decent game at best, I just wish the game could've been more engaging in terms of storytelling and variation in quest design.

    Overall rating - 7.4/10
  43. Sep 29, 2014
    Pros: Fun first person shooter style combat; often feels like an actual roleplaying game; fun looting and trading system with merchants; the voice acting is good.

    Cons: Not enough general stores in cities and towns to sell your looted junk to; dumb follower AI; only allowed one follower at a time; it is contrived that races other than Nords and Imperials can be Dragonborn; bad horse
    combat system; the Daedra "Gods" often times feel contrived; NPCs are too talkative, they will try to talk to you even when you run past them uninterestedly; most of the children in the game are annoying brats who you are forced to put up with; dragons feel contrived; the game is too unrealistic; ridiculous stealth combat system; a lot of ugly, dumb weapons and armor you can use in the game; the sound, music and volume of the voices are pretty badly balanced by default; NPCs which drop to their knees panting instead of dying when they should die.

    Score Breakdown: Voice Acting 7/10, Sound Effects and Music 5/10, Plot Development 4/10, Graphics 4/10, Game Stability 4/10, Loading Screens and Frame Rate 4/10, Background Story 3/10, Gameplay 3/10, Replay Value 3/10, Realism 1/10, Total Score 3.8/10

    Conclusion: The base game isn't so great, especially with the unkillable non-playable characters. I recommend playing using console command cheats (to kill immortal npcs and such) and mods to get much more enjoyment out of the game. Even then, although this game does have its moments, in the end I'd say it's really mediocre at best. I question whether any so-called reviewer who gives this game anything higher than an 8/10 actually played the game longer than for a couple hours.
  44. Sep 25, 2014
    The game you want to play, that's it. You may regret the possibilities of a Oblivion, but the simplifications come with improvements in all regards, and are therefore easily forgived. I liked the custom spells though.
  45. Sep 21, 2014
    fantastic one gripe is the loss of attributes but other than that it doesnt get much better than this................................................................................
  46. Sep 18, 2014
    Skyrim has consumed my gaming life. I started on XBox 360 in 2011, and pute over 600 hours on that copy, and moved to the PC version a year and a half ago, and fell back in love with it due to the wonderful modding community. If you're a fan of open-world RPG's this game will keep you entertained for days.
  47. Sep 16, 2014
    Where should I start... Skyrim has already achieved it's title in being one of the best games that had ever existed. I used to be horrible at open world but I have not lost the slightest of interest in playing this game. It's scenery, environment and gameplay is amazing. Graphics could even be adjusted to low quality and still looks astonishing. The story's progression is basically written by the player, For those who haven't bought the game, I seriously recommend that you should try it out. Expand
  48. Sep 15, 2014
    Skyrim is the best RPG even after a number of years in release. It set the gold standard for RPGs. Take a look at the gamers reviews which gave it a negative rating and you will know they lie through their teeth. Even the poorest done parts of the game are not less than a 7 rating. Skyrim is a work of art down to the smallest details. Now, add in the great ability to mod the game and you know that the lowest possible rating for this game has to be an 8. So, There is nothing out there in the way of RPGs that have not learned from the Elder Scrolls series. And when there are new innovations in RPGs to be had it will be the Elder Scrolls series which first brought them to the gaming world. Skyrim sits on top and will continue to sit on top. Expand
  49. Sep 14, 2014
    i bought this game on steam for 7.49, one of the best deals I've ever made in gaming. The graphics, music, and environment of Skyrim is amazing and unique. The PC version works pretty well and even ran on my old laptop. The gameplay is fun and the world feels large and interesting encouraging exploration. The K+M controls of Skyrim were ok except when in dialogue or the inventory. The UI is where the game really lacked. The UI consisted of blocky lists that were hard to navigate and manage. The quests were ok though some may be shallow and repetitive. The game also lacked on animations, and the bugs were plentiful. However, don't let these shortcomings deter you from buying the game as many of these problems (UI, Animations, and Bugs) can be fixed with mods. Expand
  50. Sep 14, 2014
    Honestly, this game deserves more than 7/10, but I didn't like it that much. The world is expansive and fun detailed as hell and the missions are varied. Personally, however, I disliked the game for the promise of RPG elements, but instead I received barely differentiated classes, boring skill trees, and little to no weapon diversity. For those who prefer a more action oriented game from elder scrolls, play this game. The "problems" that I mentioned were just nitpicks and personal dislikes. Expand
  51. Sep 14, 2014
    The best medieval RPG game available for PC. I have played every single player RPG available and I must say I have never enjoyed anything as much as I enjoyed skyrim. You have to play this to experience its unique and amazing world and words aren't enough to describe how good this game is.
  52. Sep 13, 2014
    This is that one game that I'll always love and will never get old. It's the one game I can keep coming back to when every other game bores me. With mods on the PC version and the ability to customize so much in the game, from graphics to characters and quests, there's endless content here.

    Yes, Skyrim has a lot of bugs, and it is a shame. However, that's the only negative thing I can
    think of and after patching, they're minimized. Plus, on PC they're not as big of an issue (console fix).

    The biggest thing that Skyrim has done better than its predecessors is offer the most superb level design and environments, far better than Oblivion and Morrowind's repetitive dungeons that all look the same. Even the draugr crypts in Skyrim have unique layouts, unique stories, NPCs, etc. The only repetitive aspect is that they're filled with draugr. I'm amazed how many dungeons are in this game and how beautifully crafted they all are. The outdoor environments are great, too.

    Combat is so much better than previous games. Music is fantastic (as always for ES games), graphics are better and mind blowing with mods enabled. Dialogue isn't the greatest but is still an improvement over past games. Quests are mixed - I would say this is one area where the series didn't really improve, but they're still good and some of them (e.g., Thieve's Guild) are a lot of fun.

    The lore of the game, as always, is enchanting. I love reading all of the books, some of them are so well-written, clever and adventurous.

    Skyrim has everything you could want in a single-player RPG. Open world, exploration, immersion, beauty, roleplaying potential, fun combat (mostly), customization, some clever quest subplots, great lore, the list goes on. Truly a magical game that will probably never be matched, until ES:6 comes out.
  53. Sep 13, 2014
    If you love the Elder Scrolls series you will love this game. There's lots to do and the stories are fine, once you get get your bearings. Though the game seems to have made a change to be more MMOish. Especially in the "talent" system. The game crashes far less than other ES games. I feel it's not as good as some other games in the ES series. It often feels story was ignored because you have a pointer on your map leading you by the nose. But there are so many locations on the map, it becomes necessary to have the pointer later. However it is a brilliant step towards Bethsada preparing the series to be a multiplayer in the future. As many of the changes seemed to be based on MMO pvp balances. And because of this it's few flaws and subtractions can be over looked. Expand
  54. Sep 12, 2014
    Probably the most overrated game made within the last 5 years. I like the open world. I like how there's many different leveling paths for both crafting skills and combat skills split up into different trees so that doing just about anything counts towards leveling in some way, it's a unique and refreshing system.
    Sadly, everything else about this game sucks. The combat sucks. The dialogs
    suck. The quests and many of the things you can do either suck or are not interesting. I think the fault to the story is that it's just not told very well, so it's very hard to get into it. Another problem, is that coming off of playing WoW for years, I feel like there should be more interaction within an open world like this, however it's nonexistent.
    The combat is also very bad, and I'll give an example from when I started playing:
    I just started the game and am wandering around after getting outside while my brother is watching. See a giant, decide I'm going to go kill it. My brother says, "No, it's way too high level, you'll get killed." Despite this claim, I kite the giant around shooting lighting at it, since I'm a magic user, after taking 20 or so minutes finally kill it. I say, "Not so threatening now huh?"
    The combat never gets more complicated than hit things with combat skill and they eventually die, it's very one-dimensional and makes the combat uninteresting.
    Unfortunately, because of all these things, I couldn't finish Skyrim because I became bored of it. On top of that it feels like it should be an MMO, however even compared to WoW it makes for a weak MMO because WoW has a really good combat system.
  55. Sep 11, 2014
    I must say that after actually playing this game I am very surprised that anyone rated it under a 6.... because even if I hated the game's story, concept, and mechanics it still deserves at least a 6. My only real complaints are that the map provided in the game is really quite insufficient and you'll find yourself downloading yourself an improved map from the nexus mod site real fast. Also the UI is designed for a gamepad so if you are trying to use the keyboard which I do not recommend with this game you will have a heck of a time navigating the menus and inventories. So if you use keyboard you'll also want to download an improved UI. But really this issue is easily resolved just by plugging your 360 controller into your computer instead of trying to be a "keyboard elitist." And the game plays much smoother in doing so. The graphics have some of the best optimization that I have ever seen.... and most computers that are from 2008 or newer should be able to run the game on max settings and get a result that is better graphics at higher frame rates than one would expect. Gameplay takes a while to get used to, especially if you did not play Oblivion. Combat highly depends on what weapon you are using. You probably want to try some melee or magic attacks before anything else. The sound effects are great, as is the music - however I do tend to turn music off in games after a while. I have run into a few bugs, mainly things like objects rolling around on their own.... but I have not seen anything even close to "game breaking."

    Overall this is one of the few games that deserves its high appraisal from the paid reviewers. I feel that after playing the game many of the 0's and 1's for ratings are falsified, most likely by people who never even played the game. I say this because of the fact that the first few negative reviews I even saw all had lies in them.... as when I came across where said cons were supposed to be in the game they weren't there at all.
  56. Sep 4, 2014
    Commercial, commercial, commercial, once more commercial.... And game is MEGA simplified in relation to Morrowind, even Oblivion...

    Bad things (more of them, so I will start with them):

    #Combat system - one of the worst that Ive seen in RPGs. Melee is just button masher with cluncky animations, slow, unintuitive and boring, shield/weapon bashing make it even worse, and Dragons are
    just dissapointing... Just no depth here in combat....
    #World and its design - empty world without depth, even worse towns, after some hours there is no motivation to explore, just boring... Some creatures and its design here are really awesome, but you can only count it on fingers of one hand, and where da hell are Daedra Creatures or Oblivion Planes?.... World is just generic designed, once again boring, developers dont care about world detailing....
    #Story/Side quests - I just dont want to go with story forward after some main quests, there are too many generic and boring side quests, some guild quests are interesting, but not many of them...
    #Character development - who simplified it? No statistics? Its just self KO, status bars, skills and perks system is just bad, and not interesting, one of the worst leveling system...
    #Gameplay - controls and travelling around is well done, but bad combat system, overall world boringness and overpowered crafting makes it not so appealing and boring again...

    So lets go on with good things:

    #Music - some of the tracks are godly-great and memorable,
    #Some weapons and armor design - some models are very worth looking on it,
    #Legendary difficulty with patch added - its really cool try, but game mechanics and combat is that bad, that it only gives some tiny little more enjoyment....
    #Crafting - its some innovative step forward, but it too overpowered, anyway overall is good addition,
    #Open world/Freedom - world is bad, but freedom is usually a plus,
    #Modding support - cool feature, as always tons of mods, but none of them fixes real problems of the game....

    Game was a real dissapointment to me. Bethesda gone in wrong way in creating their games, and made game without depth or any atmosphere, broken game mechanics and its just boring... Expansions dont helps here sadly... 3/10, because of some positive tryies.... Commercials breaks many games today sadly... (DS2, im looking at you!)
  57. Sep 1, 2014
    skyrim!!! is the best game i ever played.i agree skyrim is not flawless.but also you will not found any better RPG game then skyrim...I'm not gunna lie, this game is a masterpiece.
  58. Aug 30, 2014
    A few graphical flaws but it is the most complete open world game till date. I have played many open world games released after Skyrim but apart from better graphics I just don't find them engaging at all.
    The story and environment are just perfect !!!!!
    Nothing beats this one
  59. Aug 27, 2014
    This game is one of favorites and it's unlike every other game I own this game is one game that I never finish everything 100%, people you gave bad reviews keep mentioning bugs yeah where are they?
  60. Aug 24, 2014
    Playing this game is a challenge, and not in the good sort of way. The challenge comes from trying to deal with all the bugs. Not small annoying bugs, but at times showstoppers that require you to use the console to continue game play.
  61. Aug 21, 2014
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  62. Aug 18, 2014
    This game have some very good parts as for example locations they are so good that am explored every possible cave and dungeon. For that 10/10 Unless I didn't need to actually do it as my character was enough strong to complete game probably in 1/3 or even earlier 1/5 of what am accomplish. And I don't have any challenge to have use from that, this is like empty unnecessary and stupid leveling, for that 9/10. Then inventory I should remove two or three points for that when compare to Daggerfall but ok lets give it 8/10 Then it is my problem with quest items which may weight a lot and cant be removed from backpack (should be weightless) And magic arrow of quest which tell you where go. And obviously quest which solving don't give you nothing worth more than you may create yourself. Foir all of that quest related 7/10 Ok but there is more, my next problem was with making items as only or sure way to get best equipment and lot of money, unless that is so boring. When am played second time am tried avoid that unless it is part of game you should create something, because its nowhere to find (player is forced to do boring things) 6/10 Then another BIG problem I have was magic, am actually begin game as mage and guess what I become archer thief. Its just because its so much more effective in battle. When hide and multiple damage by many bonus and skills you can kill last final boss with few shoots. Anyway this whole magic was so annoying not practical rubbish 5/10 And how it would be to play as knight? Probably nothing better because how you are supposed to kill dragon? Must wait as ha land and put sword into his face? No I think it would suck not mention that to become good knight you must make yourself armor etc. So am not sure this don't look very balanced. Am play Oblivion the same way by sneak and arrows or sneak and sword from back, unless how much time get to master that, Its boring from two reasons one to master that and second to lost all further challenges in game 4/10 Lets now return to my first point of exploring, from one side that is good visually but from second I don't think they bring any benefits, because there is no super treasure. There are some quest leading to mega artifacts which turn later to be pathetic comparing to items what you may create. Exploring is good but there is no reason to do that whatsoever. Ok you may actually find dragon magic but I never used that magic literally LOL even when am complete all that spells, just don't need them or they was awkward in use as any other magic and for that am give it because you have maaany things and all useless somehow 3/10 Now if I would really remove 3 points for inventory which I hate in this game it would end at 1/10 Which may be described as terrible game with fine graphic. Now is that possible to be true? I think yes because i have difficulty to play it again, where really exist games am played about 10x and still want so it is not best RPG I have seen. If you are in 1/3 progress Godlike then in half you are Godfather and when complete every quest then you are Godfather3 son of Rambo and my score is 1 Expand
  63. Aug 14, 2014
    A buggy, incomplete mess that suffers from attempts to maintain console parity. Thank Christ for the legion of modders working to make this game a decent experience on PC. Vanilla Skyrim is janky, at best. Quests are broken, game CTDs regularly, a disastrous console port that deserves better for its PC release. Elder Scrolls games have been going downhill since Oblivion, streamlines here, removal of features there, there's reasons why people think Morrowind is perfection. I loved the game, but modders take half the credit. Expand
  64. Aug 12, 2014
    I have read some of other users' reviews, especially those who rated less than 3, and I want to say that they are right. It's true, Skyrim has some bugs and its basic graphics are not some of the best graphics compared to other games, but I don't want to base my vote on the graphics system (thought I have to say I enjoyed it very much, it depends on each person taste).
    Skyrim is one of
    the few games that offers you an intense experience of gameplay with a great amount of missions, that can take you whole days of playing. Skyrim is one of the few games that I have started all over from the beginning completing its main story every time, making some changes in my character, and it was worth it. Every time you play this game you have something new to discover, some new mission to complete or some new place to explore.
    You may stop playing it for a while, but there is no doubt that soon or later you will play it at least once again, enjoying it as your first time.
    Skyrim is still one of my favourite games.
  65. Aug 11, 2014
    Legendary, Impossible to beat I believe for game designers. And nearly endless, as well as talking about it. Even after completing everything, there's always tons of things to do once you start playing. Sometimes you lose yourself in it, or forget to eat or sleep or even go to work. There's nothing like it.
  66. Aug 8, 2014
    The graphic of this game is amazing. This game is great role playing game. The storyline and gameplay is good. This game has many race, you can choose your avatar in this game.
  67. Aug 7, 2014
    With the recent news of layoffs and restructuring, the big sites such as IGN are now officially in trouble and they have only themselves to blame. With games like Skyrim getting an average of 94 (a near perfect score), one has to wonder about the quality of journalism on these sites. Do not get me wrong, there is a lot to like about Skyrim and the game certainly does not deserve a 0/10, but there is also a lot to complain about and thus equally people that give the game 10/10 are devoid of critical thought and even the most basic understanding of good game design.

    Of course people have different tastes and they use 1 to 10 scale differently, but even a complete imbecile can see the flaws Skyrim has. The game is buggy, unoptimised with annoying graphical and gameplay glitches, horrible AI and even worse UI. But I won't even go into the technical stuff, because even if the game was as smooth as heaven itself, it still manages to fall short just based on game design decisions from Bethesda.

    1. The story is lackluster and unoriginal. You are the chosen one and have to kill the big evil monster that wants to destroy the world. Yawn.. how original.
    2. The dialogues are horrible. Most NPCs have 2 or 3 lines with some important characters a few lines more. But my main gripe is that these characters are completely devoid of any personality or uniqueness - the fact which is even more obvious due to horrible voice acting where a couple of voice actors use the same voice for hundreds of different NPCs - thus completely breaking the immersion which Skyrim clearly strives for. Beyond a couple of jokes here and there, some vary basic background to their character, there is literally nothing memorable about any of them.
    3. Quests are linear and boring. This is probably my biggest problem with Skyrim. Vast, vast majority of quests are MMO quality. For those of you who never played any MMO, MMO quality of quests boils down to this simple formula: go to X, talk to or kill Y, fetch Z and come back or deliver it to some other character, which will send you on another quest with the exactly same formula. Occasionally you will have an escort quest, or a "big battle", but that is pretty much it. This fact is even more painful due to annoying and lazy quest markers which literally hand hold you to every place, every item, every NPC that you are supposed to find, so there is nothing for you to work out for yourself.
    4. Level scaling. Although level scaling is not as horrible as it was in Oblivion, it is still there, leaving the player feeling like the whole world is turning around him and resulting in the diminished sense of progression.
    5. Loot scaling is a horrible idea. There is no sense of progression when the loot is scaled to your level. No matter where you go, you will never experience that magical moment when you find an amazing piece of equipment.
    6. Geographical design is horrible. Its just too easy to navigate even if you install a mod to remove the quest marker. Forget about feeling lost in a huge world. The design is so simple even a 6 year old can find his way around. Basically you have 1 big town in the middle, and then a road that goes around it connecting other towns. Everything is close to that road and that makes the world feel much smaller than it could have been.

    I could go on with dumb AI of your followers, unkillable NPCs, dumb down puzzles which all boil down to matching symbols that lie right in front of your face, etc... but this will suffice. Skyrim is a below average RPG in everything but its size. Combat is decent, graphic, sound and music are very good, the game a has good and interesting lore, and dragons look and act like real dragons (even though they are a bit too easy to kill).
  68. Aug 7, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. The main quest of this game SUCKS, but everything else is perfect. The only good bossfight (even with all the DLC-s is the first Alduin fight, but he escapes and the second fight is ridiculously easy. But the different faction quests make this game worthwhile. Also 3 amazing DLC-s. Expand
  69. Aug 3, 2014
    One of my favorite games of all time. Modded out with ENB it looks BEAUTIFUL, way better than games that you call "next-gen" like Watch_Dogs. Tons of quests, huge open world, and freedom to do basically whatever you want, and of course these can also be modded (add a ton of quests etc) If you are new to Skyrim, I'd recommend to at least get SkyUI, which will make the game a lot better.

    I can't wait for what bethesda will come up with in the next title... damn they should already announce it. :(
  70. Aug 2, 2014
    Yes, there are tons of problems with Skyrim, especially for the die hard fans of The Elder Scrolls series, that were fortunate enough to fully experience outstanding masterpieces such as Morrowind. Skyrim went directly to the mainstream, very simplified game mechanics, terrible consolized inventory management, the game being more suitable for kids, so obviously easier, less complex, hand-holding with quest markers, not even being able to kill many important npc etc. etc. you can call it a sell-out, you can nit pick and find hundreds of problems with this game and in most cases you will be absolutely right, BUT... no one can argue the sheer beauty and complexity of the world Bethesda created here and the fact how Skyrim can literally consume you, it took about 300 hours of my life and I enjoyed every single minute of it. With this in mind, I just cannot go for less than a full score, yes, it's definitely not as good as Morrowind, but just let yourself be immersed in this world and live, explore, just do what you want and enjoy, you won't regret it. Also, the 4CD colossus of a soundtrack done by Jeremy Soule is just phenomenal and I play it quite regularly even years after Skyrim release. Looking forward to the TES VI release with high anticipations. 10/10 Expand
  71. Aug 1, 2014
    The Elder Scrolls series is my favorite game series to date, and I have played Morrowind and Oblivion over 200 hours a piece over the years.

    For people who don't know what the game is about, it is different than any other game because of the freedoms you are given as the player. The beginning of the game is the only portion of the game that is linear (and all it really is, is a tutorial
    anyway). After that, you are free to explore the world in anyway you want. There is a main quest, but really, it's really your choice on what you want to do. If you want to build a fighting character, you can train your Health and Stamina and join the Fighters Guild and do missions that are based on killing stuff along with having a good story in the background. If you want to be a Mage, you train your Magicka and you go to the College of Winterhold and learn different spells that you can use to make your character better. You can also be an assassin, merchant, or a master of apothecary. All in all, it really doesn't matter what you do but personally I like joining the Dark Brotherhood and making an assassin with magical abilities such as invisibility (I've played for over 400 hours over the past two years on the difficulty Master).

    If you correlate this review to my PS3 version, you can see that I am giving this version a nine because of more fluid game play and the ability to 'mod' the game however you want.

    If you are a parent this holiday, I would recommend getting this game over Call Of Duty 14 for your kid if he's 16 to 18. Especially if he gets good grades in school and is a critical thinker because this game requires much more critical thinking than Call Of Duty 14 where you just shoot at people, get shot 1,000 times and don't die. I do understand that this is my personal opinion but Skyrim has won Game Of The Year by multiple publications and is regarded in nerdom as one of the best games ever made.

    And yes, I do have horns on my forehead. Because I was born that way. How about that Todd Howard.
  72. Jul 31, 2014
    The whole "Elder Scrolls" series has defined the RPG genre. Even as the fifth game, "Skyrim" breaths new life into the franchise with high-quality graphics and an outstanding set of main quests. The story is gripping and feels fresh and more original than its predecessor's. Skyrim is a vast open world full of opportunities, that is really enjoyable to explore. There are interesting additions, like the whole thing with the dragonborn shouts and even riding dragons in the "Dragonborn" DLC. The combat system is pretty the same as in "Oblivion", and, considering other games of the genre, seems a bit problematic and somewhat outdated. A detail that I missed from "Oblivion" is that spellcrafting is not possible in "Skyrim". The main problem in the "Elder Scrolls" series is that your character does not have a personality of his own, and his environment's reaction to him feels way too neutral. You can play like God or devil but no one will care, except if you have a bounty on your head. Even the other characters are too bland to be convincing and, as a result, you find it difficult to get attached to the story. "Elder Scrolls" is nonetheless an undeniable feat in game making, and "Skyrim" is a worthy addition to the series. Expand
  73. Jul 26, 2014
    This game is just awesome it deserve's to be played,Oblivion was the best game for it's time same goes to morrowind.Skyrim is a huge step forward improved combat system amazing mod's for the game (except the nude mod's i'm looking at you MMOxreview's).Anyway the game is packed with new weapon's more armor ton's of dungeon's dwarven ruin's coming back from morrowind and the awesome DLC's for the game especially dragonborn now the game has some flaw's here and there like dragon's not giving you their soul or being stuck when learning dragonrend i'm sure they will fix it when they stop only giving a **** about ESO for now skyrim deserve's a 9/10. Expand
  74. Jul 26, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. *Review Deleted
  75. Jul 21, 2014
    Highest replay value for any single player game that I've ever played. I've put an embarrassingly large amount of time into this game and I don't even care to see the endgame. It's just that rich with possibilities. Try an unarmed-only Khajiit build on Legendary if you want a challenge.
  76. Jul 19, 2014
    Skyrim is one of the best game that released last years. It has a good story and large open world,but, It is hard to play. Hard to change weapons or change spells and fighting with enemies. But this features can not say it is a bad game.
  77. Jul 13, 2014
    I just have to say that this game is seriously amazing. For $20.00 you get to buy a game that is probably equivalent to three or four RPG games. This shows how VAST Skyrim is. In addition to this, Skyrim is an open world, which gives you enough freedom to do the main quest whenever you want to. However, the sad thing about this game are the NUMEROUS bugs. Thankfully, this can be easily resolved by mods and console commands.

    Unlike most of the users here, I, as of the moment, only have a hundred and fifty hours of gameplay here. But judging from my main quest completion, I can probably say that I am only 5% done with the entire game.

    Actually, you cannot measure your progress here since I think Skyrim was made so that it can be played indefinitely.

  78. Jul 11, 2014
    In short, crappy and extremely buggy console port.

    It is now more than 2 years after the release, are the issues identified since launch fixed? NO! The game still has tons of bugs, and even unofficial patch fails to address all the issues. The stability of this game is the worst in the last 3 installments of elder scroll, its random crash is just too annoying.

    Also, the UI, control
    and menu are downgraded to the level of console. It is so counter-intuitive that a hardcore PC gamers will lose all the passion to try this game.

    There are also something that even mods can't fix it. The story, quest variety and content, dungeon and world design are all worse than the previous installment. The only good thing is a better graphic, but will be easily beaten down with a graphic mod on an old elder scroll game.

    So, i would not recommend this game. Instead, either get Oblivion or Morrowind, depending on your taste.

    By the way, I am surprised to see the high user score there, as the PS3 console gamers also understand how bad the design and technical flaws of this game are, so why are PC gamers on the opposite side of the bridge this time?
  79. Jul 11, 2014
    A bit overrated in my opinion, but still a solid game that gave me 50 hours of fun. The graphics are impressive, but not as glorious as everyone says they are. They are about the same as the first Assassin's Creed, which came out in 2007, 4 years before Skyrim. The combat system was really disappointing and got old fast. The dungeons also got old quick. They all seemed exactly alike to me and were fun at first but just got boring after doing a few. But the story was great and I enjoyed it very much, and the DLC was great as well. The characters could have used a lot of work, and just seemed bland and boring and made Skyrim a slightly depressing and lonely place because of it. Overall I give it a 7/10 Expand
  80. Jul 8, 2014
    Skyrim is a great game that I have spent countless hours in. Bethesda succeeded in crafting the most beautiful and vibrant open world ever, with rich and varied settings and a deep lore. However they took 2 steps forward and one back compared to Oblivion and Fallout 3/New Vegas. Quest lines are linear, offer absolutely no choices and involve mostly talking to NPC A, going to dungeon B, killing everything inside, retrieving item C and then going back to NPC A. The game is also littered with bland and static characters who are never influenced by or acknowledge your actions. Most are only good for one of two lines of dialogue. There are very few if any memorable characters, just legions of AI controlled cut outs going about there business. The story falls flat because you never feel connected to the world or that anything is particular at stake. Its a shame because technically Skyrim far outshines its predecessors, and its story and character problems could have been easily solved with some additional writing and voice acting. Expand
  81. Jul 4, 2014
    Although I don't think that Skyrim is worthy of the praise that most people bestow upon it, it certainly is one of the better RPGs that i've played. The sheer size and amount if content available is amazing. The gameplay is also fine, it's not great, but not bad either. Skyrim does however suffer from some serious problems. The way you level up is one of the biggest flaws I've found in the game. I get that they were trying to be unique and innovative, but it just doesn't work. You gain experience for your skills by using the thing associated it. For instance, you get levels in your One handed weapon skill tree by dealing damage with one handed weapons. Each time you level up with a skill, you get a little experience on the main counter. When this main counter fills, your character gains a level. This encourages you to use many different weapons and strategies but it's just not accurate nor fun. I've seen the game constantly described as "Story Rich" and as a fan of a good story, i was excited to try it out. Unfortunately the story and the story telling is just bad. There is absolutely nothing to get interested in and you won't care about the life of any of the NPCs at all (Other than your spouse and any adopted kids). There is also an insane amount of bugs and glitches still present in the game over 2 years later. It's a great game for RPG fans and medieval fans alike. Just don't expect the perfect game. Expand
  82. Jul 3, 2014
    Skyrim is a hard game to review. It's not a very good game, lacking any meaningful story, branching consequences for your actions, weak and dumbed down combat system, game is dull, uninteresting and cant hold your attention for more than 10 minutes. It's a game deserving a 4 at most. Now, install some 20-30 mods (Requiem and Frostfall most importantly) and it becomes playable, even ocasionaly fun, earning a solid 7 (since no mod can ever fix a bland and meaningless story).

    So vanilla Skyrim gets a 5.

    Skyrim with at least Requiem gets an 8.
  83. Jul 1, 2014
    A solid "offline" game, if you have a good audiobook playing or need to catch up on podcasts. In all fairness, I've never finished it, I get bored not enough story or dialogue-ing companions to drive the story (is there a story?) forward. Combat is fine. PRO: -graphics -open world -open leveling system -dragons -a cryptic story involving said dragons -MODS, which can save this game
    -neat, interactive environment

    -mobs level with you until L35, then they stop...but you keep on going to L88 making for a boring single arrow to the knee killing everything in your path...even the dragons (well, 2 arrows for dragons, but still...)
    -no real story
    -open, quiet, lonely and often boring world, like an MMORPG left empty and offline.
    -sometimes random dragons show up IN TOWN and kill off your questgivers
    -companions are boring, even if you marry them
    -neat interactive environment gets old when you realize you're looting the same shelf with the same iron pot, cheeses, and wheat in the same places over and over again
    -gets old, no motivation to finish.
    -THE INVENTORY INTERFACE IS prepared to scroll through hundreds of items to find anything
    -no ability to hotkey, the favorites menu items don't make up for's the 2010s, get it together already
  84. Jun 30, 2014
    Not sure what all the fuss is about this game. At best it's "ok", but it's certainly NOT the OMGWTFBBQBEST. GAME. EVAH. But hey, apparently 5000+ kids who haven't played more than 5 games in their lives think it's the best thing since hot pockets, so bethesda gets a favorable rating and they think they're doing great things.

    The only thing this game has going for it is the graphics -
    and I mean the skins and textures only, the modelling is horrible. But even then, there's almost no color to the world, you're hunting and fighting grey/brown enemies in a grey/brown/black world. I get that the game is supposed to look bleak, but it just ends up looking very bad and gets tiring on the eyes after a while.

    The UI is very minimalistic and awkward, and the combat is slow, choppy, awkward, and very unsmooth. it's also not very compelling, it starts off slow and doesn't have that pull in any direction that makes you want to do anything in particular like good games do.

    I think a lot of the high ratings are just reactions to the hype or written by "critics" who played for 5 minutes and were wowed by sexy graphics, this game is definitely not one of the best games ever.
  85. Jun 30, 2014
    Remember that blind man, sitting in a cave near Whiterun? When I entered that cave and saw him sitting there, I immediately felt sorry for him. I cleared the whole **** cave while keeping the thought "when I return, I will not hurt that sorry ass mofo, he is no threat in any way", strong. But, and here it comes, when I walked back towards the cave's exit, he obviously was still sitting there, doing nothing, being nothing but a loser. And at that same moment, a horrible urge occurred to me. I just couldn't help it.. I couldn't control it. I sneaked right to him, standing behind him, looking at his stupid sorry ass head. I raised my Whiterun axe as high as I could above my skull and with all the power I had, I slammed it into his. A terrible deed, I know. Still I exited that cave with a big smile on my face. That's what I call being a true Dark Elf. End of nonsense. Expand
  86. Jun 29, 2014
    Skyrim is a truly great game. A huge world is open for you to explore when you step out of the tutorial, pick and chose what you want to do and except for a few instances where a dungeon is locked to a certain questline, the game doesn't try to stop you.

    There are so many community made mods for this game that the game has near infinite replayability, even the vanilla version of the
    game already has months worth of content, the amount of game you get from it is just staggering.

    The game has a few bugs, but nothing major and the unofficial community made patches fixes most of them easily. Not enough to knock it off a solid perfect 10
  87. Jun 26, 2014
    In a word? Overrated. They really messed up the major point of even playing an Elder Scrolls game - the story. Not just the main quest, but all of the side quests and especially the guilds. It is fun, but inferior to Oblivion and Morrowind and not a good sign of to-be Elder Scrolls games.
  88. Jun 26, 2014
    After 3 years, you can buy the legendary edition for few pounds, and enjoy the whole experience with tons of content. And then, of course, you have all the mod that increase graphic, sound, elements, etc.
    it is not perfect, but is really fun to play and to explore. They put a lot of different type of missions, and with random encounter you'll find yourself in funny and sometimes
    incredible situations (in a quest I was escaping from a prison, I was attacked by guards then vampires, a bear and finally... a dragon!) .
    It requires a lot of time, though, so play something else if you want a 20 hour long game.
  89. Jun 24, 2014
    Great game, I've always liked sci-fi a lot more than fantasy and fallout 3 is still my very favorite game, but Skyrim made me love using magic for the first time ever. Also, it's absolutely huge. I'm at 56 hrs game play and haven't finished the main quest. I seriously recommend running some of the better rated mods available on Nexus if you haven't. Especially the high res textures, immersive armors, Vilja companion, companion overhaul and immersive weapons and the better sorting mod for the menu system. Expand
  90. Jun 24, 2014
    I should say that I really have enjoyed it a lot at first. I loved all the choice I could make and blah blah blah... then I realized that combat balance was so poor that even the best and most well known balancing overhaul mod could not fix it.
    The main story line is way too short, too. Civil war was boring series of small battles that were not even epic at all. It is more epic to fight a
    giant on low level and steel set without spamming potions. In addition no matter what you do, the side you chose will win the war. You can't even low the battle. So you just start a siege and hide. Dovahkiin's power is not necessary to win the war. besides, Alduin was sooooooo weak while he was the last and the supposed to be most vicious end boss from your very nightmare. Even the main theme is about the Dovahkiin save the world from Alduin, the world eater! World eater my ass. I literally ATE him! With a mod, yes, he can be a true nightmare but still... his pattern is same as any dragon flying around Skyrim. I saved the battle with Alduin for the last and shouting "For the Nords!" at the beginning of the fight. Then I was so disappointed that I started rampage on Sovngarde for those 'heroes' who couldn't do anything about that weakling.
    Final and the worst aspect of the game is bug. Seriously, in my first playthrough, when I only had appearance mod (face, hair, body for player character) for the sake of enjoying original game play, I had rare and critical bugs that made me impossible to follow main story lines. I had to create my own solution with console to proceed. For the heavy mod users.. I can't say much since mods that involving scripts and so forth have higher chance to cause bugs.
    Graphics...that was same as Mass Effect 1. It was not really that good but still ok. Basic modelings were ugly as hell but ok. PC version can offer them free plastic surgery with appearance mods.
    Most these negative aspect of the games can be fixed with mod for some extend. Mods, however, can cause bugs since scripts in the game was already unstable as hell.
    Of course I recognize it as very successful game but still I don't understand why it was so popular and console version was sold more than PC version. I don't think the game is a junk. Developers were just lazy. Even though they had intention to give some space for mods they neglected their responsibility to build a good and reasonable length of storytelling and corresponding game play. The game story involves series of unavoidable battles. The civil war cannot be negotiated through the talking, Alduin? He will eat you if you try to talk to him. Most of players agree that civil war story is boring. What they should have done is that making a 'real' epic main story line with a good balance.
    Then what the developers did? they didn't even care about game balance. AI were poor. Melee attackers charge at you blindfolded, NPCs can't see you under the sun when you crouch if you have high sneak level. Sneaking? Child play. You can sneak while wearing heavy armors making loud clinging sound. Sneak level is everything. You shot a arrow while sneak? An NPC gets a headshot but thinks it was not an attack but his mind playing with him. Monster's strength does not correspond with the story. Dragons can be easily beaten by guards. Mammoth and giants are much more stronger than dragons. Dragons always lose in 1:1 fight with them. Then why there was a specialized dragon hunter group, the Blades? I guess the Blades started in paleolithic period. Then still Dragon set is second most powerful in the game. what...? I don't think it can even protect the user from iron arrows. Magic is not balanced either. Magician enemies will make a barbecue out of you but your fireball is like a firefly to your enemy later in the game. Pure magicians will have some hard time in the later game. Skill perks are not efficient and too simple. What's the point of lockpicking? I can pick master locks with 10 lockpicks. If I get lucky, I can do that with only 3 lockpicks. Speech? You don't need to get a discount with speech perks. Gold is the last problem in this game. There is overpower trinity, though. Alchemy, Enchanting, Smithing. With all three you can be a heavy armored magician wielding most powerfully enchanted weapons with a potion addiction. Daedric items.. some of them are useless. Only few Daedric Lords will give you something useful items. Don't worry there is no penalty, either. It's just have unique look and names that's all.
    It seems like the developers rather rely on CK tool and those 'free' offering mods to fix their own problem! In addition mods can cause problems. It is not official add-ons or DLCs so it is less stable in average. What happened to those many big epic balancing mods? many of them ended with introducing bugs to the game play, or no longer be supported.
    In conclusion it was a game that couldn't reach it's full potential.
  91. Jun 24, 2014
    My first RPG experience. Let's say I started driving a Roll's Royce from the beginning

    This is in my top 3 games on Steam in terms of hours played. I'm not giving it a 10, because the last point goes to the community. Skyrim + mods is one of the best gaming experience I had. The universe is full of dragons, nice scenery''s, a good main story, and lots of options to develop your

    The main negative point of the game is the lack of choice in the story line, and the repetitive quests (go there, kill that, come back). I recommend adding the "true compass" mod + the "no fast travel" mod to counter this negative point. Indeed, you are now on your own, with your eventually horse, running across Skyrim trying not to die before you reach the next mission, using the road signs because your compass only show North, South, East and West, and eventually using your map if you're lost.

    If you're lazy and you want that fast travel, this is still a very fun game, even without the DLC's, you can sidetrack a lot, discover some strange places, and craft the best weapons.

    The shout system is your reason to kill dragons, and the combat with dragons are quite epic. If you're lucky, you might even fight 2 at once and feel like Jesus on a raptor

    I suggest you play this on Legendary, otherwise it gets boring by the end, and it is much more realistic and enjoyable in the long term.

    Conclusion : Buy it, install 100 mods on it to make it better, and play for hours !
  92. Jun 23, 2014
    Like RPG games buy this game its one of the greatest RPG games ever made. Hundreds of hours of content GOTY 2011 still holds up today bethesda is one of the best developers in the industry .
  93. Jun 23, 2014
    This game...oh my, this game...I can't get enough of it. With thousands of side quests and main missions, you're sure to never get bored of it. I love the open world, yet story line feel, where you can go anywhere you desire yet there's still order to it and a main quest line that you follow. The DLCs are amazing too, and I personally love the adoption of kids. It's one of the best games I've ever had the pleasure of playing, and I highly recommend it to anyone. Expand
  94. Jun 22, 2014
    Skyrim is the stuff of gaming legend. After a series of well made games with increasing amounts of success in the market, Bethesda took the best parts of TES IV, trimmed off the bad parts, and threw in tons of new content, a huge new open world, and made a game that still, even after a few years, is one of the most played games on Steam, has one of the most active modding communities I've been a part of (second only to Minecraft), and has so much content that even after more than 100 hours of play, I feel like I haven't even scratched the surface of the possibilities that there are in the realm of Skyrim. Expand
  95. Jun 15, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. A historia é muito boa, uma ou a melhor dos games que já joguei.
    Os gráficos, IA e as opções de jogabilidade são bons/ótimos.
    Valeu 10 pelo conjunto.
  96. Jun 14, 2014
    Skyrim is just a masterpiece, i mean, it has a deep and well structured universe, it erases the annoying invisible barriers that some games have, it has a beautiful and epic soundtrack, and nice leveling up mechanics, its simply a must-have, GOTY if you will
  97. Jun 14, 2014
    Modern RPGs like Skyrim have been systematically dumbed-down to the point of mental retardation.
    Bethesda has sold out their brilliant RPGs [Morrowind] in favor of idiot children who need their hand held while playing an RPG because they are too stupid or lazy to figure out how to play the g*****n game for themselves! Well Skyrim is just that game. It's an RPG for morons!
    Morrowind = A
    true thinking RPG. A Masterpiece! A wonderful RPG! Great replay value.
    Skyrim = Retards with swords! No thinking required. This doesn't deserve to be called an RPG! This s*** is for idiots!
    Thank you Bethesda, you have single-handedly destroyed RPGs by taking real thinking out of the equation.
    Skyrim is a huge slap in the face to those of us who remember what a true Role Playing Game is really supposed to be. It has decent graphics, but that's its only redeeming quality.
  98. Jun 13, 2014
    there are some games which is good for consoles but is best played on PCs. 1 such game is skyrim or in general an elder scroll game mainly thanks to mods. but other than mods skyrim offers a massive environment with different terrains. though the main plot is somewhat disappointing this can be overlooked by the massive amount of side quests especially the guild quests. the character u possess can be molded into any form u want .. it is entirely dependent on your fighting style . the game offers awesome crafting system and skills . overall this is definitely a GOTY and one of the best games of this generation ! Expand
  99. Jun 9, 2014
    The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is an addictive RPG games, not only has many improved gameplay elements from previous title in the series, but also added some new as well, and all of them works just great. The game gives you a large open world, with so much to explore and hundred hours of playing. But then, bugs and glitches make The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim not so perfect.
  100. Jun 8, 2014
    Skyrim is not only my favorite Elder Scrolls since Morrowind, but also one of my favorite Role-Playing Games ever made. With a large, vast, and expansive world with detailed character creation and an interestingly large amount of content, Skyrim gets a 10/10 for said reasons. Not only that, but it succeeds at what it tries to do, provide a large and interesting world full of lore.
  101. Nov 11, 2011
    To those who can't believe how somebody could rate this game so low, I know exactly how you feel, about the game and the rating. I couldn't possibly care any less though.:)
    Good WRPG is all about choices/options and involved/enjoyable character development. An epic, well written story helps as well. This game does not have any of this.
    With a large world to explore, it first felt like a
    lot was possible. Cave exploration, ruin exploration, underwater exploration, fight X creature, find a random town and talk to random denizen, etc. After about 10 hours, it became more obvious that, yeah there is a lot you can do on the side, just none of it was all that interesting. At a certain point it just felt like I was playing offline MMO, in that the game allows you to do so much but it's just done so poorly.
    I know that the graphics aren't the most important part of a game like this but Skyrim don't even look average. I would never be so ridiculous as to say that I would buy a game just based on the visuals, but this game look like heavily moded Oblivion.

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  1. Feb 29, 2012
    Unfortunately, Skyrim trips and falls on its own (most probably, to make the cool-sounding deadline of 11-11-11) and just before it reaches perfection as the ultimate specimen of its genre, it self-destructs in a crucial aspect of game design: the interface and the peripheral components (inventory, journal, map, etc)... but that is not to say that Skyrim is anything but a truly majestic, epic RPG that will suck you right in its cosmos.
  2. Feb 14, 2012
    Skyrim is definitely one of the best games of 2011, but if the DLC holds out, it might just be one of the best games of 2012 as well.
  3. 90
    Skyrim is the best open world RPG you can get. A true evolution of genre is not flawless but still it is the game you love to live in. [Christmas 2011]