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  • Summary: New to the series, the Sims display a range of emotions which influence your variety of decisions in the game. Emotions give you new choices that impact your Sims and shape their stories. You can now control how your Sims engage other Sims, objects and individual moments in the game. You control the brain, corpus, and now the heart of your Sims. The Sims you generate are full of life and are defined by, among other things, their unique personalities and their varying emotions. Expand
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  1. Sep 3, 2014
    Everything feels like a step forward, even though there are some aspects (like random tutorials or some situations in which we felt completely out of control) that we would like to see more polished. Still, a great choice for The Sims fans.
  2. Sep 4, 2014
    The Sims 4 is unique in its genre and this new release is perfect for both fans of the series and beginners. The new features such as emotions are exciting and completely renovate the gameplay, but the game suffers from a brutal lack of content. It's a great game that needs more content as soon as possible.
  3. Sep 12, 2014
    The way they interact with each other, the way they can eat, watch TV and chat about underpants or spaceships at the same time is a marvellous technical achievement that puts the rest of the game, with its missing pools and open worlds, into context. I wish we could have it all in the same package – perhaps The Sims 5 will – but for now, I’m happily and frankly unexpectedly willing to trade those bells and whistles for characters that feel, well, real.
  4. 70
    Almost a great sequel, but the improvements to the sims are overshadowed by the shopping list of peculiarly random missing features.
  5. Sep 29, 2014
    The Sims 4 manages to be both the worst and the best installment in the series so far. It’s lacking content and has a fair amount of glitches and bugs. But the new feeling mechanics works really well, and opens up a new dimension that The Sims never have been close to before. In the end, the positive parts are the ones that are most noticeable.
  6. 66
    The Sims 4 is a core game, pure and simple. It is made specifically so that more content can be pumped into it via DLC. The overall functionality of the game is fine, with no real breakthroughs, just a little simplification and minor tweaks. Nothing groundbreaking here.
  7. Sep 12, 2014
    The Sims 4 is still a charming life simulation, with a better interface and some new possibilities, but so many elements are missing compared from The Sims 3 (hello DLCs!) that all the fans will be disappointed.

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Score distribution:
  1. Sep 2, 2014
    Fantastic! Every body, EA did that again! After the great success of reboot in Sim City, fans of simulation games are wondering what the next simulation title will be launched by EA. I can't imagine how bad the gaming industry will become if EA doesn't exist in this world. For starters, EA is currently one of the best simulation developers in the world, and in general it is the leader in trends of development of various games around the world.

    Sim City has already drawn so much attention and become a legend of simulation games in modern era. Today, another legend has born, which is this wonderful game.

    Sims 4 has significant improvement over its predecessor. It has an improved UI, which is more user friendly. Its graphic is superb and oustanding. On a technical side, the optimization is perfect, the game is running extremely smoothly. The game play elements also bring the simulation of life to a new level. It has a lot of elements added, and offers a great variety of game play choices for players. Also, it is very realistic, which is an outstanding life simulator.

    All in all, the game has a lot of innovative and creative improvement, which is a must-have for all fans of simulation.

    I am already looking forwards for more DLCs to come. Please do not release expansions again like the old-days, as this takes too much time for development. Fans want new contents as soon as possible. Developers, please try to release more and more DLCs on a weekly, or if possible, on a daily basis. Fans are eager to pay for more FUN! ;)

    Every one, please join me to celebrate the great launch day of such fantastic title!
  2. Sep 3, 2014
    It's tough to transition from a prior generation of The Sims because you go from it being fully featured with TONS of content back down to the bare minimum, and are faced with a few years of expansions and theme packs to purchase before you get back to the item-and-content rich heights from before.

    This latest version is a major step forward both in designing your sim and in working on the design and layout of your homes. Gone are the myriad sliders of the prior games, and instead you just click and drag to move features and body part dimensions around on your sims. House design now actually approaches that over-used adjective "intuitive" in its use. Want to resize a room? Click and drag the corner just like you would think you want to, and the room resizes accordingly with decorations and furnishings moving along to reasonable new locations.

    I have a few-months old PC and am able to run with all graphics settings maxed out, so I can't speak to how well it'll run on older PCs, but I can say the graphics are a significant step forward, albeit in more subtle ways. I wasn't immediately blown away by the improvements, but as I played and saw the detail on the animations, how the lighting looked both inside and outside that I started to appreicate the improvements.

    I also liked that by default the UI actually gets out of your way until you need it. I also can pay the UI design the highest compliment possible: I was quickly able to forget about it and just play the game. Things work as I would expect them to, and with a couple minor exceptions, like how to bring up the world map, I was able to concentrate on WHAT I wanted to do rather than HOW to do it.

    There are more loading screens than Sims 3, but the framerate is rock-solid smooth, and load times were on the order of a few seconds at most.

    In addition to going back to bare-bones itemization while we wait for DLC after DLC, there aren't many features I'd expect to be in on the ground floor that aren't there. While I didn't do much of my own clothing and pattern design I was surprised to see that gone now. I never did too much of that, but people who loved doing that level of detail will no doubt greatly miss it.

    There are also a few bugs around, like an almost-amusing habit of the new sims to feel they need to keep swapping seats with each other between interactions. But overall, given the complexity of the game, I found it quite playable with only a few of those bugs causing any significant frustration.

    The other major improvement they've *finally* accomplished, at least from my perspective: your sims needs like hunger, bladder, energy and so on, while still providing structure and some challenge to the game, no longer feel like constant drains on your ability to just have FUN in the game, especially early on. Even when just beginning the game it feels like you have much more time during a typical Sims day to do cool things instead of ceaselessly directing your sims to eat, pee, sleep, shower, eat repeat repeat repeat.

    I started playing launch day at 7:30 am and didn't stop until (slightly later than usual) bedtime that evening, so that for me is the utlimate litmus test: I got lost in the game, and already have lots of ideas for what direction I want to take the Merrick family tonight and later this week.

    My advice to players new to the series: Don't hesitate to dive right in! Returning players? Read up on how the world design has changed since Sims 3 and what features may or may not have made it to the latest generation. If you liked a lot of the minutiae of design work or the wide-open feel of the world you may not be happy, but if you're like me and like the core gameplay the most then you'll probably have many hours of fun ahead of you.
  3. Sep 10, 2014
    I have played this game for 87 hours already. I can say I have had a lot of fun playing this game. The game is additive like the other Sims version I played in the past. I think the key to having fun with this game is make quite a few Sims so that you have more of a variety of Sims to interact with. I would recommend this game if you haven't played the other versions in a while. Expand
  4. Oct 16, 2014
    Imagine playing Skyrim, but they locked off a load of the skill trees as DLC. Or playing Final Fantasy 7, but Yuffie and Vincent were downloadable characters and the Gold Saucer was DLC. The effect would be that you're playing a good game, but it's so bare bones that it can't possibly be considered a complete game.

    Sims 4 takes this one step further. This "game" is quite literally a barebone skeleton of a game that is frankly nothing to write home about until the 1000 DLCs come out and flesh it out. Which, of course, means this will ultimately be a £200+ game.

    Is it worth that outlay? It;s impossible to tell, but just going on the skeleton we have available to play, the answer is a resounding no. Why? Because this game is a shinier version of Sims 3, with added loaded screens. So why not just buy Sims 3 with all the DLC for not much more than the base game of Sims 4 costs? Hell, why not buy Sims 2, which again is a superior title for a few quid?

    The emotion system in Sims 4 adds something different I guess, but it's not a good enough reason to justify the outlay or the time you'll invest in the title. That aside, nothing is better here than its' predecessors.

    I'm not an EA hater. If they get something right, I'll praise them for it. But this title is everything EA is criticised for in a nutshell - DLC by the boatload, not much else.

    And please can game reviewers at apparently reputable websites stop giving ridiculous scores to AAA titles to appease their paymasters? It's cynical and worrying as you are conning people into turning over hard cash on sub-par titles. Just stop it.
  5. Sep 3, 2014
    been a sims user since TSO. I have all the sim games. I was totally disappointed with the Sims4. Was expecting better graphics in the game (more of an upgrade from sims3). I think the creators of Sim4 went backward rather than forward in it's creation. For $70 I would have expected better. I will continue to give it a try, But looks like I will continue on the Sims3 until I see or hear of Sims4 being upgraded. Was totally disappointed in the new Sims. UGH! Expand
  6. Oct 14, 2014
    Awful. Truly the worst game I have played in a very long time. It blows my mind how EA can make such bad games over and over and over again. Won't they ever learn? Expand
  7. Sep 3, 2014
    I was always a Sims fan. Sims 3 was a huge step after the Sims 2.
    I was waiting the Sims 4 for a very long time, for many years.

    I was
    never so disappointed.
    Graphics is terrible. Why do they even call it new engine. It’s almost 2015 and iPad games look better.
    There are many features missing. It looks like iOS game, no a PC one.
    It feels like you playing Very early Alfa demo version of the game.
    Definitely not worth your money.
    They should rebuild it or give every buyer a 2 years free of expansions.

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