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  • Summary: The official expansion pack for The Sims lets you take your Sims to new extremes. Help your Sims deal with everything from roach infestations to alien abductions. Give them the opportunity to become rock stars, talk show hosts, even UFO investigators, with five new career options. [Electronic Arts]
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  1. Gorgeous, polished, clever and exciting.
  2. 90
    If you didn't like the original game, this expansion probably won't change your mind, but if you loved "The Sims," then "Livin' Large" will have you lovin' it even more.
  3. The new characters and the new soap opera situations all make for a lot of fun in the same fascinating world.
  4. While it is convenient that they've included many objects available on the web on this CD, it would have been nicer to see even more new, never seen before objects.
  5. It was intended to be a bundle of new content, new furnishings, and a few new options that would make your sims' lives even more exciting, and in that regard, it succeeds.
  6. Hard-core fans will love how the new features affect long-term gameplay, and casual players will find some of the more outrageous scenarios quite amusing.
  7. In the end, The Sims does mimic real life: if you aren't happy, new stuff is only a fleeting solution.

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  1. Drea
    Mar 12, 2005
    L.L baby livin large!!!!!! the game is awesome.

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