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  1. Nov 27, 2013
    This game is a great game in my opinion. The beautiful textures and stunning game-play make a great combination. I have just finished playing for 2 hours and completed the game. The game should have more levels and a wider range of customizable features. over all a great game. Expand
  2. Nov 3, 2013
    I believe in reviewing a game for what it is, in and of itself. You have to throw expectations out the window and not try to force a square peg into a round hole. That being said, I was not prepared for Forever Entertainment SA's latest offering. Known more for benign fare (Teddy Bear Ear) and hack and slash of Iesabel, Sparkle2 Evo seems to take a page from Hemisphere's Osmos: the classic become the biggest formula set to an ambient soundtrack. Set in an aquatic biosphere, your goal is as you would imagine: become the biggest organism on the block by eating your way to the top, guided by colored beacons like so many dinner bells.

    Sparkle's primary draw is its immersion. Graphically it is a simple but gorgeous aquatic landscape, accompanied by a lush ambient electronica track, which changes as the levels change. It offers some incentive to finish the level quickly as the tracks, as ambient music is apt to do, can become somewhat repetitive and tedious. Movement and speed controls via mouse/keyboard are basic and intuitive, though game controller support would have been appreciated. Gameplay itself is very much a rinse and repeat, but the boss levels are fun, and species customization is fun. Not a true RPG style via a menu, but there are unique strengths and weaknesses based on your chosen diet. And there is so much potential from a multi-player standpoint. To my knowledge the only multi-player option is race-based, but imagine a co-op vs computer opponents or the time-tested deathmatch. If Forever Entertainment chose to, they could pump in a few more updates and expand the look and feel of biomes, additional music tracks, and co-op options which could really add to the shelf life of a game like this.

    Overall, I was very pleased. Fun game to chill out to (dark room, headphones, you get the picture), minimal learning curve, immersive environment, and a solid value at $5 (I got mine from Steam).
  3. Feb 27, 2014
    Sparkle 2 Evo é uma game indie de simulação, desenvolvido pela Forever Entertainment SA. Lançado em novembro de 2011 para PC.

    Em Sparkle 2
    Evo você assume o controle de um pequeno organismo, com o único objetivo de se alimentar e evoluir. Com uma semelhança inegável com a primeira fase do game Spore, o game se destaca por apresentar ambientes extremamente belos e interessantes, com uma trilha sonora composta por músicas ambientais que combinam de forma perfeita com a proposta do game.

    A jogabilidade se resume a movimentar o mouse pelo cenário subaquático a procura de alimentos e só, nenhuma interação a mais pode ser feita, além de se movimentar entre os diversos níveis do ambiente.

    Apesar de extremamente simples e casual, o game cativa pelos belos designes tanto das criaturas, que são bem variadas, quanto dos cenários. A cada novo nível alcançado sua criatura evolui e assume uma nova forma, mais rápida e bizarra, mas bela, do que a forma anterior. Com essa dinâmica simples, não é difícil ficar algumas horas buscando evoluir a sua criatura apenas para descobrir novas formas de vida e desbloquear novas fases.

    Sparkle 2 Evo é um bom game, que impressiona pelo seu design e vicia pela sua simplicidade. Um game casual e fácil, indicado principalmente para aqueles que querem experimentar algo novo, ou que querem dar uma pequena pausa nos gêneros mais populares.
  4. Jan 1, 2014
    Sparkle 2 Evo... just a Flow clone?

    Many people say and think this is a Flow clone, I personally have never played Flow, nor have I watched
    videos so that will not be influencing this review.

    Sparkle 2 Evo is about a three hour long game, where you control a microorganism where your goal is to eat to evolve. What you evolve into depends on WHAT you eat, so eating red makes you a carnivore, blue an omnivore, and green an herbivore. Depending on which of the three you become you get special little extra stats, for example the carnivore being the fastest. What you eat ranges from bits of food floating around, to giant squids fifty times your size. Also each animal you eat requires a specific tactic to beat, for example using the tactic that’s used on a glass squid wouldn’t work on a skeleton, which makes the latter levels in the game more interesting, and creates some great, well thought out boss battles. There’s also an GenLab, so you can see which of the three traits you use the most, and what your current bonuses are (developers said you can use the lab to change your creature, leading to people believing your supposed to do it in the GenLab, but they were more getting at the fact that you can change your creature based on what you eat). There’s also a competitive mode where you try to eat more than the opposing AI, fun but not to interesting.
    Allot of complaints come from this game 'not looking good' or being pixelated, and not having the option to change resolutions. Well don’t listen to those, because you can adjust resolutions, and it can look damn near perfect on the highest settings. With that having been said, the visuals are beautiful, absolutely just full of vibrant colors, and this may actually be my favorite part of this game. Various corals, and other large debris define the maps, and change depending on the depths of the levels, and location, which I think can be really good at times. The music, well, isn’t amazing. It’s not BAD, but could have used a little more variety.

    Now for the problems, this game is buggy as heck. One of the more infamous glitches causes you to not be able to progress any further on a boss battle you just spent eight minutes trying to beat, forcing you to restart, and possibly having you do it a third time. Another major bug was a missing species that was required to be killed for an achievement, but recently this has been patched. The last bug I’m going to mention is when the keys stop working. Yes, they completely stop, even when you exit to the main menu and the level reloaded, they still won’t work, forcing you to shut down the game and restart it. And the biggest problem in the game, you can’t be hurt. Did a creature ten times your size just bite you? Well, better throw you up towards the surface then. This completely removes any urgency in the game, making it more boring than it should be (entertaining nonetheless).

    beautiful visuals
    complex evolution system
    good boss battles (sometimes boring though)

    bugs, glitches, etc.
    controls are… off
    your “compass” is confusing at first
    cant take damage

    I would recommend waiting for this game to go on sale (as it often does) if you get it.

    Score: 5/10
    Score (if the three mentioned bugs were removed): 7/10
  5. Apr 16, 2014
    Sparkle 2: Evo is one of the prettiest crappy games I've ever seen. It looks so nice and sleek, the design is all shiny and beautiful looking, but the gameplay itself is terrible. You basically swim around with clunky controls (which where the developer's intentions, mind you, but they're a little overdone and can just be down-right infuriating to use) and eat small pieces of food. You either eat red, green, or blue, to become a carnivore, herbivore, or omnivore, respectively. But it doesn't really matter, since you can't control evolution anyway, you basically change shape for a few levels then you just stay the same from what I can see. You can't modify your creature like in SPORE (which this is clearly a ripoff of), there's no real fights or anything, you basically can just swim in misshapen circles and try to eat the tails of enemies without hitting their heads, and you just clear the food out from level to level. Yawn!

    Sparkle 2: Evo is sometimes frustrating and always very boring, which is a real bummer because it looks so pretty.
  6. Oct 31, 2013
    Are you expecting the Cell Stage from Spore? Are you expecting an in depth game that involves you to feel like you're evolving starting from the little specie to kill the big specie that harassed you back when you were a little specie? THEN DO NOT BUY THIS GAME!

    If you're wishing to play a smooth game for whoever gets the most food first, then this is your game.

    There is NOTHING to do with evolving AT all. All you're doing is going from level to level. I feel like it's a level game, complete this level then proceed, but the worst part about it, is it's BORING! You go around collecting little pieces of food and once you've reached a certain point, the game says "You win!".

    I was expecting an on going game, where you start off as a tiny little creature, and you get killed by giant creatures that later on in the game after you have evolved and become larger you get to kill. NOPE!

    Is it wrong to expect certain things from a game? Well it's hard not to when the game resembles the Spore Cell Stage to an almost exact degree. They can't even call this game anything to do with evolution. It is a level game, stay away from it.