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  1. Feb 25, 2014
    I implore that you do not take the negative reviews here as an indication that Thief is by any means a bad game. These "reviews" are the work of preconceived notions, and fail to represent the game for what it is, instead focusing on what it could have been. Thief is a reboot, not a sequel -- if you're unfamiliar with the series as a whole, you might even love it.

    It's not a great game,
    but it's far from bad. Actually, I would say it's pretty good if you're willing to ignore that its predecessors are better. The confined spaces, lack of terribly dark atmosphere, the modernization of mechanics, and addition of a progressive combat system are all a mixed-bag that you'll either dislike or appreciate. However, there are options to better tailor the game to your liking.

    Make sure to read both good and bad reviews before making a decision. Don't be influenced by the silly "old thief soldiers" roaming the web -- most of which have likely not played the reboot, or entered the experience with an elitist and negative attitude that lessened their enjoyment.
  2. Feb 25, 2014
    The smaller scale of the levels is not my main problem with the game, Deadly Shadows also had smaller levels compared to the previous games, but they oozed personality and atmosphere, from the pitch black forge with the immortal golems to the zombie ship at the harbor to Shalebridge Cradle. This, however, does not. There are not many locations in Thief that are memorable, it all feels pretty generic. They also seem to have largely ignored the heavy Steampunk art design of the previous games, which makes things worse. The story is also uninteresting. As for the graphics, they are a mixed bag. The lighting and fog are great, while texture quality is rather poor. The game also looks like it lacks the high contrast black of the previous games, it looks washed out and grey as if the developers were afraid of the shadows, ironically enough. "Batman vision" also looks out of place in a Thief game. Good things? The PC version runs well and the difficulty is highly customizable, if you turn everything apart from the vision indicator off you can have an experience close to the older Thief games, although unfortunately a more boring one. Overall, I don't think this is worth full price, but perhaps it's worth playing through when it goes 50% off. At around 8 hours to completion, it is also about half as long as one would expect from such a game. Even Last of Us took about 15 hours to finish, this game is definitely way too short. What a shame. Expand
  3. Feb 25, 2014
    Now, to start off with, get rid of the notion that games should not be judged on their predecessors; that's just an idiotic concept. Although if you were to judge it as its own game, you'd be equally unimpressed. The AI is somehow worse than that of a game made in 1998; I've had it where I've been in the light and in a guard's line of sight for about 3 seconds before they even went into a searching phase. The rest of the gameplay is lackluster too. The combat is broken and all around terrible, and not the intentional kind of terrible seen in the first 2 games, and The Dark Mod. It's closer to the Deadly Shadows type of terrible. The stealing and hand movements, while impressive from a technical standpoint, actually do the opposite of what they intended to do, and actually break immersion. On the topic of stealing, nowhere is there a requirement to steal anything not related to the story. That's right, YOU DON'T NEED TO STEAL AT ALL IN A THIEF GAME. The levels somehow manage to be split into smaller chunks than Deadly Shadows, and the levels themselves are more linear than ever; gone are the days where you can rope arrow wherever you want, or even JUMP wherever you want. The graphics, while all new and shiny, are rather lackluster. The City is your generic steampunk Victorian setting with no colours except for teal, brown, and grey. The story and writing is absolutely abysmal. Without getting into too many spoilers, the game features 'brilliant' lines such as "I'VE ALWAYS BEEN A GHOST'," "I'M NOT A FAN OF DOORS," and, of course, "COCKRINGS." The story is about as predictable as this game being a disaster is.
    And that's just judging it on its own merits. While it's disastrous as a game in and of itself, it's the absolute worst possible Thief game.
    Take my advice; buy Thief 1 and 2, and play The Dark Mod. Already have them? Play them again, and keep your mind off of this. I couldn't recommend it to even people who enjoy playing bad games.
  4. Feb 25, 2014
    By far the worst Thief game ever made. It is not even Thief at this point. Skip this entirely and play the older ones if you need a good thievery game.
  5. Feb 25, 2014
    The game is good for the beginners, but NOT for the old Thief fans. AI is really a piece of s**t, and the game is just too linear. Technical problems make the game even worse.
  6. Feb 25, 2014
    Eidos Montreal killed Thief franchise by this game. Deadly Shadows wasn't perfect game but far better than Thief 2014. For me it is simple preying on the brand created by Looking Glass, and nothing more. Small levels which lead player for hand, trivial storyline written on knee, poor artificial intelligence opponents, Garrett without soul and voice of the original character and finally uninspiring world without the magic of the trilogy. I'm very disappointed. Expand
  7. Feb 25, 2014
    Absolute garbage. The script is about as poorly acted upon as the English dubs of Japanese games from the 80s and 90s. The AI is just as, if not more laughable. This new release is an absolute insult to the franchise and absolutely violates the concept of the original games.
  8. Feb 28, 2014
    Feels more like garbage man than thief, rummaging through drawers stealing ink bottles.
    No cool factions, no hammerites, no pagans, burricks and lobstermen replaced with dogs and birds. It's not cool with kids if modern game doesn't have doge.
    Freeform climbing and rope arrow usage replaced by scripted dev-approved location movement only. Combat blows, press X to not take damage from
    guards slow telegraph attack, no sword. Bopping guard on head from behind with blackjack replaced with scripted takedowns, doing it yourself too hard for consoles.
    Technically weak, linear small levels, loading every 2 minutes. Level design very meh. Mandatory 4-5 per level advancing forward in cutscene, cutting off previous part of level, because having level accessible fully and non-linear would be too hard for consoles.
    Prologue cutscene - zomg, you killed him, how could you, thieves don't do that!!!one. Chapter 1 - bonus objective, score 4 headshots on guards for extra money, because nothing spells thief quite like bow headshots. If you shoot guard from far enough, arrow flying will play out in slo-mo so cool kids can put 360 noscope thief videos with wubwub music on youtube.
    All in all, disappointment on the same level as Deus Ex HR, but I guess Squeenix ran out of money to pay off journalists this time, dxhr PC metacritic: 90, IGN: 90. Thief PC metacritic: 69, IGN: 68.
    Uninstalled after chapter 2, searching drawers in small dark rooms repeatedly is more boring than my real life work that I get paid for, no thanks.
  9. Feb 25, 2014
    Is the first Thief I played, I played for almost 2 hours and loved the atmosphere, the gameplay, everything is perfect . You can choose the difficulty , I chose normal and it's still a little hard to steal things without being noticed, you have to think before what you're doing and keep an eye on the movement of soldiers. The graphics are not spectacular, but they are beautiful. I ran the game with everything max, filters, etc, at 1920x1080 and rolled flat, the FPS ranged between 50 and 60. It took me almost 2 hours to get past the first mission , exploring every corner to steal as much as possible and trying not to be detected, which made me take more. About the negative reviews, including the "big sites", I was not disappointed to read before playing, and now I played I'm not unrepentant, as I said, I loved the game and I recommend for you that enjoy a good first-person stealth game. Ignore the reviews, play and give your own conclusion. That's it. Expand
  10. Feb 25, 2014
    After watching all of the trailers, reading the developer interviews, learning about the features they wanted to implement, seeing the community managers interact with the community, I had one thought; "This is going to be a **** sandwich," and Eidos Montreal, you did not disappoint!

    This abortion is brought to us by the same studio who made Deus Ex: Human Revolution, but sadly they
    used the D squad and it shows. The contextual movement, which is "totally not even a big deal" according to every community manager, is horrible. It could have potentially worked, if EM was really that good at level design, but they aren't. Instead, they've effectively made a series of long corridors that that you may take one of two paths to finish, but you end up at the exact same place anyway. If that seems like a daunting number of choices, don't worry:

    Garrett will pipe in periodically to tell you where to go! Speaking of Garrett's new voice and his dialogue, pass. I didn't realize that the City was part of Boston! Because the only exit isn't obvious enough, even with Focus and waypoints and a minimap. Speaking of annoying sounds, the music does not fit at all and get's highly repetitive. Which reminds me, did you guys think of maybe not giving NPC's one line to just loop over and over again? To further continue about sound, a key component in the original games was being aware of what surfaces you walked on. Tile, metal, stone could all be quite loud. Now, as long as you're not jumping in puddles and stomping on broken glass, each surface is treated the same: as quiet as walking on plush carpet made of baby seals.

    And Steven Gallagher, you are a hack! While the storyline of the originals would never win a Pulitzer, the amount of clichés you threw at this piece of garbage answers why you're a video-game narrative writer, and not an author of any note. Also, please fire all of your writers, because they are terrible.

    Do not buy this trash.
  11. Feb 25, 2014
    Thief 1 & 2 are classics, forever changing what we thought video games were capable of. This ugly reboot gets Thief about as wrong as it is possible to get wrong. I kid you not, there is a sequence where you are chased rooftop to rooftop by dogs and if you screw up or slow down you are killed. This game is a total mess, watered down, linear, consolized and casualized for the ignorant masses. There is such incredible content still being made for Thief on PC, The HD Mods, The Dark Mod with new levels being released constantly, there is absolutely no reason to pay for this garbage. Expand
  12. Feb 25, 2014

    It is called Thief yet you are magically transformed into a whiny dull hero. He must be Garrett's cousin, because this new Garrett is the lamest we've had so far. Nowhere to be found is the shine of the original writing. It must have been left behind with the idea of the protagonist being a master thief, instead of a boring hero of a cliche story. There's no free play,
    just a couple of rails here and there. There's no creative player solutions.The open world to explore is an utter joke (or an outright lie).

    A game with no soul and a distasteful generic flavor with steampunk art and a "but you can steal stuff too!" does not make it Thief. Judging by the end result, their idea of appealing to new audiences is to treat everyone as retards. Decent eye candy tho. Shame.
  13. Feb 26, 2014
    Let's face it: Thief is just another parasite product abusing a franchise with the sole intention of ripping off console kids since those are used to even worse garbage anyway. Somebody in Eidos management must have said: "Hey, we got this Thief thing and it's not making us any money!" And there's nothing else to it. Passable graphics to get OK reviews and horrible, horrible gameplay.

    It all has happened before and it will surely happen again.
  14. Feb 25, 2014
    Well I preordered this game on steam because of all the hype and the trailer made the game look so diverse and interesting...little did I know how linear and clunky this game is...u cant even create your own path to an choose between maybe 2 sometimes only 1 path to your objective... u can only climb objects that marked as climbable.. theres no exploration whatsoever in this game. I couldn't even get into the story at all...the ai sucks....and theres like a cutscene every 5 mins its like this game tries more to be a movie than a game....the combat controls are horrid not that it really matters though because the ai isn't smart enough to attack effectively. total waste of my 45 dollars. Expand
  15. Feb 25, 2014
    I am going to say right off the bad that this review is entirely based on Thief being viewed as a standalone game. That being said, it still is very lackluster and can hardly overcome its weaknesses to be a good game. In short, it is an average game, it isn't terrible like Ride to Hell but it hard to recommend unless you are desperate to play a stealth game and have already played Mark of the Ninja, The original Thief trilogy, The Deus Ex series with stealth runs and Dishonored.

    Level design:
    Levels, excluding the hub/city, are highly linear and the optimal route of the player is apparent. The best analogy for these linear sections is to equate them to hallways with cubbyholes on the sides with loot. Sure, you can go into the cubbyholes but they rarely help the player progression because many of them are dead ends and the player has to go back onto the path made by the developers. The question one should ask when playing Thief 4 is, "how did the devs want me to play this level." Not, "how should I beat this level."

    Player movement:
    The player cannot jump unless promoted too by the game, further limiting their actions to traverse a level and avoid traps that are in the game. As much as the developers want to believe, jumping is not a "contextual action". However, you can "swoop", an ability that is simply a dash that makes you hard to detect in lighted areas and can be chained in succession. Does it make up for the lack of an ability to jump without being prompted?

    After playing the game for a few hours, it will become apparent that the dialog and audio in the game repeats allot. The dialog itself in the game and cut scenes are uninspired. The audio transitions of being undetected and being engaged are poorly executed. Finally, the sound track for this game is hardly memorable, a shame from a triple A game.

    This is one of the few strong points of the game, it isn't ugly, and in fact it is atmospheric. The textures are decent and the particle effects bring this world to life. There is a good contrast between the light and dark areas of the game but the washed out grey shadows makes you feel like the enemies should see you because you are not immersed in total darkness.

    The AI is highly unaware of the world around it unless you put out light sources or throw a bottle to draw its attention. It can still detect you if you are not careful but it is easy to outsmart the AI.

    I do realize that this is a stealth game but it is poorly done when you are forced to do it. You can only attack with your blackjack, you cannot parry, but you can dodge. This close combat is highly repetitive especially in later levels where it takes 10-15 hits to kill an enemy. Finally, Garrett only has one audio file that plays whenever you attack which is, "EH", which is very annoying when repeated. It is quite clear that combat was not a focus of the game but it is neither enjoyable nor satisfying when you are forced to fight.

    Story (no spoiler mode):
    There isn't very special here, it is boring and does not help the player engage with the context of this world.

    In conclusion, Thief 4 on its own isn’t terrible but it isn’t a good game either. It falls flat of the triple A standard and can hardly match other giants in the stealth genre.
  16. Feb 25, 2014
    Stop talking about the past Thief games! It's a fact that today's games are so far from those jewels of the past, but that doesn't mean that the game is bad! Like Bob Dylan said, 'The times they are a-changin' and it's impossible to do that kind of games today. It's a petty but it's the reality of what you can expect about a AAA game... let's give those hopes to the indies.

    this is a great game if you are a good gamer and play it at his highest difficulty settings and taking your time to see the little things. Garrett is a Thief not a warrior.

    [Sorry about my english!]
  17. Feb 25, 2014
    This is a heavily scripted game with heavy emphasis on hand holding and baby sitting. I remember when the Thief games were immersive because you had to be immersed to win. You had to look at the ground and watch every flicker of a torch light, and when you knocked out a guard, it didn't play a cut scene.

    This new Thief game has detective vision, you know, like in Batman: Arkham Asylum.
    This technique has been copied and pasted numerous times and it completely detracts from the Thief experience. To the game's credit, this can be disabled, but only at the start of every new game, it cannot be changed on the fly. This game has been made far too easy, enemy guards can easily be dispatched, meaning players have no reason to avoid and or fear them.

    In the end, this game has been far too modernized for a Call of Duty audience, who all expect a scripted adventure where the puzzles are solved for them. As the game progresses, the levels do become more open and sanboxy, but the game already faltered from the beginning, by pissing on the Thief legacy.
  18. Feb 26, 2014
    This is the "Godfather 3" of the Thief series. In case you don't get the reference, it means that the game is a huge disappointment. I have played the game for about 2 hours now, and it is buggy as hell. For instance, you climb on a rope and then can't jump off. Or you will go to an edge of a roof, and not be able to jump off. The graphics are great, but you feel like you can't inhabit the world- instead, you are essentially led were to go. It really harmed the game to have a different voice actor play Garett. Expand
  19. Feb 25, 2014
    This game was bad enough for me to create a profile and submit a review just to warn fellow gamers to stay away from this stinker. Linear levels, mantling only on few pre-set points and constant handholding make this unworthy of the Thief name. Go play The Dark Mod or Dishonored, both games that are much more closer to the original classics.
  20. Feb 26, 2014
    Thief takes all the proven mechanics of the previous games and deliberately breaks them in order to make the game appeal to a wider audience, it's a disgrace to the already established and much loved Thief series, Eidos Montreal should be ashamed of ruining a legendary franchise.

    The only benefit this game manages to leverage over its predecessors is better graphics, literally every
    other aspect is worse by a significant degree, most importantly the actual gameplay, but it's also plagued with incredibly small and linear maps, fundamentally broken AI, bad art direction, a completely unbelievable world, bad voice acting and lip syncing, utterly dislikeable characters, long load times a bland and uninteresting story, and crammed to the brim with performance issues, bugs and glitches.

    It's a first person shooter where you cannot even jump, you're literally stuck into a first person rollercoaster Thief ride which takes you on a first person animated ride of a Thief theme park ride.

    Absolute disgrace, 2/10 - that's the best I can do.
  21. Feb 25, 2014
    Even with all the negative reviews I decided to give this game a go and guess what? It's actually a pretty awesome game. While it is not perfect and does have a few poor design choices and bugs, it is still very enjoyable and good looking game.
    Each game can be set as one of three difficulty levels or a custom difficulty where you can then select from a myriad of different choices to
    enhance your gameplay experience so that you can play the game the way YOU want to.
    While some parts of the game are rather linear, this does follow most of the original Thief game's design and still manages to work quite well if you aren't insisting that every single game have "open world design" these days.
    Enemy AI can be buggy at times but overall works very well depending on the difficulty chosen and can be a real challenge to work around. Few times was I ever spotted when I shouldn't have been or not spotted when I felt I should have.
    Overall it has a few rough patches but still maintains a mix of fun stealth gameplay and I would certainly recommend it if you enjoy these types of games and are willing to put aside all the negative reviews certain fans are giving it.
  22. Feb 25, 2014
    To Masterx1234. Are you nuts? A zero? Seriously dude, you need to get help if you think this game is a 0/10. That tells me you're so invested in the original game that you can't see past it. The game is atmospheric and fun -- all the reviews say this, even the negative ones. It's not hard to make a fair judgement here -- fine, you hated the game, but zero? You're a fanboy, nothing more.
  23. Feb 25, 2014
    Extremely linear, the color scheme is reduced to desaturated blacks and browns, the cast is extremely bland, Garrett himself barely wisecracks and never really feels like a Master Thief... But this game's greatest mistake is that it is, quite simply, not fun to play. Doing anything in the game is boring as sin, and the low-FoV tunnel vision makes it not only boring, but also nauseating to play.
  24. Feb 26, 2014
    A prime example of the disgraceful simplification of video games today, thanks mainly to devs pandering to majority which is casual console gamers. This game is an insult to the original series, everything from the simplistic, linear gameplay, to the terrible script and voice acting.

  25. Feb 26, 2014
    Please, for the love of god. Support good video games in the industry by NOT BUYING THIS!!! This is such a mess I don't even know where to begin.

    Okay, so they ripped almost the entire sound element of Thief out the window, the only things on the floor that make any more noise than complete silence are shards of glass and water. Every NPC's voice volume is at the same level to the point
    where you can't tell if someone is right beside you or two rooms away. It's a fascinatingly large **** in the sound department, to say the least.

    Now on to the marketed "amazing immersive AI" that was in the Steam Store Page feature list, a FLAT OUT LIE. This game has some of the worst AI I've seen in a modern video game, you can get seen by guards and hide in a **** cupboard and they will forget you are there and go back to their business. You can do this six times in a row and they'd be as surprised to see you as they were the first time, and as entirely clueless at knowing where you are hiding as every consecutive time you had hidden in the same place.

    The loot aspect is entirely downplayed, Garrett is no longer a master thief, but a petty hoarder. He grabs absolutely everything, from metal cups and cutlery to scissors and magnifying glasses worth 1-5 gold each. This is the stuff that Garrett would quickly gloss over while looking for precious golden candlesticks and expensive wines in the old games.

    Not only this but loot doesn't even factor into the objectives of the damn game, and why would it, since the Garrett character has been so butchered and he's been put to live in an abandoned clock tower. He has no need for loot to pay the rent just to stay alive like our previous Garrett.

    On top of all this, and the rest about Garrett's character being butchered, which is far too much for me to fit into this 5000 word maximum review, the levels are linear as all-hell. Everything is a straight corridor, every place you have to break in to has one way that the developers planned for you to use, gone are the days of open-ended Thief levels, now it plays like a mix between Call of Duty and Uncharted as far as level design goes.

    Rope arrows have also been butchered, if you thought their removal from Deadly Shadows was bad, you're going to wish you had the Climbing Gloves. The Rope Arrows in this new Thief game can only attach to very specific roped wooden beam spots, not any wooden surface, they may as well not be a rope arrow at this point.

    The dialogue is atrocious, even if you don't count the two main characters acting like they're in a emo teen angst movie. The guards are constantly mumbling about extremely stupid **** like "cock-rings".

    Please, save your money and help the industry by not buying this excrement. If you really can't stand the old Thief games because you feel they're dated and want to try a game like old Thief then the closest you're going to find is Dishonored. Buy and play that instead.
  26. Feb 25, 2014
    Not a overall bad game, but it is short and not really developed as much as they hyped it up to be. The depth of the game is something that really bugged me because they really was not as much depth as I was expecting. Overall scores:
    -Gameplay: 6/10
    -smoothness: 7/10
    -Story: 6/10
    -depth: 5/10
    -controls: 5/10
    -appearance: 7/10
    -over all: 5.5/10
  27. Feb 25, 2014
    Well, I played the originals when they were released and I'm loving this game. The game puts a huge emphasis on stealth and is a lot of fun. I watched gameplay videos and came to my own conclusion before buying it. The Steam reviews reflect my thoughts as well.
    One of the best things about the game for me is the atmosphere and the sound. When you're creeping around a house, there is a
    real sense of fear. The fear of being caught. Because once you're caught(at least on Master difficulty), you're screwed. The music that plays when you're sneaking around is more about atmosphere than about being music. It really gives me the feeling of the original games.
    One of the best moments so far for me was trying to pick a safe next to a sleeping guard. If you miss a tumbler, you'll wake the guards and I nearly did a couple times.
    Other things that stood out for me were: I put out a torch to sneak around a guard. He noticed and re-lit the torch. That was unexpected and pretty awesome. Also, leaving doors open after entering a room can alert people that there's an intruder. This was one thing in the originals that didn't matter. I had to reload my game a couple times because this gave me away to the guards.
    This game is NOT about fast paced action. It's mainly about stealth and stealing things. The game is also a challenge on "master" difficulty. I haven't messed with all of the other extra difficulty settings yet, but the game can be made extremely difficult.

    Watch some gameplay videos and come to your own conclusion. That's what I did and I'm loving this game.
  28. Feb 25, 2014
    The game is not perfect, nor is it groundbreaking, however- it captures a feeling that I have lost for quite some time with gaming, and that is a wow factor. With an industry filled with FPS games and characters that can power through enemies, Thief is able to bring in realism and truly slow-paced strategy that is well received.
  29. Feb 26, 2014
    It has been said better already. A beloved PC franchise has been turned into a joke. This is pretty much Thief4: The Invisible War. And on a related note, it makes 'Deadly Shadows' look like a gem.

    Consider how much howling there was over that piece of **** and me saying that.

    You can't even say it sacrificed all the original depth for graphics. It is just all around a horrible game
    floating on franchise nostalgia.

    Which is a **** joke considering it is a puddle of piss in depth and quality.
  30. Feb 25, 2014
    one of the best Thief game i have played yet i like the concept of what they have done with this game and yes before anyone would question my comment on this game i have played and still own the older generation version also i would have to disagree with the Metascore it should have been at least 85/100 but hey in today's world some gaming critic's wouldn't know a good game if it was in front of their face but back to the game the controls are comfortable the graphics are amazing even the cinematic cut scene's this game is for sure worth to play over and over on a higher settings each time Expand
  31. Feb 26, 2014
    I was hoping for a stealth game. I got a linear theme park that has some sneaking in it. Its not what I hoped/wanted/expected, I was hoping for freedom, I got clumsy mechanics, poor gameplay. Where this game tries to get ahead is character and story....which is sad, I have had more immersion from smartphone games that were free. Wait till this game is on the very cheap 5+ years from now, just in case you lose interest after 10 minutes.

    Looks like Eidos is paying people to set 10's on this game, so many generic "Best game evar" - 11/10 Comments.

    This game should lose money, no one should take something good, make it bad and still profit.
  32. Feb 26, 2014
    Another garbage, another boring and repetitive game, what is this? another rip off of the old game? I don't recommend this trash, please don't waste your money on this piece of trash.
  33. Feb 26, 2014
    Ok, so it’s quite clear to me that the trolls are jumping all over this in force. The first reviews that have come out from bigger companies like IGN have really give this title a good kicking. The trolls have come along and joined in, just because I suppose they find it funny.

    Personally silly troll review of something stopped being funny got me about 4 years ago, but kids today eh
    what ya gunna do.

    So when we get past the usual crap from kids who probably don’t own the game, and never will, what are we left with.

    Well the recent reviews, that came after the likes of IGN, have been certainly more positive. I think this can only be due to quite an unpolished copy perhaps that the first reviewers were given.

    The recent reviews match my experience a lot better which seems to be the more polished retail product.

    So when you read the negative reviews, the AI, voice sync, and voice volume or repeating issues I can confirm have already been fixed. I experienced non of those. So you can forget about all that.

    The games Atmosphere is great, I didn’t mind the voice work at all, and the game play as a sneak em up is great.

    It is different to dishonoured as it’s a slower pace, and more thought is needed. I’ll also mention it’s look and atmosphere also leave dishonoured behind, but then this is somewhat unfair as this is a new release.

    Anyway I enjoy playing Thief, it doesn’t give you the freedom of older games no, but what it’s taken away it replaces with content and some slick game play.

    You always feel like a stealth master and the hands in front of you while searching and leaning add such a nice touch it adds to the emersion incredibly. They aren’t just hovering there they are truly interacting with the scenery!

    I think without me writing a small book here, or trying to convince you to avoid the negative reviews, which I know now are just for the sake of it or rage from fans of the original instalments, I will heartily say, like many have before me, just go out and play this game for yourself.

    I can honestly say I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Just give it a chance.

    Thanks for reading.
  34. Feb 26, 2014
    Score: 5 This game is mediocre. Example: The game is like a quickly thrown together movie title game, they are basic, nothing really new or exciting, simply the same game we have all played before, but now with different colors. Conclusion: Save your money for when it drops to $10 or $15, because that is about all its worth. More and more of these big time companies are just trying to make a dime, instead they should try to make a game, then they would make more money. I have come to a point, that I will now wait for scores as to whether or not to buy a game, instead of buying a game and watching my hard earned cash go to waste, oh well, live and learn. Expand
  35. Feb 25, 2014
    Game play is 4.yrs ago handling at best, its such a try to be like Dishonored with even less effort. This game is played and they play that other game and your like.. *uninstall* its to bad, Thief has a great story following and this company single handily put it to the grave.

    I was really shocked when I got this game, There is not much to say but that this game is one of the few I
    will be getting a refund back with. I am happy at the very least many places that sell these badly made games will in-fact give you refunds and then in turn go back after the game developers with charge backs and sending back the unused and returned copies.

    When will game makes start making games truly worth while, I have seen such a huge decline lately and its sad. :( well good luck who ever keep this game I for one will not.
  36. Feb 25, 2014
    The game is simply a masterpiece. Beautiful graphics, excellent optimization, good detailzation stealth at the level. Squarenix bad games can not do. I am very happy buying this great game.
  37. Feb 26, 2014
    Graphics 4/10
    Gameplay 3/10
    Story -6/10
    Atmoshphere 12/10
    Voice Acting -13/10

    This game is not the best game ever, in fact, it is not even the second best game ever or the third best game ever. It is, in fact, the four hundred and twenty three thousand, eight hundred and thirty ninth best game ever.
  38. Feb 26, 2014
    I really enjoyed playing this game. I really hope they make another one so I can waste another 10 minutes of my life. $50 / 10 minutes = $5 a minute. They've really rewritten the genre. Thanks for polluting the gaming ecosystem with another piece of rubbish.
  39. Feb 25, 2014
    Thief is truly an excellent game for excellent people. Foreboding atmosphere, superbly controls, complex gameplay systems, intricate graphics, exceptional storytelling, etc. Eidos Montreal have proven once again that their team has the chops to reboot a classic franchise after the incredible Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Thief is a Thief game for fans of the older titles. While some things have changed, 99% of it remains the same but better than ever. 10/10, well deserved! A masterful creation! Expand
  40. Feb 25, 2014
    As a Thief fan I have to say I enjoy the game immensely, it obviously isn't classic Thief games but what do you expect? It's 2014 and games have changed for better and for worse. It isn't goundbreaking by any means, but I didn't need groundbreaking. Just a stealth game which I got. Excellent atmosphere and graphics and I feel the controls are fluid.

    Find some let's plays and judge for
    yourself, it's a pretty good game in my humble opinion. Expand
  41. Feb 26, 2014
    Good stealth, for me its better than Dishonored.
    Interesting game. Big City, realy atmospheric side missions and interesting story missions.
    Its also amazingly optimized, and the graphics are more than good.
  42. Feb 25, 2014
    Amazing game! I really love it.
    WHy? Because it has not just easy, normal, hard options, but you can customize them. I really love gameplay and i can't understand this low score.
  43. Feb 26, 2014
    Before i start I would like you to know that i have never played any of the other thief games, and have not finished this one yet. Anyways, i wanted to like this game, i really did, but with a poor ai, and game play that isn't that much enjoyable it was hard to do. Being able to customize the difficulty is a nice option, and the graphics for the most part are gorgeous, but there are too many flaws to this game. To start off the movement is ok, but i found Garret moving in ways i didn't want him to and sometimes it resulted in my death. The pathing is quite linear, sometimes you will find a side route, but these are usually just sewer or vent areas that bypass everything and leave little challenge. The ai in this game is more focused on the artificial side and less on the intelligent part. There are many parts when i should have been spotted and wasn't and when i shouldn't have been spotted i was. This brings me to my next point, the combat. I know this is a stealth game, and most people will go through this game avoiding as much combat as possible, but if you're going to put combat in this game at least make it decent. All you do after entering combat is dodge, bash, repeat. It is very repetitive and becomes very boring quickly. Throughout the game I came to find that it was filled with filler. For every time you go to steal an item or open a drawer there is a small, but lengthy animation. I find these interactions to be neat and they are cool, but when im stealing 5 or more items in a room and have to open at least four drawers on a desk it becomes extremely irritating. Finally my last point is that they point some things in this game that were unnecessary. For example when you are at the brothel there are about four places you can peek through the holes in the wall and see some special services being committed. I can see if they include sound, but the fact that they include multiple scenes made me feel like they were completely irrelevant to the game and they were included to try to bring in more people to buy the game. The other annoyance in the game which happens quite often is the screen flashing. When you move in and out of the light your screen flashes brightly and is quite blinding especially if you are playing this late at night. Even though you already have a small white orb in the bottom of the screen which tells you whether you can be seen or not. This blinding light also happens when lighting flashes, which almost makes sense to me, but it is just so bright and blinding it ridiculous! After all of this a can see why this game has the reduced price tag, and i hope you look up some game play and really think if you would want to be playing this game for hours and hours before buying. Expand
  44. Feb 27, 2014
    I played (and loved) Thief 1&2 as well as Thief: Deadly Shadows… which people seemed to have more legitimate complaints about than this one and still managed to rank a solid 85 on Metacritic if you care to look. (Once all the reviews were in.) This one is better than that one was. Full stop. IGN's review was bordering on slanderous. (Maybe they didn't pay IGN enough this time?) Don't get me wrong, the game isn't perfect… but I get the impression that a great number of the pro reviewers are simply too young to know what Thief is even supposed to be like. (Anyone who calls this story "confusing" needs to go back and play the earlier Thief games. Thief has always had a "nebulous and highly interpretable" narrative.) To the reviewer at IGN complaining of "flat, drab" characters… I can only assume they mean the color palette of the clothes worn by the peasants and the dark grittiness of the city. They can't mean the spoken dialog. (It's not as good as the old voice actor… but those are tough shoes to fill.) Is it "good enough?" I think so. However… in some places the lip sync is annoyingly off. (But since you are usually in dark environments you hardly ever notice.) Expand
  45. Feb 28, 2014
    I want to report a crime, a case of murder to be more precise. They really killed him! They murdered Garett! And it's the worst kind of murder, not for reasons of self defense or out of a state of mental confusion, but planned and executed in cold blood and for purely financial reasons! It's true that Garett wasn't an innocent by any means, he was a thief after all. Yet this he did not deserve! Shame on you Squenix and Eidos! Expand
  46. Feb 26, 2014
    I preordered quite a while ago as I have been following this game since it was revealed as Thi4f (Thief 4) many years ago. Myself like others were quite skeptical of this game following the game play videos released. After playing the first mission, I am pleasantly surprised - especially after seeing some of the recent reviews on Metacritic/IGN and the likes – the thing is, I really don’t think they have been playing it correctly.

    Now, there are a few things to do if you want to enjoy this game. First - turn off focus. Play on master difficulty or custom difficulty, and turn off pretty much everything you think will break your immersion. The light crystal isn't necessary as you can tell when you are in the light or not - I mean seriously..

    Same goes for guard alerts. When they see you - do you REALLY need lightning spiking around their heads? No, if they see you, you'll know - we aren't stupid. Jeeze these modern gaming trends do get on my nerves. The point of this game is to be as immersed in it as possible.

    With these things set you are guaranteed to have an enjoyable experience. This is a first-person only Thief title unlike the previous installment (Thief Deadly Shadows) - which had the option for either or.

    So this is a reboot - Garret doesn't have his mechanical eye (at least not yet - maybe that happens eventually) and the city is well ... kind of like it was in previous games. Guards are still overly violent and rude. There is some kind of disease they keep talking about called the gloom – which really reminds me of Dishonored.

    As for the gameplay – with everything set like I said above (thank god they put these options in). This can be one of the most heart beating experiences in gaming you can have.
    Lurking in the shadows trying to frantically pick a lock in time before the guard does his sweep near you.
    You WILL get caught, you CAN get away. And you can retry.
    The feeling you get when you successfully strip a house clean of all its valuables without anyone even realizing (even though you are right there) is just an experience that you will not find in any other games except … well, the previous Thief games. And maybe Dishonored. But all HUDS and crap really got in my way. With stealth games – you want it to be as minimalist as possible. All you want is Garret.

    As for what I’ve seen, it is quite linear, this is a narrow corridor city you will be making your way through. Yet, I still felt like I had options. I could still go off and explore, take the rooftops, sneak past guards and pick the lock of the front door before anyone noticed. This is where Thief shines.
    Now for some negatives. I am going to ignore focus mode and everything of the likes as I have already stated my opinions on it.

    The loading. For a 2014 game, it isn’t very impressive when every section of the city is barred off with a load screen. This is how it was in Deadly Shadows as well. But well... I guess I expected more. Thankfully these aren’t very long.
    And the thing that really irks me; is the quick time events. Spamming ‘E’ to open a frekin window. NO THANKS. THAT’S NOT A GOOD IDEA. Just open the Window for us, spamming ‘E’ really doesn’t make anything better. This is something I really think should be removed in a later patch.

    The cinematics are OK. But gosh darn it the ones that aren’t rendered in game are very chopping and often the sound falls out of sync. Again, this will be fixed in a patch.
    I am very early in the game, but based on my first impression. I am happy with my purchase. I will update this review as I progress..
  47. Feb 25, 2014
    9 this is a reboot from the clasic Thief franchise...I never palyed any hief games before this one i never eaven watched a single gameplay video of it nothing.First time i saw thief it was before i wet out and bought it.This game delivers every thing i wanted stealth,action,adventure,tactics.....You can not compare this game with battlefield,call of duty,crysis you can not eaven think is going to be like that.The game is called Thief so what do you expect from it..stealing,stealth,less killing,more looting,more tactics.You can not go all guns out blazing trough the game you have to think for what you are going to do next....The world is perfect for the story,and the ambient is perfect.So what is wrong whit you people this game is a great game,what do you find bad in this game..the slow pace maybe or just that you do not shoot a gun like every stupid fps in the last 3 years..this is a great reelef froom all the modern shoters that are coming out every this deserves a 9/10-And just a note i did not eaven include everything good in this review there are a lot more good things in th game and i want you to go out and buy this game... Expand
  48. Feb 26, 2014
    Dont know why this game is getting so bad reviews its a GOOD game. Good controls, good cinematics, good imersion. Making a reboot with modern engines makes de game a quite diferent. My system is a AMD FX 8350, and 2X7970 Crossfire, the game runs at 60 FPS.
  49. Feb 26, 2014
    EWW is a word that come to mine over this terrible game!. I paid $50NZD for a game that held my attention for 10 minutes!!. Worst Linear game play I have ever experienced, Master thief more like a ragging nut man magpie ... picks up everything that is shiny that instantly converts to gold in his inventory. the graphics of this game are terrible looks like they worked on 10% and left the rest hoping you wouldn't notice it. The AI ...... wont even go there you can stand right in front of them and they don't see you. THIS GAME WOULDN'T CHALLENGE A 5 YEAR OLD. DO NOT BUY PLEASE! Expand
  50. Mar 30, 2014
    This new release is an absolute insult to the Thief series, Where do these 7-10 scores come from? they either getting paid to review or know nothing about video gaming and like spending there money on rubbish!
  51. Feb 25, 2014
    OK so. Lovely look and feel. Turn off Focus, turn up the difficulty and you have a challenging, fun, dark stealth game. I have not got to far in to the game yet but have replayed a few areas. Interesting things pop up. Nice touches like switches on locks and paintings changing their location for example. make me feel there is care and an attention to detail that may provide replay-ability.

    DON'T, be put off by the fan boys!

    DO, turn up the difficulty and turn off focus.
  52. Feb 25, 2014
    Eidos delivered us a fantastic stealth game! Atmosphere of Thief is outstanding, great graphics, comfortable controls. Guards AI is sharp enough, definitely better than in Deus Ex HR. The bad - limited use of rope arrows, story isn't as epic as in previous titles! If you a fan of stealth - this game is for you, if you wanna play "guns blazing" - this is not the game for you
  53. Feb 27, 2014
    The worst Thief game ever made. The story is laughable, the AI is stupid, the game is horribly linear, the protagonist sucks. Nope, it's not Thief, it's CoD with stealth. The "reboot everything" trend is gotta be stopped someday and I hope they won't make a sequel for this garbage.
  54. Feb 26, 2014
    Thief is another great title during a time when countless AAA titles are just horrible and offer nothing new. No its not the original THEIF franchise. But Eido's Montreal is one of the, if not the- ONLY game developers that manage to put out an enjoyable product, and at the same time take into account what gamers want(to the best of their ability). It may not be exactly what old schoolers want...BUT anything that isnt stripped down by EA like dungeon seige, madden franchise, simcity etc, or totally wrecked ala Creative Assembly and Sega with their ruining Total War: Rome 2 and many other titles deserves to be praised and appreciated. Try the game you'll be surprised and maybe even impressed. Expand
  55. Feb 26, 2014
    My first review ever in my 25 years of Computing. I played the original and I loved it. I like the simple games that involve me and make me think a little but not too much. That are a challenge but not too hard. If its frustrating I don't want to play long. This thief keeps moving along. It showed me at the end of the mission what I missed if I wanted to try again. I see a lot of replay. Stories are stories they have all been told. There are no new stories. Like the new batman the side missions add a new way to enjoy this game endlessly trying to beat your own best time. The world will be better next time I am sure. Great reboot for my money Expand
  56. Feb 26, 2014
    I don't understand people not liking this game. One of the weirdest anomalies I've seen from review sites and user scores. Most of you are Thief fans and mainly complaining about the modernisation of the series. Its so strange to say that, since IMO the old Thief games sucked ass. Anyway as an objective reviewer, I have to give my two cents on the game. I am thoroughly enjoying it. Its a unique game in the middle of a release window where most games are just the same old same old. Its the only game in a LONG time to actually hold my attention.

    Things right:
    1. The atmosphere is incredible. The dark Gothic feel is a welcome change. I just love being fully immersed in it.
    2. Player movement. Some of the most fluid and fun player movement I've had the privilege of playing.
    3. Immersion. Creates a world where you can get lost in. A fully believable city with many paths. I haven't been more sucked into a game in a long time.
    4. Graphics are spectacular. Just amazing on PC, and very well optimised. I have a Radeon HD 5850, and I'm running everything on max settings @ 60fps.
    5. Great character acting and animations.
    6. Story. In a thief game you'd wonder what the hell they could do to make it interesting. But they do a great job of introducing fun characters and an interesting plot.
    7. Thiefing is fun. End of, stealing stuff is just great fun.
    8. Multiple paths. The re playability is incredible.
    9. The settings. A game that has all the help you need, but when you want it, can switch off everything and make it as hardcore as you want, without cheating like saying: "NPC now see you in the dark. Just turns off most hand holding. Love it.

    In summary, its a spectacularly well made game that deserves all the attention you can give it and more. Don't listen to die hard fan boys whine about how its not the same as the original. trust me when I say, that is a GOOD thing.

    The bad:

    1. The reviews are putting this game down too much. It makes no sense half of what is complained about. I've never been so happy about bypassing all the negative reviews and getting it myself. Has taught me that all reviews are opinions and to trust your own opinion. Listen top the review and make up your own mind as I did. SO worth it!!!

    So buy it!!! Seriously!!! GOGOGO!!!!
  57. Feb 26, 2014
    JUST TURN OFF: focus, markers, highlights.. and what will remain, will be pure atmosphere of good old game. A bit more cutscenes (mostly when it's exactly needed), a bit different Garret, but still you can recognise atmosphere.. just with incredible graphics and lighting. Good job, SE!
  58. Feb 26, 2014
    When I purchased this game I fully expected it to have its glitches upon release. It's a reoccurring theme in game release as of recently. However, I've decided to not allow these glitches to cloud my judgement on how the game is.

    So far from my experience, the storyline is promising and the stealing methods remind me a bit of Skyrim and the Thieves Guild. I am enjoying the gameplay. I
    have not played the original Thief games, but I do have them on my Steam. Perhaps that is one of the reasons why I'm not currently **** about this game being "so horrible".

    Take this game for what it is. Combat is not really a part of how you play. Get caught, run like hell! The guards actually pay attention unlike how Assassin's Creed guard see you and walk away. These guards...if they see you...WILL go after you. With a lack of weapons, you run and hide. Once hidden, they don't give up immediately. Even lightning flashing can expose you while you’re hiding in a cabinet.

    This game is about strategy and cunning. You need to pool your resources to purchase the correct equipment and spend your points wisely. Some break ins at random locations yield more information about another possible target. This game is all about finding everything you can and taking your time.

    Guards in Thief are not dumb. If you make a noise they will come looking and they’ll call out to other guards to look too. Depending on how much noise you make, the longer they will look. They will light torches to expose you easier. Make too much noise any you are found. You also can’t just run past them like other games. They will instantly know you are present and come after you. That is a welcome change.

    This game has a steady storyline with a game play meant for the patient not the hasty or bloodthirsty. I do recommend you purchase this game. If you think the reviews are too bad currently, I encourage you to wait them out. It's only the first 36 hours of release. When has a brand new game ever been releases without issues or criticism?

    In the end, this game is a breath of fresh air from all the combat games like Skyrim, World of Warcraft, Assassin's Creed and so on. Do not purchase this game with the mindset of action packed escape scenes like AC or major combat like Skyrim. This game stands alone from them. The point is...don't get caught. Patience is a virtue.

    I applaud Edios for making this a 1st person game. You do go 3rd person while climbing, but while creeping around you are in 1st person. It feels more realistic than having extra godlike vision.

    Thief is not meant to be even close to Dishonored in gameplay. While Thief and Dishonored share similar atmospheres. Dishonored was sort of like a Dark Assassin's Creed, but I didn't see people complaining about. You had to plan your assassinations out. In Thief combat is not really an option and almost non-existent...unless you want your guts flying across the Marketplace. This game is all about stealth. In my opinion Dishonored and Thief are not comparable.

    Also...don't EVER play on Rogue difficulty. Start with Thief...unless you’re a 12 year old, but this game is rated M so I hope there are none. Given that there are some sexual scenes, no one under 16 should play this in my opinion.

    I give this game 8/10 currently.

    Negative points include glitches and sometimes tricky key mashing to figure out how to get to the next pipe/ladder/etc.

    Edios and Steam will have some glitches resolved shortly I'm sure. If not...oh well. Edios might have other more pressing projects than Thief glitch fix at the moment. I would wait for everything to be ironed out, but I can't stop playing. I've always wanted to be the kind of person who pulls heists without any weapons in real I've kinda found my calling in this game.

    TL;DR This is a stealth and patience game requiring strategy, not combat. While it has some glitches, none are game breaking. Guards are alert and not stupid. This game is a lot of fun for someone looking for something different.
  59. Mar 21, 2014
    The Erin Show... For a while I thought this game was incredible. Garrett's back, the atmosphere is fantastic, the gameplay is good... But there was always this 800 pound gorilla in the room... Or rather, a 120 pound emo skank that ruins the experience. Now, I understand we're supposed to be all PC and everything, and I have nothing against a female in a leading role, but the way they've done it in this reboot is just awful. Erin is not likeable the way Victoria was. She has no redeeming qualities, and to make it worse, the entire story revolves around HER... I found on a second and a third play through that she became more irritating with each encounter until the only thing I could associate this game with was the whiney mass murdering flake that insults Garrett in the opening scene, and clumsily taints this otherwise interesting adventure. Don't read on if you don't want to see spoilers, but seriously, the whole freaking game is about Erin. Erin's mad because Garrett wouldn't let her kill people with impunity, like an assassin's creed fan girl. Erin fell into the all powerful Primal magic! Erin went crazy so let's spend a long time in a haunted asylum where she was imprisoned, but oh, it's only haunted because of ERIN and her ERIN powers... Did this game really have to focus on this one stupid character so much? Basso's awesome and Garrett is as well, but all of that is ruined because there's no way Garrett would EVER work with someone like her. It's too amateur for him, and nauseating for me. I won't say how the game ends, but let me give you a hint... It has something to do with... Erin... And it's all about Erin.

    Thanks Square Enix for putting the stake through Garrett's heart. I had hopes that his story would continue, but after this, you know it's over. And to make it even worse... This Garrett isn't the real Garrett. Old Garrett, according to this ridiculous story, died in an asylum a long time ago. So here in this game we just randomly have a new master thief named Garrett with a female student, and an old time friend named Basso... Guys, if you wanted to start over with a new character, you should have just done it and manned up to it. But oh that's right, you needed to hoodwink old thief fans into buying this cop out at the same time. I forgot.
  60. Feb 26, 2014
    it's a stealth game. most people can't understand it and hope it could be a sandbox, it is not!! is not dishonored. is like reviewing a racing game hoping to get down the car and start killing cops with an m16, and if you can't, you give the game a 6 out of 10, is plain unprofessional, and those reviewers are smearing this great stealth game with their ignorance.
    if you like stealth go
    play this game, is one of the best out there. is rewarding and fun. Expand
  61. Feb 26, 2014
    For those who play the Thief series, make sure you go to the custom difficulty settings and turn on the classic mode settings. So far it's a great challenge when those are on and the difficulty is maxed.
  62. Feb 26, 2014
    EIDOS has made some of the greatest games in history. This is not one of them. Just unimaginative, uninspired, and unplayable. The AI is idiotic. The story is linear. The game is more about cut scenes than free roaming thievery. Climbing is too limited. And my frame rate is horrible. Unreal Engine 3 games purr on my rig. But not this one.

    One point in EIDOS' favor: the 3D (stereoscopic)
    is perfect. Just like in the Batmans and Tomb Raider (which are stellar titles, btw).
    Do yourselves a favor and download "The Dark Mod", a standalone free mod of the original Thief. Stay clear of this game. Even if they fix the rendering problems, the game isn't worth your time and definitely not worth your money.
  63. Feb 25, 2014
    tl;dr This is the game that fans deserve not the game that mainstream audience/critics need. This is a very well made game. Not the best but definitely one that does justice to the roots and tradition that the previous thief games set up. Difficulty: I always played the old thief games as a complete ghost with added self imposed objectives such as 'take no damage', 'alert no one', 'no saves' etc. and I am glad that the difficulty setting is detailed in this game to allow such things (Currently playing at around 870 difficulty points).

    Whats a thief game without thieving:
    The game does the thieving part really well. Whether it is the hand gestures while collecting loot or pickpocketing. Also the movement animations are really detailed especially while sneaking and lock-picking. The lock-picking mechanic is so much better than old games.

    The story so far is ok. Not as great as Thief 2 but its good enough to get you into the plot.

    The city feels real. The detail that is present in each level is extremely immersive. Sometimes it feels too linear but then Thief:Deadly Shadows had same issue.

    As I said its not perfect. I miss the part where I can freely lean left or right, or the ability to freely jump and grab ledges or get on top of boxes. In old games it was possible to even stack a few and use it to scale walls and such. I miss the deep immersive story that portrayed garret as the antihero who saves the day. Hopefully this will come up deeper in gameplay. If not Ill dock 1 or 2 points from my review.

    This game does a lot of things right and few things wrong. But it kinda fits in to my expectations and what I wanted from the game to begin with. I am sure that going forward some of these issues will be addressed by the devs or by the modders who make fan missions.

    It is a good game that stealth fans should try out.
  64. Feb 25, 2014
    Let me start by saying I loved Thief 1,2 and 3. There are good things about this game and some bad -
    The good =
    - Graphics on PC look pretty good overall, great use of light and fog, dark areas. NPCs look detailed enough. There's an odd out of focus peripheral vision thing, thats distracting. I love the rain and thunder effects.
    -Gameplay - the training level was challenging and fun. I
    set mostly all options for helping you out at OFF- like focus, direction etc, for a much realistic feeling. Overall the gameplay is great, feels like Thief. Tense hiding moments. I love the dialogue of the NPCs, very entertaining and believable.
    I'm pretty hardcore when it comes to gaming style.
    The Bad -
    - cut-scenes had no sound at all !? wtf ?
    - weird glitches in keyboard controls. Sometimes the space bar does nothing, usually it works. Very irritating.
    - sound = plain stereo. I have an X-fi gamer sound card with some $$ Sennheiser headphones. Sound is critical in this game, but it sounds like mostly vanilla stereo sound all through.
    -linear free roaming. Makes you always sure you're in a game, not in a city. Very disappointing.
    -cant fall off of ledges ?? what the hell were they thinking ??
    - too much loot everywhere. The trademark of Theif is working hard to get a small amount of loot, so it feels awesome when you get something. This is easter egg hunting for fact the whole game feels like it was made for 10-12 year olds in some ways.

    Sadly, this game is more of a "what could have been", then what it really is. I understand the company had issues, employees quitting, many set backs....I'm glad they got it out the door, however this could have been THE best Thief game ever, easily, with just a few modifications. I couldnt care less if the voice actor isnt the same dude...the new voice is just great too. These are picky details, imo.

    I have to give it 7 at best.
  65. Feb 26, 2014
    I love it, I've been a fan of the series since Thief 2. There are a few things I miss about the old ones, but haven't had an issue enjoying the new one.
  66. Feb 27, 2014
    I came into this game thinking that it would be great. I'm really into stealth games that have a great degree of difficulty, because I think the difficulty is what makes it immersive. I'm gonna start off by saying that that graphics, for the most part, are very well done. The map of the city is useless. Most doors are unable to be opened, which is terribly disappointing for a stealth game, and makes the game seem very linear. AI is abhorrent and provides no level of immersion whatsoever. You can look a guard dead in the eyes 5 feet away in the dark and he'll have no idea you're there. It's weird that the animal AI is made to be better than human AI. I like the fact that birds and dogs will be alerted at sudden movement or noise. I feel as though the human AI should act differently from one another, so one person would be more alert than another to movement in darkness or the slightest sound. That's what creates immersion for me. Moving on, the dialogue between guards and monologue of guards is pretty terrible. Walking around an area, you can hear the exact same dialogue multiple times. The voice acting is cheap and a weak attempt at creating a natural environment. The volume of said dialogues physically don't make any sense, and HUGELY break immersion. The fact that you can be facing a man standing 15 feet away from you and you hear his voice in surround sound defies the physics of sound. Another very important point, as this is the first of the franchise that I have played, I feel absolutely no emotions towards any of the characters (playing through about 4 hours), and I don't even know why I'm a thief. I have no set purpose in this game, and that's why this game bores me. Expand
  67. Feb 25, 2014
    Thief truly is a great Stealth game. Does it have its problems? Well yes, of course all games do. The biggest problems were bad voice acting and lip syncing, too man non-climeable objects, and annoying dialogues. But the gameplay is truly fantastic! It is full of fun stealth action, and you can choose to kill everyone silently, go loud, or leave without a trace. I generally left without a trace but that was because of my DIFFICULTY OPTIONS, one of the best features of this game. First, you choose a base difficulty, basically easy, medium, or hard, then you can change all sorts of options. such as, specialty arrows only, stealth kills only, no damage, no detection, and much more. Overall, I think thief is well worth the $45 for PC, a great experience if you love stealth games and a great way to start 2014 with a AAA title Expand
  68. Feb 25, 2014
    A fun and engaging game. You can play it like it's old Thief with some new tricks. Looks lovely too. A warm recommendation.
    Levels may be small, but hey, they were small in deadly shadows as well. Voice acting could do with a little work though.
  69. Feb 26, 2014
    Long-time fan of the Thief series, wasn't very impressed with the one before this (Deadly Shadows). This feels like it got right back to it's roots.

    Don't listen to the nostalgic neckbeards, this game is great! I'm having loads of fun playing it and it just feels right: skulking around in the dark, swiping things, picking pockets, uncovering a larger mystery.

    Do yourself a favor and
    at least play on Master Thief - it's more fun that way. The game gets even more interesting with the custom settings for difficulty, increasing points you earn for leader boards, including the Ironman settings where if you fail an objective or die, you start over from the beginning. Who was complaining this game was easy? 9/10 - not perfect but extremely fun! Expand
  70. Feb 26, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I've just started playing Dishonored, sorry Tombraider, damn, sorry again, I mean Farcry 3, ah s#it I mean Thief.....

    Don't get me wrong, I think the game is fantastic, especially as I've never played the other Thief games so had no pre-conceptions and rose-tinted illusions to be dashed against the rocks.

    It's just certain things are slightly annoying, and come across as un-original, like the Swoop, (Dishonored Blink), and the Rope Arrow that can only be attached to rope wrapped posts, (ala Tombraider) . I mean, who climbed up their in the first place to attach the ropes. And the fiery bridge, (similar to both the Monestary in Tombraider and the burning building escape in Farcry 3), and the Beggar Queen, (Dishonored's Granny Rags anyone!).

    Like I said earlier, I'm still loving it and it seems a solid enough Stealth game to me, but a couple of changes would have made it fantastic, (IMO). Like a carry weight, (at least in the city), and having to return to Basso to sell the loot and get your gold and why don't you HAVE to return to him when you've completed a mission for him, again to collect my reward.

    It just seems a little silly been able to collect, probably a ton or more of precious items, (how many silver candlesticks / mirrors / flasks, can you carry. I accept that that mechanic may not be possible when on actual mission chapters, in the brothel for example, but side missions should end when you return to the person issuing the mission.

    Still, only a very small annoyance that really doesn't spoil the game that much.

    And, after that small negativity, it really is good. The mechanics are good, (a lot of people complaining about the contextualised keys, [space to climb, jump, swoop, etc], but I don't remember anyone complaining about it during the Mass Effect Series.)

    The graphics are good and clean, and in places dark, oh so dark. The options that can be turned on/off seem to go on for ever.

    The story is, well, meh. But I really am enjoying sneaking around, breaking into places and stealing stuff without getting caught, and as much as possible, without been seen.
  71. Ape
    Feb 26, 2014
    The game is amazing and does as much as it can to update the series while still keeping it as true to the originals as it could. The mechanics are smooth and the graphics are fantastic. At some moments this game feels like the better of the Arkham series in its play style. The negative reviews all read like fanboys who never even bothered to play the game, instead choosing to watch play-throughs on youtube while they hold on to their nostalgia. Just play it for yourself and decide. Expand
  72. Feb 26, 2014
    I have played this game for a good 10 hours now just going around trying to find everything in ever level before moving on. I was interested to see what people like IGN and others would rate this game and as I see now many dislike it. I normally don't take the time to write a review of a game but after reading all of this I decided I had to. I have not played the original Thief for the PC but I have looked at game play and the story behind it. As far as I am considered this game is truly outstanding. It is like a first person version of Assassin's Creed. The games storyline as of now seems a but off but not enough for the people to give it the terrible rating they gave. I love the game play and make you cringe wanting to keep playing. People need to be more considerate of these games and less harsh. This was made to be a recreated version of the PC game but better and I was according to me. 9/10 -TheDMan44 Expand
  73. Feb 27, 2014
    as I think, so the game is very good, it is a pity then that there is no multiplayer. I put it a grade 9 out of 10, as a very good graphics and atmosphere, but there are some ... How to say ... There is a bit of the game Dishonred
  74. Feb 28, 2014
    A poor game, poor port, and the controls are terrible.

    When climbing a fence, you NEVER know if he will vault over it entirely, or climb onto it. This can get you killed and stuck in places you didn't want to be - you just wanted to climb onto the ledge. Suggestion - let us walk off edges and have climb only climb, not vault.

    Swoop only activates when releasing the key, not on
    pressing it. It's clunky and annoying.

    When faced with a chest of drawers, instead of being happy, you'll say "oh, no", because now you have to watch 4 annoying cutscenes where the camera jerks around, not even returning you to its starting position.

    When you crouch the Field of View zooms in making it painful to play. Imagine playing while looking through a magnifying glass.

    Sometimes it blocks you from walking off a ledge, unless you're running, so you have to press a key to drop down, but sometimes it will drop you when you didn't expect it. Have fun with that.

    ~ From a big fan of Thief 1/2/3, Splinter Cell 1/2/3, Dishonored, and even the stealth elements of Batman: AC. This game is not in the same league.
  75. Mar 1, 2014
    As of this moment, Thief is an unplayable mess. Even on lowest settings, it stutters frequently, for no apparent reason and the frame rate is appallingly low. I barely went through the tutorial mission with all the stuttering. The graphics is candy, but the expressions seem very unconvincing and lifeless. The gameplay is rigid and constricting and even on master difficulty you'll still feel spoon-fed, since everything is marked out for you. Almost every moment in this game made me feel like i was bottle-necked into a decision that someone else thought i should make. Its like watching the game play itself. Im not even comparing the earlier games to this, because it fails well on its own. Development difficulties aside, this is a shameful release for a developer such as Eidos, because it seems they willfully strayed away from a tried and true formula for success just to create a bastard child of a game, unworthy of the name it's branded with, be it a reboot or not. Expand
  76. Feb 26, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I'm not one of the Thief purists, or hardcore Thief fans, but I'm one of those who played TDP, TMA (still my favourite) and TDS when they were released. I absolutely fell in love with the games and their mythos and lore. So I was looking forward to this game very much, since the day the project was announced. I did not like the idea of the reboot, the new voice actor and I definitely did not like the idea to make it a console game, but I tried to keep my mind open and these were not a deal-breaker for me. I bought the game and played it. So, my impressions (I try to keep it simple):

    The good:

    + art design and graphics (I find them pretty immersive and good) - the new City looks great.
    + atmosphere: it has a very dark and sick atmosphere, not so much steam-punk, but more like noir.
    + it's still about stealth and thieving (and in that it's pretty enjoyable)
    + high customisability
    + various thieving activities (traps, alternative routes, lockpicking mechanics, paintings, hidden doors etc.)
    + toolset
    + side missions
    + open hub (I always wanted to roam the city streets freely)
    + sound design: while it is different and does not live up to the originals, it is still good.
    + it's a fun and entertaining stealth game despite its obvious flaws

    The mixed:

    * Voice acting: it's not bad, but it's not top-notch either and the lip-sync is all over the place at times.
    * loading zones: while they don't annoy me to death, I don't see why couldn't they make this game without loading zones.
    * narrative focus: Thief told its story via its setting, the places you visited, the brief encounters with characters, scriptures and by Garrett's monlogues. It's still present in a way but here it's more like a cinematic adventure. I'm not sure it was a good idea to make it like that (especially for the story not being that good).
    * cutscenes: While they give a cinematic feel to the game I find them unnecessary and immersion breaking at times.
    * references to the old games and lore: now is it a reboot or a sequel set in the distant future of the Theif-universe with another character who's name is Garrett? I have the impressiona that the devs. could not decide where to take the franchise... I feel confusion and undecidedness from these signs.
    * AI: sometimes it works very well and believable, other times it is all around the place. Thankfully, most of the time I experienced the former.

    The bad:

    - Garrett: I do not hate him, nor I like him, which is a problem since he is the main character of this game. At least I should care for him or relate to him in some way, but I can't. He is not a well established character: you don't get to know anything about him, his motivations, his backround or place in the world, while every character he meets treats him like a rock star: "oh, yeah Garrett, the loner master thief, who does not get involved in anything and was missing for a year" - a big "WTF?" for the writers and directors. What's this constant vocal reminder of what Garrett's profession and supposed main characteristic is. Also I don't get why didn't they give him a different name. Garrett was Garrett. This guy is a totally different character in personality and behaviour (has potential, but fell flat). Orzari's delivery is not bad, but sometimes he tries too hard to be the Garrett of the original series with his voice. It does not work very well.
    - The characters: these guys do have potential, but suffer from the same problem as Garrett: no character establishment, no character development, no real story arc for them. They just randomly go on and off the stage in the story. No direction again.
    - The lore: it's a strange mixture of the old and some vague new one. Again I just can't see where they wanted to take this game or potential series.
    - The story: It's cliched (of course it is... most games' stories are like that), but it is lacking in various ways. The handling and direction of the characters seems a bit aimless, as mentioned earlier. The story arc feels very incoherent. You feel like there are missing missions and scenes which were cut from the story for some reason. Too many - important - things happen off screen. The direction of the story remains a mistery from the beginning to the end. You never really find out what moves the characters (from the main character to the nemesis). There's literally no ending to the story, it just ends with some very brief, anticlimatic, vague and confusing scene. In one word: While it has potential the story, lore and characters are written and handled very poorly (even I could do it better). Something's very off here.
    - level design: the maps are pretty small and claustrophobic, plus the mission progression is very linear. A huge gripe of mine.
    - the hub world is pretty boring: empty homes (no npc-s), repetitive side activities.
    - bugs, glitches (not very many, but there are a few)
    - you feel a bit handheld and directed... not a good thing in a Thief game.
  77. Apr 9, 2014
    I could write a long rambling review saying what everyone else has already said about this complete catastrophic train wreck of a "game" ranging from the tiny level sizes and loading screens every 30 meters, to the broken audio to the dumb QTE's and micro-cutscenes which break immersion more than they add, to the dumbing down of the light-gem from 11 states to just 3.

    Instead I'll just
    post one example of many of what kind of "casual audience" they're targeting for Call of Thiefy 4. This is a genuine objective from Mission 1:-

    "Get 4 Headshots"

    Headshots. In Thief...

    When playing a Khajiit in Skyrim or replaying a 1998 game gives you a better "Thief" experience than 2014 Thief, you know the franchise is now dead...

    Do yourself a favor, go buy the original trilogy dirt cheap on GOG, then treat yourself to Dishonored if you haven't already played it, which although different from Thief, doesn't actively take the p*ss and insult your intelligence like this putrid train-wreck masquerading as a "Thief sequel"...
  78. Feb 26, 2014
    I had a big expectation about this 'Thief' reboot.But as a fan of the old game, I think it has delivered fairly but not lived up to the level I expected. Thief has some awkward design choices like:
    I can't jump or climb in my own way. Only the character will automatically climb up or jump from some ledges whereas in some cases it will not. It makes the movement to feel a bit artificial.

    Also in some cases I have to wait almost 5 minutes but still the guards will patrol in the same small area in same manner and I have nothing but to kill them which causes detection.
    Now coming to the positive sides, using the shadows and the fabulous 'Swoop' ability, remaining undetected is really satisfying.
    The game gives a high level of customization options to play as I wish, like I can turn the 'Focus' ability completely off and there are plenty of other options and the game favors this by rewarding.Also the graphics and world-detail is pretty good.
    I had great hope from Eidos after playing Deus Ex Human Revolution which is among the best games I have ever played. But it feels that even being under action-rpg genre, Deus Ex HR was a more satisfying stealth game than Thief. Overall I am happy to play the game as a stealth-game fan but the game had opportunity to give us something more.
  79. Mar 12, 2014
    To be brief: I regret having bought this **** Name it "Call of duty, thief" , Or "Assassin's creed: cheesy thief", and you will get the sense. One of the best franchise every turned into a dumb game for dumb coach junkies, that's all. **** you creators of this, I hope most of people will keep on pirating the game.
  80. Mar 1, 2014
    The game would be a 7/10 but... I just uninstalled it... srsly, what is this saving system? Auto save saves over my manual save, then I load manual save, then it loads map start, then I load auto save back, then it loads even before map start... thx, but that's enough of a 45mins mission. The game plays this the second time, basically there is no savegame management. I just made a mistake, wanted to load again my quick save but it's non-existent and my manual save loads a chapter start... WHY? And why the **** does it overwrite every ****ing autosave just by loading it?
    Btw the game is linear, dumbed down, the stealing part is fun tho, but it's far from the sandbox levels of the 1st or 2nd game.
  81. Feb 27, 2014
    - poor level design
    - poor AI
    - cliché story
    - dubstep (I **** you not)
    This game is a mockery of its predecessors.
    This game is only "Thief" in name.
    Do not buy it.
  82. Feb 27, 2014
    Overall this is an excellent stealth game. Go into it expecting to play a stealth game and you'll be richly rewarded - chapters are taking about 2-3 hours a piece to go through slowly and they're providing plenty of tense and creepy moments. The graphics are somewhat variable with some animations and modeling looking really really good while others look out of date. On the whole it has a very strong art direction and is a pleasure to look at. On the plus side the game runs really well even on older hardware as long as you disable SSAA so pretty much anyone can enjoy the game as it's meant to look. Expand
  83. Feb 27, 2014
    What a shame, another game has been spoiled!

    I was never fan of the series, but in previous games there was an atmosphere, difficulty, mystery, some real stealth. And Thief 4 doesn't have anything worth looking at, doing with and thinking of.

    Game has "2010s standard graphics", and there is nothing special about style, artistic approach, anything else is just a mix of cliches,
    another cliches, and bad ideas.

    It is anything but an interesting game to play.
  84. Feb 27, 2014
    Simply no, the devs had the chance to react to the issues way before the game came out, as listed in forums, given feedback etc. but they simply did not, they pulled through with their thing.

    And that's what's come out, a disappointmend and imho destruction of the Thief series.

    Simply, nope!
  85. Feb 27, 2014
    Brilliant! Read on.... This has all the hidden, gamer secrets I loved in the originals. This is such a modern/mature Thief. Yes is has a bug or 2 that will get fixed but the solid game play and very amazing graphics are what I was hoping for and that's exactly what I have gotten. If you are willing to be an adult and accept that there is more to offer games than an Assassins Creed rip-off that makes you fight 21 guards all at the same time (I like to call that BS) then Thief really is the game for you. Dishonoured was a short rip-off at any cost. My time is worth more and Thief can take it from me and I will be happy to have is taken. Enjoy, play it for yourself. Expand
  86. Feb 27, 2014
    The game is not like the original but hey it's a reboot so far it's a pretty great game - the f-bombs every now and then,and nudity but still it's a great game.
  87. Feb 28, 2014
    Question: BAD is this game? Answer: How do I get a refund for a digital download? switch(category){ category 1: If you played Thief (originals) on PC and "enjoyed" them AND you are over 18y/o, you will probably not find the game enjoyable. category 2: If you have an xbox and are 8-11y/o you might enjoy this, if your mom buys this for you. category 3: If you enjoy "swooping" (are you serious?) and "running through" (do me a favour) an interactive, but super-linear, pile of junk-trash, then you might enjoy this, also.
    Just sayin'.

    Very surprised by the heroic scores of "critic" reviews. Do not be blinded by the 10/10 or 90% imagines there are incentives for those people posting such reviews and scores.

    Since the dawn of time, mankind has struggled with difficult philosophical questions such as, "how did the universe begin?" and "is there a God?". Add to that list "how was this piece of amateur-code allowed to be part of the Thief franchise?"

    It shall remain unknowable.

    I am attempting to get a refund - that was no joke. I am a real human reviewer/gamer who played the original thief classic titles on PC.
  88. Feb 28, 2014
    Having played the first three installments of the Thief series multiple times, all I can say is that 15+ hours into the game, I am enjoying the game immensely. **Skip to the bottom for the gist of it. *** No jump button? No problem. Where do you need to jump to? Garret is still able to leap from beam to beam, or jump down from a high ledge. So you can't jump on a hay cart or barrel? Big deal.
    A Master Thief finds other ways in. Besides, jumping makes noise. Thieves shouldn't.

    Let's be honest, the older Thief's storyline wasn't going to win any awards either.
    Take it for what it is. I haven't progress far along enough to give a full opinion on the story.

    People take issue to the combat mechanics. Garret is a thief, not a cutthroat.
    If you have to fight The Watch. You're doing it wrong.

    I'm not sure if some of the negative reviewers realize that you can turn off all the "hand holding" or way point markers in the options.

    Is the game linear? Yes, in a way but aren't all games?
    You're objective is to steal loot (I like that it still glitters).
    Go in through the window? Basement? or front door? Choose your path, but I'd go explore every path to look for loot. Its not like Deus Ex where you're choices have specific consequences.

    I am pleased that this installment retains some of the original aspects and didn't try to reinvent itself with whatever is currently the hot trend in gaming. ie sand-box game. Go play GTA or Skyrim instead.
    Don't rate this game badly because the game Eidos designed isn't what you wanted.
    That's like saying BF4 is garbage because I can't fly a space shuttle or use sharks with lasers mounted on their heads.

    Ok so the Watch and some civilians have repeated idle dialogue.
    Nothing new about that. It as like that in all of the previous games and many other games too.
    Hardly a reason to not like this game.

    Seems like most of the negative reaction to this game is based on what they personally wanted in this game to do. Some complained of stuttering, get a new video card or lower the quality settings. One even went to say they expected more from a developer like Ubisoft....really?!!


    I enjoy the game. Maybe because I'm not a complainer. Its not perfect, but show me a game that is.
    Thief 2014 has many old-Thief elements to it, with some updated features like Focus points to enhance your abilities to be stealthier, have better aim or pick locks (and pockets) faster.

    You can't do anything you want in the game, you do have to follow the story path and steal the objective.
    You have an assortment of arrows at your disposal, which you can stash extra stock at your hideout.
    There is a merchant that will sell you those arrows, along with tools to make your thievery easier.

    Personally I find this game fun. Aside from the some minor bugs, but it doesnt detract from its enjoyability.
  89. Feb 26, 2014
    Here we had a chance. To do something different. To experience something different. To build an open world/semi open world game about being a professional thief in an oppressed city. We had a chance to each experience our own Thief tale.

    And, as usual, the developers let us down.

    Imagine Thief wherein, if I am caught on a side mission and/or defeated in combat (depending on the mode
    chosen) I fail that mission. And imagine this affecting my reputation, the availability of future gear and even jobs. Imagine each person's playthrough of Thief being just that little bit different, that little bit unique.

    Just...don't get too fond of the idea. Cause that's not the game you'll play here.

    Instead, we once again get a game whose developers thought they were making a movie. Every result of every pre-determined. All you have to do is keep reloading if you fail, and eventually, you'll unlock their pre-determined narrative experience. Every consequence of every action leading to nothing more than a binary win/lose dichotomy, with no middle ground. Just success of retry. Not even failure; just retry.

    Sure the game nails first person movement. The atmosphere is good. The city is fairly well put together so far. I can even - almost - forgive the removal of Garret's snide humor in exchange for his role as a walking video game instruction manual. There's a solid Thief narrative here.

    But its couched in yet another mediocre movie-wannabe video game. This remains the only entertainment medium whose audience has the potential to affect the outcome of the media they enjoy through direct participation.

    Too bad video game developers can't seem to grasp the possibilities inherent in that truth.
  90. Feb 28, 2014
    Análisis en español mas abajo.

    First of all the people should stop comparing this game with Dishonored is the worst mistake you can do if you are going to play this game, Thief has never had nothing about with Dishonored. Thief is a stealth game, where everything should be resolved that way, it is not intended for pleasing the entire world as in the case of Dishonored, but
    rather to follow the footsteps of the classic Thief and please their fans

    I've played 15 hours and I'm not even close to finishing the game I'm in the middle of the main story and many side quests I have left to do , which are very funny indeed. For people who loves stealth games should try Thief. it must be admitted that the AI ​​is weak ( may change as they are starting to put patches), another point ... the city can offer makes the game not so linear and you go looking for unique items that are as tables or plates of the city or you decode secret locations if you read personal books that you can find in homes. Thief is a great game of stealth but the only big theme out of AI ,on the plot still cant talk because they do not yet finished the game but it is promising.

    Talking About the graphics it is very well optimized, playing at 2560x1080 full graphics i have 30 fps relatively stable but
    there are FPS drops but I'm sure that can be solved by OC, about Blur I didnt noticed at all it must but there are people that dislike blur ... that is fixed with a mod.


    Primero que nada la gente debe parar de comparar este juego con Dishonored es el peor error que puedes cometer a la hora de jugarlo, Thief nunca ha tenido NADA que ver con Dishonored. Thief es un juego de sigilo, donde todo debería resolverse de esa manera, no está pensado para agraciar a todo el mundo como en el caso de Dishonored, sino más bien para seguir la estela de los clásicos Thief y complacer a sus fans.

    A mí me gusto el juego llevo 15 horas y no voy ni en la mitad y me faltan un montón de misiones secundarias, que son muy divertidas por cierto. Para la gente que le encantan los juegos de sigilo Thief debes probarlo si o si, hay que admitir que la IA es muy floja (quizá cambie ya que están empezando a poner parches), otro ser una ciudad a tu disposición hace que el juego no sea tan lineal y puedes ir buscando ítems únicos que se encuentran como Cuadros o placas de la cuidad o lugares secretos que descifras a medida que lees libros personales que encuentras en casas. Thief es un juegazo del sigilo pero el único gran falló es el tema de la IA, sobre la trama todavía no puedo hablar debido a que todavía no termino el juego pero es prometedora.

    Sobre la gráfica me va excelente muy bien optimizada, jugando a 2560x1080 todo al máximo tengo fijo 30 fps, a veces unos bajones pero se arregla haciendo OC, lo del Blur no me he percatado en absoluto hay que admitir que hay gente que le desagrada eso pero se arregla con un mod.
  91. Feb 28, 2014
    Why i give full 10 points? I'm an old Thief Fan since 1998. And i can tell you that i really enjoying this Reboot! I love the atmosphere and also the Level Design. I can't understand all this negative reviews here. That doesn't deserve this game! Maybe the AI is a bit weak but it's no big problem.
  92. Feb 28, 2014
    Stealth, if when you enter a room there's nobody there to hear your footstep, whats the point. You can just barge right in, 99% of the time there is nobody there. So, no threat, no danger, no challenge, no fun.
    Also you can see other door in those area but no action can be done there, the only thing you can do is take the utensil and get out.

    Combat if you are noticed by the guard or
    bounty hunter run or reload last save, taking on multiple enemy is too difficult, because of the pour combat mechanic. The bow shoot like a firearm straight no curve trajectory like it should be realistically.

    Story, Mission and the Map of the city all together is a real mess that make no sense at all. Frequent loading time, confusing how did I get here moment. Its a real pain to go from point A to point B.

    Conclusion there not that much good to say about this game. If the people that worked on this game had had half the conviction as they do now on Metacritic, trying to salvage the sell of this new release. Maybe there would be a decent fourth instalment of the Thief franchise to enjoy. After one day of playing and realized there was no point, that it was not going to get better. I returned it back to the store and I got $30 with the trade in program, soon you wont even get $5 for this.

    Keep padding yourself on the back, Eidos
    Good work, you made the worst game that I ever played!
  93. Feb 26, 2014
    Thief is a really Good and Satisfying Game. There are some flaws but overall I have liked the Game. "Swoop" ability is magnificent. Graphics is good. Stealth part is really satisfying and need patience.
  94. Feb 28, 2014
    Thief : Master of NONE.

    Thief is a disaster the likes of which we could not fathom. There is no easy way to say it; we just did not think the game would be this bad. So we must ask: how did this happen? Is the game’s five years in development, with multiple restarts and lead creative churn, the key factor here? Is Eidos Montreal misguided in its attempt to focus on narrative when
    Thief’s story is this flimsy? Has the developer’s attempt to cater to as many players as possible resulted in mechanics that work against the core experience of the series? Does the developer possess a completely different concept of immersion to us – theirs one of regular cutscenes, full animation and high detail visuals, and ours the more abstract sense of place that arises from the creation of whole and consistent locations? Does Eidos Montreal simply not understand what made the original Thief trilogy the masterpieces that they are? Expand
  95. Feb 27, 2014
    Ah finally another Thief game to play.. I really am enjoying this title quite a bit and it gets me excited to play like the original Thief dark project did. If only the box was a triangle like the first two were.
    This is a great stealth game packed into a dark gritty atmosphere. I feel right at home even with the changes they made.
    Turning off all helpers and ui makes the game really
    much more entertaining and tough.
    While the game could use a few changes, I find myself totally immersed in the world and lose myself to the sneaky nature of a thief.
  96. Mar 1, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Spoilers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Its the small things that killed the game for me, examples:

    -garret voice sux.

    -the girl is a annoying child.

    -the claw is nothing more that a simple meat hook and that changes the entire game mechanic ? garret never thought of that before ?

    -garret cant jump unless scripted ?

    -garret cant blackjack people unless in the "focus mode" ?

    -Unskipable animation of looking the corners of a window before trying to open it. Even if just went thru it and must go back, every single time...

    -Pressing 'E' repeatedly to open a window ? is that suposed to make us feel like doing some effort ? god of war style of opening things in thief...

    -at some point the guards entered in a loop saying the same phrase over and over again, like, conversation, 3 second pause, same conversation, 3 second pause, again, again...

    -after entering the city i didn't go to the objective right away, i went exploring. Then i found the i need some kind of tool to get the screws of stuff around, what ? where do i get it ? cant find, ok, go to objective, ooh its sold here, ok, lets steal, get mission to rob a bank, right in the end, already inside the safe, another box thing says i must have yet another tool to cut wires... what ? there was no such thing in the npc selling stuff...

    - you are in a bank, you are in front of a counter, more like a table with some steel bars on top, there is an item you can steal at the other side of it... IF you were human, a mere lean foward and reach for it would do the trick since the steel bars are very widely spaced... you cant, and you cant jump on the table... to get the item that's right in front of you must go to the other side, in another room with a camera. The solution to this could be so simple, since your game mechanic sux that much, don't place items in such way that it casts a beam of light showing the poor job done in the game.

    -oh i remember another, when you are opening a drawer, if the drawer is empty, garret right hand don't enter the scene, ok, but, if there is something in the drawer, the right hand appears before we see the content of the drawer, making it feels awkward.

    -And in the beginning you need money to buy stuff, but, garret chooses to make a collection of the most valuable items ? i think i heard some guard saying that the mask would feed a lot of mouths for a year or something, but, no...

    -Hes been away for so long, and don't remember anything, has powers ? his eye changed ? yet, shows little interrest in persuing awsers. Cant say more because i stop playing.

    Dishonored is a much better successor to the thief series.
  97. Mar 6, 2014
    This game is unbelievable Sacrilege of the series. I feel like someone make the Splinter Cell like crap out of the Thief: - totally linear levels – game almost on the rails! - absolutely no place for creativity! - AI worse than terrible! - boring and redundant animations! - schematic looting system! - terrible voice acting! - main hero which has nothing in common with the original one!
    - tons of theme braking cut scenes!
    - waypoints and interactive (modern!) map!
    - interface similar to Assassins Creed! As long as in AC its climatic due to Animus theme, here it is a profanation.
    The game has nothing from the predecessors, and everyone who loves them should forget about this game. It is another example, how to kill the legend, gaining easy money from the hype! I intend and recommend to newer buy a game from this developer again. Let them bankrupt for such unspeakable insult.
  98. Mar 1, 2014
    Every, almost every element in this game is so poorly designed.
    I'm not gonna talk about details because people and reviews have explained almost everything. I knew that they are gonna make bad Thief, but not this much!?

    To their senior producer Stephane Roy; dude this job is not for you!
  99. Feb 27, 2014
    Forget about reviews play the game (chapter 2-3-4 and so on) .after that say something about gameplay and art-design or levels.the atmosphere is good and also mistery from every corner or every sound you hear.
    if you like cod or bf4 dont play this game,its not for you.
  100. Mar 2, 2014
    Here's what the game is actually about: You are put in tiny sections where you basically have to get from A to B. Which are like 20 meters apart usually so far.
    The game doesn't even let you check out the environment to seek different ways to get past the obstacles to reach your goal because you can't properly move freely. You can't even jump yourself. Try jumping over from one building
    to another? How about no, you jump down.

    No what about the thieving part? Well, since it's not hard or tactical to reach your price there's no fun in getting it in the first place. Besides that you'll spend a lot of time picking up completely useless garbage to reach some stupid achievements like finding all the garbage in a certain level.

    I have to make the comparison with Dishonored here as it sure attracts the same audience, and it sure looks a lot alike.
    Take Dishonored, replace the controls with really crappy ones, change the levels so you have as much choice as you'd have in Crash Bandicoot - voila. Now make the characters and the story as boring as it can get: You have Thief.

Mixed or average reviews - based on 37 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 19 out of 37
  2. Negative: 2 out of 37
  1. May 11, 2014
    Not the best brand relaunch ever, but forgetting the great predecessors, it's a decent game of its own. [March 2014]
  2. Apr 9, 2014
    It may not be a traditional Thief game and the story may be awful but there's still some great stealth to be had. [May 2014, p.66]
  3. 60
    This new Thief does a lot things right but can still be rather clumsy at times. Definitely worth trying, though. [Issue #240]