Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2001 PC


Mixed or average reviews - based on 10 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 3 out of 10
  2. Negative: 2 out of 10
  1. It goes in a different direction, simulating the feel of televised tournament coverage. PGA Tour comes with multiple courses and a "Course Architect" creation tool.
  2. Isn't quite at the level to challenge PGA Championship Golf or Links in terms of realism, but even fans of those series would admit that PGA Tour 2001 can be a lot of fun to play.
  3. 75
    If you are just looking to buy a new golf game for whatever reason, then my suggestion would be to go and get "Links 2001" instead. It's got more solid gameplay and better graphics. Sorry Tiger, but I guess you can't win all the time.
  4. Essentially what I expected it to be, which is to say, a $30 "patch" for the dismal "TW2K."
  5. CNET Gamecenter
    An entertaining golfing exercise with several unique features and the most intriguing lineup of single- and multiplayer game modes in the business. But it also feels rough and incomplete in its current state.
  6. Brings a lot of interesting ideas to the table, including a nicely-done, TV-style presentation, as well as having mass quantities of incredibly customizable assistance. Unfortunately, it all becomes weighed down by cumbersome execution, whose faults are largely due to the unimpressive and questionable engine.
  7. Tiger plays poorly and finishes last among this year's golf sims, and that's not the only flaw in this game's realism.
  8. Daily Radar
    The golf ball "rolls" like a ping-pong ball on an air-hockey table...TW2001 slices into the rough when it comes to actually playing the game, and that's a shame, as nearly everything else is top-notch.
  9. 40
    Really just a chip shot compared to its competitors.
  10. PC Gamer
    If the competition were par, this would be a double bogey. [Feb 2001, p.57]

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