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  • Summary: A deadly virus has invaded the military's top secret super computer. Its catastrophic time-warping effects now threaten to overtake the computer systems of the world. If you cannot restore core memory in time, the growing virus will cause the world's collapse. You must journey through the corridors of history to stop this technological demon. But vicious warriors await with lethal purpose. Instinct will be your only ally. All-out combat, your only choice. [Activision] Expand
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  1. Nothing I have ever played before can even come close to the level of detail or gameplay as this. It is a game unlike any other.
  2. You get to use more weapons in Time Commando than in any other game I've ever seen, incidentally, because each time era (of which there are heaps carries its own unique selection.
  3. While all of the weapons are fun, the best part of the combat is the enemies. There have got to be well over 100 different kinds of enemies to fight against. Each one is beautifully designed and animated, from saber toothed tigers and cavemen to robots and alien cyborgs.
  4. What sets this game apart from the pack is its depth: the number and variety of its enemies, weapons, and levels are unmatched.
  5. Once you get over the clumsy movements, the single-direction game flow, and the annoying pixel searches, this game is a lot of fun and looks very nice... The team responsible for the graphics, both pre-rendered and real-time, deserves a pat on the back for a job well done.
  6. A brief but enjoyable action game that delivers plenty of multimedia oohs and aahs with loads of interaction. [Nov 1996, p.78]
  7. It has amazing rendered visuals, well-animated polygonal characters, and it mixes a story-based adventure game with a fighting game... The design is not entirely without merit; it just doesn't excel and, like most hybrid games, risks failing to appeal enough to fans of either genre.
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