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  1. Mar 11, 2014
    First of all let me state that Titanfall is mechanically and conceptually a brilliant and exhilirating game. It's responsive and fun to play, and adds a lot to the FPS genre from the perspective of game design, and for that all credit where it is due.

    The issue is that for a 60$ title the lack of content that comes upon release is unjustifiable. There are free to play shooters that give
    more content than Titanfall does, and this makes the price an instant refund for me, as while I enjoy the game immensely it is not worth the price and I do not want to encourage such prices on products that are not worth it from a content perspective.

    This took it from an 8 to a 6 for me, two other aspects about the game bothered me, the first and most important being the lack of something new from a game mode perspectve, and general generic design of said game modes and weapons (appart from attrition and the smart pistol) Respawn could have leapt forward but it feels like much of what they did was playing it safe.

    The last and less important point are the visuals, while they are of course not very important it shocks me that infinity wards most talented are incapable of working on anything else than an outdated and simplistic engine that is definately showing its age. Wether graphics are important or no after near a decade of use its time to put that old thing to rest, and use newer engines enabling more divergent and complex gameplay, as well as visual fidelity.
  2. Mar 11, 2014
    This game has taken me back to the magic days of first discovering Halo:CE...the thrill of competition and a really good multiplayer game. I haven't really enjoyed an FPS online since Modern Warfare 2. The thrills and fun this game brings are just great.

    Are the graphics the best? Nope. Is there a storyline? Not really. Are there a zillion million weapons? No. Is there an insane amount
    of fun that leaves me shaking after basically every round from adrenaline? You bet. It takes me back to a simpler time when we weren't worried about all the stigma the FPS genre has around it these days; back to just running around like mad and shooting things.

    If you are looking for an in depth, story-driven game, this isn't for you. However, if you are looking for a fun way to kill a few hours and not even realize it...pick it up!
  3. Mar 11, 2014
    "Wow", I hear you exclaim, "this game is expensive!". That would be correct. "It must have an epic singleplayer campaign!", you conclude. That would be incorrect; the game has no singleplayer content whatsoever. "Oh... ok, so it's a multiplayer shooter; it must have a ton of maps, right?". Nope. No more than other online shooters with singleplayer campaigns. "What? Well then they must be epic, ultra detailed maps with gorgeous graphics!". Couldn't be more wrong. "Huh... surely the game must have a gazillion guns to compensate for this. Surely!". Wrong again, and stop calling me Shirley. "So what exactly does this game have? Wait, it is a game, right?". It has mechs. And parkour. Oh, and Artificial Idiocy units that players even more idiotic than them can mistake for players and think they're MLG pros when they clean up a whole room filled with them. But yes, it's a game which is even somewhat enjoyable for an hour or so.

    Origin Great Game Guarantee: use it.
  4. Mar 11, 2014
    Probably entertaining for a few hours. It kinda plays like CoD and the parkour mechanic barely do any difference, level design is poor, they tried to make maps for parkour, but then remembered they had to make it practicable for Titans. So every map feels not good enough for Titan play or pilot play. Overall it's really disappointing. They obviously have been restricted in the process because I think the game could have been really good only by tweaking some game modes/rules. Expand
  5. Mar 13, 2014
    CoD with mechs and parkour. Bad port from the Xbox version. Its hard to imagine how could you make such a poorly optimized PC game with the Source engine. I had to turn off vsync to play "properly".

    The game is fun but after 4 hours (+14 from beta) I realised I saw all the content the game could offer.

    Same quality as the beta, with just some more stuff. I got my Great Game
    Guarantee refund on Origin. Expand
  6. Mar 11, 2014
    I have mixed feelings about this game so I'm just gonna list the pros and the cons. Pros: + Titans feels pretty fresh and are fun to play with + Gun play is great even though it's almost too much CoD over it + Fast paced game with mobility is just what I want after all the CoD, MoH, BF games + Burn cards Cons: - The so called campaign is more or less a joke. Regular MP with some added voice overs
    - Content wise this game feels like a scam. Less weapons, maps, perks and so on than any random CoD game
    - Lack of any kind of auto balance
    - Retarded AI

    All in all I find the game average, nothing more nothing less
  7. Mar 11, 2014
    Now before you decide to just look away from this review based on the score, I'll let you know that I'm being fair in weighing everything up. At first Titanfall looked like a great game and I couldn't wait to see what they would add to it. And that's the thing. They didn't. Now I'm not going to say that anyone who likes this game is 'a Microsoft fanboy' because you could just fire a 'fanboy' post right back at me. Fair dues to people who like this game. However I bet that those people like the Call of Duty franchise. Again, fair dues to you if you do, I'm not going to criticise you on that. However, I'm talking from the point of view of a Battlefield and open world loving gamer. For me, this game didn't add anything I hadn't seen before. I get more satisfaction out of blowing stuff up in Battlefield with massive 64 player teams than I do wandering around in a mech killing what were mainly AI with 6v6 teams. And this is one of the main reasons for this rating. After playing games like Battlefield, by comparison these maps feel cramped, the combat feels archaic and while the graphics aren't an eye sore they just don't have that step up above the rest that I for one have come to expect from games with this much hype. I can see people disagreeing with me and saying 'well the graphics don't matter, only the gameplay' and usually I would agree with you. I loved Prototype and at the time that it was released the graphics were nearing the quality of the last generation of consoles. The same goes for Star Wars Battlefront and so on. But I didn't care because the gameplay was just so good and for me that made the game. But with Titanfall I often found myself aiming at the floor because the recoil that I have come to expect from other first person shooter games just wasn't there. And believe me, when there's a crowd of four plus people in front of you and you're standing there shooting the concrete, it can get a little frustrating. But even with all of this mediocrity the game would have usually scored around a 5 or a 6 or even 7 (with a push) with me for being an average shooter with few new mechanics. But I digress, the main reason why this game scored so low is because of the disease that seems to be plaguing many decent games recently. I am of course talking about the dreaded 'Always Online Connection' or 'Always Connected DRM'. This means that if you lose connection to the internet, this wonderful new shooter you just bought... well... you can't play it I'm afraid. If this was the case with a studio such as Crytek or Activision I would say "sure, let's give it a chance!". But it's not. It's with EA. The studio that turned SimCity from my game of the year to that large pile of dust in the corner. I experienced first hand this always online, and there's no other way to put it, catastrophe and let me tell you that I thought EA had learned after this and would put the always online feature to bed. But no, they obviously haven't learned at all and that is why it has scored so low. My advice for this year is to get whatever console you want, they're both great consoles, but be aware that The Order 1886 and The Last of Us, two games I cannot wait to play, are both only on PS4 and that is what I shall be getting. Expand
  8. Mar 11, 2014
    I can only play against 6 people at a time? Me and my friends started a match and we were pitted against players MANY times our level? You call that matchmaking? Graphics are nothing to brag about either.
  9. Mar 11, 2014
    COD with Mehc's that feel like nothing more than large humans. The A.I running around is the most boring unchallenging thing I have ever experienced, and most the time you end up killing 5-10 A.I for each and every person you run into. What a let down.
    Really hope they do a better job of Titanfall 2. This game had sooooo much potential.
  10. Mar 12, 2014
    I'm going to save everybody the effort right now, Titanfall is not a game worth getting for the PC in my opinion. There are just so many detractors to the game. Starting with the most obvious, the install is 50GB due to uncompressed audio, taking up 34GB of the download. Right off the bat this is an indicator of a lazy PC Port. This is literally just a port. The textures are horrible, they did NOT optimize for PC, and the graphics are, considering that this is a $59.99 supposedly AAA title, mediocre.

    Getting into the core gameplay for multiplayer, pretty much using your Titan at all puts you at a disadvantage. The maps are too small/crowded in order to warrant actual Titan battles without having to constantly swivel yourself around in one of the game's many narrow corridors. There is maybe 2 maps that this isn't a huge issue on. Maybe if the Titans had a jump or something like that this could have alleviated the problem somewhat, but as is, piloting your Titan is practically useless. You're better off calling a Titanfall and then just having your Titan guard you.

    The game apparently has 15 maps? But only cycles through maybe 5 of them at a time. It feels like it's more limited than it should be, I thought the addition of bots would make the game better but it's TERRIBLE; the bots are incredibly incompetent. They add nothing to the game, they're not tough, and they come in abundance; you can skip killing people and kill only bots and get a decent score... but where is the fun in that?

    One of the other things is that the game doesn't even have a good campaign mode, all you know is the Militia and the IMC are fighting because... ??? When playing campaign, you constantly have people talking via mic and then the game itself speaking to you at the same time, while you're fighting players. It's nearly impossible to multitask, making split-second decisions while having to listen to other people as well as the game taking to you about the lore.

    Speaking of which I couldn't care less about whatever the story is while I'm trying to pilot a Titan and fend off another all the while someone is climbing on my back. I feel like the campaign mode could have been so much better and more engaging if it was just a sort of co-op story where you're fighting NPCs, and had actual cut-scenes between combat and worlds to enlighten your group to the lore. Campaign is literally pretty much Multiplayer... but you don't get to choose what game mode you're playing.

    Nextly, lobbies. There is no such thing as a truly private lobby. You can't create a game to play JUST with your friends. In addition, you get kicked from your private lobby after just 5 minutes of not choosing a game mode.

    Next thing that REALLY grinds my gears is the lack of skill matchmaking. I couldn't tell you how many times I got into an Attrition, i.e. Death Match (which honestly is pretty much the only game mode anybody is playing), only to have my team consist of six members between level 2 and level 14, while the enemy team consisted of approximately level 32 to level 45. Extremely disappointing because they have exponentially more powerful Titans and gear unlocked.

    Oh, speaking of gear. The game boasts 33 weapons, and what a troll that is because that statement neglects to mention its talking about cumulative weapons, including your Titan's weapons. Not counting Titan weapons, you get 1 Shotgun, 2 Sniper Rifles, 2 SMG's, 1 LMG, 2 Assault Rifles, 1 Rifle and last but not at all least, the worst gun of all the Smart Pistol, which is the worst item in the game, pretty much easy mode the pistol. It does all the work for you, and I understand why they put it; in theory: to seem more advanced, more technological. Because a gun that automatically locks onto heads and to people when youre in range and the bullets turn on an automatic trajectory? That sounds advanced to me. This feels like Wanted (the movie) the game. But wheres the fun in that? There is none. One thing I love about the weapons is the EVA Shotgun, because that shotgun works and it is the rudest shotgun I've ever used in a game. That shotgun is the only thing I love in this entire game to be completely honest. You can't customize your guns for how you play, like the EVA-8 Shotgun, it comes with Iron Sights... but you can't change out the sights for anything else. Same thing goes for all the other weapons with their specific perks. And when you create a custom loadout, you can't name it, it literally just sits in "Custom Loadout 1", or 2-5 or so.

    Overall, I am honestly very disappointed with the amount of hype that Titanfall had going for it. I was expecting a lot more. I'm not completely shutting my door to Titanfall, but it is not worth $60, especially with the amount of issues that they have right now. I'll probably wait until they get their **** together and possibly until it goes on sale, but for now I'm just going to shake my head and spend my money on a different game.
  11. Mar 11, 2014
    This game is great. I played the beta for almost a day straight and thought it had potential. Pros : - Mech Gameplay is fantastic. - Multiplayer is fast paced. - The ability to make everyone feel welcome and enjoy the game because its really hard to bad at this game. Even if you are not very good you can still kill bots to feel better about yourself. Cons: -Repetitive game play is the name of the game. If you're a CoD fan and love running in circles all day and doing the same thing over and over you might enjoy this. The problem is all you're doing in this game is killing bots/pilots in order to get your titan. Rinse and repeat that's 100% of the game.
    - The bots are a absolute joke to the point where you can run into a room of 6 of them and slowly shoot them all in the head without taking any damage.
    - The smart pistol aka The biggest noob weapon ever released in video game history. Literally all you have to do is have someone in your field of view, wait a couple seconds and shoot.

    Overall its a game I'll play every once in awhile because its just too damn repetitive to play often. I would of rated it even lower on Xbox One but I'm running this game at 2560x1440p at 80fps so even if the graphics are not amazing, they are 3 times clearer then Xbox =D.
  12. Mar 11, 2014
    The only reason this game has so much praise is because it was made on the hype of ex COD people developing it. If any other developer made this, it would be getting mediocre reviews of "been there, done that" and no one would care.

    It basically just feels as if COD got a new fun mode like it did with Zombies and whatever else over the years. The Gunplay is exactly like COD, the camera
    movement animations are the same, even the UI and the x on the crosshair when you hit someone is the same. There are barely any modes, what is there is just what FPS games have been doing for 20 odd years now, just really boring. I was hoping for some innovation, just something more than what is just a new COD mode.

    The only differences come in with having wall running, double jumps and the mechs. These abilities are hardly worth full price for, especially seeing as it lacks content everywhere else. The mechs do not feel like mechs either, they just feel like playing a tall soldier with a texture around the outside to make it look like you're in one. When I play as a mech, I want to feel it, but in Titanfall they still feel more mobile than most soldiers in FPS games these days.

    All the maps are really bland, only one or two are memorable and there is no SDK for custom maps and mods, there is no server browser either, the whole thing is Lobby based. I just don't get why they would do this one PC, there is just too much downtime between matches as you wait for these stupid lobbies to count down and find players. I also hate how you cannot select what map you want with lobbies, at least with a server browser you can just play 24/7 servers which just play your favourite map.

    There is no single player, there is just very little to this game, it doesn't innovate and it just feels so meh, there is just nothing to it. I was hoping the inclusion of story into the multiplayer would pay off as well as L4D, it just isn't there however. They made a big deal about it all and yet there is barely anything..

    Very disappointed, I have no idea why it is getting such high scores.
  13. Mar 30, 2014
    I gave Titanfall a 7 in my original review. But I’m perplexed. This is an mp only game that doesn’t deliver mp elements all that well. Games are regularly stacked, so one team is always crushing the other. And lobbies don’t shuffle players. So the imbalances will last until the losing players leave (which they will). Respawn is working on a fix. But it’s already too late. Anticheat was missing at launch, which is inexcusable. Titanfall is not a next gen game. It’s a decent shooter, not a ground breaker. And I’m tired of games having to be fixed weeks/months after launch. By the time Titanfall is patched up, I will have moved on to the next shooter. If you have $60 to spare, this is still a worthy title to own. But the lack of content leaves me scratching my head. Why can’t EA simply launch a game with everything intact? I think many players will leave before the Titanfall project matures. That’s understandable with a game that squandered so much potential. The following is my original review with a few tweaks.
    Overall, Titanfall isn't a bad game. I'm impressed with its smooth launch. But Titanfall has several mech-sized flaws. Foremost, the game is huge at 50gb; and nearly 35gb's of that are just sound files. For all that heft, the visuals and sound don't really blow me away. The textures are bland and random pop ups plague the environments. In fact, the game looks merely average. Despite the average graphical fidelity, the game will require most machines to work extra hard to pump out max graphics. COD Ghosts is huge as well, and it doesn't look great either. I hate to say it, but Titanfall doesn't look like a next gen game. But it's certainly a resource hog. And considering many PC gamers will install it on expensive (and limited capacity) SSD drives, a 50gb game is nuts.
    Next flaw: the game modes are little boring. The "campaign" is a series of team death match rounds with a half-baked, forgettable story. There are a handful of other game modes, but not the variety you'll see in Black Ops 2 or Insurgency. Respawn may add more game modes, but that's a big if. I think the developers where hoping that players would be blown away by giant mechs and parkour combat. It's fluid, but Crysis and Mirror's Edge still deliver the best parkour experiences to date.
    The maps are large enough, but I'm surprised by the complete lack of destructibility. Giant mechs running around and they can't overturn a car or shipping crate. This absence is extremely disappointing for a next gen game. Environmental chaos would have given Titanfall a tremendous edge and probably allow it to put BF4 and Ghosts to rest. Without destructive power, the Titan's are nothing more than metal suits with big guns. And that absence is so obvious I'm left wondering why Respawn left it out. So what if a pilot can jump high? I would have more fun punching thru walls and kicking trucks on my opponents while trudging around in a Titan.
    And obviously, the lack of skill based matchmaking and anticheat is a huge knock against Titanfall. Is this another example of EA pushing games out the door too soon? Or are the developers at Respawn that clueless?
    So what's good about the game? It runs smooth. Titanfall easily puts BF4 and Ghosts to shame. BF4 is still buggy months after launch, whereas I put 10 hours on Titanfall with only one crash. Titanfall also offers in game voice chat. So players won’t have to find third party alternatives. Considering all the baddies running around, I'm hoping more players will use chat. The gunplay is tight. The hit detection is darn accurate too. In fact, it’s impressive. But weapon balance is merely OK. One hit melee kills, powerful shotguns, and auto lock pistols rankle nerves. Most players run with the same 3 guns. Much like COD. And the guns lack punch. Crysis 3 offered better weapon selection/upgrades that felt powerful. Finally, everyone gets a Titan! No building up a killstreak to drop a Titan. You get one simply by playing. This is a welcome divergence from COD's camp and build your killstreak formula. This should encourage players to move about more since death won't prevent them from hopping into their mechs.
    Final verdict. The game delivers a bigger rush than COD or Battlefield. Titans and random AI controlled grunts running around really pump up the pace. Additionally, I think many gamers will agree that BF4 and COD Ghosts are disappointing. Titanfall changes the formula enough while delivering gameplay we’re all familiar with. I agree that the game is a too streamlined, but it’s certainly fun to play. Titanfall trims the fat off shooters, a risky move. But despite its high production values, Respawn didn't quite deliver the game we hoped it would. The graphics are surprisingly average. The gunplay is tight, but boring. And the static, indestructible, environments are hard to process when piloting a walking tank. On the upside, the game runs smoothly. It's a blast to play. Controls are fluid and the parkour elements are easy enough to master.
  14. Mar 12, 2014
    I cannot beleive the brainless behaviour people are showing with this game already. People are literally buying all the lies from Respawn Entertainment and even EA god damn it. Game which combines Call of Duty, Mirror's Edge and Tribes is considered new all the sudden? This is the same old. You have to stop and Aim Down The Sights with iron sights inorder to have the best accuracy. There's no fastpaced skillbased action like in Quake3:Arena or Unreal Tournament. You have regenerating health just like in Call of Duty and every other modern FPS. You have short sprint just like in Call of Duty and every other modern FPS. Even the Titans can't run and shoot, they also have to sprint to move fast. You have weapon limit like in Call of Duty and every other modern FPS. You have reqular weapons just like in Call of Duty and every other modern FPS. This is another GENERIC MODERN FPS. What point do you not understand? There are no freezers, biorifles or shrinkrays. All the weapons are just reqular bullet weapons without any imagination. There is no skill involved since this gameplay is the same Call of Duty one hit kill. You shoot people in the back and they have no time to turn since they die from one shot to head, one shot to leg, one shot to toe and one shot to finger..

    This is not an Competitive FPS by anymeans. This is nothing compared to true Competitive FPS like Unreal Tournament, Quake3: Arena, or Counter-Strike. This is another generic Console Shooter. Not even close to being a true PC FPS.

    Avoid at all costs if you have any brain left.
  15. Mar 11, 2014
    A half finished game that fails to tell a story through multiplayer. Think of the failures brink had and then add dumb ai with larger maps. There are far too few choices of weapons and titans. Pc game is a lacking console port. Typical EA garbage of selling half a game and stretching out 1/4 as dlc and never adding in the rest. Not worth more than 29.99 in the current state.
  16. Mar 11, 2014
    Minimal storyline, no single player campaign, "full" game (or "expansions", depending on whether or not you're an apologist) is $80 if you buy it up front, $85 if you buy the "season pass" (what seasons have to do with anything is beyond me), and probably $90 if you buy each of the 3 slated "map packs." The multiplayer mode has only 12 players, six per team, at least in "campaign" mode. The inclusion of a bunch of bots attempt to make it feel larger. Another game that doesn't come close to living up to its hype. Expand
  17. Mar 11, 2014
    The game is overhyped and overpriced and does not deserve anything beyond a 7.0 score. First of all there is no single player it has only a multiplayer mode, second the graphics are a joke they are average to poor with a lot of low quality textures the game feels like a 2004 generation game, third it gets repetitive and boring really fast the gameplay is so freaking shallow it is only run and shoot all the time. I do not believe that this piece of crap costs 60 dollars Expand
  18. Mar 11, 2014
    Titanfall. First off i'm going to agree with many of the others that mechanically the game is pretty solid. The titans feel great the moment is great. (I LOVED THE PARKOUR.. LOVED IT) Everything else though is really lackluster. Many of the game modes are just cut and paste or a different spin on older styles. Hell even the supposed "campaign" mode is just a giant multiplayer game with a standard drop and some voice over and small video in the corner ala small box. You do not have many weapons to do much with and it gets stale soon.

    And the small amount you get is sold to you at a full retail price of $60. What's really crazy is that it feels that they programmed many other guns in the game but they ripped it out to do as dlc, along with mappacks.

    I just have a very bad feeling about this.
  19. Mar 19, 2014
    My biggest purchasing regret in living memory. Don't be fooled by the hundreds of millions they spent on marketing, this the pinnacle of gaming mediocrity.
  20. Mar 11, 2014
    played fps games for decades.. don't believe the over-hyped ads and reviews.. "winner of over 75 awards" really.. before the game was even released.. - next gen graphics? disappointingly not even close.. - mechs? go play Hawken on steam for FREE.. LOL - 50gb download.. (35gb required download of multi-language voice packs.. really?) - no server browser - no single player - the multi-player campaign mode with the voice-overs is.. a joke right?
    - definitely plays and feels like a modded COD game.. correction: a poorly optimized COD game..

    thank god i purchased from and was able to get my money back earlier today!

    going back to BF4.. waiting for naval strike expansion.. still the most entertaining multi-player fps today..

  21. Mar 11, 2014
    Ok so here we go ... - good but dated graphics. - many good ideas that make this shooter A BIT different. - inclusion of AI opponents is surprising and yet disapointing. - sound is great. - netcoding seem stable with some very minor hiccups. But then again ... - not worth 60$ ... Maybe 40$ but even then ... - lack any kind of innovation ... - AI is downright stupid ... Free experience points though.
    - 50 gig for that ? ...
    - Campaign through multiplayer ... I'd rather have MW2 singleplayer campaign than what I was given in Titanfall.
    - 6 vs 6 ? I'd rather see this game with 64 players.
    - Too little weapon choice.
    - Yet again, can't choose servers ... And many times over, it'll take you a while to get in game because the servers are too slow to connect and then disconnect for no reasons.
  22. Mar 15, 2014
    Once again I am baffled by the glowing critic reviews for this game. Admittedly I was having fun but after logging 8 hours into the game so far and unlocking everything there is to unlock and beating the campaign both Militia and IMC (hour and a half only) I am getting bored. Calling in a titan was AWESOME the first hundred times I did so, the next hundred times I've done so I find myself yawning. There isn't a lot to keep me playing the game, sure it's pretty but it really does feel like Call of Titan Duty Fall.
    The campaign was just laughable, I have no idea what the actual story is or why these two groups are even fighting each other. The narrative was drowned out because I was busy trying to shoot people not listen to generic characters talk about...whatever the hell they were talking about. MacAllen I believe was a character? One I cannot put a face to. That's the only named character I can remember off the top of my head. Not only that but the hour and a half of campaign levels (both campaigns) are the same levels just playing them on different sides (boring). An issue I ran into was when I played through the militia campaign and then halfway through the IMC but stopped. Finding a matchmaking game for the mission I was on was dreadful. It took a crazy amount of time. On top of that when I did find a game it put me two mission back. So maybe I played through both campaigns in an hour without the backtracking.
    In conclusion the game does not offer a substantial amount of content for me to still be playing this even in a months time. After playing online for 8 hours and unlocking everything, what's the point now? The campaign is laughably horrid. Something I really wish I hadn't spent $60 on.
  23. Mar 16, 2014
    First the good things: The pace of the game is nice, unlocks happen daily if you play a couple of hours a day, the games are not too long, usually around 15-20 minutes. and the controls are really good, there is a nice feel to piloting a titan or, moving in various way through the infrastructure of the maps, and the soundscape is rather well done too... Sadly, that is where the good things end.

    The bad things:
    -Matchmaking is simply terrible, trying to unlock 2 of the titans(you absolutely have to complete both IMC and militia campaigns to get both) is an absolute pain in the ass. Not only are the teams missmatched most of the time(average level of the opposing team being 15-20 levels higher is not uncommon) But due to people not wanting to play the campaign more than the bare minimum, you are forced to back track ALOT!, joining lobbies that take you back 2,3,4 sometimes 5 maps, just to advance 1 map later on. And the lack of possiblity to do said campaign solo, is just adding salt to the wounds.

    -The Graphics, are just fugly, and if you try to improve them on an older generation graphics card, say, a GTX 285, GTX 480 or GTX 580. You run a risk of making 99% of the textures disappear, by turning on the AA.

    -Ridiculous hit detection; Getting shot through walls with a projectile that does not pierce said surface, or getting jumpkicked when the person doing said kick is 2-3 meters away or through a wall, is common.

    -Limited selection of maps, and the map design is usually skewed in a way, that the first team to field 2-3 titans, will most likely dominate through the rest of the match. Also the maps are usually designed in a way that gives the other team a significant advantage, for example one of the maps is located in an area you could consider a "dragon graveyard" or their grotto, the other side, allways begins with the high ground advantage, while the other need to go uphill most of the time. Not a fun thing, when sides are chosen randomly in this game, and if you get thrown on one side multiple times in a row.

    -They nerfed the wrong things: The nuclear ejection has become a laughable thing. The radius of said blast, is now a titans fart, one dash, is all it takes to get out of the radius. While on the other hand, Smart pistol did not suffer a nerf. Does not look like we can assume respawn will make good choices in the future either.

    -The burnercard system, is not a situational as you think, You just have to experience it yourself. It is awfull.

    -The game encourages people to roam the opposing teams spawns, and there is no spawn protection, the moment your feet touch ground(you respawn) you are free game.

    -The customization options for weapons and titans, are rather humble. considering the price of the game, and how small repertuar of maps you have, you would think they would have more of something.... Oh wait, over 30 gigs of the game is soundfiles(closer to 40 gigs actually).

    -The game unlocks, even though they happen at a steady pace, are not necesarily what you were gunning for, and it is somewhat gimicky, for example, trying to get the 20 titans killed with the 40mm cannon, sounds simple enough, but when you realize, you have to destroy them, BEFORE they blow up after getting doomed, that task became so much more complicated, and seeing as how everyone is equipping nuclear ejection, well, good luck.

    In overall, the idea of the game is awesome, but execution is poor at best, and it does not cash in on the promises it made with the beta, if anything, beta was just there to get people open up their wallets.

    4/10, for a game that fails to deliver what it promised.
  24. Mar 13, 2014
    So, I bought into the hype, I installed Origin despite my distrust for EA and waited as a gigantic 50 gigabytes download finished (it took 2 days and crippled my home internet connection in Australia). I was expecting huge map, massive content and staggering texture details but It turned out that most of the download was audio. I kid you not -- AUDIO. What the ****?

    After all this,
    knowing it was a multiplayer only game, I tried to connect to the servers and they were all being hammered... understandable. Then, hours later when things calmed down I finally got to enjoy Titanfall.

    For about 5 minutes.

    Yeah, it crashed and not just a small crash, whatever origin did ruined the main partition on my SSD that I use for both the main OS and my games. So I can't exactly review this game, at least not on PC. It could be great but it cost me more time than I'll probably be able to play it. My 0 rating is an indication of this. Tread with caution -- you may as well get the Xbox One version though the graphics are absolutely crippled compared to PC version which I admit looked quite good.
  25. Mar 11, 2014
    Titanfall is exactly as advertised, especially when based on the gameplay trailers, but most likely overhyped to death. It feels quite similiar to Call of Duty, but somehow it felt different at the same time. It's something a fan of first person shooters can tell, even if it isn't readily apparent to others. Things such as gunplay, sense of recoil, first person animations, and first person camera movement can alter how a shooter "feels" to some gamers. Is it a bad thing that Titanfall is similiar to Call of Duty? That depends on your perspective on shooters or games where multiplayer is the selling point!

    Titanfall's strengths lie in a few key areas. Which I'll try to summarize here: The Titans, of course, are the most obvious selling point, and are pretty much as awesome as advertised. We get at least fifteen maps in the base game, and each one takes advantage of both pilot movement and Titan combat. The pilot, which you play as, has excellent and extremely entertaining parkour or jump jet movement. This is all tied together with extremely fast paced, snappy combat that somehow manages to outdo Call of Duty's fast paced combat! Overall, it's super fun, and very competitive without the pain (as the game makes you feel good even if you aren't "doing well" at the game).

    The weaknesses of Titanfall: Depending on how you view repetition, Titanfall can be repetitive, as gameplay ends up falling into a cycle or a pattern. Matters are confounded by the lack of truly unique or new game modes besides the usual material, such as TDM, CTF, and a conquest style game mode. The PC version is wonky for a few gamers too, with the performance for myself ranging from smooth to suddenly bad, and other fairly minor issues (because it is a nicely designed PC game). Do these flaws hurt the game? Maybe. But they don't do that much to fatally wound the game!

    The progression system: We get a nice number of goodies to unlock in the normal progression format. It's fun and addictive, with a very extensively large "challenge" system which act as mini achievements that give you tangible rewards (you unlock weapons, "perks", and weapon attachments). I just wish there was way more to unlock, especially for the pilot weapons and Titan weapons. There isn't nearly enough unlockables at the moment, but that might be a strength to the game, as gameplay matters more than dangling carrots in front of our faces!

    The unusual aspects of this game: Titanfall has "Burn Cards", which act as a one round long buff to your pilot's abilities. You can unlock these burn cards by playing the game, but you have to be careful once you use them, because dying will immediately erase your Burn Card effect! But that isn't the only unusual thing about Titanfall. To some degree, this game is like League of Legends, Smite, or DOTA 2. All allied or enemy AI bots are often referred to as "minions", and actually attempt to take objectives which is very cool. They give much less experience points or objective points (in TDM) than actual players, but they offer a very good way to distract enemy players so you can go in for the kill! Also, at the end of every round, you chase after the retreating and remaining enemy players, and you get to bust up their only method of escape (but they can escape, earning bonus points)! All these things feel somewhat unusual, and are welcome changes to the usual FPS formula.

    Alright. Titanfall, when viewed in comparison with multiplayer shooters that have been coming out recently, is a great game. Is it revolutionary? No, I highly doubt it. But it gives us a great science fiction setting with nice music, audio, action, and visuals. It's definitely more "involved" than most shooters I played lately that had the main character having a useless "jump" button.

    I highly reccomend it for fans of multiplayer shooters! Everyone else, consider this game carefully before buying it.
  26. Mar 17, 2014
    Sadly, all the good game designers are quitting business, such as Valve who made Half-life, the folks that made Unreal Tournament and now the folks that made Bioshock. What you're left with is half-baked multiplayers such as Call of Duty with tons of lag and inaccurate shooting and now this. Game designers want to give you the smallest content they can for the money. Another example is the latest Resident Evil, Resident Evil 6, which was like one level of RE4. Save your money, rent this game and enjoy it for a few hours then buy it when it comes out in the bargain bin. Expand
  27. Mar 16, 2014
    A good game, entertaining for a few hours however its lack of promised content and playability ( at least for me). I mean its not a bad game, but it isn't gods gift to the world as the critics seem to be saying.
  28. Mar 15, 2014
    OK, so I recently bought this game on an impulse. It was fun for the first 4 hours and then a sudden pang of deathly boredom clouded any further possible enjoyment. Great concept, great parkour, Titans are cool but the game is fundamentally unfinished and lacking the content demanded by it's $60 entry fee. Not pleased, not pleased at all. Getting the game refunded.
  29. Mar 11, 2014
    The Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC versions will all share the same exact experience. The only advantage PC users will see is the graphical one, where TitanFall can run at a native 1080p on most modern mid-range cards with many of the details turned up/maxed. It's not the most beautiful game you'll find on the market but that's not what makes a game great. It's the constant pacing of the multiplayer and the cool ways in which you can move through levels that make TitanFall a bit like Call of Duty, but with less calculation and more artistic expression. You can play the way you want as long as you don't think you can get away with persistent camping. In TitanFall, the battlefield constantly shifts. There are no real choke-points. There's high points to ground level, left and right flanks. You can be attacked at any moment, you just have to be constantly kinetic to avoid being an easy target. I love TitanFall, I just hope that it doesn't burn out quickly like the last couple Call of Duty games have for me as there's really just competitive multiplayer to be had here (even with the slight touches of story woven into the mix), because it really is a good game. Expand
  30. Mar 11, 2014
    This game is very fun and the mechanics are solid, but I take extreme issue with the marketing tactics employed for this game. They were hyping this game every day, on every single gaming news site, as some second coming to the FPS genre, when this game really just takes the COD formula and infuses it with the speed of Unreal Tournament games and mechs which control like slow pilots. The hype sickened me, and it feels like they've actually brainwashed hundreds of thousands of gamers that this is something amazing and rapturous purely by shouting at them every day that it is. This is disgusting marketing and should not be encouraged. Expand
  31. Mar 11, 2014
    I didn't play the beta, and bought into the hype for the game and preordered. For a while the game is pretty good. The movement is smooth, and the overall quality of the gameplay is fairly solid. It plays like a cross between CoD and planetside imo. Though I'm not a big player of shooters. I haven't been able to get into one since the original MW. My issue with this game is not in what you have, but in what you don't.

    It has a lot of maps but many of them just feel the same. The complete lack of game modes is a huge turnoff. It just feels like you can only play basically 3 modes on repeat. Being deathmatch, capture the flag, and capture the 3 points. After maybe 5 or 6 hours of game time I could already sense how fast this was going to get old. Also the leveling system is a dumbed down version of call of duty's system. Some might argue it's equivalent but that just makes it a carbon copy at best. Nothing really innovative with it. We won't even go in the "campaign" because that's not even real. It's some voice over work with the same 2 game modes on repeat, and it doesn't make any difference if you win or lose.

    In the end the game lacks content. It's as simple as that. It feels as if they hyped it to an extreme and bought a lot of official reviews, because players everywhere just find it "ok". It comes off as either they are generating interest for Titanfall 2 or they plan to sell us all the actual content in DLC after charging us $60 to play 3 game modes for months. It doesn't have lasting appeal, and within 12 hours of purchase I had refunded my copy through origin. Take it as you will.
  32. Mar 11, 2014
    Just finished playing through one side of the campaign and I had a lot of fun. The battles are very hectic in a good way and I have plenty of room for improvement. I also want to comment that I have a very poor internet connection(3G Data) and I never had any issue or felt that I was at a disadvantage as happens so often on this type of connection. Took a point away as more game modes are needed.
  33. Mar 11, 2014
    Very refreshing game. Sure, there is nothing really groundbreaking there, but the way all the small details of the game fit into each other perfectly is just amazing.
    Even for people who have been fed-up with Call of Duty's simplistic and repetitive gameplay, this game might be a great way to get back into fast, competitive multiplayer FPS.
    Your really have to experience the mobility
    aspect of the game for yourself to understand why this game feels great. Plus it is well balanced at release, that's some great QA here.

    Only two complaints tarnish the picture : the stuborn reliance on matchmaking rather than server browsing on PC is a shame, and the game modes are simple and could have been more immersive (dynamic objectives/map progression as in TF2, for instance), which might reduce replayability.

    Other than that, if you like old school FPS with a fresh polish and some nicely thought details, give it a try !
  34. Mar 21, 2014
    CASUAL **** enough said.
    Zero graphic, sluggish gameplay, worst mouse support in fps ever, lags, autodisconnecting, 6x6 ONLY (really?), INCREDIBLY STUPID AI/bots, autoaiming bullets (really?), was downloading about 14 hours this **** and installing about 1 on i7 cpu, about 30 gigs is SOUND FILES (really?!), THIS **** EVEN LOOKS LIKE GAME FROM 2005 but still uses source engine (DEVS ARE
    RETARDS), and yeah origin+80$ price.
    Save your money or I got even better idea - throw it to the air and burn it with flamethrower cause IT IS MORE FUN that play this **** (was fun but then i was tired a lot from this unicellular gameplay for noobs after 5 hours. thank god I have my money back!)
    See you in any other NORMAL game, even UT/Q3 is better.
  35. Mar 25, 2014
    SO much promise. SUCH poor followthrough.

    Patch one destroyed defense and turned Hardpoint into a reskinned Team Deatchmatch. If you're a twitchbunny this game is great. If you like to think, find another title.

    (On the technical side I should mention that lag compensation means that if you ping well you're actually at a disadvantage. Play in a different region, through a VPN, or
    with your connection saturated by torrents for easymode melee kills and lollollol killcam ragequits.) Expand
  36. Mar 11, 2014
    Titan Fall is fun. It's really fun. It may not be the most innovative or groundbreaking but it is well balanced, fast paced, and you will not regret buying it.
  37. Mar 12, 2014
    Bad console port. If you want to play aginst bot online?! Then buy this game.
    maps are bad, guns are a joke, gameplay is bad, titans are bad. Now i can see why these people were fired from infinity Ward. Do not waste your money or time on this. If you have played the 'beat' do not expect to game to be any better now.
    Go buy a puzzle and you will have more fun with that.
  38. Mar 11, 2014
    If you're looking for a multiplayer-only FPS to scratch that shooter itch, Titanfall stands with the big boys in the genre. Reviews are going to be mired down with lots of people comparing Titanfall to Call of Duty or Battlefield, but those comparisons really aren't justified. Battlefield excels in large map, vehicular oriented, all out assaults. Call of Duty is notorious for small maps conducive to assault rifle and sniper camping. Titanfall exists between these two extremes.

    The maps in Titanfall are large enough to accommodate Titans, small enough to not penalize pilots who have to reach the action on foot, but diverse enough to prevent camping. The parkour/jump pack system adds a layer of depth to the twitch gaming mechanics that hasn't been done since Unreal Tournament 2003/2004's double jump and strafe jumping. The Burn Card system is entirely new and, despite what others may say, nothing AT ALL like kill streaks. Burn Cards are not permanent boost but rather temporary cards you get from random gameplay or completing challenges. Once you've used a card, you lose it and won't have it in later matches (unless you get a duplicate). Unlike Kill Streaks which people min-max for the most benefit, there's no way of knowing what cards you'll get or what cards your opponents may have, which adds to the overall frantic pace of the game.

    That said, it's not all candy and rainbows. Let's address the biggest elephant in the room: Graphics. This is billed as a "next gen" game but, in truth, it's a cross-gen game using tricks on the aging Source engine to make it look "next gen". Compared to BF4, graphically, Titanfall is the inferior game. Does that diminish the fun of the game? Not at all but if you're thinking of buying simply because it's been advertised as "next gen", you'll be in for a bit of a disappointment.

    Also in the realm of graphics, the game is horrendously optimized. It does not take advantage of SLi, the frame rate is hard capped to your refresh rate, and even the beefiest of systems require lots of small tweaks inside and out of the game to achieve consistent 60 fps at 1080p. The game's implementation of vsync is, frankly, one of the worst I've ever seen and will, by itself, cause frame loss. Yet if you disable vsync, you end up with terrible screen tearing as the game hits the fps hard cap. On an i7-3770 and GTX 660, I had to use the nVidia Control Panel outside of game to enable adaptive vsync and triple buffering, then scale down my in game settings to high textures, 2xMSAA, 2xAF, high lighting but low effects to achieve a consistent 60fps/1080p with minimal screen tearing. Even then there are just some maps which cause graphical issues worse than others. "Colony" is a great example of one such map. No matter the settings, many areas of that map significantly drop frame rate.

    The campaign itself is just.. bad. It's nothing more than an introduction to the maps and two game modes (attrition/deathmatch, and hardpoint/conquest) with some barely connected voice overs. Unfortunately, you'll have to suffer through both the IMC and Militia sides if you want to unlock all of the Titan torsos.

    Because the game is more of a twitch shooter similar to Unreal Tournament with lots of indoor environments and corners to duck around, longer range weapons are, at least presently, devalued. The carbine and sniper rifle suffer worst from this fate. Shotguns in Titanfall are analogous to Flak Cannons in Unreal Tournament: Deadly force at inexplicable range with one trigger pull. Also, instead of a one-shot-knife, Titanfall has introduced the one-shot-kick-to-the-head! These two things are the most rage inducing elements of the gameplay, IMO, but doesn't make the game worth NOT playing.

    A personal gripe that may not be shared by others is the lack of maps. For a multiplayer only game, I would have liked to see at least 20 maps out of the box. 15 feels like too few.

    TL;DR/Recap: It's fun for all skill levels but, yes, a touch mindless as these games often are. It exists somewhere between CoD and Battlefield with some hints of the old Unreal Tournament in here which can all lead to jaw dropping moments of "holy crap did that just happen?!". Graphics will require tweaking to achieve stable framerates but don't be surprised if some maps still cause frame drops. Could have used a few more maps out of the box.

    Edit: After careful consideration - and another 6 hours of play - I'm afraid I have to drop the score somewhat. There are little details, such as being able to rename custom loadouts (which is necessary to make loadouts easier to identify between matches), that are inexplicably missing from the final product. The screen tearing is, at times, utterly unbearable even with third party graphics settings trying to compensate. Leveling is faster but the unfortunate reality is you unlock things WAY too fast.

    Still fun, still worth playing, but dropping it a point.
  39. Mar 11, 2014
    It is a fun game. Game play is smooth and fluid. The graphics are outdated, for a PC port, the game should have added hi-res textures. Out of 49 GB, 34 is for audio only. This kind of feels absurd. They could have gone completely without the campaign thing. The bots ai is stupid. The level design and parkour elements are well done. Overall, its a fun and refreshing FPS game but not a revolutionary game. Expand
  40. Mar 12, 2014
    The fact that this game lacks a single player option is why I can't even call this a game. It's simply a temporary, competitive medium for people to wave their electronic genitals back and forth at each other. Once the player base moves on to the next big thing and nobody is crowding the servers anymore, it will be 100% unplayable like every other dried-up MMO. A single player option could resolve this, but apparently it wasn't cost-effective enough to bother with. Expand
  41. Mar 11, 2014
    This game is overall pretty bad. Call of Duty with mechs doesn't do it justice. The game is made for people with attention spans lower than 10 seconds but the issue is that there is no real accomplishment in what you do. The AI bots speed up what would be a rather fun, slightly slower paced tactical shooter. The gunplay is really bad too. All of the guns I used were lasers with no recoil and no compensation needed, just point and shoot, rinse and repeat. The game accepts that it's skill ceiling is so low that they need to give you unlocks to make you feel accomplished. I want a game that I, myself improve at rather than just getting some dumb unlock that does things for me. And the smart pistol was a retarted idea to begin with. The Shooter genre keeps getting dumber and dumber, i feel i might lose brain cells. And i almost forgot the biggest thing, 60 dollars for a multiplayer only game??!!?!?! Sorry but ill just go play blacklight retribution, its the same thing except free (possibly even better) Expand
  42. Mar 11, 2014
    My background: I am a PC gamer whois played games on the PC since 1993+. I primarily prefer FPS games. I have not played any Call of Duty outside of the original which was released in the early 2000's for the PC. The last FPS game I was playing was Natural Selection 2. My system i7-3770k GTX780 ti 16GB @ 1600mhz SSDs Pros Great visuals in terms of graphics and weapon/terrian/model aesthetics
    Superb sound effects for environment, titans, guns, etc
    Responsive hit detection
    Titans are a lot of fun to play as and against

    Game modes are redundant/overused
    Game can be 'too fast paced' for a lot of people
    Matchmaking requires a lot more work to prevent stacked teams

    I think the game's greatest strength is the ability to start up a game, sit down, and get involved in some FPS gameplay with mechs, along with the insanity that goes along with it such as wildlife eating soldiers, dropships zipping through the air, etc. If the game has a weakness, the weakness lies with the matchmaking system.

    I can't really deduct points over not including a single player mode, only because the game wasn't advertised as such. Everything the game said it would deliver has been delivered so far, or so I believe. If you want a competitive FPS multiplayer game with a bit of a spin, go for it.
  43. Mar 12, 2014
    Terrible game, 30GB of the 50GB is just bloated audio assets. It looks like a game from 2008, Activision must be kicking itself for not adding jet packs to call of duty because now you need jet packs to get GOTY critic reviews.
  44. Mar 11, 2014
    I'm tempted to give this game a 10 just because there's so many many trolling the score with 0's. But then i'd be adding to the problem myself. A 10/10 game is once in a thousand and a 0/10 really shouldn't exist unless the game is almost non-existent. The user reviews in metacritic make the user score pointless.

    Anyway I'm giving it a 9, but would probably give it an 8.6 or so if
    metacritic let me.
    This game to me is the best multiplayer fps since the Halo 2 days. It's endless fun, and there's almost never a break in the fight. You're constantly on your toes: jumping, wall running, zip-lining, hopping on enemy and friendly titans, gunning people down, drop-kicking **** and crash your titan into the battlefield to wreck some ****

    Sure there's no real campaign, but they didn't advertise it as a story driven game, you know what you're buying. It's a beautifully crafted and balanced medium scale pvp fps. People saying it's just CoD with jetpacks, and parkour, and mechs, and an entirely different setting and gameplay dynamic.... well then it's not really just CoD anymore. If anything I'd say they've taken the good parts of the franchise(yes there are some) and applied it to this wonderful game. Knocking it for not being on sony consoles and being 60 dollars isn't at all a way to review the game itself. Could they have dropped it to 40-50 bucks? Sure. Will you get your moneys worth buying it for 60? Hell yeah, you could easily put 60 hours into this game in a couple weeks and much much more afterwards. You can always purchase it for less later on, it shouldn't reflect on the quality of the game though.

    In conclusion, look for honest reviews on this site, avoid 10's and 0's because they're both extremes of people who are too passionate to be honest. If you're an fps fan, buy this game. 9/10. The End.
  45. Mar 14, 2014
    So after having time to tweak things an get the game working it turned out to be a very enjoyable game. The characters mobility feels different from any game ive had previous experience with and as a person who enjoys close combat gun fights it really scratches that itch. Unfortunately because of the speed the sniper's feel implausible in this speed driven game but alas I am a scrub with sniper's so take that as you will.
    Previously I could not get the game to run smoothly at any resolution except 1080p. It would actually run just as poorly at 720p as it would at 1440p idk if this is a driver issue or what but it is annoying having a gtx 780 ti an a 1440p monitor an not being able to play a game that I should be able to easily run at said resolution, hopefully this will be patched or a new driver released to fix this. That said I would recommend this game if you enjoy run an gun style that is easy to play but hard to master.

    (Original review) The game looks great when I enter the tutorial but as soon as i enter into multilayer im hit with fps drops an even frame skipping to the point of not being playable. I talked to customer service and was told they are working on the servers an that was the issue so untill it is fixed the game is completely broke for me.
  46. Mar 18, 2014
    Very good concept that flushes all of CoD-type shooters problems away. Interesting and entertaining, but...
    Another good game that was destroyed by ORIGIN ONLY
    Thanks EA, and your wonderful platform.

    (sry for my bad English)
  47. Mar 26, 2014
    The fact that this game has no single player campaign or anything else other then a cod style'd expect there to be a rich weapon data base with lots of upgrades etc. Well you're wrong. 10 primary weapons to unlock with 3 unlock-able attachments. This is a major insult..

    5 game modes. No offline campaign. 4 titans to choose from, only 5 titan weapons

    There is not
    enough content in this game and I'm sorely dissapointed. This game had the potential to be a must have! They needed to add more guns, attachments, skills, titans, titan weapons and secondary's etc etc.

    This game is fun to play with friends but you can only bare 1-2hours at a time as it gets old, quick.

    If you have the money, get the game. If you're tight on cash and tossing up between this and other titles....avoid it
  48. Mar 11, 2014
    Great game, well integrated Titan system, and a nice alternative from the more "realistic" Battlefield and Call of Duty games. For those who love online FPS's and want something different, this is the game. However different is all it is, it's nothing exceptional. To sum up this game in one phrase, it's Lost Planet meets Call of Duty done right. So if you don't like Lost Planet, or Call of Duty, the this is not for you.

    I give it an 9/10 - It's fun, well balanced, and you can easily loose dozens of hours. However it's overpriced with only 5 game types and no single player. You'll have a blast for a dozen hours or so, then the repetitive nature will keep this is a "side game" for you to play while you enjoy other stuff releasing this year.

    Also as a side note, I gave this game an 8/10 for XB1 because of the weaker graphics and $60 subscription fee on consoles. I recommend buying this game for PC because the requirements needed on a PC are quite low, and even an old PC can handle this fine. If your PC is old, I'd look at upgrading your graphics card for $150 over the $60 a year subscription fee on XB consoles.
  49. Mar 12, 2014
    Bought the game yesterday because the beta was quite interesting and I really wanted to see how far the action goes. But to my disappointment it goes nowhere. The game is practically the same with the addition of a couple of extra guns, 2 game modes and boring a campaign.
    It would be reasonable to charge 10$ for this game, but 60$? Be serious.
  50. Mar 12, 2014
    I have to give Titanfall a 0 because I can't even make it to the main menu, my specs: Intel i7 2680qm 8-core 2.50ghz, 16gb Ram, Nvidia GTX 560m, these specs are well within the minimum requirements and yet when I click play I get an error message saying "Game Startup Failure because Video Card not Supported by Required Features"...... for 2014 that is unacceptable.
  51. Mar 23, 2014
    Prepare for disappointment. The severe lack of content ruins this game. Minimal unlocks, maps and content. $20 Indie games with a fraction of the man hours has more content than TItanfall. The "Campaign" is basically the same as classic multiplayer except with a small 10 second cutscene before every match. You can easily beat the entire campaign in 1 hour. The story is non-exisitant. There are 2 cool campaign Normany invasion style maps, other than that not much. After you finished campaign the only thing to do is play online and do the same thing over and over. There is some fun to be had. The action is fast paced, Titans bring a new element to the gameplay and Smart Pistol is an unique weapon that could be a lot of fun. But, honestly where is the rest of the game? Did EA really charge us 59.99 for this? I don't care if the DLCs coming up will make the game legendary. They lost their trust and reputation by holding back content so they can release it in a future DLC... that is the risk they take by doing that. The competitive feeling is absent because you are pretty much killing bots most of the time. Titan gameplay is pretty much shoot, kite and regen shield. The Titan upgrades that exist are not balanced at all. Some upgrades are useless while others are OP. Not even the main attraction; Titans, don't make it worth it. Little unlocks and it doesn't feel satisfying. The first thing I noticed about shooting a Titan is how unsatisfying it is. It's like they forgot the animations for taking direct damage. The only thing that signals damage is sparks and fire after a Titan loses x amount of health. Is this new gen or old gen?

    I can't believe all these major reviews that gave this game such high marks. That's the only reason why I bought this game. I'm convinced a large percentage of those major reviewers are bribed by EA. There is nothing innovative about this game at all. It's a joke. Wall running is nothing new and it doesn't offer some new FPS mechanics... it's only used to get around places. Titans doesn't feel innovative as well. It basically feels like a BF4 tank that move faster, can punch and use other powers. I had more fun playing as a Mech in Natural Selection 2(which is an indie game that often goes on sale for $2 and is far and beyond better than Titanfall). This game doesn't change anything. It's just another over rated shooter that proclaims to be the next best thing. Unfortunately, you can see the greed of EA by the lack of content in this game. They want people to buy their season's pass. I learned my lesson, if it's by EA and offers a season's pass: DO NOT BUY IT.

    It can be a fun game if you like fast paced action. The severe lack of content and unbalanced game play however, simply ruins the game for me. Not worth the full retail price. Wait for the game to go on sale or just don't buy it. I'm only giving this a 0 because there are way too many over rated reviews. I would have given it a 4. If you are put off with games that are repetitive and have no content than do not buy this.

    Bottomline is game's not worth it. I know other successful games like TF2 you only kill stuff, but there is much more to do in TF2 and you don't get bored of it. The only thing you are doing in Titanfall is shoot stuff and call your lackluster titan. I regret buying this game. If I can stop even one person from buying this game then it makes writing this review worth it.

    - Fast paced action
    - Smart Pistol
    - It does a good job of making every player feel like a badass because of the endless wave of bots

    - Shocking lack of content
    - Graphics are nothing good
    - Sound is not memorable
    - Campaign is a pointless addition that tries to add something but fails horribly
    - No Story
    - No Single Player
    - Almost forces people to buy the season's pass because there is not enough content
    - Super repetitive
    - Matchmaking is awful(wait times are too long, unbalanced teams are common, can't switch sides, only 6 players per side)
    - Too much greed with EA
  52. Mar 16, 2014
    Tutorial looks like a fun game until you find out that it likes to match full 6 man premades against brand new solo players with no recent fps experience. Don't bother playing this game if you don't have 5 friends that are all crack shots.
  53. Mar 15, 2014
    Was fun for about 3 hours. Most f2p mods have more content. Essentially 6v6 with really bad AI to act as a filler. The story is unbelievably short and very cliche. Multiplayer has a couple of the regular game modes with absolutely nothing new to add. Just a major let down!
  54. Mar 25, 2014
    Stop it. Stop releasing console FPS on the PC. We really, really don't want to play this garbage.

    Titanfall is a derivative of COD, with a giant gimmick of mechs, which unsurprisingly is poorly implemented.

    PC gamers have higher standards for their first person shooters.

    Hawken is a better game than Titanfall.
  55. Mar 13, 2014
    Average. The biggest problem with the game is that it sets a precedent for what gamers are willing to pay for an online only multiplayer game. I'd even say it's multiplayer gives you less for the money than other FPS do in terms of content. So by buying this game, I felt like I was selling myself to a new future standard where multiplayer only games will be sold full price. Enjoyed the game, but completely over-hyped. Nothing more than COD with giant RC robots. Okay, you can run up walls and such, but other than that, it felt surprisingly samey. Expand
  56. Mar 13, 2014
    Clustermuck sums up the experience. In multiplayer, the game has legions of AI enemies that make it difficult to tell which target is an actual player and which of them is just 1s and 0s, and thus, you end up shooting at the wrong person and getting shot in the back. The experience can only be described as chaotic, but not in a good quake 4 or doom 3 way. No, instead, it's just boring. Load times are unbelievably terrible, and after a match is finished, you have to wait for 1 and 1/2 minutes to begin the next round :/ I've... Never seen a shooter quite like Titan fall. It's certainly not a good way to make one. That was a wasted $60. Oh yeah, and you can't win unless you're using a titan, so the matches degrade into whether you're lucky enough to not get shot by 2 enemies in titans ganging up on you, because after you lose your titan once, you have to wait an absurdly long time until you get another one. Stupid. Went back to Battlefield 3 within 2 hours. Expand
  57. Mar 15, 2014
    Gaming critics paid off yet again by EA. The game is **** $80 for a multiplayer only game compared to games like CSGO and Dota 2 and TF2 which are 15 dollars or free. Game is 50gigs for some reason even though the textures are nothing special. But that doesn't matter since all game you just see smoke and haze and hear explosions. CoD with mechs and parkour with dota elements. The ai is also weak as **** and you can kill some with 1 shot which makes you wonder why the hell the devs even put them in, probably to make kids feel good about themselves. Expand
  58. Mar 12, 2014
    Pros: - Fun - Fast-Paced - Interesting Map designs - Burn cards are fun to use - Titans are awesome Cons: - Lack-luster campaign: It's pretty much the multiplayer modes with more dialogue. - Poor texture quality even at insane setting - Constant reconnecting to server messages when playing classic mode All-in-all the game is very fun but leaves me feeling like there's something missing. I wish the campaign portion wasn't just the same game modes from the classic section. It would be nice if they would release a new objective type mission every week for people to do to keep things interesting. Expand
  59. Mar 18, 2014
    Decent game, but not GREAT. Pretty much just another generic COD type of game. Definitely doesn't deserve the high ratings it's getting and it certainly isn't worth it's super high price tag.
  60. Mar 19, 2014
    игра........ тот же геймплей что и в калде, поставил 4 только за новую задумку ,,титаны,,.Есть один плюс...Динамика игра очень динамична,можно высоко прыгать, и можно не беспокоиться по поводу сёдл можно просто их обойти или запрыгнуть на здание.
  61. Mar 11, 2014
    This game is awensome. Wallrun and all movement is easy and epic. I of course like playing in a titan. Its a powerful machine wchih can be easily destoryed. The graphic is very good, its unbeliveable that this game works on source engine. In game are only 2 disadvantages: season pass and dlc.
  62. Mar 11, 2014
    Haters gonna hate. If you knew you didn't like first person shooters, you shouldn't have bought it. And why the hell would a game get a lower score because it doesn't have a campaign? Multiplayer has replay value. Single player does not. Nut up.
  63. Mar 12, 2014
    The game is great, but ea **** up with the servers again. Come on ! Its SimCity 2013 all over again.
    All in all the game is great : its fast, tactical, the lore is great and nearly all missions have ingame cutscenes at the begging, so its multiplayer expierience with singleplayer story. I found that quite amusing !
    Again : the game is great, but yet again EA showed us it's "managing
    servers" skill Expand
  64. Mar 12, 2014
    just one moar call of duty now with slowrobots. casual as hell. DO NOT BUY IT OVERPRICED PIECE OF BATTLEFIELD. so overpriced, wow. i am running and shooting mah rifle then TITANFALL PRESS V and i go my slowrobot under fire only 2 sec so i ejecting and continuing to run and shoot others and moer moar moar
  65. Mar 15, 2014
    This game is completely not worth the $60 that you spend for the game. It was a big title with tons of hype and now I have just another icon sitting on my desktop. I am super pissed about the amount of hackers in this game, it is absolutely trash because of it and shouldn't be allowed. I saw a guy clip around the map in one match, left the lobby after reporting and then an hour later another guy was clipping through walls to shoot people. This is bull **** and a company like EA should spend a hell of a lot more money on punkbuster-like systems to negate the amount of hacking that is involved in the game, I know that it all can't be solved but to the extent that is in the game right now is ridiculous. Seriously, save your money and don't bother, I promise you'll be disappointed when you get owned by a computer program. Expand
  66. Mar 15, 2014
    Dull, overhyped, shallow, underwhelming, graphically poor, terrible AI, poor map design, aimbot weapons, terrible matchmaking and lobby, no server browser, more time spent waiting in lobbies than playing, optimized for 11 year olds (ie no skill required), ridiculous 50GB download, no single player and a multiplayer experience that doesn't make up for it, little in the way of weaponry, bots, 6v6, ugly looking maps, low res textures, 60 FPS cap, 792P res which looks just awful.
    If it were $30 I wouldn't be so pissed off with the game but this is meant to be a game-changing, AAA, next-gen shooter. Game changing it is not. Next-gen it is not and AAA it is not.
    I got my refund from Origin after playing 12+ hours. Don't waste your money.
  67. Mar 16, 2014
    Alright, first review, here goes.

    I've never been one for the consoles to start with, i've always spent my money on my computer because PC outperforms every console out there. So when i heard that an XBOX One game was coming to the PC i was relatively excited, finally i could see what they hype was about. That game was Titanfall by Respawn Entertainment.

    I have never been so
    dissappointed with a game in all my life.

    To begin with, the price, £30 for what could have been a Free-to-play on Steam. There are other Multiplayer games, for example Loadout and the grandfather of Multiplayers, Team Fortress 2, which offer a wider variety of gameplay for absolutely nothing. So how can Respawn Entertainment possibly justify charging people this much for what is essentially a simple multiplayer?

    The graphics are just not up to standard for a modern game, Crysis still looks better and it's a few years old now. Hell, even games that use the Unreal engine look better! And that brings me to a very important point. Why would you consider buying this game when Unreal Tournament 3 gives you a much better game experience? It has a wider variety of weaponry and vehicles, the graphics are just as good if not better, (think modern Gears of War games).

    Those of you looking for a storyline, keep looking, this games' storyline is more bland than a tapioca and tofu salad. I mean, take Team Fortress 2, Valve proved that you can have an open ended Multiplayer that has an interesting and comical storyline to it and still be fun. I feel like i've been cheated by Respawn Entertainment, and then i realise that most of them worked on the Modern Warfare series, which isn't exactly a brilliant storyline.

    So technically, it's not a fantastic game. But "aha!" i hear you say, "If people enjoy playing it then your review is null and void". And i'll admit for a couple of hours it is a fun game to play.

    Emphasis on A COUPLE OF HOURS.

    A game that costs upward of £30 should not keep someone occupied for just a couple of hours. Take Borderlands 2 for example, if you buy the Game of the Year edition today on Steam, it would cost you £34.99, slightly more expensive than Titanfall but so much more fun. To this day i have accumilated 453 hours of playtime on Borderlands 2 GOTY and i'm still playing it. Why? Because the storyline is immersive, gameplay is enjoyable and there is ALWAYS something new to do on there. Even The Orange Box, which has quite a few games on there can be picked up for £10 these days, and for people new to Valve games, it's exceptional value for money.

    In a nutshell, this game is one of the biggest dissappointments in gaming that i have ever come across, equal to Bioshock 2, Crysis 3 and the Modern Warfare series. I would say, save your money, and invest in something slightly more enjoyable, i will NEVER be giving my money to those in Respawn Entertainment, who, for all their talents, can't even come up with an enjoyable multiplayer worth the 45GB (yes 45GB!) disk space.

  68. Mar 16, 2014
    A sci-fi cocaine simulator where you pilot giant, disposable, paper mache robots around a beautifully rendered landscape that you can't stop to appreciate because you're too busy kickflipping people to death.
  69. Mar 22, 2014
    They tried to make Hawken / Mech warrior in a Call of Duty / BF3 environment, what they ended up with is a Human Centipede + Jurassic park in a game environment.
  70. Mar 13, 2014
    I feel as though this game is getting a lot of shrapnel for things that are not in any way its fault, nor indicative of the actual game experience. Many user reviews, both on Metacritic and outside of Metacritic, cite a few reasons over and over again for their absurdly low scores, scores which seem to be lower than they should out of some kind of spite to drag the score down. Here's what I see:

    1. Bots ruin gameplay
    2. Only 6v6
    3. Dated graphics
    4. No singleplayer
    5. Call of Duty with mechs

    All of these points are either inaccurate, or should not be held against the game.

    Firstly, let's tackle the ones that are factually true: 6v6 and no singleplayer. The game does not advertise itself as a singleplayer game and then deceives you. Respawn set out to create an immersive multiplayer experience, and that's what they're delivering. If you want quality single player content, this is obviously not the game for you. Dark Souls II just came out: I highly recommend it. Nobody would rate Counter-Strike: GO lower for not having a single-player, and this feels like a double-standard to me.

    The 6v6 player limit is a good thing. Titans are massive and if there were more than 12 running around, the maps would become flooded and the experience would be an awful mess. Despite that last remark, the maps are expansive and beautiful, and each one is unique and depicts a stunning sci-fi landscape.

    I also think its hypocritical to use the 6v6 player limit against the game, but then say that bots ruin the experience. The bots make you feel as though you are engaged in a large-scale battle that is going to have a tangible impact on the war between the two in-game factions. They add a lot to the experience, and were not simply thrown in haphazardly. There is one game type in particular where farming them will lead to victory.

    Many have remarked that the game has dated graphics, and on this point I will concede that Titanfall does not hold up to upcoming titles like Infamous: Second Sun or The Witcher 3. However, there is something to be said for both the art design of Titanfall and the high standard games like W3 and Infamous: SS set for the industry. The game looks beautiful because of the art design and weapon effects. The aesthetics alone make up for the slightly outdated graphics, and I enjoy looking at this game much more than graphically superior titles like the Crysis series.

    Finally, the biggest critique is that it's just CoD with mechs. I think anyone who truly believes this hasn't played more than a single match of the game. The amount of gameplay driven content is staggering: The game places a huge emphasis on both freedom of movement and Titan driven combat. Many complain that the Titans don't feel heavy enough, but that's subjective at best. The presentation for the Titans is very well done. These are power-suits, not Mobile Suit Gundams or other giant robots. Many critique the "lack" of customization, citing other games like CoD or Battlefield as having more, and to a degree, this is true. But each weapons in Titanfall is a solid and useful entree. I can't tell you how many guns have been included in CoD titles only to be never used prestige after prestige.

    In brief, negative reviews for this title fail to recognize all of the things the game did right: Freedom of movement (a call-back to arena shooters and something that hasn't been done right since Halo 3 or Tribes: Ascend), ground-breaking gameplay features that create a more immersive multiplayer experience, and the balanced implementation of mechanized power-armor, not to mention the high quality of presentation. I believe that the game is getting heat for feeling very similar to Call of Duty in the gunplay department, but the title has so much more to offer, and people tend to forget that while the franchise may be declining after so many rehashes, that doesn't make the gunplay from the original Modern Warfare less good.

    This should also not be viewed as a highly competitive title. I have enjoyed a healthy competitive experience with the game, but it does not replace the drive or satisfaction I get out of titles like CS:GO or SF4.

    I will concede that the price point is extremely high, but I rarely pay $60 for any game these days, and I do not believe $60 should be the industry standard. Thinking that a lack of a rehashed, 6-hour campaign that is so prevalent in modern-era shooters should be held detriment to this title is preposterous. I didn't like them tacking on multiplayer in Bioshock 2, so why should this developer be forced to deliver singleplayer content in a clearly multiplayer-driven game? Titanfall is definitely worth looking into. Origin even offers a 24 hour grace period to return the game, something that Steam fails to offer (maybe the only thing Origin does right). It's really hard to lose out here because of that.

    If parkour and robots are your kind of thing, definitely give this a shot. I'll be hooked on this one at least all summer.
  71. Mar 26, 2014
    REMEMBER When games used to have a great STORY and a meaningful Campaign.. and multiplayer was an added bonus. WELL TO BAD FOR US THOSE DAYS ARE LONG SINCE PAST.

    ANOTHER garbage COD series to come out every year!! JUST WHAT I ALwAYS WANTED.. wait a sec let me go shoot myself in the face now for being such a casual scrub tub and playing these terrible games..

    why the hell are there
    so many casuals playing games.. go get another hobby and let the gamers have their hobby back. I swear to god I am so sick of all these TRASH! FPS, practically multiplayer only, crap console port games.

    HOW ABOUT MAKING A REAL GAME INSTEAD.. you know.The kind all core gamers who have been gaming for our entire lives have been yearning for ever since COD and other lackluster, pump one out every year, quick time events that don;t even deserve to be called video games took over the market.

    where has all this BS multi player only with a 4 hour story come from.. go back from whence you came filth.
  72. Mar 16, 2014
    Looks like fun, plays like crap. I really like how it replays how you died so you can see how the guy kicked you from 20 feet away or the bullets were not anywhere near you. If you love broken games you'll love this one because it will leave no doubt in your mind their crap is broken. Short game with bad multiplayer. Visually beautiful. A well polished turd.
  73. Mar 14, 2014
    it t'akes me 7 hours to download, install, and of course unpack audio files... i'm disgusted, f*** you EA, how dare you sell this ? Did you even tried the install process by yourself?
  74. Apr 8, 2014
    Ah. Titanfail. So what's included in this expensive package of garbage you ask? Limited weapons, minimal weapon customization, small number of maps and the atrocious 'single-player' campaign.

    If you thought the beta was bad, guess what? This is the beta. So, the beta was excused for not having much content because it was technically still in 'development'. Seeing as how the full game is
    exactly the same is just inexcusable and lazy on the developers part. If you thought Call of Duty was bad, just wait until EA start milking the hell out of this franchise, just like they did with NFS and Battlefield. Expand
  75. Mar 16, 2014
    Completely overhyped garbage, it has nothing new to offer, graphics aren't next gen(for a next gen game), autoaim, smalls maps, bots, no single player and they charge 60$ for this trash, the only people who can like this is console users and COD kiddies. Oh yea now lets wait for 15$ dlc each few months, don't buy this. Ill give it 1 because it has futuristic setting.
  76. Mar 20, 2014
    Before I start this review, I admit I'm a big fan of the PS4, but it doesn't mean I will give this a bad review.
    So let's begin!
    Firstly, one thing I'm annoyed with is, the fact that it has no single-player campaign, only a multi-player one. Which annoys me because most Free to play games are usually only multiplayer.
    Secondly the game DOES NOT feel like a Call of duty, which makes it
    I played the Beta and ABSOLUTELY loved it, I'm just worried that EA will soon ruin the game through DLCs on Origin.
    Overall, the game is amazing, but it lacks in a campaign and gameplay where you play for HOURS on end.
    I give this game a 6/10.
  77. Mar 11, 2014
    Rushed to get a copy of this game, and haven't regretted it a single bit. Very awesome game. The graphics aren't half bad, quit complaining about them. This game balances combat evenly between both pilots and Titans.Great work Respawn.
  78. Mar 11, 2014
    Titan Fall is fun. It's really fun. Sure it may combine a lot of other games together. But isn't that what gamers love. I am die hard PS gamer but have good PC, too. I wish this game was on PS also but that is why I got a PC tired of the console wars. Regardless of what console it is on it is amazing.

    If you like CoD, Battlefield, or CS you will absolutely love this game, it is a must buy.
  79. Mar 15, 2014
    Long wait times: you log in, then choose a match, bla bla, eventually you got a 90 second counter. Play a short match, here comes another 90 seconds of boredom. Why?

    FPS, fast but pure brainless reflex based run and gun (although your adrenaline moments will soon fade into 90 second countdowns). Titans don't feel large nor powerful. Tactical situations can't develop since the game is
    too fast and confusing. Double jump from the air? Yeah, right! Game has blatant disregard for the laws of physics.

    Still for 60 Euro I'd expect a nice single player campaign (like Mass effect), because the PvP became boring after 1-2 hours of play.

    Not worth the money at all.
  80. Mar 15, 2014
    The game feel like a beta release. The auto pistol kills everything so fast and with instant kick kills the balance is very off. The titans ends up being a gimmick that is best to let him auto follow you while you cleaned up all of the other players/nps's. The NPC has the WORST AI I have ever seen and just ends up being a distraction between players and cannon fodder. I love FPS games but haven't been into the call of duty series at all, I don't understand why you would want to keep coming back to this. Expand
  81. Mar 17, 2014
    If you don't read any further know this. This game is multiplayer only and I couldn't tell the maps apart. The gameplay was uninspired and not enjoyable. $59.99 used to buy you a full game, now you get a quickly thrown together joke of a multiplayer experience with a laughable "Campaign" mode thrown in to trick you and make you cry for more.

    This is worse than when I was told that I
    would love Battlefront because there were Star Wars characters in it. Well those games sucked and just because there's robots and shooting doesn't mean this game was going to be good either, but I gave it a gamble anyway. Man I wish I was a console gamer and could take this back to GameStop for store credit.

    This game is very fast paced and the fun is very limited to the times when you are enjoying your mechanical suit of armor and weapons. The trouble is, you only get to use the thing once or twice per match assuming you aren't killed on the way to your mech. You then spend the next three or four lives trying to make your way back across the enormous map to find your now half dead auto-fighting mech. If you do manage to get in your Titan the fun lasts at most a minute or two. Small enemies you can't see will destroy you while you work on the three or four guys from the other team who all got their's at the same time.

    And don't get me started on the load times. Between the game cut scenes of Campaign to the load times and 90 second lobby wait you will spend most of your time waiting to play the game. Put on your patience cap and hope your "room mates" have good ping.

    The leveling is worthless and the Burn cards are a joke. If I run faster it just means I get to die quicker. And even if the smart pistol is "smarter" it doesn't make it any more useful in a quick firefight with an actual human player. The Smart Pistol has got to be a joke by the game makers. It can kill instantly any grunt in the game. But any human with 2 feet can be impossible to lock on. And forget just shooting the thing like a gun, direct non-smart hits are like butterfly kisses. I get killed every time I round a corner and see another machine gun wielding player because no matter how many bullets I put into his head, it doesn't count if the little circle wasn't red.

    Another side note. I have never once seen one of my grenades explode. I have thrown every grenade I have ever had in the game and never once did I see an explosion or kill or injure another person. I don't know what this can be attributed to but it was very disappointing. I was also unable to get the game to run at a decent framerate despite playing the game on an MSI GS70 Stealth on the lowest settings. At most the game pushed 25 FPS. The lag and jerkiness of the gameplay was at times unbearable, others acceptable, but never did it reach what I would call polished and playable. I intend on uninstalling this game after I finish writing this review. 49.99 GB is way too much space for this piece of garbage to eat up on my hard drive and I can't even get enjoyment out of my $59.99 purchase. It is a sad day.
  82. Mar 11, 2014
    I own this for PC. This game is easily the best multiplayer I have played in a long time. The game is so fluid and crisp. Well at least maxed out on 1080p on my PC it is. So much fun and a constant rush. It actually has my attention. It is not just another brain dead shooter. I am writing my review here as well because this seems to be where most people are going for the reviews.
  83. Apr 1, 2014
    The game was already gone from Metacritic but EA and Microsoft are doing everything to further push this game as it seems it didn't sell as well as they hoped. A lot of gamers me included were disappointed by the lack of content in this multiplayer only game which is fun but ultimately feels like a rip off with only two game modes and no singleplayer campaign at all.
  84. Mar 16, 2014
    I really hoped that this game will be new Unreal Tournament. It has same fast movement with some parkour movement additions. The main problem is that you get really awfully low amount of content and weapons are CoD selection in sci-fi game. The weapons are just garbage, if you wana make CoD gunplay you can add some interesting weapons, but only one that is semi interesting is the smart pistol. Only 3 Titans and no other vehicles is another joke. The story campaign is total trash, if they added single player mod with AI bots and more mods the game would be better. This game is huge let down and i bet EA will see a lot of fast refunds from players. The funny thing about this game is that Titanfall got less multiplayer content than for example Crysis 3, where Crysis 3 was primarily single player game and dont even compare these 2 games in terms of graphics. Expand
  85. Mar 18, 2014
    This game has some core concepts that could have set it head and shoulders above many many other games. However being that it is entirely dependent on a matchmaking system leaving no provisions for player-administrated servers it opens itself up from a software architectural standpoint to a vast array of cheats. Between the aimbot exploits and anti-consumer design decisions that arbitrate narrow minded design onto people I cannot say this game is good or even decent. This is a terrible game in the end. I am now completely unable to even play the game due to the rampant hacking going on. Expand
  86. Mar 11, 2014
    The game is fast paced and very solid with the source engine it's using, latency doesn't appear to be an issue at all in this game. Visually it looks very nice on PC too, and optimisation means that many people will be able to max out the graphical settings and still get a good FPS reading. The use of Titans is also very fun and I definitely look forward to jumping into my big
    robotic suit and shooting the hell out of everyone and everything.

    The game is just so damn repetitive. After about 5 games you've pretty much experienced the entirety of the game, and with no singleplayer there's nothing else to do aside from multiplayer. I've had the game for little over a day now and I'm already bored of it if I'm completely honest. The final game feels nothing new compared to the beta and it really is becoming tedious to play. The only reason I'm writing this review was because I just left the game out of sheer boredom and felt like writing a review instead of playing a brand new game I just spent £30 on, that's how 'exciting' this release is to me. There is also a complete lack of weapons and game modes in Titanfall. If Call of Duty ever had any success, it was down to it having so many game modes to choose from and a rich variety of weapons to unlock. Titanfall has something like 5 game modes and barely enough weapons to keep the game fresh and make you look forward to unlocking stuff.

    An okay game to buy/play if it's on sale for £10 in the future, but don't waste your time paying full price for a game you'll enjoy for maybe a week before never touching again. I'm also a big FPS player, and this is very disappointing for me.
  87. Mar 15, 2014
    $60 and all the hype this game garnered is the reason for the low review.

    I thought this game was the second coming of Christ for all the hype before release. I NEVER buy games on release unless it is something I know I will love (Civ, etc.)

    Talk about getting your a$$ pummeled coming late to the game with guys at level 50 with super sniper scope half mile head shot and you have
    this crap level 1 pea shooter. Real fun to be noobed over and over again. I think I got to level 4 and that was the worst 2 hours of my life. Each game takes like 15 minutes to finally load. No single player campaign to help bide the time. If you are an ultra competitive online player you ought to love the game. I like to play with a controller on my PC with a beer layed out in the lazy boy.

    I am not sure what those graphics all the publicity shows but the game kinda reminds me of original XBox days.

    I don't think I will ever buy an EA game again unless it is $10 or under.

    EA tactics seem to be the bottom line of their pocketbook, not the welfare of gamers. I am done with EA.
  88. Mar 14, 2014
    Truly the definition of an overhyped piece of garbage. Titanfall Is an malformed bastard child of Call of Duty: Mainstream - Little kids edition developed by the most world-known famous bunch of douchebags, AKA Electronic Arts.

    The main features of this "game" you ask? Instant-respawns, tiny lengthed matches limited to 6v6 with bots, aimbot rapid-fire pistols, 6+ year old graphics
    including an extremely dumb 792p that bogs down the FPS rendering severely, no campaign, no single-player and non-stop repetitive "run & gun" combat with little to no variation on small maps. That'll be 50€, thank you very much no refunds, bye bye.

    If you haven't seen from the already crashing servers, this game is Simcity all over again and as any other product that will ever come from Electronic Arts, I wholeheartedly recommend you to avoid it at any cost.
  89. Mar 19, 2014
    Never seen a game so overhyped. Shame on all those websites regurgitating 4-5 articles a day promoting this. Will never visit again.
    How can we trust the game journalism industry when their livelihood depend on checks from Microsoft, EA, Activision and such ? We can't, that simple. Something really needs to change
  90. Mar 11, 2014
    Being a Quake 3 Arena since 2000, I have always had a soft spot for online only shooters with extensive action and over-the-top explosions and great movement. In Quake, there's nowhere on the map you can't go; there's nothing you can't do in terms of movement. For quite a while, I have been looking for a "modern" game with a "modern" community to play with. I finally found it with Titanfall. Great, over-the-top explosive action, a great movement system, and constant, fast-paced action. Thank you Respawn! Expand
  91. Mar 30, 2014
    PC version has assisted-aiming when you plug an Xbox controller into your computer. The game feels like a console shooter to the max. Complete trash, avoid this really bad shooter and pick up a good PC shooter like Arma, Counter-Strike, Insurgency, Red Orchestra, etc.
  92. Mar 26, 2014
    Honestly its a run and gun twitch shooter with no single player and a steep price tag... If you played a call of duty you've pretty much played this but it does have a free running mechanic that works when it wants to. And mechs that copy bioshock abilities... For the lazy it has a gun that aims itself! Oh and it has a gratification system oh you did something very good look at all these numbers you get to feel good about yourself. Stay away go play a shooter that trys Expand
  93. Mar 15, 2014
    I sincerely don't understand the hype. It is a nice engine with boring gameplay and boring content. Even though the maps are different, it barely matters --- it feels like the same round over and over.

    The Titans don't add anything to the gameplay [basically FPS interface with different weapons, etc.] Considering the game modes are dull and there is no single player, it's unclear why
    you would play this when there are a bazillion UT/Quake/CoD variations and mods with better content and a cleaner experience. Don't waste your money --- or use the EA Origin return policy to send it back and suggest they spend money on innovative games instead of PR. Expand
  94. Mar 19, 2014
    Very disappointing what we got for a 'Next-Gen' game for a full 60 bucks! A 1/2 a game with last gen graphics. A poor and disappointing game.......
  95. Mar 22, 2014
    Believe The Hype - EA
    That statement is a lie. This game is very boring, and unenjoyable, the reason why im saying that is for 1. A very large lack of weapons for your titan and pilot loadouts 2. The maps are either too big, or too small, and theres only like 10 maps or somthing 3. The campaign is utter **** its an online only campaign that you can finish in about 90 minutes, assuming
    that you don't get sent back to the previous mission 30 times because no one is playing that mission that you need to finish the campaign 4. When a team has titans, and the other does not, it becomes a really un-fair fight, the team with titans can just easily wipe out the other side 5. NO CUSTOMIZATION: if you were thinking you could color your titan with pink & rainbows with unicorns or whatever, you're wrong... I really don't know why they wouldn't let you do that, same with the pilots too 6. Large lack of game modes, theres only Team deathmatch (A.K.A Attrition), hardpoint domination (just standard domination), last titan standing (not even fun), and the "Variety pack" all this does is just switch up the gamemodes...

    In the end, this game isn't worth the "Hype", or the $60... it should be a $20-$30 title...
  96. Mar 16, 2014
    Didn't like it AT ALL. Running, shooting, dying... Not interesting at all. The most expansive and the most uninteresting game I've bought during the last year.
  97. Mar 11, 2014
    This is an AMAZING GAME!
    The negative reviews are just simply Sony fanboys that are so bitter and sad that they had put down their PS4 with all their amazing games(LOL) to come here and hate Titanfall JUST because it's not on their precious PS4.
  98. Mar 11, 2014
    Wow this game is crazy amazing! Anyone who doesn't have this game is loosing out! So fast and so quick. For this new style of shooter I can't imagine an even better implementation! Get this game or your lame
  99. Mar 11, 2014
    The last time I enjoyed a first person shooter as much as Titanfall was years ago. Not since Unreal Tournament 2004 have I played a FPS that really grabs me and makes me want to drop everything I'm doing and just head straight to gaming.

    The core gameplay in Titanfall is fantastic. The parkour is extremely fun and the game is very quick. It's extremely satisfying to run and jump around
    all the maps and a great change of pace to the common console shooter that has really slowed down FPS gameplay since the days of popular arena shooters on PC. The mechanic of titans themselves provide a great change of pace to add some weight and diversity to the combat.

    The maps themselves are fantastic. I'm a fan of all of them but one, with some varied environments among all of them. The visuals are nothing amazing, but the gameplay is solid and the framerate remains mostly stable outside of some issues entering Titans.

    It's unfortunate that there's no single player campaign for players to get into in Titanfall, but Respawn knows what they're good at and made the game they wanted to and knew they could.

    Finally, when we've had so many excruciatingly poor online launches of 'always-online' games in recent history, Titanfall launched without issue. I was playing prior to launch, and then as the game went live in the US I could continue to play. I haven't seen an online launch this smooth in a long time. Microsoft's Azure servers are clearly handling the pressure that Titanfall is applying to them.

    If you enjoy multiplayer games due to their gameplay, you should absolutely pick this up.
  100. Mar 11, 2014
    I'm not sure why there are so many bad reviews. If you didn't know this is pretty much the baby of tribes, bf4 and cod. A fast paced shooter. The graphics look great, and not dated at all. Some people probably need to turn up their textures. Game play is fluid and enjoyable. The multiplayer campaign idea was pretty cool, however, it is quite short. I spent a whole 4 hours on two playthroughs of it. It is a bit repetative, but there will be dlc coming out, and I find the gameplay pretty enjoyable.

    If your not looking for a game like CoD, "something to sit down and waste some time on" then this probably isnt for you.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 25 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 24 out of 25
  2. Negative: 0 out of 25
  1. Apr 15, 2014
    A lot of fun, but perhaps a little too polished. [May 2014, p.54]
  2. Apr 11, 2014
    There is a lot of content in the main multiplayer of Titanfall. The capacity and ability of each player to approach each round and game mode in multiple is noteworthy. And the symbiosis between the pilot and the Titan is made with remarkable, where there is a real reason for the presence of each. The condiments are all here, varied game modes that are accompanied by a capable gameplay.
  3. 100
    Polished from its first pixel to its last, this FPS will show the way of multiplayer action for years to come. [Issue #240]