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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 25 out of 26
  2. Negative: 0 out of 26
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  1. It doesn't matter whether you have or haven't played Tomb Raider before: you simply can't go wrong with Anniversary.
  2. It takes the inspirational level design of the original, improves upon the atmosphere, and makes the whole thing so much more fun thanks to the hugely refined control and camera system. Far from being a tired, cynical cash-in exercise of a brand past its prime, Tomb Raider Anniversary goes back to its roots and shows how remakes should be done.
  3. The graphics are stunning on any console, the voice-acting and writing is more Hollywood quality, and the level designs feature obstacles that have been featured in many adventure films. It's perfect in a way that reminds us of Lara's past yet introduces us to modern game physics and design.
  4. Pelit (Finland)
    An enjoyable action-adventure which takes the best bits from the first Tomb Raider and updates them with better playability, nicer graphics and deeper puzzles. A surprisingly good rehash of the old. [June 2007]
  5. PC Gamer
    Consider this game a creative homage rather than a remake of all things Lara Croft, and a perfect chance for newcomers and diehards alike to jump back into the series' seminal single-player action. [Aug 2007, p.60]
  6. Summing it up, Tomb Raider: Anniversary is what Legend should have been: a game with less emphasis on action and more on puzzles which require a combination of brains and agility.
  7. With Tomb Raider: Anniversary Crystal Dynamics has successfully updated one of 3D gaming's first classics. It combines everything we loved about the original with the modern gameplay mechanics of Legend.
  8. PC Format
    It's the best Tomb Raider game in absolutely years, but it's very telling that this is still a remake of the 11-year-old version. [July 2007, p.60]
  9. The bottom line is this: Tomb Raider Anniversary is a great game. It's perfect for any Tomb Raider fans or just fans of the action/adventure genre alone.
  10. Hardcore Gamer
    In the end, though, it's a testament to the game's quality that even in the face of the imperfect camera and combat, the wonderful adventuring aspects manage to make up for whatever other shortcomings this game may possess. [July 2007, p.54]
  11. Due to the occasional frame rate dip and the inevitable, constant circle strafing, this re-imagining of Ms. Croft’s premier pursuit falls just short of top shelf. But the new control scheme has made it infinitely more playable, and the additions of quick time events and new areas tint it modern, and the grand cave explorer from 1996 is still intact, and still fantastic.
  12. Lara Croft Tomb Raider: Anniversary is a wonderful update to a great classic game.
  13. Anniversary is a great game that stops just short of excellence due to a few nagging issues.
  14. This is “vintage” Tomb Raider, given a facelift, and sparkling as a result. It is fun to play, and fun to watch.
  15. PC Zone UK
    It's a good game, a solid remake, but having said that, 11 years on, it was never going to garner the awe-struck plaudits of a gobsmacked world. [July 2007, p.60]
  16. The visuals are grander and Lara has some new tricks up her sleeve, but no effort has been made to flesh out the negligible story.
  17. In summary, I loved playing Tomb Raider: Anniversary, in fact I enjoyed it to the extent of often staying up way too late just wanting to see what came next or trying to get through a particularly difficult section. I would thoroughly recommend this game, both to fans of the original, and newcomers alike.
  18. Everything a remake should be. It makes the most of modern technology to bring a classic game world up to date, throws in simple but intuitive controls and doesn't rely on constant fire-fights to bring excitement.
  19. 80
    The controls are light-years better than the original but still aren't solid like Prince of Persia's; the graphics are beyond anything the original could muster and kick the crud out of the PS2 version; and the puzzles are just as tough as the original, but the enemies are just as lame.
  20. The success of Tomb Raider: Anniversary is twofold; it does well by the memory of the original Tomb Raider, and also makes a dynamic action adventure game that's fun to play in 2007.
  21. Tomb Raider Anniversary offers some nice, solid gameplay for both newcomers to the series and experienced players. Grand, complex, puzzles brings great challenges and adventure.
  22. PC Gamer UK
    It's clearly worthy of the spit and polish it's received. [July 2007, p.70]
  23. 80
    A fantastic throwback to those heady days, and hopefully a lot of other game developers will study what Crystal Dynamics has done here long and hard before sitting down to design their next platformer.
  24. 80
    Anniversary continues what 2006’s Tomb Raider Legend started--cleansing the palate from the sour taste left by some of her prior outings.
  25. The main thing is that despite some of its obvious drawbacks, Tomb Raider: Anniversary is quite enjoyable. It takes you back to the days of leaping across ravines, sliding down misty passageways and performing a variety of stunts and acrobatics.
  26. 70
    Anniversary is a great way to relive the original feel of Tomb Raider; just don't expect anything more.
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Generally favorable reviews- based on 261 Ratings

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  1. RenanS
    Apr 5, 2009
    amazing game, they get elements of the classic tomb raider and a new gameplay where you don't have hatefull delays on jumping a point to amazing game, they get elements of the classic tomb raider and a new gameplay where you don't have hatefull delays on jumping a point to another, i love it Full Review »
  2. Jul 1, 2012
    I think this game has such a high User Score because too many players are overly loyal to the series and unwilling to admit that this is a badI think this game has such a high User Score because too many players are overly loyal to the series and unwilling to admit that this is a bad game. After playing the game for several hours it feels more like a chore than a delight. Unresponsive controls, terrible camera angles, worthless auto-aim, and awful boss fights. That pretty much sums it up. You will spend more time in loading screens then actually playing the game because you will fall to your death so often due to poor camera angles or extreme camera zoom. Often the hitting a button will result in an action delay just long enough to make you mistime your jump or grab and you will end up back at the beginning of whatever climbing puzzle you were on. The enemies often move so fast that you cannot get away and once they are on top of you the auto-aim system refuses to target them. Boss fights are overly complicated and generally one mistake will cause you to become trapped against a wall or in a corner where you will be killed. Overall this game is just frustrating. If there were no enemies and falling from a great height didn't kill you then this would be a wonderful adventure/puzzle solver, but it isn't. The game tries to do too much without giving the player any room for mistakes. Unless you enjoy frustration, save your money. Full Review »
  3. Jul 2, 2011
    Fun exploration, good sense of place, nice atmosphere. Even in 2011, the graphics hold up pretty well. The puzzles are usually at a prettyFun exploration, good sense of place, nice atmosphere. Even in 2011, the graphics hold up pretty well. The puzzles are usually at a pretty good difficulty. The game really does a good job of making you feel like you're exploring places that have been untouched for years and set up by masterminds.

    However, there are quite a few problems that mar the fun: the camera can be finicky in some sections; Lara doesn't always jump in the direction you tell her to go (especially during wall-run sections or when she's turning around from climbing up a ledge right as you try to jump); it's possible to get stuck on sections of terrain which require you to mash the jump button like mad or reload from your last save; enemy AI is atrocious (although hearing epic music while a gorilla runs head-first away into a wall in the wrong direction while trying to attack you is good for a laugh); movement glitches (like clipping terrain during dodges) and camera often get in the way during combat. A number of the climbing platforming sections can get tedious. Instead of making you tap E to go faster while climbing, why not just make Lara move that fast by default? Checkpoints are often spaced too far apart and you can't save at will, so you'll be redoing tedious sections of platforming just to get back to the point where the camera or awkward controls make a jump difficult and doing the same section over and over again.

    The Prince of Persia series has much more fluid platforming (except for the 2008 Prince of Persia, which felt like auto-pilot) and Uncharted has done a much better job at setting up sense of place and managed to make combat more fun and less of a chore. I haven't played the later TR games except for Guardian of Light (which is EXCELLENT and I highly recommend) so for now I'm not sure how much progress in those areas have been made. I'll be playing TR:Legend and Underworld eventually and reviewing them as well.

    In short: I would have given this game an 8/10, but the numerous issues (i.e. dying because of camera problems and controls flaking out and making you repeat sections of the game over at no fault of your own are both incredibly frustrating) and some tedious platforming sections (once I've proven that I know how to do it and it's not difficult nor fun to execute, don't make me do it 2 or 3 more times) bring it down to a 6.
    Full Review »